4-29-09 Wednesday

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Heard on the Show:
Bubba’s Bikes & Badges
Mac Tools
Swine Flu
Bubbapalooza Pittsburgh
White Cloud Cigarettes

Segment 1 – Sports scores, David Pool Dies, Clearchannel discussions, Bubba is over the haters

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing 4-3. We then heard The Who as bumper music. Bubba said he’s ready to smash the panic button, Bubba said Ned didn’t really participate yesterday. Bubba said David Pool, the guy from Nascar 128 whom Bubba interviewed last week, passed away last night. Bubba read the news about David’s death. Bubba and Brent aren’t sure on the exact date of bubba’s interview with David, Brent thinks it was Thursday (4/23/09). Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba found the error on Ibar idiotic. Bubba said he got a tun of emails about the KC Anthony situation, a lot of the emails were from women. Bubba said he has to blast on out of there on time, he’s got more Clearchannel issues. Bubba said that this will go to court. Bubba said Clearchannel cut 590 jobs yesterday. Bubba read that Clearchannel is suspending their 401K for the rest of the year. Bubba said his friend Elvis Duran got a guy’s job in Richmand. Bubba said he heard that Skip Mahalfy might’ve gotten fired. Brent said his Fox appearance go, Brent said it went well. Brent saidd the Jesus licence plate is ridiculous, Brent thinks he looks like a skinny MMA fighter. The guys briefly discuss what it would’ve been like if Jesus was in MMA. Bill from Venis asked about Skip. Spice said that he’s got some beef with Skip, as he told one of his staff members not to talk to Spice anymore. Bubba said Skip’s personality just didn’t work on the other station. Bubba plugged the Bubbapalooza in September, Spice saidd he’s already getting emails from people about it. Bubba said he’s getting emails from people on the Sirius/XM side of things, they don’t like the show’s format. Bubba explained the situation. Bubba said if you don’t like the show, then go listen to something else. Bubba said he’s over the complainers. Bubba said that Heatherwiz and Brent’s Booger are ingaged. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Tack Dodgeball, BubbaRaw benifits, Clearchannel Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Tack Dodgeball”. Bubba and the guys discussed it, we then heard another bumper for it. Bubba saidd there are a tun of benifits of BubbaRaw. Bubba said he got some emails about Arlon Spector, Bubba said we’re screwed up anyway you look at it. Bubba said he sometimes pays attention to stuff that is non race related. Bubba played some audio in regards to the story, Bubba asked “Who cares?” Manson thinks the guy is neither, he’d join the Communist party if he could. Bubba thinks we should do away with Partisan Politics, you’re not a D, a R or an I, you’re a man or a woman. Bubba said there are four things you can do to save the country – term limits, no pork, no lobbying, and a fair tax. Bubba added one more to the list – Presidents shouldn’t ffund senators. Bubba bags on Arlen Spector’s voice, the guys think he sounds like Imus. Fred in orlando asked if he heard about the Clearchannel layoffs in Orlando, Bubba said he did. Bubba from “The Monsters” got let go by clearchannel. Spice wonders if your ratings are really good, why wouldn’t you go to management and voice your thoughts? Bubba thinks Rus has been delt a dirty hand with Clearchannel, Bubba said Clearchannel tried to take Brent from him. Bubba thinks Rus is beside himself. Bubba said you can cut a show that uses voice tracking, but you don’t cut a top guy. Bubba said he heard that the firing of them is because of money, 98 Rock has lost roughly $17,000,000.00 since they’ve been back. Bubba said he doesn’t think they realized just how bad Clearchannel treats people until they stepped outside and worked for another company. Bubba thinks Clearchannel just should’ve suspended them for six months. Bubba said clearchannel is cowtailed by the Republican party. Brent said that FLZ has lost money with Bubba knocking MJ off the map. Bubba said it’s fun being the bad guy. Bubba said Brent was very close to working with the Redskins or Falcons, Spice had to work with Pudding, and Manson would’ve committed suicide. Bubba remembered where he was when he talked to Spice about coming to the show. Spice doesn’t think the show will recover from that. Bubba said Cox came to them, he got an extra year. Bubba said he feels bad for Linda Byrd, Bubba thinks she should be the CEO of the company. ned thinks they should pull the plug if Bubba took his place. Bubba read an article about Skip Mahaffy getting fired. Bubba wants Skip to come in and talk. Bubba jokes that Skip, Thee Farret and him should have a wet T-shirt contest, in an effort to compare man boobs. Bubba said Clearchannel ha no idea what will be coming down in a couple of days, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Sponsors for Bikes For Badges, Brent on Fox’s Lightning Round

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba’s Bikes For Badges”. Bubba said that the owner of the Lightning might be at the event. Bubba thanked a list of the sponsors. Bubba had audio of Brent on Fox’s lightning round. Bubba thinks Ned should do the Lightning round. Bubba likes Brent’s appearance. The guys joked that Bubba was taking a nap. Bubba said he talked to Jim Hunter yesterday, Bubba wants Guido to put this on the site. Bubba said that Nascar has an extra fence behind the fence. Brent said there are risks in everything, Bubba thinks he should have Spice and Brent fill in for him with the lightning round. Bubba likes it when two guys fight on the track. Bubba said that had the fence not been there, it would’ve killed thousands, Brent said Nascar would’ve been banned as a sport. Bubba said if you get pulled over, there’s a 50-50 chance that the cop that pulls you over is a Jesus freak. Bubba bags on Fox for spelling Brent’s last name hatley as “Hadley”. Bubba wants a Stormy Daniels licence plate. Bubba thinks they should come up with a device that goes on your wife’s vagina, and it Twitters you when someone else goes near there. They then went to comercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Bubba played Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets To Paradise” as bumper music. Bubba had Tucker Carlson on the phone. Bubba asked Tucker about the E-cigarette, Tucker said he’s heard of it, Tucker said he’d try it. Bubba said his Dad taught him how to weld as a kid. Bubba really loves Mac tools. Bubba said he’s got a lot of respect for Tucker. Bubba described what it’s like when you rebuild a motor. Bubba said if you want to mess with someone, put Valb lapping in their gas tank. Tucker said he knows mostly about Harleys. Bubba thinks Tucker is a guy’s guy. Tucker said he can’t smoke anymore, he thinks he could burn a carton of Chesterfields in two days. Tucker said he feels bad for crackheads and junkies. Bubba asked Tucker what his spin in is on Obama’s press confrence, Tucker thinks obama talks a lot. Bubba played audio of Obama commenting on the plane in New York flying too close to a building, Bubba thinks it’s the pussyification of America as people are freaking out. Bubba thinks it’s refreshing when Obama said he’s made a mistake. Tucker said he had to split, Bubba is bummed out. Tucker hopes the FCC goes out of business. Bubba said he’s taking a “wait and see” attitude about Obama. Bubba said no one will be able to fix this. The guys discuss when the last time a aPresident admitted any wrong doing. Sue said she’s istened for a month and loves the show. Bubba said most epople can’t handle the truth, ned thinks she was coming on to him. Bill from Orlando agreed with the guys when it comes to term limits. Bill thinks that by the third term of a Congressman, you should know what you’re doing. Spice said that even with term limits, problems will arise. Steven in Lakeland said he’s a Sirius listener who loves the show. Bubba said he didn’t want any of it to g down the way it did, but it was shot down by Sirius. Steven wanted to know about Cigarette John, Bubba said he’d have him in a few minutes. Bubba wants to send an E-cigarette to his Mom and Tucker. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Emails and manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard an ad for The Power Of The Fu shirt. Bubba played some Grandfunk Railraod as bumper music. Anna saidd heer husband got her hooked on the show, she said she was mad at the people who were opposed to the song. She said the show is better than coffe in the morning. Brent thinks the songg is a virtual way of putting someone in the stocks. Bubba isn’t sure if they’ve lost listeners over the song. Bubba read an email from a guy named Paul who had the description of the word parody. Bubba said the show is not a news cretible show. Bubba said that if he loses this case, Saturday Night Live and South Par would have to pack it up. Bubba then read an email from someone who said his son was born prematurely. Bubba said Jay emailed him last night and said the guys are amazing for coming out with parodies. Bubba thanked the listener Mike for the idea for Manson’s “Caylee’s Not In The Cradle”. Another emailer said that it’s sad when College education people don’t focus on their own thing. Another emailer called Bubba pussy for not playing the song. Bubba said he really likes this new gig. Bubba wants to know of another show that goes live on live with the competition. Bubba compares it to the Packers/Bares competition. Another emailer from Austraila said she tried to get Bubba on, the guy said no. Bubba said he wouldn’t last very long in england. Mark called into say he liked everyone on the show. mark said he bought ten grand worth of flooring from Lumber Liquidators, as he heard them on the show, Bubba said the guy made the right decision, as he’d end up saving a lot of money. Mark wished they were on all day, Ned said they should just send the guy a T-shirt, Bubba said he was ready to crack Ned with a wiffle ball bat. Bubba took his head phones off, brought out his black wiffle ball bat, and cracked Ned. The guys compared the differences between bruses on old and yong people. Bubba then played Manson’s latest bit, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba’s Torture Method for child Molesters, final thoughts of murdered kids

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tack Dodgeball. Bubba said he had the the David Pool stuff to get to. Bubba is excited that today is Wednesday, $0.49 hamburgers and $0.69 cheeseburgers. Steve asked if the guys would do a Chris Benoit song, he said he would’ve, but chose not to. Bubba said he was very outspoken about the case. Brent said Manson doesn’t have time to do songs for every subject. Jeff said that Law and Order last night was about KC Anthony. Bubba read an email from a woman who said she lost one of her sons who said she was upset Bubba had to take the song off the air. The guys discuss what might’ve been going through Caylee’s head as she was dieing. The guys wonder what Andrea yates’s kids were thinking as they were dieing. Bubba said if you’re in a trunk in June in florida, you’re jello. Bubba said any man or woman who puts their kid in a trunk has no rights, bubba doesn’t think there’s anything you can say about KC Anthony that is disrespectful. Bubba said if anyone molested his kid, he’d take them to his garage and torture them. Manson said he’d just kill a child moester, Bubba thinks a quick death isn’t as much fun as a slow painful one. Bubba wonders about putting fireaunts on a guy’s testicals. Bubba thinks they should do it again, Brent said they couldn’t do it. Brent asked Bubba if he likes going to the court room with that. Jammie said society needs to look at the problem at hand, women who are killing their own children. Bubba said he’s mad at how the song is used against him. Bubba said Clearchannel and CBS have no good news. Bubba thinks maybe they don’t want certain advertisers. Bubba doesn’t think “My Trunk” was as good as “Caylee’s Not In The Cradle”. Keath from Palm harbor said that he called up Gaylord Palms and canceled his reservation, Bubba said that when the time is right, he’ll list off the advertisers who have boycotted. Bubba said he understands how loyal the bubba Army is, they thene went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Emails and phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba said he’s supposed to leave early, he said he’s going to roll up in there when he wants to. Bubba read an emailer asking about the new CD, the emailer wants to know if Bubba will be on in Vegas. Bubba wonders what is in Vegas. Another emailer thanked Manson for the “My Trunk” song. Bubba looked at an email, but he said there’s no way he could read it, too many big words. Bubba wonders if the show was a book, Brent said it would’ve been burnt a long time ago. Another emailer said that The Naked Cowboy is getting sued by 933. Another email said the guys are whores for not playing the bit. Another emailer said he got fired by Clearchannel. Another emailer asked if they’ll put the “My Trunk” bit on the site, bubba said no, they’ll have to wait until it’s on iTunes. Another emailer said that she’s a stay at home Mom. She is offended that her work place banned books during breaktime, for fear of offending fellow coe-workers. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she called a few days ago. The woman called the number Bubba gave her, she said she had to pay up front. Bubba thinks the whole situation is a prime example of white trash breeding with white trash. Bubba wants to call up the woman’s husband’s lawyer. Bubba thinks he’s getting bamboozled by the caller. The last email of the day was disgusted over the way advertisers have handled the situation. The emailer thinks people re more outraged over the parody, and not the actions of people on a daily basis. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various audio clips, Hulk Hogan drops in

Bubba asked Spice what the latest is with the guys from OAR, Spice said they’ve been doing great. Spice asked if Bubba is a chatter online, Bubba said no. John from Richmand likes the show, he found a great billboard spot for Bubba. Bubba said in of all his years he’s donee radio, he’s never had a billboard company give him a billboard for free. Spice asked what kind of billboard it was, John said it’s a nice one. John said he’s worked for Clearchannel, he knows what it’s like. Bubba was at a loss for words, he thanked him for doing that. Bubba likes direct mail and billboards when it comes to radio. Bubba said he’s tired of Rush Limbaugh, Manson thinks he’s a televangelist. Bubba played audio of Rush commenting on Arlington Spector, Spice thinks he’s no better than Vince from Shamwow. Bubba said he wouldn’t mind watching McCaine’s daughter in a tripple X porn. Bubba got sidetracked by a carjacking story. Bubba played Grady Jud’s timmble, Bubba then played a news clip of a woman who got shot trying to carjack someone. Bubba said he likes Grady’s style. Bubba then played a news clip where a judge released a sex offender. Bubba wonders why do we let people who have molested kids, Bubba got sidetracked by Hogan coming in. Hogan asked if Bubba will be working out today, Bubba said he’s going to court, Hogan is bummed out.. Spice read that Linda wants to move to California, and wants Hogan to pay for the move. Hogan said she’s cried wolf so many times. Hogan goes over Linda’s track record of crying wolf. Hogan said you’d have to read the whole article. Hogan said he was walking around like a chinese Rice Picker. Hogan described what it was like when his back went out. Hogan said he doesn’t want to pay for someone to live in Los Angeles. Hogan said that people that have rolled with Linda have stepped up and explained what she’s done. Bubba thinks Hogan is insane. Hogan said he’s putting the Bubbagon up, he’s not going anywhere. Bubba said the 25-54 persons have come down, he’s 1 with a 14 share in Tampa. MJ is in second place. Hogan then did his Bubba impersonation, this triggered Spice and Brent to do their Bubba impersonations. Hogan said Playboy Bunny Rose died last night, Hogan gave some info on the guy. Spice/Jimmy Hart recreated what it must’ve sounded like when Playboy Bunny died. Hogan said Brutus and Jennifer have heat, Hogan said that Jennifer doesn’t like Brutus’s body oder. Hogan’s phone went off, Bubba said Hogan has no on air cooth. Bubba said that after awhile, living with Brutus will drive you nuts. Hogan said that Brrutus left them a present – he left a number 2 in the toilet and didn’t flush. Bubba wants to get Debra McMichaels on the air. Bubba said Hogan is a walking wreck, Hogan said he needs more shirts. Spice wonders if the big house is empty, will Hogan get it? Hogan thinks so. Bubba got Todd Farmer on the line. Bubba wondered what it ment when Todd was partying with Debra, Todd said they’re just friends. Bubba said Todd isn’tt coming to Bubba’s Gym. Bubba said Todd doesn’t have a hair on his ass if he doesn’t tell them what happened. Todd said Steve is a good guy. Bubba asked Farmer how “it” was last night, Todd dodged the question, he laughed it off, he said everything is good. Bubba joked that Hogan will get him out of jail. Bubba and Spice bag on Stone Cold a little. Spice thinks Todd is a growth version of WHPT_FM – Powe. Bubba said he got nothing out of todd, he thinks he’ll get thrown into jail when he arrives. Bubba compared the differences between his court battle and Hogan’s court battle. Bubba doesn’t think he’ll win the case. Bubba said he talked to one of his lawyers, he thinks what clearchannel is doing is illegal. Hogan askeed about buba’s First Amendment Rights, then asked where the Proteen bars were. Hogan asked Bubba to call a truce, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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