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Swine Flu….what the hell is this? Bubba asks the crew to explain the Swine Flu. Plus we’ll be talking to NASCAR driver David Reutimann of Michael Waltrip Racing. They’ll (at least Bubba & Brent) will ask David about the wild race at Talladega. Bubba’s Bikes & Badges, Bubbapalooza Pittsburgh, the 4 disk CD and much more.

Heard on the Show:
Bubba’s Bikes & Badges
David ReutimannBubba at Talladega
Swine Flu
Bubbapalooza Pittsburgh
White Cloud Cigarettes

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Segment 1 – Sports scores, the new album, Bubbapalooza tickets this Friday   Bubba started off with “Sweet Home alabama” as bumper music. We then heard audio from last night’s Rays game, Rays won 7-1. Spice said he met Jeff Neemen, Brent doesn’t know where he came from. Brent thinks the Marlins have lost 7 in a row. Bubba recapped some scores. Bubba wants out of his Fox appearance, Bubba said he has to go to a manditory music thing, Bubba thinks it’s a shakedown as they ask for money. Bubba considers dressing up to be geans and a button down shirt. Bubba wonders about the Swine flue. Bubba had audio of Obama discussing the Swine flue. Bubba thinks the illegal immigrints are bigger issues, Brent said that the reason why Mexicans have been dieing from it is because the suage system is messed up. Bubba said “The clemulis Package” will be finalized today, it should be out soon. Bubba said this Friday at Noon, tickets for Bubbapalooza go on sale. Bubba said David Rudiman will be on the show a little later on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails and E-Cigarettes   Bubba thanked everyone on board for the Bikes for Badges event. Bubba said he’s not gonna play the “My Trunk” song, he said you can wait for it on iTunes or when “The Clemulis Package” comes out. Bubba and the guys bag on The Regular Guys’s newest affiliate’s slogan, “Quality Rock”. Bubba thinks The Regular Guys will do fine. Bubba goes over a list of male scuring radio shows, Ned said it’s Slim Pickins. Bubba doesn’t like how the press release says FM, he feels you don’t need to be reminded he’s listening to the FM dial. Bubba said that in radio, you don’t need to use the word “radio” or “FM” or “AM”. Bubba and the guys discuss Frank Caliendo. Bubba went through some emails. An emailer said WHTQ is doing a great job with the show. Bubba likes how all their affiliates are helping them out. Another emailer said the signal in Miami is messed up. Another emailer said he liked meeting Bubba at Talladega. Another emailer liked Bubba marshaling the race. Bubba said a couple of crew cheifs got a hold of him. The emailer agreed with Bubba in regards to the argument he and Spice had yesterday. Spice thinks it was a bal busting move on Bubba’s part. Another emailer said his Uncle installed the safety fence at Talladega. Anoter emailer congradulated Bubba on his appearance at Talladega, he then asked what kind of sunglasses he wore, Bubba said he loves Oakly. Gean from Orlando said that during Raw last night, WHTQ advertised Bubba’s show. Bubba said the commercial had to be local.. Justin in Miami said that it was only yesterday when the signal cut out. Walter from Ft. Luaderdale called to conferm the bad signal. Dave said he heard about it. Another guy said he remembered pulling carts after Bubba would throw them at people’s heads. Another emailer said they were having a demolition durby, he asked if he could put the Bubba Army logo on his car, Bubba gave the green light. Another emailer thinks Spice is a narcissist, he pointed out Robin got a 34 on her narcissist test. Another emailer asked about Bubbapalooza tickets, bubba said they’ll be on sale this Friday. Another emailer said that the Electronic cigarette was banned in Australia. Bubba had Brent and Cigarette John try the E-Cigarette. Bubba read some more emails, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – “My Trunk” Discussions   Coming out of break, we heard Ned’s “Ladies Love dark Skinned Boys”. Bubba rants about the KC Anthony case. Bubba played audio of Cindy Anthony’s voicemail message, the guys think Cindy heard the show. Bubba describes what it was like during the hog deal. Bubba said it’s sad that we live in a “Wizzard Of Oz” society, Bubba thinks the show is the witch that comes in and messes things up. Brent thinks people are offended by the song, not the murderer. Shary said she thinks KC Anthony is a piece of shit, she wishes the guys could play the song more, Bubba said he’s not going to play it because of the competition. Balinda said she agrees with Bubba, she said that if one of her kids killed her own kids, she’d be in prison for killing them. Chris doesn’t understand why people are so up in arms over the situation, Chris remembers the Princess Diana bit Ned did (originally on “I’m A Big Fat Greasy Bitch” track 27, and on “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1″, track 1). Brandon in Orlando has a theory on Cindy Anthony’s message, he thinks she left that message in an attempt to get the message out. Bobby thinks it’s got nothing to do with the Mom, he thinks it’s the subject matter. Bubba said he’s really mean when it comes to child molesters. Bobby doesn’t think advertisers should be pulling out because of this one bit. Bobby asked what it be like if it happened to him, Bubba said it would be open season. Bubba thinks the pussyfication of America has contributed to people thinking KC Anthony has feelings and that we should feel sorry for them. Bubba asked if he’s ever bagged on Mark Lunsford’s tragity, Bubba said you can’t write a parody about it, but if a parent kills their own kid, it’s open season. Bubba said that their wives would never kill any of their kids. Bubba said he knows what Clearchannel did to him. Bubba said he’ll always be in some sort of litigation with clearchannel. Spice said they could be the warm and fuzzy radio, Bubba said he’s not. Todd called into say he was a former Account excutive of clearchannel, he thanked Bubba for sticking up foor the First amendement. Brent said no one in this country cares about the First Amendenment. Shamika is upset about society sticking up for criminals. Brian in St. Pete watned to know who the advertisers were that jumpped ship, Bubba said their gonna lose them anyway. Denis thinks it’s the fly-by listeners who are misinturperting the song. Bubba wonders what side clearchannel is on. Steve agreed with Bubba on the pussyification of America. Rob said he doesn’t see how the bit is funny. Brent said Manson’s point of the bit was a commentary on the lack of outrage over what happened. Spice thinks the bit is the only outlet that exposes the news. Bubba said people are mad about the facts. Rob asked if Bubba would abide by the rules Clearchannel gives him, Bubba said the rules are etched in stone. TJ said she was offended when she heard Bubba rant against a caller. TJ is offended by the song, she’s upset that the radio station approved of the song. Bubba said he has respect for his listeners if they don’t like the song, Bubba said if you don’t disagree with them, what kind of show would they have? Bubba doesn’t understand how she’s so offended by the song. Brent said most people watch American UIdol, so what they say is irrelivent. Bubba thinks he should clear all the lines and go to break, then come back without a screener. Ned yelled for the kid to shut up. Bubba questioned how good of a Mom she is if they’re screaming in the background, she just laughed it off, Bubba said she’s waht’s wrong with America. Bubba said he’s ready to drop a bomb about clearchannel, coperatley and personally, they then went to commericals a few seconds lter.

Segment 4 – Callers Comment on Clearchannel   Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Caylee’s Mom” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 7″, track 1. Bubba asked Spice to take that song out of rotation. Bubba said Manson has a new bit that could possibly be banned. Bubba asked how Tailor from TSS-Radio is doing, Bubba said Tailor really goes above and beyond. Bubba said he’ll do anything for Tailor. Bubba said there’s a poll on BTLS.com, asking if listeners find the “My Trunk” song offensive. James on protection said the advertisers chose to remove bubba from the advertisers list. James said while he doesn’t agree with everything Bubba does, it’s his choice as a listener to listen to the show. Bubba thinks Clearchannel should be upset that him and Cowhead are killing them in the ratings books. Bubba thinks Clearchannel are a bunch of sore losers. The guys discuss the legalities of recording Clearchannel’s tactics. Bubba took a call from a woman who originally found the song shocking at first, but liked it as it was the truth. Bubba said that if a mother killed her own child, it’s on them. Bubba said good people don’t want to kill their kids. Bubba said KC has no rights. Paul said that up until two months ago, he listened to a lot of political talk. Someone rang the bell, Bubba then Eviled him a few seconds later. Vanesa asked what was so offensive about the song. Manson said the working title of his latest bit is “Caleey’s Not In The Craddle”. Amy saidd Clearchannel had an ad for a website for cheaters, she’s disgusted by the hypocrisy of Clearchannel. Amy thinks it’s intentional interference. Bubba said his show is the only show of three that are federally trademarked. Bubba had Cigarette John in with an E-Cigarette update, Bubba had John take a big drag, the guys didn’t see any smoke. Bubba asked John how much he likes it, John said it gives him the satisifaction of smoking a buncch of reds. John said he used to hang out at the bar with guys who are smokers, Bubba thinks John should make some sacrafices in order to quit smoking, Manson thinks it looks like John was punched in the face, Spice thinks John looks like a douchebag smoking an E-cigarette. Mary from Tampa said she was Manson’s kids dance teacher, she said Manson and Donna were amazing parents. Manson joked he had Berlin in a chicken wing to record that song. Bubba played Manson’s newest bit, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s latest KC Anthony bit, David Rudiman calls in   Bubba played James Tailor’s “You’ve Got A Friend” as bumper music, Bubba said everytime he hears the song, it reminds him of Manson’s parody “Got No Girlfirend”, found on “the todd Clem Project” dsic 1, track 22, and “Bubba Show classics vol. 3″, track 8. Spice said he’d rather hear “My Trunk” than that song, Bubba said he’s not playing it ever again. Bubba thinks this bit will be boycotted. Bubba stopped and started the bit, Bubba said the idea came from a listener, Spice likes Manson’s voice, Bubba thinks Manson sounds like harry Chapon. Bubba likes the line of how KC is a loon. Bubba thinks they’ll lose advertisers. Bubba thinks if you want the song, you have to ask permition. Bubba thinks they should send the triligy of bits to the guards. Bubba said that as much crap as their taking, the detracters will be sorry when the truth comes out. Bubba thanked Manson for the bit. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she was offended by the song, but it was because of the actions of KC. Bubba had David rudiman on the line. Bubba asked if today was David’s day off, David said yes, he was working out today, Spice asked what David is working out for, he’s turning left. Spice asked where does it take the most out of, David said it’s a lot of the body that is effected. Bubba asked what the most physically demanding to him, David said it all depends. Bubba remembered a race he saw where Toney Stewart put his knee on the bottom of the wheel. Bubba asked David what his shift position is when he turns, David said it’s usually up and down. Bubba asked David about Talladega, David said he was 25th. Bubba asked how mad he gets when he messes up, David said he gets pretty mad. Spice said he heard David got a flat tire after running over something, he wondered what it was, Bubba thinks it was debris. David said it doesn’t take much to mess up a tire.. Bubba said that while he was at Talladega, he saw a break pad by a wall. Spice asked if David has a spotter, David said he does. Bubba wonders how tiring it must be. Brent said Toney Stewart doesn’t relaly let his spotter speak. Bubba said he met Booty Barker, David said he’s a great guy with a great attitude. Bubba aksed DEavid his thoughts on Carl Edwards’s crash. David said he saw it first hand. David said that as a race fan they should up the safety factor. Bubba wondered what else could Nascar do besides a fence, David thinks they could use something other than a screen behind the fence. Bubba asked David what the rule is on the last lap, David said that as soon as the yellow flag comes up, everyone has to go back to the scoring loop. Bubba liked Carl’s thoughts after the race. Bubba wonders if david would’ve done the same, David said he would’ve. Bubba said the people of Aarons are really good people. Bubba likes how Aarons will help people after coming home from the war. Brent said people forget about war vets who come home from Iraq. David said his next race will be in Richmand, Bubba said they should step it up. Bubba asked David if he likes the nickname the Franchise, he said he knows it was started by the announcers. Bubba said he didn’t see Buzzy at Talladega, David said he was there, but they didn’t meet. Bubba said David has already made a million dollars just for turning left. Bubba said he’s heard the number 42% used on various drivers, david said it’s used a lot. Bubba wonders if David gets a cut of merchandice, David said he does. Bubba thanked David for coming on. Bubba told Spice about his discussion with David about a developmental driver program. They then went to ccommercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – “Caylee’s Not In The craddle” to fill some time     Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges, we then heard Manson’s latest offering. Since Bubba ran long, this was the only thing we heard this segment.

Segment 7 - New on Btls.com, Bubba and the guys comment on the news   Bubba said he went to his official site, he said there’s a lot of good stuff up there. He read the results for the poll – 69% of the people are not offended by the song. Bubba read what is on the rotator. Brent said the girl finally gave up on the CriagsList killer, Spice said that she still has his back. Bubba said there’s more info about the horses that died, the guys read that it was possibly a mix up in the feed. Bubba played the audio from Fox 13. Bubba thinks the only way the horses could die that way is if the feed was given to them in an excessive amount. Bubba said he met Dane Miller from Warsaw while in Talladega over the weeend, Bubba thinks Dane is the richest guy in Warsaw. Bobby said that during the Yankeys game, he saw an ad for Krock promoating Bubba. Bubba wishes they were in Vegas. Steve n protection asked why he couldn’t get on, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. Bubba played some audio about a girl who broke into a prison to have sex with him. Bubba said Jay’s new favorite character is Spice’s Twenty-five’s former girlfriend. Bubba then switched to a clip about a girl who was so embarraced to go to a high school reunion, she hired a stripper to go for her. Bubba stopped the clip when he heard the woman was a comedy writer. Bubba had audio of Sean Hanity saying he’d get waterboarded. Manson thinks Hanity is too chicken to do it. Brent said that when Sear school is announced, you’ve never seen guys run faster. Bubba thinks everyone should go for it. Brent said you have it as basic training. Bubba had audio of Shepard Smith saying fuck about waterboarding, the guys think it would be a mess if he got waterboarded. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8
- Ned explores a Travel site   Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power Of The fu T-shirt.. Bubba said Ned is on a Travel website, Bubba doesn’t want Ned to drive a wedge between him and the guy. Bubba said Lazy Days wants nothing to do with Bubba’s show. Bubba said no one bought Ned’s trike. Brent gave Bubba some copy for Tss-Radio, he decided not to read it. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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