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Heard on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show ®

This morning Bubba mentioned that Spice Boy’s “soon-to-be” father-in-law is going to get his grandson into racing out at Ambassador Racing School but Spice said he would not be there because he didn’t want to mix work with pleasure and since Bubba is always there with his son Tyler, Spice doesn’t think he should get involved.

Is Spice just being a dick or does he have a point?
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They talked about the Swine Flu – Mexico’s government is trying to stem the spread of a deadly strain of swine flu as a new work week begins by urging people to stay home Monday if they have any symptoms of the virus believed to have killed more than 100 people. Click Here.

Earnest Graham called in to talk about his event with the 1Voice Foundation. Get more detials on 1Voice here!

Phil stopped by with a painting. Phil works witht he Presley Design Group. Check out more of Phil’s work here!

Segment 1 – Spice is Apathetic to racing

Bubba started off with Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” as bumper music. We then heard a news clip about the swine flue, we then heard a clip of the Rays losing yesterday. Bubba wonders if the guys will make him feel bad for smashing the panic button, Ned had no idea what bubba was talking about, Bubba explained it to him. Bubba said you can tell what kind of weekend he had by the sound of his voice over the weekend, he screamed a lot over the weekend. Bubba had some info, Tash’s Dad was at the gocart track yesterday, he’s going to try and get his son into the sport, Bubba thinks Spice will be out at the track, Spice thinks differently. Bubba thinks the relationship won’t last if Spice doesn’t show up at the track, Spice attempts to explain his reasoning. Manson thinks the kid will get so good that, he might get added to CRI, Bubba said there’s no way. Bubba said that Spice has the ability to turn anything around on him. Bubba wants Guido to come into the studio. Guido came in, he said his boy was seven. Bubba asked Guido what it was like when he brought his kid out to the track, Guido said that his kid is hooked on racing. Spice said he’s not interested in racing in the least, Bubba thinks it’s wrong for Spice to not go to the track. Spice thinks something will go wrong. Spice/Bubba said that he introduced Guido to the sport, Guido said Spice had no idea what he was talking about. Bubba said he can’t wait for Spice to be at the track, only to have the chain break. Spice said Tasha isn’t supportive of racing, Manson as the kid asked why Uncle Matt doesn’t watch him race. Bubba said wait for the kid to Gary Cox the hell out of Tasha. Spice said he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure at the track, Bubba said the kids aren’t in the same class, Spice said it doesn’t matter. Guido said he thinks Bubba sees his kid there more than Guido does. Bubba hypothetically asked Spice to give him some racing tools, Spice said he’s not interested. Bubba thinks Spice is being ridiculous, Brent thinks Spice will be there if Tasha is there, Spice sarcastically thinks it sounds like fun. Spice thinks he’s being smart by not going, Spice thinks it’ll blow up in Guido’s face. Bubba asked Guido how he could see a problem, Guido said the only problem he would have if his son caused a crash. Bubba said Spice has him all wrong as a person. Bubba said that Spice not going to the track has nothing to do with him, Spice thinks idfferently. Manson said if his kid was into Volley ball, he wouldn’t go. Bubba chides the guys for already runing the show. Bubba then turned Spice’s mic off, Bubba said he wants to fight Spice in the Bubbagon. Bubba isn’t sure when Spice’s mic will be back on. Bubba compared him and Spice to A and B, they then went to commericals a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Takes Calls about Spice, Bubba At Talladega audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. Bubba thanked people for buying a bubba’s Bikes For Badges shirt. Max said Spice was treating Bubba like crap, he thinks Spice doesn’t want to be a father, Spice told the guy they’ve only been together for eight months. Max said it doesn’t effect Spice’s job, he asked Spice not to hammer bubba. Chris said he understands where Spice is coming from. Bubba said it’s not about him, it’s about the kid. Chris said his woman already had a duaghter, but he went to the events. Bubba said he wants Spice to be out there. Bubba said he wants Spice to do the right thing. Bubba said their kids would never be in the same class. Bubba said he wants the kid to have a many positive male roll models, Bubba thinks Spice could learn, Spice can’t believe it’s happening. Spice called the guy Dr. Phil. Bubba said that they wouldn’t have any interaction at the track. Jason agreed with Spice. Bubba said he cares because he doesn’t want the inner family skuttlebut to be that Spice doesn’t participate in the kid’s activities. Bubba said Spice doesn’t understand that Bubba is just a regular Dad, Spice said that Bubba has a VIP tower, Bubba said he built it and gave it to the track. Bubba wonders if he’s that impossible to work with. Bubba doesn’t get how the situation got twisted around him, Spice/Bubba said “me me me”. Bubba wants a woman to call in to weigh in on this subject. Steve called in to side with Spice. Spice thinks Steve is like his agent. Spice reinstated he was just being honest. Bubba said that you might be out at the track fo around 4-5 hours, Spice is disgusted even more. Gary Cox called in, Bubba chides him for not knowing he’s been on regular radio, Bubba then Eviled him. Bubba said if you’re a new fan and you’ve just discovered them in Tampa or Jacksonville, you’re an idiot. Jose called to side with Bubba, he thinks Spice is being a baby, he then gave Spice the whha treatment, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba said he got an email from a woman, he had Brent read the email. The email thinks Spice is just using it as an excuse. John thought bubba was the Grand Marshal for the race on Sunday, Bubba saidd it was Saturday, Spice said he tuned in for it, then tuned back out. Steve sided with Spice on this issue. Bubba thinks he’s in the wrong career. Ned wonders if bubba will quit. Brandon from Tampa agreed with Bubba. Bubba said he’s heading out of there early today, he asked Brent to say hi to the bad guy. Brad called to side with Spice. Pam said she sided with Bubba. Spice thinks the guys are reading way too deep into this situation. Bubba played a few seconds of his appearance at Talladega, but then cut it off, saying he’s not in the mood. Bubba wonders if he always has to be the guy in charge. Manson thinks Bubba should be bakeracted live on the air. Spice thinks he should be more positive. Bubba then played the clip of him at Talladega. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Talladega discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the clem Gym shirt. We then heard Manson’s latest “Clem’s Creek” bit. Bubba thinks the listeners believe the bits, he thinks they should get smarter listeners. The guys discuss Talladega from yesterday. Bubba played audio from yesterday’s race. Bubba compares Carl Edwards’s move of finishing the race to Ricky Bobby. Bubba likes a guy they interviewed at the end of the race. Bubba had audio of Carl Edwards being interviewed after the race. Bubba likes Carl’s honesty. The guys discuss the race from Saturday. Bubba thanked aarons, Bubba said there are a bunch of crazies on the in field and out field. Bubba wants Ned to go to Talladega next year, Ned said he’d love to go. Bubba recapped some sport scores, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Draft discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. The guys discussed the draft, Bubba thinks the Lion’s pick as a bad one, the guys ownder why people are booing so much. Brent doesn’t think the there were Lion fans at the draft, Bubba thinks they’re desprit. Bubba thinks it’s based on location. The guys go over the lion’s previous quarterbacks. Bubba said that it’s 50-50 that a quarterback pans out. Brent found the name of the guy who was on the Lions in 71. Bubba said Detroit has never been a quarterback friendly place. Bubba goes over a list of quarterbacks. Ken from An Arber said that one of the guys on the Nascar channel talked sme smack about Bubba. Ken didn’t get the host’s last nname. Bubba wants to know about Pat Patterson, Spice read some of it, he then said blah blah blah. Bubba wnet back to the draft audio, the guys like the Packer’s pic. Manson wonders how many people watch the draft. Bubba and Brent discuss some draft pics. Bubba wnats to get one of the ddraft pics on the phone. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Talladega recap, listeners getting screwed by the system

Bubba played Bob marley’s “I Shot the Sharif” as bumper music, Bubba likes the Eric Clapton version better. Spice asked Bubba if he was ever a Bob Marley, Spice is greatful Bubba isn’t a Jimmy Buffett guy. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Howard played Bubba’s Talladega audio. Bubba said Aarons told him what to do. Bubba said Boody Barker will be appearing on the show. Bubba reset the Talladega audio, Bubba said he’d like to hear Howard’s spin. Ned and Spice clown Bubba for just saying Gentlemen. Bubba then readd some emails. The first email of the day said it was great to meet Bubba.. Bubba thinks they should have the phone screeners in the creative meeting, Manson thinks Pantera is on an ego trip, Manson jokingly said he slipped pantera $20 for no Talladega talk. Manson did a New Jersey accent saying he’d like to watch the race. Spice thinks Pantera gets uppity on the phones these days. Bubba said he met this guy named mark, who was a double amputee. Bubba said he was embarraced for his intro. Spice didn’t like that the banner said Bubba The Love Sponge and Sons. Bubba doesn’t think he’s ever been on live tv, Brent said Bubba was on MSNBC twice. Spice/Bubba did a recreation of what it must’ve sounded like when Bubba was about to go on TV. Bubba joked that the fans had more words than he did. chuck from Jacksonville said he’s a retired ploice officer, his wife has a boyfriend who tucks in his son, Ned thinks he’s a sucka. The guys think his wife is a freak, Chuck agrees. Ned asked the guy when he found the uniform, did he put two and two together? The guy didn’t hear him, Bubba had to pot Ned’s mic up a little, the guy said he’s a non drinker. Bubba thinks the woman doesn’t want to be with him, he can’t let go. Ned thinks it’s on this guy. Ned said he couldn’t imagine how manuy unsolved murders have gone down under this guy’s watch. Ned and Spice said they’d ccheat on him if he was in the picture. Spice asked what it’s like when the guy calls the other guy, Chuck said the guy answer with “what the fuck are you doing calling here?” Chuck said he wants to kick this guy’s ass, but he can’t track him down. Bubba thinks the guy’s soon to be ex is an irresponsible whore, the guy agrees. Bubba said florida is the biggest anti man state ever. Brent suggests the guy get a strong female lawyer. Ned thinks she’d rather live in a trailor than live with him. Chuck said he’ll tie Ned up if he doesn’t be quiet, Ned likes that. Bubba thinks the guy will be bankrupt over this situation. Chuck said that through all this, he’s seen a side of him he’s never seen. Bubba described to chuck the bills he’ll have to deal with. Bubba listed off the stuff the guy will have to deal with, Spice impersonated the guy groaning at each one. Brent said this is a problem he’ll never have. Spice said he got an email from a guy who said he’s the guy, Bubba wants to confrence the two, Bubba asks Spice to stop fooling around, Bubba said the people dumb enough to fall for the “I got an email” line are him and Gean Lasker. Bubba said that she could ruin Chick’s world very easily. Bubba said Chuck is fighting a war that’s not winnable. Bubba said the only way he could win the custody of the kid is if the mother was incarsorated for a long time. Bubba said the judge doesn’t care. Bubba suggests the guy turn into Cool guy. Bubba said chuck should give her the beenifit of the doubt. Bubba thinks Chuck won’t listen. Bubba went to Earnest Graham a few seconds later. Bubba asked Earnest about the bucs draft, Earnest said he’s with Bubba. Earnest plugged his charity event for tomorrow night, you can find out more at <a href=”http://1voicefoundation.org/index.php”>1voicefoundation.org</a>. Daneese said she loves the show, she said she refuses to take her baby’s Daddy to court, Spice thiks she missread something Chuck said. Charleen said she never listened to the show, she heard Dr. Saturdly on the show and liked it. Charleen said she gave her children to her husband, but ten months into it, he ended up on crack cocaine. Charleen said he went to Texas and hid, he kidnapped two of the kids. She said she hired a lawyer, someone rang the bell, she laughed it off, she said she owes her lawyer $10,000.00. Manson wonders how a crack head gets a rich chick, Ned thinks he should start smoking crack, Charleen said her husband’s new wife is beautiful. Ned thinks the world is full of suckas. Charleen said her husband won an appeal, Charleen said lawyers are the worst people in the world, they’re not concerned about the kids. Bubba recommends she gets Ragina Hunter. Charleen said she’d try it. Bubba said charleen is really pissing him off, as she’s not listening to him, Charleen called the judge a bitch. Bubba asked her to call 813-divorce, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Phil the art guy comes in with a painting of bubba

Bubba brought Phil in. Phil pianted a picture of Bubba. Bubba thinks they ccould hire Phil to make the artwork for the new album. Phil’s website is: PresleyDesignGroup.com. The guys ask Phil how much ass he’s gotten, Phil said he’s gotten some. Bubba thanked Phil for the artwork. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Custody calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Power Of the Fu T-shirt. Bubba thinks Hogan will be alright. Margaret from Olrando said that as a woman who was dragged through the trenches said she was tired of males complaining how the legal system is so slanted. Bubba said there’s no way she could say that. Bubba Eviled her a few seconds later. Bubba called her a femmenist nazi bitch. Bubba said you can’t stop visiting a kid. Givony said he remembers listen to Bubba from back in the B96 days. He said that it’s guys like chick that make them go for women like the one he’s with. Someone rang the bell, he was then Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba took a call from a woman who said that Fathers should has visitation rights, Ned is board to tears by the call, Ned thinks today is the child custody hotline. Bubba asked her if she was ever in jail, she said she was in jail for domestic violence. Bubba asked her if she was ever convicted for drugs, she said no. Bubba said that all the guy is doing is trying to scare the living dylights out of the woman. Bubba wonders if the people on the phone can hear him. Bubba recommended her to 813-divorce, she said they were never married, Bubba wishes he could’ve impregnated someone like this. Bubba asked the caller to spell divorce. Bubba wanted to make sure she understood, so he had her recap the situation. Bubba explained what will most likely happen. Bubba said she only has herself to blame if she doesn’t better herself. Brent said people who don’t understand the legal system shouldn’t mess with it. Jason in Lake City called to ask Ned why he set the reserve price so high on his trike, he would’ve given him $95,000. Ned thinks the guy got the listeners again. Bubba replayed the Carl Edwards crash. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about custody. It wasn’t his kid biologically, Bubba said it’s not the guy’s kid. Bubba suggested the guy get out while the getting is good. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Chick’s neighbour calls in and emails

Bubba said that the lines are lit up over child custody, bubba sarcastically thanked Chuck for starting the trend. Robbin from Jacksonville said that Chuck is her neighbour, she said chuck is a great guy, Bubba said the system will screw Chuck over. Bubba thinks chuck’s ex has no morals. Bubba readd an email asking if “The Clemulis Package” will be available for pre-order, Bubba said no. Another emailer said that he used to listen to Ellit, but likes Bubba. Another emailer said that Eastside Down is a great show. another emailer said that big Oil has been screwing him over for years. Another emailer doesn’t like the way Clearchannel’s tactics. Bubba read out of the Ny Times about Clearchannel. Bubba asked if Clearchannel had to sue Bing Capital to get the rights, Brent said they did. Bubba thanked Kurt Evins for writing a letter to Gaylord Palms, asking why they pulled their advertising. Bubba read the letter the guy wrote. Bubba read the reply from Gaylord Palms. Bubba said he wouldn’t ask his listeners to boycott Gaylord Palms. Bubba thinks the company is covering their ass. Bubba said Clearchannel doesn’t have the ability to put themselves over. Bubba thinks Gaylord Palms is guilty of giving too much power. Bubba wonders what did they do so bad this go around. Bubba thinks if people have a problem with the song, maybe they shouldn’t be advertisers. they then played “My Trunk”, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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