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Thursday April 23, 2009

Segment 1 – Rays and Twitter discussions

Bubba started out with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba said he thinks the
team had a meeting, he said he heard Joe Madden say the guys need to chill
out. Bubba said the Rays are now double their worth. Bubba and Manson
don’t think the Rays need a new stadium. Bubba read that on days the Rays
had concerts, they were 8 and 0, Bubba thinks they should book one every
other game. Bubba reads the list of acts that will be performing. Bubba
read that Greenday will be in town. Bubba wants to know what Twitter is,
he got sidetracked saying how he doesn’t want any birthday wishes today.
Brent said he’s not interested in reading the mundane activities of
people. Spice explains it. Bubba is tired of Dog The Bounty Hunter. Bubba
read that MySpace’s CEO is thinking about stepping down. Bubba read what
Twitter is Brent called it manusha. Bubba played a clip of a guy
explaining twitter, Bubba said he knows what he’s doing, he wants to be
left alone. Bubba said we’re
becoming a world of marks. Spice likes how it’s not getting shoved in
your face. Bubba asks if Brent has been smoking. Bubba said if his
friendship is hinging on the person asking him if he whipped his ass or
not, he’s not interested. Bubba said he doesn’t feel good about not
calling his Mom like he should. Bubba said his ADD has been kicking in,
he liked FaceBook originally, now he doesn’t like it, he said he’s been
denying people left and right. Bubba wants an expert on Twitter. Bubba
jokes the show’s on-air twitter would be “Still On The air”. Bubba thinks
the guy in the video clip is for gay marriage, Bubba thinks he’d lose a
lot of respect for people. Bubba thinks they should do pornstar twitter.
Bubba doesn’t think they’re on the air, they can’t get anyone to call in.
Manson thinks reality is so boring. Bubba thinks he should totally
embelish his posts. Bubba said he doesn’t want his emails while he’s on
the road. Abbie said she uses it all the
time, she said she was following celebrities, but she deleted them, she
said you can use it for business reasons. Bubba thinks his show is like
Twitter they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – More Twitter discussions, News, and Billy Bob Thorton audio

Bubba says Twitter sucks, someone took his name on there. The guys discuss
the guy in Boston who murdered someone on Craigslist. The guys discuss the
woman who was thrown around in a bathroom on an airplane from weather. The
guys discuss Dick Cheney, Bubba thinks it sounds like he could have a
grabber. Bubba read that the topless dancing industry is down 40%, he said
strippers are fighting with each other. Bubba wants to know if a lot of
the strip clubs have gotten a lot of new people coming in. Bubba has audio
of Billy Bob Thorton on Jimmy Kimmel. Bubba wonders why actors want to
become singers, Spice said because they can. Bubba said that if you’re
friends of Howard, you know his style, and you have Howard-esque qualities
about you. Bubba thinks Billy Bob Thorton wouldn’t be who he is if it
wasn’t for his movie career. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3
Bubba describes the Bubba’s Bikes For Badges event. The guys than
discussed some sports, the guys mark out to Aubry Huff, Bubba’s mentions a
poll to elect Aubry into the allstar game, Spice said he’ll check to see
if that’s what he wants, Bubba said that Aubry got in trouble for calling
Boltamore a horseshit town. Bubba plays a 911 call involving a tripple
murder, the guys think the guy relaying the story is on drugs, Spice read
the guy on the phone is the one who did it. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a spot for Bubba Raw 3, we then heard
Guns N’ Roses’s cover of “knocking On Heaven’s Door” as bumper music.
Bubba played Dr. Mark’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba gave out Mark’s
number (813-875-5855). Mark said there’s a Bubba speecial, you mention
Bubba’s name, and you get $50.00 off your visit. Mark said they test your
testorone right there in the office. Bubba gives a shout out to Dr. Joe
Charamonty. Lisa on prrotection said her boyfriend isn’t as sexually
active as he once was, Bubba thinks the guy is adicted to porn. Mark
thinks the guy had a bad reaction to some medications. Bubba said that
everyone gets tired of the same old ass after awhile. ned wants to know
how to get an errection that lasts for days. Bubba thinks the guy should
put some excitement back into his life, Mark said that as you get older,
it gets harder to get an errection. Lisa said he’s in relatively good
shape, Bubba thinks they should have
a threesome to get the guy going again. mark thinks the guy has done
damage to a tissue. Spice pulled up a pic of a guy with a sist on his
scrodum, Mark said if it was squeezed, some white puss would come out.
Bubba thinks they should have Fat Casper examined by Dr. mark, Spice said
it was Whitey Pipin. Chris on protection said he had problems with having
an orgasm. Mark asked how old he was, Chris said he was 42, Chris started
smoking a while ago, but he’s had these problems before he started. Mark
thinks the guy should try some Viagra. Mark suggests the guy go see Bob
Weaver. Bubba said he passed a kidney stone last week, he gave it to Mark
to check it out, Mark said it’s a big one. Mark said the reason why
people have kidney stones is because of dehydration. Mark said you want
your urine is thick and yellow, you’ve got a problem. Mark said you
should stay as hydrated as possible. Mark described the kidney stone, Ned
wants to eat it, mark said it
would just come out the other end. Bubba described what happened to him
last week. Mark said that the stone blocking the urine is the part that
hurts the most. Mark said the stone goes “clunk” when it lands in the
toilet. Bubba said his step father passed one that was 8 mm, Bubba’s is 5
mm. Mark said that some people have had 20 mm ones, it’s gotten stuck.
John on protection asked about stress boils, Bubba said he had some under
his chin during the clearchannel situation. John said he’s gotten some on
his scrodum, he described them as red knots, Mark suggests the guy goes
to a Dermotologist. Bob on protection said he was super sensitive on the
tip of his penis, Mark thinks the guy should talk to his doctor. Mark
said that your penis could crack if you use it too much, Spice said it
would be like The Twin Towers. Bubba said he had the worst performance of
his life, he said he lasted only 8 seconds, Spice thinks Heather was
wearing a Brett Favre jersey.
Bubba wonders who was screening the phone calls, Brent said it was
Pantera, Bubba said Pantera messed up his spelling of a description of a
call. Steve from Tampa said whenever he climaxes, his sperm smells really
bad, Mark said it depends on what you eat, Ned thinks Steve is the anti
Christ. Bubba read an email from someone who was asking about testaron
levels, Mark said that 153 is low, Mark said the standard number for
testaron is 300. Bubba read another email from someone asking about
testaron, he said he was tired, his number was 284. Bubba said his friend
in Ohio asked about Revital Labs, Bubba said the guy lost 41 pounds from
the product, Bubba got distracted by something on TV. Mark said he and
his crew were forced to make a fat burner, even though he wasn’t a fan of
it, Bubba wonders why FB Plus so great, Mark said they put enough stuff
in it to make it work. Mark talked about a product called FGF, it
mediates your body. Mark said they’re using
chewable tabblits. Spice joked he ate 9 of them during Nascar taok. Jake
called in with a spinal chord injury, he’s wondering if his sperm is
still good, the guy can’t ejaculate, Ned wonders why should he live? The
guy laughed it off, Ned said he’d push the guy off the Skyway in his
wheelchair. Mark discusses a product that takes your sperm while you
sleep. Bubba thanked Dr. Mark for coming in, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – The New Album discussed, KC Anthony discussions, Janie Cakes
calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba said he’s got
the four disc set list for the new album, hee thinks the title will be
“The Clemulis Package”. Ned wished Bubba a happy birthday. Bubba said he
thinks they’ve underestimated iTunes. Bubba said the last physical album
would have been The super K5, he said he got a lot of emails from people
asking about physical albums. Bubba said he got OAR’s album as a physical
disc. Bubba said they don’t premediate stuff. Bubba thinks the album will
be out in about a month or so, hee thinks FYE is on store. Bubba had audio
of the Anthony family, Bubba said he got a tun of emails regarding the
Caylee/KC Anthony stuff, he thinks he could do a whole show about them.
Bubba said if you’ve got a chance to be on Oprah, you should take it.
Bubba said the Anthony’s have no credibility. Manson thinks the Anthony’s
knew what went down, but they’re not admiting to it. Bubba goes over KC’s
priorr track record,
Bubba thinks that maybe KC Anthony is the product of crappy parenting.
Bubba thinks she was spoiled, with a bit of domestic violence. Spice
thinks the parents will look stupid once she’s convicted. Bubba read an
email from someone who works for the states atturny general who said they
should keep playing the “My Trunk” song. Bubba has a little difficulty
with the word italics. Manson thinks the Anthony’s tied to the case in
some way. Bubba thinks KC will try and pawn it off on her parents. Bubba
thinks if she flips on them first, they won’t be able to flip back on
her. Bubba said if the parents go on the offence, they won’t go to jail,
but if they go on the deffence, they’ll go to jail. Bubba hopes KC
Anthony is listening to them, he hopes they all end up in jail. Bubba
doesn’t think anyone else has the balls to come out with that theory.
Brent said if they’ve got dna evidence on you, you’re screwed, Ned thinks
the whole family are a bunch of drama
queens. Spice said Janie Cakes was on the warmline. Bubba played her
bumper and brought her on. Janie was on to wish Bubba a happy birthday,
Bubba said she’s the principle exception to call in. Bubba said Janie
drove herself through the hospital. Janie described what it was like that
day, 43 years ago today. Janie was a telephone operator, she asked to be
off from work, she thinks the Doctor was a quack. Janie said she
traindrove to the hospital, she said she was in the delivery room for
about an hour or so, she said he came out at about 4:00, Bubba joked he
had a lot of hair when he was born.. Janie said Doug was mad, Janie said
Bubba was an eight pound premature baby, Bubba said his Dad was still in
high school at the time. Bubba asked about their sexlife, Janie said it
happened mostly in a car, Bubba said he was conceived in a car. Janie
said there was a lot of farmland near spots where she and Doug would have
sex with. Bubba said he makes fun of
white trash every day, yet he considers himself to be just that. Bubba
wonders how they got married, janie said that Doug’s Mom told him to get
married to Janie. Bubba liked Grandpa Fred. Bubba told a story about
Grandpa Fred, Bubba said he looked like John Wayne. Bubba said Grandpa
Fred told Janie at the age of 17 to live on her own, after Janie’s Mom
died. Janie said she was listening to Howard, she couldn’t say Gary’s
last name right, Bubba told her to just call him Bababbooey. Janie
described what Jeff went through when Jeff had a kidney stone, Bubba said
there’s no chance in hell a woman’s vagina is more sensitive than a man’s
penis. Brent said to fly for the Navy, you have to get checked for stuff,
Brent said that a meddle q-tip goes up your penis to check it out, Brent
said you almost pass out from the pain. Janie said she loved the guys,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – nascar guys from Sirius channel 128

Bubba played some CCR as bumper music. Bubba went to the guys from the
Nascar channel on Sirius. The guys asked Bubba how he’s doing, Bubba said
he’s getting ready for the race on Saturday. The Nascar guys wondered how
Bubba got the gig, Bubba said he knew some people. David Pool said Bubba
was speaking his language, David said that Talladega is pretty much
Bubba’s studio times a hundred. Bubba listed all the tracks he’s been to,
he’s never been to Talladega. Bubba asked the guys who they liked in the
race, they think Toney will win. Bubba restated what he said about Dale
Earnehart JR, the guys think Bubba is right, one of the guys thinks JR is
on the tale end of good drivers. Bubba thinks people should stop having 88
and 8 blinders on. Bubba plugged his Sirius show, the guys laughed when
Bubba called his crew HBS (Howard’s bitches). One of the guys asked about
Bubba’s racing, Bubba said he’s not that great as a racer, but he said his
kids are doing
great in the sport, Bubba said dirt late models are hard to drive. Bubba
recounts the time when he flipped at the Chili bowl. The guys like the
quote Toney said “you were doing fine Bubba ,until you ran out of
talent”. Bubba listed the people he knows in Nascar. The guys plugged
their channel, they plugged Bubba’ show, one of the guys asked who is in
Bubba’s studio, Bubba went over who they got, Bubba explained the bell
concept to the guys, they liked that. One of the guys said Toney Stewart
is a great driver, one of the guys joked that Toney’s record is as long
as Howard Stern’s bank account.. The guys asked if Bubba has anything
planned for Saturday, Bubba said no, he said Nascar says you have to
stick to the script. They let Bubba go a short time later. Bubba kept the
feed open for a few seconds longer. Manson has a new “Clem’s creek” bit
coming up, they then went to commericals a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hogan, Brutus, Tara, and David from Back 9 BBQ celebrate
Bubba’s Birthday

Bubba played some Michael Jackson as bumper music. Bubba said everyone in
tue studio was eating, Bubba said it’s very rare for everyone to leave the
studio for food, Bubba said Back Nine BBQ had delivered some food. Bubba
brought David from the compnay in, Bubba thinks the last time he saw him
was “Toys For Tatas”. David said the dip Bubba likes is Buffalo Chicken
dip, it’s low fat. Tara was also in studio, Tara wanted the recipie, Bubba
said Tara is a great cook, Bubba thinks David should open up a restaurant,
his wife is busy though. Bubba said Tara ran Bubba’s Alehouse. David said
the chicken dip is very popular, Bubba said he wants Hogan to try some of
it. David is donating a Calaway golf bag for the Bikes for badges, a
signed copy of Phil Nickeson’s biography, and a humador, as well as a
party for 20 people. The site is Back9bbq.com. Hogan was on the line, he
sang “Happy Birhtday”, asking Bubba to look at the camera, he was outside.
hogan came into
the studio a few seconds later. Hogan thought Tara was Heather, Hogan
aslo had Brutus with him, Bubba said Brutus is looking good. Bubba wanted
Hogan to try the chicken dip. Jennifer, Hogan’s girlfriend was also in
the studio. Hogan said he’ll have to go to the clem Gym to work this
stuff off. Bubba thinks Brutus will live at the clem gym. Bubba asked
Brutus to try some of the dip. Bubba asked Tara to show Hogan her calfs.
Bubba asked Hogan to recount the time Brutus was in the bushes near the
French Hen, acting like a monkey. Hogan said Brutus’s legs were sticking
out of the bushes. Hogan wished Bubba a happy birthday. Bubba remembers
how mean Brutus was to him when they were coming back from an event.
Hogan remembers the pictures from his 43rd birthday party. Hogan asked
Bubba if he read the rolling Stone article, Bubba said he thought it was
fare. Bubba jokingly suggests a charlie Hill dating game, Brutus said
he’d like to show charlie a crab trap
from the outside. Hogan said that Tim and Brian are fighting over who
sold the drugs to linda. Hogan said it’s weird to hear Tim and Brian
talk, they tell half truths. Hogan said a girl did somee heavy partying
with Linda ten minutes before Nick came home, Bubba thinks Linda should
stay in California. Tara said she’s hanging out with some people, Spice
called her a whore. Bubba said Spice broke into Bubba’s house and banged
Tara. Spice asked if Brutus still cuts promos, Brutus said yes. Bubba
said that Brutus told him to throw hammers, Bubba recounts his wrestling
match in Memfis a few years ago. Hogan said that Brutus uses sisors that
could cut someone’s scalp off. Brutus said he mostly does independent
shows. Hogan thinks Bubba should wrap the show up. Hogan asked Brent if a
legal sapeena overrides everything, Brent said yes. Bubba asked what
Hogan’s longest match was, he thinks it was 45 minutes, Hogan said that
during a match in Mississippi, Brutus
had sex with a girl during the match. Hogan said Vince would often tell
him when a match would go too long. Spice/McManh asked Hogan to wrap it
up. Hogan said he hates Pay-per-views because of the time, Bubba said
that Hogan tells people to slow down. Bubba thinks Brutus should’ve been
in ‘the wrestler”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Denzil and Dave give Bubba some presents

Bubba said he’s got a tun of people in the studio, Denzil was in studio.
Denzil said John marble is doing great, Denzil gave Bubba a present, Bubba
thinks it’s drugs, it’s an iPod Touch, Spice joked that on the back, “Hey
Babe” is inscribed on the back. Spice said Dave Rice has someething for
bubba’s birthday, Bubba thinks Dave is very dark, Bubba said Hogan’s new
shirt is selling very well, Hogan thinks Bubba is like Vince, givingg him
copy to read. Bubba wants Hogan to read the copy. Hogan read it dry in his
classic Hogan voice, Bubba liked his delivery. Bubba asked Hogan to do his
Macho Man voice, Hogan/macho said Bubba has punked him out. Dave brought
in Bubba’s gift, Dave said it was a calendar, twelve months of Contessa
Bruer. Bubba said Hogan is really negative lately. Manson/bush said they
should end the show at this point, Spice/Deion agreed. Bubba asked Hogan
who he thinks is hot, Hogan said he thinks Mega Fox is hot. Spice/Jimmy
Heart asked if
he was attractive, Hogan looked at Spice as if he wanted to kill him.
Brent said Bubba has to cut some spots, Bubba is bummed out about that.
Bubba hit the music to end the show, he cut it off to have Hogan try on
the Bubba Army Biker vest. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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