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Wednesday April 22, 2009

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Clem Gym altered, Fart Validation featuring Fat Casper, Bubba, Spice and Brent love to fart, Bubba wants a wring

Bubba started off with some Blue Oister Cult as bumper music, we then heard a clip from last night’s Rays game, they lst 4-2 against Seattle. Bubba wonders what kind of spin you have to have on a ball like that. Bubba thinks $0.69 cheese burgers are more important than his birthday. Bubba is depressed about tomorrow. Bubba said he trained his legs yesterday, he thinks it’s ridiculous. Bubba said he worked out on the leg machine he got, he said he almost blew his testicals out. Bubba said last night, the Clem Gym was re arranged. Spice had to fart, Bubba then hit the fart validation bumper, Fat Casper had to endure this one. Casper wants to know what Spice ate, Spice laughed it up, Casper said he couldn’t describe it. Bubba said his wife hates it when he farts in bed, Brent said that whenever he farts in bed, it drives Amanda crazy, Brent loves it when she gets real mad. Spice said he farted one time in the shower with Tasha. Spice said the fart was silent, but she could tell what he did. Bubba asked Dave if they could add a draipery to the bucket, Dave said they could. Bubba proposes a Bubba Raw DVD of just farts. Bubba thinks he’s doing great on his diet, Brent said it’s all about exercise. Bubba wants to put a wring in the Clem Gym. Bubba compared the difference between a boxing and a wrestling wring. Bubba and Brent discuss a road getting altered. Bubba reminded the listeners about his Talladega appearance this Saturday. Bubba asked Ned about is trike on Ebay, Ned said he didn’t know, Bubba found the page and said it was at eight grand, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bikes For Badges shirt, B-Fudd checks in, Bubba reviews “Seventeen Again”

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bike For Badges. We then heard “Jessey’s Girl” as bumper music. Bubba said he knew the new Hogan shirt is on BubbaArmy.com, Bubba thinks he’ll wear it on Saturday, Brent thinks Nascar is stiff about what you can wear on TV. Bubba wants to send someone out to hand out some fliers. Bubba said you can contribute to the event by buying a Bubba’s Bike For Badges T-shirt. Bubba said B-Fudd was on the line, he played his bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd braged that Seattle beat Tampa last night, he asked Bubba if he watched the game last night, Bubba said he didn’t see one pitch of the game. Bubba said he had a premature session with Heather. Spice thinks B-Fudd would more than likely kill hookers off of CraigsList. Bubba said B-Fudd doesn’t have a violent bone in his body, B-Fudd said he doesn’t. B-Fudd said that his friend Mike did a Dutch Oven on his girlfriend. Ned wonders how many people does B-Fudd have under his house. B-Fudd said he’s never had a girl spend the night at his house, he’s spent the night at a girl’s house though. Spice asked if B-Fudd has ever brought a girl home, Bubba thinks they should get B-Fudd’s parents on the line, B-Fudd said they don’t want to be on the radio. The guys wonder if B-Fudd’s parents were on something, B-Fudd said they don’t drink. Spice wonders if B-Fudd’s parents love him, B-Fudd said the last time his Mom told him he loved him was a few months ago. Bubba thinks B-Fudd is brain washed, he doesn’t want girls at his house. B-Fudd farted into the phone, Bubba said even his farts sound retarded, B-Fudd wants to know when can we hear Bubba fart. Bubba said that everyone in the room would be early morning sexers if they didn’t have to get up at four in the morning. Manson wants to know what kind of girl sleeps with B-Fudd, Brent said they’re all over 200 pounds, Brent said they could put Jabba in a dress. Bubba wants B-Fudd to have a woman sleeping over. Spice wondered what his room is decorated with, B-Fudd said he’s got Jesus Christ, Scarface, ten swords and one battle ax. Bubba got sidetracked with Ms. America. Bubba wonders if they could get Perez Hilton exiled. B-Fudd went back to describing his room, he’s got pictures of the guys. Bubba wnats B-Fudd to consider the opertunity he’s offering. Bubba then gets sidetracked with a history quiz for B-Fudd. Bubba asked him if he knew who John Wayne gasey was, he said he knew what it was about. Bubba asked him what Jeffery Dommer did, B-Fudd knew.. Bubba asked about the Son of Sam, B-Fudd didn’t know that one. Bubba explained how The son of Sam got his nickname, B-Fudd then did his dog impersonation. Bubba said he was watching ET last night, the numberr one movie is one he saw, he saw “Seventeen Again”, Bubba thought it was a cute movie, but it’s very adult like. Bubba explains the plot of the movie, Spice said this plot has been done so many times. Bubba thinks Manson should take his boys to see this movie, as a way to show them how a girl can screw your life up. Bubba thinks the movie’s message was to not be pussy whipped over a girl. Bubba asks the guys to throw him a bone, Brent said thatt at least Bubba went to the movie with her. Spice said he was at the Three Oh three oncert the other night, he saw a bunch of teenage girls their who dressed real sluty and cursed each other out. Brent said when he saw Borat at the same theater Bubba was at, he said that he was the only one luaghing at the movie. Bubba is dusgusted at our youth, Bubba said that everyone was texting each other, Spice thinks they were texting the people they’re right next to. Bubba thinks he’ll be the worst father ever, when the kids grow up and have parties, he’ll make sure the kids don’t text each other, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bloggo and American Idol discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new “Power of the Foo” shirt, we then heard Manson’s “Just A Friend”. Bubba played Eminem’s “We Made You” as bumper music. Bubba points out that Jessica Simpson has gotten fat, Spice said how dare you. Jason called to say he’s been married for seven years, he found out his wife is talking with a guy she used to date. Bubba thinks their blasting each other, Bubba wants to call her up, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later, Bubba said no Mom is sleeping right now. Bubba discusses a race that is happening this weekend, someone rang the bell. Bubba read an article that said the top ten companies that were baled out have plenty of money to lobby, Spice said it’s all just a cycle of BS. Brent thinks we should outlaw lobbying. Bubba said that you can do two things to change the country tomorrow – no more lobbiests, and no more pork on bills. Bubba had audio of a news clip discussing Bloggo getting denied a trip to Costirica. Bubba said that the more horrible your behiavor is, the more you become a celebrity. Bubba said that everyone is a mar fro someone.. Bubba said he’s a Brett Favre mark, Brent said he’s a huge Henry Rollins mark. Spice said LL Cool Jay. Manson picked the cast of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Ned picked Willy Nelson, Johny Cash, and Elvis. Bubba thinks Fox 13 listens to the show, Brent gives them credit for working smart. Bubba said he doesn’t want to give any positive American Idol news, he said that if someone is up there, he wants the show to go off his TV, Bubba said that at least “Dancing With The Stars” has some hot girls on it. Simon said that if the show went from number one to two, he’d be out. Spice said he’s nott a fan of the show, but he likes Simon, Bubba said he hates it all. Bubba lays out some situations that could happen to the show. They then went to commercials a few secondl later.

Segment 4 – E-mails, Bubba quits listeners who don’t like the “My Trunk”

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. Bubba said he got a text from Jeff Dosy who asked to get the press release. Bubba said Denzel will be in town today. Bubba reads some emails. Bubba said dr. Mark will be in tomorrow, Bubba jokes he might be the first question on tomorrow. An email asked if Bubba could sue Clearchannel for harassment, Brent said you’d become bankrupt. Another emailer saidd he tried the Electronic cigarette, he said he hasn’t touched a regular cigarette. Brent wonders if you could legalize THC. Bubba wonders why THC is illegal, Manson thinks it’s the plant. Bubba said he doesn’t care if pot is legal or illegal. Bubba said he’s not pro pot, he’s common sense. Bubba said he’s only consumed marijuana twice via a brownie, it freaked him out. Bubba said that if you go to any sporting event, there’s a guy who gets drunk and wants to fight you. Bubba said that from what he’s heard, all guys on pot want to do is eat. Anoter emailer said he’s done with the show, Spice said they don’t nogiciate with terrorists. Paul said the feds are cracking down on Electronic cigarettes. Bubba thinks Big Tabaco has gotten a bad rap at times.. Another emailer said that the KC Anthony song they did was lame compared to Harry chapin’s “Snipper”, Bubba wonders if he’s playing the right song. Bubba thinks Harry took a newspaper and read from it with music behind him. Bubba wants to know if the song ever charted. Spice said the song never charted, Brent thinks he should’ve been shot for making the Taxi song. Bubba cut the ong a few seconds later, he couldn’t even get to the part where the guy starts killing people. Bubba tried to find some part of the songg where the guy starts shooting, he cut it off and went into “Cats In The craddle”, Bubba isn’t sure if he likes this song now. Bubba asked Spice to look up the info on the song, Brent found it. Justin from Ft. Meyers said he was a test subject on the Electronic cigarette, he met the inventor. Just in said it costs roughly $200.00. Bubba thinks he should get some Electronic cigarettes for his Mom. Bubba is tired of the government stepping in and controller stuff. Frank said he’d like to send the guys one. Another emailer asked Bubba to stop defending the parody song, the emailer called Bubba a fatass. Bubba said he almost worked in Pitsbourgh, but the guy who picked him up was arrested. Another emailer found the song not funny, she said she was done listening. Bubba said his kid could end up dieing, but it wouldn’t be on his tab. Bubba thinks most people are disgusted by her. Bubba said that they may have stretched a few things like her brains scattering, but it might be the truth. Bubba said Howard is the only other guy who has balls to bag on stuff. Bubba said he’s not gonna stop playing the bit, because it’s the truth. Bubba said to put something in your trunk in June for a day, then get back to him. Bubba asked the complainers to continue being a bunch of pussies, Bubba said he quit them, he said he got that from Lory Stoler, his hair dresser. Bubba wishes he could scramble the frequency of the pussies. Bubba said this story is a softball for radio guys to pick at. Bubba played “My Trunk”, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker carlson Calls In

Bubba had Tucker Carlson on the phone. Bubba said that last week, he had a lot of cops stop him and ask about Tucker. Tucker said he was accused of rape by a woman he’s never even met, Bubba then recaps Spice’s story of being accused of rape. Spice said that he met this girl, they went to Bubba’s VIP room and had sex. She tried to steal a beer, but got caught. She ran down the street and accused Spice of raping her, Bubba said that he had to have Spice get in the back of a van, take his pearcings out and hide under a blanket and call him as soon as they got to the next county. Bubba then said that he had his guys take some 409 and clean every little bit of the club. Bubba then recounted the time Spice banged Tara. Bubba said he refuses to do a reality show, as a lot of it is scripted. Bubba said that all you gotta do is follow them around with a camera, Tucker said that he’d love to get on board. Bubba thinks they should move on. Bubba said that the CEO of Freddie May killed himself the other day. Brent said Obama could’ve been really popular had he opposed the baleout. Tucker said that lobbiests are doing well. Tucker said that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. Tucker said that rich people are paying for everything. Bubba said he thinks our situation wouldn’t be any better if McCaine had won. Bubba likes the fiar tax proposal, Brent said the Fair Tax would be constitutional. Bubba recapped what Tom Wood said yesterday. Bubba recapped the story of his friend with a lot of money for Tucker. Tucker thinks government programs should be studied more. Bubba said the baleout is going to be a bad thing, Tucker said it’s going to fail. Tucker doesn’t like Obama’s cap and trade skeem. Tucker said he’ll be debating Ariana Huffington, Bubba asked Tucker to get stiff on her. Bubba said he’s pays way too much salary, but let Tucker go a short time later. They then wnet to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Earnest Graham stops by

Bubba had Earnest Graham in the studio. The guys busted Earnest’s balls when he came in with a laptop, Bubba thinks he’s looking at porn is on Twitter, Earnest said that he got an account, but doesn’t use it. Earnest described his career in the nFL, Bubba said that even though he doesn’t like Sapp, he gives him credit for being a good ball player. Earnest reflects on his days in College football. The guys discuss the Bucs, Bubba thinks they need a defence line, Brent said they need an offence. Bubba asked Earnest about Deric brooks, Earnest said it was tough to cope with, he thinks it happened the way it happened. Bubba said that he respects Warrick dunn, but he thinks Warrick doesn’t have the same impact as Deric Brooks did. Earnest said he’s seen Deric around town. Bubba wonders if he could come back. Bubba said that football needs to have a garunteed paramiter. Bubba said that you could’ve given Mike Allstot a coloring book and a Taco Bell gift card and he would’ve stayed with Tampa. Bubba asked Earnest who’d he pick if the chips were down in a play, Earnest said JD. Bubba thinks Walter paten is the greatest football player ever. Bubba told Earnest about his charity event, Bubba wants to know if Earnest would sign a helmet, Earnest said he already has. Earnest’s website is 1voicefoundation.org. Bubba thanked Earnest for coming by, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army Leather vest. Bubba said he’s got Captain thunder coming up. Sharron from Jacksonville said she was tired of all the people who complained about the “My Trunk” song. Bubba said people should be offended at what she did, not what he did. Celsey said that she wouldn’t view the bit as breakfast material, she said that flies lay eggs on a person’s body. Celsey explained what happens to a body after several days. She said that in around three weeks, you’re full of maggots, Bubba said she was his favorite phone call of the day. Brent said she was right on, he read a book about that. Trey said she loved Earnest’s interview, she remembered she was at the club the night of the infamous rape case, Trey remembers Bubba was eating Pumpkin pie in his office, the guys clown Bubba. Brad from Miami said he loved the show, he really appreciates what bubba is doing for officers, he’d like to make a donation. Brad asked when MVP is gonna be on the show, Bubba said he met MVP backstage at an event, he really likes him, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Captin Thunder Checks In

Bubba had Captin Thunder on the line. Bubba said Captain Thunder’s website is: captinthunderracing.com. Bubba said that Captin Thunder also calls into Scotty Ferrall’s show on Fridays. Captin Thunder said that Dale Earnehart JR might be losing his crew cheif. Captin Thunder said that Dale and Mark Martin would be oepn to a change, they’d simply switch out their crew cheifs. Thunder said that Mark won on Saturday night, so the change isn’t gonna happen now. thunder said that they don’t want to hurt Tonie’s reputation, Bubba thinks the problem could be with the driver. Bubba thinks Earnheart JR hasn’t done much with his career. Bubba wondered why so many people are so afraid of Dale Earnheart JR, Thunder said that 43% of Nascar’s merchandise is Dale Earnheart JR related. Bubba said that every other sport, you have to prove yourself, Bubba is sick of it. Bubba said that since Earnehart’s Dad died, Earnheart JR hasn’t done anything rellivent. Bubba said that in the car of tomorrow, Dale Earnheart hasn’t done anything. Thunder said he was very envious of Bubba for going to Talladega. Bubba thinks they should have Chad Canos as Dale’s crew cheif. Thunder talked about lug nuts and glue, the officials now need to see threads on the end of the nuts to make sure they’re attached. Bubba thanked thunder for coming on. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Gary Earle

    Bubba, Great show today but ,Carlson Tucker was out of touch. The top one percent pay all the taxes?What is it that his tax bill keeps him from buying? A second home or a fourth car? Under Bush the top one percent got a 55 Billion dollar a year tax break.They get that tax break EVERY YEAR. Even when they had to paid those taxes they were still the top one percent.They pay no taxes above 90 thousand dollars on social security. The tax code is written by wealthy men and women who give themself tax breaks on everything.No one from the top one percent has gone broke from paying taxes. I pay seven thousand dollars in with holding taxes on a 48 thousand dollars I earn. Ask Mr.Tucker to and raise a family of four and pay for colleage. I wish the only money problem complaining about my tax bill. Keep up the good work.

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