4-21-09 Tuesday

April 20th, 2009 by admin

Heard on the show today:
- Electronic Cigarettes

- AUDIOVIDEO: Miss California Carrie Prejean was neck-in-neck with winner Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton, going into the interview portion of Sunday’s Miss USA competition. After the evening and swimsuit section, the two top beauty queens had only .36 separating them. (Full Story)

- How much can the economy take? TomWoods.com (The book is called Meltdown)

- Click here for more information on Tom Woods!

- Click here for more information on J.R. Martinez!

Segment 1

The guys discuss the economy and some scores.

Segment 2

Bubba discusses cars with Bob Murry, gives us a preview as to what
Clearchannel has done now. the guys discuss Electronic cigrettes.

Segment 3

Bubba explains what clearcdhannel has been doing with the “My Trunk” song,
they’ve been sending it to advertisers illegally, violating Bubba’s
federal trademark, the guys explained what could happen if Clearchannel is
brought to trial.

Segment 4

Bubba interviews Iraq war vet and actor J.R. Martinez. JR was hit by a
land mind and got burnt over 40% of his body, he spent 34 months in a
hospital and went through 32 surgeries. He is now an actor on “All My
children” and is a speaker.
The guys wonder if he gets ass, JR said he likes all women.

Segment 5
Ned’s “Ladies love dark Skinned Boys” was used to catch up with commercials..

Segment 6

The guys discuss various news clips – Perez Hilton freaking out over Ms.
California’s response to a question about gay marriage, Bubba hates Perez.
A guy who got attacked by some bees, Bubba calls him dumb, the guys really
like a 90 year-old guy who beat up a carjacker.

Segment 7

Tom Wood comes on to discuss his book “Meltdown” and the economy in general..

Segment 8

ned’s trike is on ebay, and is at $7,000.00. Bubba plugged Tucker
Carlson’s appearance for tomorrow’s show.

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