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Monday April 20, 2009

Segment 1 – Bubba’s Birthday, emails and phone calls

Bubba mandates Thursday’s show to be a regular show, he doesn’t want anything for his birthday. Bubba said that he’s officially “that guy” who is apathetic to birthdays. Bubba said that he’ll fine anyone $100.00 for any pre-arranged call-in on Thursday. Spice Bubba said don’t give him any presents. Bubba asked Spice what kind of tires would he like, Spice said Toyo, Bubba said he was correct, Spice said he’ll be taking them back. Bubba said that Three Oh Three will be in the studio today, Bubba said he has no idea who they are, but he liked the music. Spice said that the big thing now is to have an independent label. Bubba asks about the latest tracks on iTunes, Spice said that as soon as the bit is recorded it gets sent to Dave Rice, who sents it to Jabba, Bubba thinks that’s the problem, Ned calls it the Jabba effect. Denis asked about Bubba’s Talladega appearance. Bubba went over who they’ve got coming up this week. Bubba and the guys discuss the latest in Iran. Bubba wonders what happened to the “direct approach”, Bubba thinks we should be more like a Honky Tonk bar. Brent thinks we should arrest all the Iranians. Brent thinks Obama is too concerned with other stuff, Manson thinks the female journalist is kind of hot. Bubba has audio of Obama discussing the situation. Bubba thinks they’ve got Obama on a Zanix trip, Bubba said that’s why he couldn’t be President. Spice wonders what happened to Obama’s spark, Brent said it goes out the window when the problems pyle up. The guys discuss how they’d deal with pirates, Bubba suggests you have a 50 cal on your boat, Manson said Bubba is just contributing to the problem. Scott called in to say that he’s got nothing to listen to. Scott is an air traffic controler. Bubba said he over heard a conversation between the air traffic guys and a rookey. Scott said it takes practice before you can talk on the mic. Bubba said he over heard the air traffic controler telling a guy he was in a no fly zone, but he didn’t respond. Scott said that if you throw out a beekin, once you land, you’re gonna get your licence yanked. Bubba thinks they should be in Dallas, he then wonders why Clearchannel has hired Lex and Terry. Bubba read some emails, someone asked where they can find the Linda Hogan Biz Markey song, Spice said it’s on ITunes, it’s not though. Another eamiler said she was the wife of Jerry, the guest DJ from last Tuesday. Another emailer said he heard the tail end of Bubba discussing the Bikes for badges. Another emailer said that when she heard Manson’s Caylee Anthony song, she tuned out, she said she’ll never listen again. Another emailer asked for some advice, his wife is texting her boss frequently. The guys think 75% of infadelity takes place at work. Bubba suggests that the guy be a man – get the guys number and call him up. Manson thinks the guy is already half way down her pants. Bubba said that men and women don’t have much in common. Spice said men are nice to women just to sleep with them. Spice said that he has a lot of female friends he’s had sex with in the past, but he’s since backed it down to just friendship. Bubba said if the tables were turned, it would probably go the same way. Bubba said gay guys are women. Bubba thinks some gay guys are just working the system, Manson thinks differently, Bubba said Manson is in the marriage bubble. Adam thinks the reason why girls are acting this way is because of shows like “Sex in the city”, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba got an email from Marry Lassiter, Bob’s wife. Another emailer said that he’s convinced Rush Limbaugh’s brain is fried. Another emailer asked about a title of a songg. Another emailer said he didn’t like Bubba talking with the coma guy on Friday’s satellite show. Bubba chides the emailer over the coals. Rocko called in, but didn’t get to his point fast enough, he was Eviled. Bubba blamed Pantera for the improper spelling of the guy’s name, Spice said Big dick was entering in people’s names. Dick asked Bubba, “You’re gonna hit me because you can’t read?” Bubba asked for everyone to shut up, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Gives the guys stuff from Fox

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Raw Volume 3″. We then heard Ned’s latest bit, “Ladies Love Dark Skinned Boys”. Bubba plugged is upcoming appearance at Talladega. Bubba asked Spice if he’s seen the box of stuff Alex Young from Fox sent them. Bubba asked Brent to google Jeff Cats, Bubba wants Spice to go get the box. Bubba said he went to autoanything.com, he thinks it’s a problem. Ned is pissed off that the guy from Fox doesn’t like him. Spice said he’s a huge “Family guy” mark. Bubba said he’s mad at Jeff Byrd, Bubba said that Jeff flipped out when the new deal went down. Bubba went through the box, giving stuff to the guys, Manson got a Borat DVD, Bubba thinks this is Christmas in April. Ned wants the James Bond box set, Bubba said he’s not giving it to him, Spice said Ned is out of control with EBay. Spice said he doesn’t know how to EBay anything. Spice is bummed out that he has to get a Blu Ray player, Brent said that the PS3 is a Blu ray player. Bubba said Brent doesn’t like the simpsons, Brent asked “Are you crazy”? Dave Rice said he has a lazer disc player. Fat Casper wants “Man on Fire”, Ned said “Screw Fat Casper”. Brent wonders why Bubba is sending Jeff Byrd The simpsons stuff when he cursed him out in an email. Bubba called Jeff, but got sent to voice mail. He then tried another number. Someone picked up, but quickly hung up. Bubba called back, they got voice mail, the guys goofed on Jeff’s outgoing message. Bubba said he’ll give Jeff one more chance. Bubba called back, only to get sent to voice mail, Bubba gave Brent The simpsons stuff, the guys goof on Brent for not paying attention, Brent said he didn’t hear the last few words Bubba said. A guy said he went to FYE and paid only $12.99, the guy said that he tried to watch Bill Mar’s latest movie, but they wouldn’t sell it, Bubba said he really misses Lummox. Bubba wants a Jabberjaw update, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Columbine ten years later, Coma Jim checks in, Jabberjaw update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip discussing Columbine, we then heard Manson’s “Goth Dressed Man”, bubba said that they were sorry for doing this bit, Ned said that it was ten years later, get over it. We then heard a 911 call from that day. Coma Jim was on the line, Jim called into the Satellite show on Friday (Jim was in coma for a few years, he lost one of his eyes twenty years ago). Bubba wants him to come down and hang out with him. Bubba ran by a list of ideas for Jim, Jim rejected the boat idea.. Jim said he doesn’t need porn, Jim thinks he’ll do it. Jim said he likes blondes. Spice said he found a pic of Coma Jim, Spice said not so fresh. Bubba said he’ll keep in touch. Spice thinks Bubba will pawn Jim off on the guys. Brent thinks Jim’s Mom will step in and ruin it all, Spice thinks so. Bubba called Jabberjaw to the studio. Bubba got sidetracked with a discussion over a guy having to deliver his wife’s kid. Spice said pregnancy fat is different than any fat. Bubba had Jabberjaw in the studio, Brent said he doesn’t notice anything different. Spice said Fat Casper smells. Bubba asked Jabberjaw if anyone drives her crazy, she said no. Bubba asked about her apartment situation, Jabberjaw said she was back in her parents house.. Jabberjaw said that Lummox texted her on Saturday, Jabberjaw said that her sister moved back to Milwoky, Jabberjaw said it’s nice because she doesn’t have to deal with anyone. Bubba and Jabberjaw recap Jabberjaw’s family situation. Bubba asked Jabberjaw about her and James, she said it’s back on, Jabberjaw said she’s faithful to James. Spice asked Jabberjaw what she knew about James, she said they kiss a lot, she said she hasn’t seen him since friday at work. Amy from Ft. Meyers said no one cares about her life, Bubba said that he found her life interesting, Bubba asked her to flip over to Bob & Tom. Spice thinks Jabberjaw has learned the workings of the show. Ronnie from North Carolina likes Jabberjaw. Bubba asked Jabberjaw if Fat Casper has ever hit on her, Jabberjaw said that Casper has sat on her desk. Bubba said you can get cancer just by talking with Cigarette John. Bubba had John and Casper in the studio. Bubba asked John about his pants, John said they’re track pants, Bubba said he was done with John. Bubba asked Capser if he showered today, Casper said he showers every day. Casper said he’s never came to work without showering. Casper showed off his paintball scars. Bubba said Miller has cleaned up his appearance. Capser has no idea why he creaps people out. Bubba asked Jabberjaw who she’d go out on a date with, between Bubba and Casper, Jabberjaw picked Bubba, as she likes his swagger, she said Casper does give off a creapy vibe. Bubba asked Casper about his dog tag, Casper said it was his Grand Dad’s from Vietnam. John said that Casper covers himself with body spray. Bubba proposes the Fat casper dating game. Casper is 22, and smokes marburls and weed. Bubba said weed is not a big deal to him, but he’s got a problem with cigarettes. Bubba said he’s over Casper, then through him out of the studio. Jabberjaw thinks she could hold a conversation with Pantera. Bubba thanked Jabberjaw for coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Guy has no idea his wife was pregnant, Elijah Dukes is late, and the high speed train

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. We then heard Ned’s “Bubba Eats Whatever He Likes”. Bubba had audio of the 911 call where the guy has no idea his wife is giving birth, Bubba thinks their white trash. Bubba reads an article about Washington Nationals’s Elijah Dukes who got fined for being five minutes late, after participating in a lillte league appearance. Bubba is bummed out that X On Moble is the number one company, with Wallmart comingg in at number two. Bubba doesn’t think Obama’s high speed railroad will get the green light, Spice doesn’t get the point, Bubba thinks it doesn’t make sense here, he doesn’t think it’s gonna work out. Bubba asked Spice how he likes downtown Tampa, Spice said it’s great. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Three Oh Three, Political, and UFC Discussions

Bubba said Three Oh three will be coming in. Bubba heard that iTunes is changing the price to $1.29. Bubba played a bit of their music. Bubba really likes the song “I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby”, he played a little of that, Spice said they just pulled in. Bubba read that the former speaker of the house of Florida is in trouble for getting a hanger for a friend. Bubba likes how Jesse Ventura handled Minnesota, Manson thinks there’s a lot of problems with the stimulus package. Bubba got an email saying that some people make more money than governers. Bubba wants to have Charlie Christ on the phone to ask about him possibly running as a U.S. senitor. Brent said the problem with being a senitor rrunning for President is, anyone can go through your voting records. The guys discussed the latest UFC, Spice said it was a dud, Spice thinks Chuck Ladell’s career is over. Spice described what went down, Bubba read that Dana White was embarraced. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Three Oh three Stop by

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba brought in the guys from Three Oh three. Bubba then played “I’m Not your boyfriend Baby”. Bubba ribs one of the guys for looking like Tom Brady. The guys are originally from Colorado. Bubba explained how he got into their music.. Spice said he purchased the album off of iTunes, the guys thanked them. One of the guys said how it takes a while, Bubba said that iTunes takes forever with them. Bubba said that when they were in Los Angeles, they put everything on Green wheel. One of the guys described how they made the album. Bubba said that with today’s technology, you can make really good stuff at home. Nate said he makes his own beats. Bubba played a little more of the band’s music, Nate said it crossed over. Sean said that the guys had gotten dumpped when they wrote the song, Sean said he’s back with one of his former girlfriends, Bubba wants to get her on the phone. Spice said he saw them on MTV, Sean said that those girls were added in CGI. Bubba said that Sean is losing credibility as a rock star. Bubba asked Nate how he really feels, Nate says just as long as Sean is happy, Bubba thinks Nate hates Sean’s girl. Nate said he wants the otherr guy to rot in hell. Sean said the song is fictional, Bubba and Spice think otherwise. Nate said he wrote a song called “I’m Not Coming To Your Party”, he ended up going out with her. Spice likes how he can call his former girlfriend a whore. Nate lied to her and said the song wasn’t about her when he orriginally made it, Sean thinks Bubba is breaking the band up, Bubba thinks their hopeless romantics, Bubba thinks they should settle down. Bubba played a bit of “Punk Bitch”. Bubba is impressed at Three Oh three’s style. Nate said the band’s tour manager just got dumpped, Nate thinks they should bring her in. Bubba had Courtney in the studio. Courtney said her ex boyfriend cheated on her. Courtney said their one year anniversury would’ve been today. Courrtney said that the guys do have a lot of girls following them, but their good boys.. Spice said that he heard something on Howard’s show, where Howard and Robbin were trying to figure out one of the lyrics. Bubba goes over the list of cities the guys will be in the next few days, Nate said it’s been a lot of fun. Bubba thinks the guys should be on the Stern show, Brent said he’d put in a good word for Gary. Spice thinks the whole album is around two chicks. nate thinks a lot of the songs are about nothing, Spice said he doesn’t want Lill’ John to go “Yeah!” all over the record. Bubba played some more of the band’s music. Bubba asked what the guys do before they go on show, Nate said they do vocal warmups and stretch. Nate said they met in College, Spice said he wouldn’t like Nate as his doctor. Bubba asked Courtney if she’s been with a girl before, Courtney said no. Bubba asked what happens after the show, Nate said that they went to a club where a stripper was like 70. Bubba plugged the upcoming shows, Bubba thanked them for coming in, Nate thanked 25 for picking them up. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Three Oh Three’s Official MySpace Page

Segment 7 – More UFC discussions

Bubba played some Three Oh three as bumper music, Bubba thinks their a breath of fresh air, bubba thanked Spice for having them in. The guys discuss Hogan’s Oj quote, Bubba thinks people freaked out. Bubba had audio of Dana White expressing his disgust with UFC 97, Bubba points out the fans are pissed. Spice said it’s hard to tell what way a fight is gonna go. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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