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Friday April 17, 2009

FM Show

Segment 1 – Car discussions

Bubba and the guys discuss cars from back in the day, Bubba remembers when one of his girlfriends had a rabbit, Manson said it was a crappy car, Spice agrees. Bubba said he thought a snake was going to attack him on the way to work this morning, he heard a hissing sound, it turns out the wireless headphones to the DVD player were making the noise, the guys clown him, Ned wonders if Bubba’s iPod is gonna attack him on the way home. Bubba has audio of a 911 call where some teenagers died. Manson said that his son speeds, even with a learner’s permit. Bob on protection said that the one kid that did live wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, one of the guys was, but the car was on fire, and he couldn’t get out. Bob said the accident took place near Semenal High school, Bob said they were driving a Lexis. Bubba wonders how anyone can get ejected from a four door, Bob said the person would go through the side window, it all depends how the car hit. Bob thinks the car was going 90. Bob said another car had some minor damage. Bubba said that when you’re going 90, you can’t stop for anything. Bob said the driver of the Lexis was 16 or 17. Bubba said that he’s very sorry for the loss, he asked what did the bodies look like, Bob said it was one of the most disturbing things he’s ever come across. Bob said that there was one guy who died on the way to the hopsital, the other guys died before they could get worked on. Jack from St. Pete said he’s taught his kids how to drive at a young age, Bubba hung up on him a few seconds later for saying “fuck”. Bubba said that everyone in the studio has done something stupid while on the road. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Oil Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba played audio discussing the Virginia Tech shooting. We then heard Ned’s Pyscho Asian Man from “Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 2″, track 15. “This hanus crime has made this bastard famous. If he were alive, I’d fuck him in his anus.” Steve from Orlando really likes the show, he thinks that sometimes Bubba talks a little too much about Tampa, he got Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba wondered can we ever have the best of both worlds, cheap gass and a good economy. Spice said the Saudis were complaining they weren’t making enough money. Bubba said that the Republicans are hypcocrites in their battle cries for drilling. Spice thinks we should send condoms to Congress to ask them to stop screwing them. Bubba thinks the losing party, no matter who it is, like to hate on the other party. Bubba said if you’re a man’s man, you can’t blame anyone for the way the pirate shooting went down. Bubba said that we try to be the peace keeper for the world, but we’re still the oil companies bitch. Brent said that after the first World Trade Center bombing, Clinton could’ve gotten us off of Foreign oil. The guys discuss what you can own and what you can’t. Bubba wonders who you can help and who you can’t. Bubba said that you can find out how much anything costs. Bubba said oil has to have a fixed cost, he wonders how does it go up so fast, Brent said it’s because the value of the dollar. Bob from Daytona Beach said he was a trucker, he said the price of oil is killing them. Bob said that once the economy goes back to where it once was, we’re just gonna have the same problem we had before, Bubba hung up on him a few seconds later. Joeb said that on MSNBC that a few black people were shot during the pirate situation. Howey said it’s hypocritical of Rush for fighting with a guy over torture, but had no problem with talking about the pirates getting shot. Bubba read an email from a woman who said she created an upror by agreeing with Bubba’s stants on Limbaugh’s torture comment, she said that the McCaine/Limbaugh/Bush supporters looked at her like she was a kid toucher. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Dr. Joe Saturley

Bubba played Dr. Joe’s bumper and brought him on. Joe gave out his contact info: 727-726-1013, his website is: docjoe.info. Bubba read an email from someone who has a lott of issues, Bubba got her on the phone. Rhonda was hooked on pain medication, Rhonda’s boyfriend is adicted to porno, she tried to look at it as a positive, but it’s been thought of as a negative. She said that after she had a baby, she wanted it three times a day. Joe said that you can become adicted to anything, Joe said he knows two people who can help her out. Spice said he doesn’t see a problem with being adicted to porno. Bubba asked what the worst case of porn adiction he’s ever had, he said he guy was doing it all the time, the guy was reading magazines while driving, Spice wonders hw you can hit rock bottom in a porn adiction. Scott said his son said he wants to live with him, he asked how he would go about this, Joe told him what he had to do. Scott said he heard that his son’s step father drinks a lot. Bubba said you can ask a 15 year old kid if he’d like to live with his Dad, Joe said that the court doesn’t listen to kids. Bubba is upset with the way men are treated in custody battles. Joe used Hogan’s case as evidence. Bubba said his pre-nup is 68 pages, he wants Joe to look at it. Kyle thinks his kid has ADD. Joe said he can take his kids to a doctor. Joe said that the law states the parent who has the kids has to inform the other parent as to what’s going on. Spice said he got an email about a woman who thinks her kid has ADD or ADHD. Joe said the signs are kids who aren’t paying attention is an example. Joe said he’s had adults fake him out, he’s never had any kids come in and do it. Manson said we’re an over medicated culture. Gertz from Orlando asked about Saboxis treatment, Joe asked him what he was hooked on before this, Gertz said he was hooked on pain pills for a few years. Joe asked who he’s seeing, Gertz said he’s seeing a pain mangement specialist. Joe said you’ve got to be careful with pain specialists. Spice said he saw an ad for a doctor who gives you a perscription over the phone, Joe said that’s against the law. Joe said his book is coming along, he’s working on a second book. Bubba thanked Joe for coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Hulk hogan News Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. We then heard “Ned Storytime – Bubba In Heaven” which originally appeared on the now out of print album “The Fat and the Furious” disc 1, track 5, and is available on “Ned Storytime Vol. 2″, track 5. Bubba thanked Ned for the bit, he then asked Ned what he’ll be doing this weekend, Ned said he’ll be partyingg on his trike, Ned said it should be on Ebay. Bubba had Craig the Bulldog installing lights on the trailor so they can work on the cars at night, Bubba said that once Ned sees them, he’ll want them. Bubba said he’d put four in the Bubbagon to light it up, but just two will practically tan you. Ned said he’s got a new offering, he’s not sure he can do it on the regular show though. Spice thinks all the big media guys used Bubba’s audio from yesterday concerning Hogan, Brent said he saw the logo right in the middle of the screen, Bubba played an audio clip from channel 28. Bubba said that MJ and Lex and Terry must hate this, Bubba wants Dave to pull the audio of Hogan saying he’s never liked Lex and Terry. Brent said that everything is word fragmented these days. Spice read something from TBO.com misquoting Hogan, Spice said he had to call the reporter, Manson said that there’s no more journalism left. Spice thinks it’s beautiful that they’re a credible news source. Bubba said that Linda is a nightmare of herself. Bubba would like to find the latest Rolling Stone, Bubba hopes channel 10 credited them. Bubba said that in the 12 years he’s known the family, Hulk has never touched them, but said he’s seen Linda field goal kick the kids. Bubba said TMZ doesn’t know how to work, he doesn’t like how TMZ conrballs stuff up, he thinks it’s just them covering their asses, Bubba thinks TMZ takes the railroad, Bubba said he thinks TMZ gives any nerd a camera. Bubba said he’s disappointed in TMZ for not having reality based news. Bubba played the clip from yesterday where Hogan denied ever talking with Terry from Lex and Terry, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba Reads Emails

Bubba wants 25 Cent to ship out a bunch of Bubba Army flags. Bubba reads some emails, then has Spice look up some racing results, Manson rings the bell, he thinks he should geta gong. Bubba read an email from a guy who said as a gay man, he’s offended when Bubba says fag, the guys explained they’re not beng mean towards gay people. Bubba read that Ronald cummings got fired from his job, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – No net Ned, pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Linda Hogan 911 Call” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 5″, track 7. “Redye your snatch hair you old fucking battle ax.” Bubba thanked Ned for the bit, Ned wants to skip the phone calls to get to his new bit, Ned wonders how many burners are on the stove that is the show. Anthony from Michigan said he knows someone who is sleeping in the same bed as a thirteen year old girl, Anthony said that the girl has been pregnant before, he said the guy has had a history of sexual asault, the guy said he’d like to put a few slugs in the guy, Bubba thinks differently. Kevin from Ft. Meyers was on, Ned is already board to tears by the guy. Kevin said that it’s hard for him to have sex, he wants to know how Bubba has handled it. Bubba said that the guy should give it to her on the weekends, Ned thinks the guy sleeps with dudes the rest of the week, he thinks the same for Bubba and Manson. Bubba apologized to Ned for the crappy calls, Ned chides Pantera. Bubba screwed around with the settings, running Ned through various voice processors, Ned is disgusted, he yelled out “mancow, save me!” Bubba finally got the setting right, Ned said this was a aprody of “Lady’s Love country Boys”, Bubba said he feels like he’s in a mental ward. Bubba screwed up and played the instromental version, he then played the right one, Spice said the guy sounds like the Crash Test Dumbies, Spice said he’d rather eat a gun, Ned chides Brent for his love of Kiss. Ned thinks the opening part of “Heaven’s On Fire” sounds like the guy stepped in a bare trap. Ned’s version of the song is “Ladies Love Dark Skinned Boys”, Bubba is a little skeptical, Bubba thinks they shouldn’t do it here, Bubba tells Ned to remember what Don Imus said, Ned said Imus isn’t funny. Ned sang a few seconds of it, only for Bubba to turn it off. Bubba said he wants some black people to weigh in. Bubba said Jay texted him with “Refer back to Don Imus”, Ned thinks they’re pussies, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – No Net Ned, pt. 2

Bubba played Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as bumper music. Bubba said he had a tun of African Americans on the line. Jeff said let it ride, it’s all good. Garmy from Orlando said it’s good to hear the guys, he’d love to hear the bit. Mike from Jacksonville said Ned should do it. T-bone from Dayton said we’ve got Obama, ned should do it. Matt from South Florida said let it wwrip. Bubba said he wants all of the affiliates to call in. Bubba said that Lee South sent him some pictures, Spice likes the Macheese Moe character. Gordan from Richmand said he wouldn’t be offended, but he can see where the controversy would be, Bubba said he doesn’t want to be Don Imus. kevin from Richmand said he had no idea what Bubba said. Al from Ft. Meyers said let it wrip. T-bone came back on, he said he represents the Pork and Beans section of Miami. Ned thanked the listeners for understanding his comedy, Bubba said that the blacks get it. Ned did his song, where he sings about being a Dad who is offended that his daughter was with a black man. Ned thinks we should have a post pole, Bubba thinks it’s a gray area, Manson thought it was great. Big Daddy said he liked it. Ned wants his reverb on, bubba wants to shut it off. Bubba plugged what they got coming up next week, Tack dodgeball will be one of the events. Bubba plugged Spice’s gig this sunday at the Hard Rock, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Retard Tommy writes the show, Coma Jim wants Bubba to help him

Bubba played some L L Cool Jay as bumper music, Spice called him the man, Spice said he’s my nig, Ned said he’s built like a brick shit house, Bubba said Ned could do his latest offering without any problems. Bubba explained what went down. Bubba plugged Seth Joiner and Jeff Jarret. Bubba said he got an email from Retard Tommy, the email asked why is Bubba so busy, he can’t hear the show as he’s busy. Bubba had Spice right the number down, Bubba thinks someone in the Bubba Army is gonna decode it, Brent said there are a tun of possibilities. Spice was trying to get a hold of Tommy. Bubba found the email where the guy said he’ll be at Talladega with his Bubba Army flag. Bubba said Denzel is coming down, Spice got a hold of Tommy, but he couldn’t go on the show, as it’s against his treatment. Spice said the guy didn’t hang up, and the guy is telling Tommy he can’t be on the show. Manson did his Retard Tommy impersonation. Bubba wants to know the 402 area code, Bubba thinks it’s Oklahoma. Spice said that the guy is spinning it to make it seem like he’s a badd ass, Ned thinks the guy is a mark. Spice said the guy said that Tommy needs state permition, Spice said the guy said that Bubba makes Howard look like an angel, Bubba said then Howard’s not an angel. Spice tried to call back, but the line was buys. Bubba thinks they should have someone else get on. Bubba said he got the latest Rolling Stone, Bubba said this is cherry picking a sentence. Bubba read right out of the Rolling Stone, he wonders how can this be twisted to make Hogan look like the bad guy, Brent said it was because they’ll take one quote and spin it any way they’d like. Bubba went to Spice who was on the phone with the place Tommy was at, Spice was talking to someone else, Spice explained the situation to the guy, the guy said he’d handle it. Bubba egged Spice on, Bubba thinks Tommy is flipping out. Spice explained the situation to another person, Bubba thinks Spice is getting jobbed out, the guys agree. Spice hung up, he said he thinks the guy on the other end was shitting his pants, Ned sarcastically said that Spice had him. Jeff from New York asked for a fuck, Manson said No. Jim said he lost his virginity when he was 35, he was in a coma for three years. Jim said he fucked a girl from KC, she’s 39, she already has kids, Ned thinks she’s a cooger. Jim said he met her on line, he went to myyearbook.com and found her, he said they fucked this past October. Jim said she’s not happy, he asked how can he hold out when having sex, Ned said he should have sex with more girls. Jim said he’s not into guys, Ned told him “Fuck you”. Bubba asked Jim if he jerks off a lot, Jim said he used to, but then he got boring. Ned said his hand is turning him down. Jim is a trash man, but he deals with recycling paper. Bubba asked Jim if he’s had any contact with her, Jim said he has, Bubba wants to know what she’s like. Bubba asked him if he ate her snatch, he said no, she didn’t want him to. Jim said she picked him up at the airport, they went to a hotel, kissed, she gave it to him the last day he was there. Jim described her as having blonde hair, 5 foot 3, 200 pounds on the button, Bubba called him a retard, Jim asked why. Bubba thinks Jim should start fucking women more often. Ned thinks the guy should come down there. The guys clown him, Bubba said he can imagine the description on Craigslist.com. Jim described his boating accident, Ned thinks the guy gassed it up in front of him, Jim got some money off of it. Jim said he’s got 900 thousand, but the lawyer took a third of it, so he’s got 600 thousand, Jim said he hasn’t touched the money, he’s invested it, Bubba wonders if he put it in AIG. Bubba thinks this guy can pick the stocks better than Cramer. Jim said he got PNC when it was at the 18 range. Spice looks over PNC’s stock, Spice thinks Jim should flash the money around. Bubba said for $15,000.00, he’ll fly Jim down to Tampa to get some pussy, Jim wasn’t sure, Spice jacked it up to $25,000.00. Jim said he still wasn’t sure, Bubba offered up things such as a Bubba Army vest, a flag, a chance to meet Hulk Hogan, etc, Jim thinks he shouldn’t have called in. Bubba offered the chance to hang out with Ned, him, and Hogan while getting sucked off by a hot girl. Spice wants Jim to put the bubba show in his wille. Bubba asked jim who his favorites are on the show, Jim said he likes Brent, Jim said he likes Bubba, Bubba said he was just kidding with him when he called him a retard. Bubba thinkss he could be Jim’s life coach. ned said that he’s got a bank account in Nigeria. Bubba asked Jim if he paid the girl from KC, Jim said no. Bubba asked Jim if his parents know he listens to the show, Jim said no. Bubba offered up a trip to Tampa, Jim said that would be nice. Bubba asked Jim who he’d think of while he masturbated, Jim said Andrea Lowell, bubba found her picture, Bubba thinks those kinds of girls come a dime a dozen. Jim said he’s blind. bubba said no one is more blind friendly than he is, he mentioned Blind glen who calls in frequently, he also mentioned Blind Lawrence who does the daily recaps. Bubba asked Jim why he jerked off to her, Jim said he met her at the Howard Stern studios in New York. Jim said she gave him a motor boat.. Bubba said Jim should have a fist full of 20′s with him at all times. Bubba propsed Jim go to Bubba’s man camp. Jim said his head was spinning. Bubba thinks Jim’s parents are robbingg him blind. Jim said his Dad is a polummer and his Mom is a doctor. Jim thinks bubba would break him, Bubba wondered how much more broken can Jim get. Bubba said that Jim has a lot of money and is miserable. Bubba said there are poorr guys who can go longer than two seconds. Jim said that he owns two homes. Jim said that Bubba wasn’t is favorite, Howard is his favorite. Bubba said Howard doesn’t need shit, Bubba said Howard tells Sirius what to do. Bubba said he’d like to have Jim sponsor his car, Bubba called him Coma Jim. Bubba asked what the value is for Jim. Jim said he was thinking about it, Bubba asked Jim he should tell him all the thoughts in his head, Jim thinks he should do it, as it would be amazing. Bubba said he’d like to talk to Jim’s mom. Bubba said Jim that over the years, he’s heard stuff all his life, Bubba told him that he couldn’t be various things, but he can be Bubba’s friend. Bubba explained that friends look out for each other. Bubba said Jim needs a good friend, Bubba said he needed 50 grand for his race team. Jim said he’ll think about it. Bubba said he got a note saying that he was on the O&A show and he got fucked in the ass with a dildo, Jim said no, Jim said that he was on O&A’s show before. Jim said he’ll think about it, Ned thinks he should. Jim said his Mom takes care of the money. Bubba wants to talk with Jim’s Mom, Jim said he couldn’t. Bubba said that he’ll be a gentleman, Bubba said that Jim needs to man up. Bubba thinks Jim is a pussy, he said that they can fix that. Bubba thinks what could happen. Jim said he’d let Bubba go, and that it was nice talking with him, Bubba thinks they should get Jim’s number, Jim said he’s scared. Jim said that O&A dissed him, Bubba thinks Jim likes to diss radio guys. Bubba let Jim go a short time later, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Hulk Hogan Calls In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then heard Kiss’s ‘Heaven’s On Fire” as bumper music. Bubba said he was going to try and get Hogan on, Bubba asked Hogan to call him. Spice said he’s gotten calls from people saying they’ve seen Linda hanging all over charlie. Bubba thinks you can’tt sit still when you’re sitting on a bonor, the guys laugh at Bubba. Bubba called Hogan a few seconds later, he played his bumper and brought him on. Hogan said that if Bubba started hanging out with him, he’d get heat, Bubb saidhow Hogan has gotten more heat than he has. Hogan said that the Rolling Stone issue has sold out. Hogan said that the mition to bring Rolling stone back has ben accomplished. Hogan said linda’s lawyers jumpped on this one line, Hogan said that Linda canceled her flight 48 hours before the article was published. Spice said that he’s gotten some calls from some people in LA saying how Linda and Charlie have been hanging all over each other. Hogan said a friend of his told him that he saw Linda coming out of a restaurant, trashed. Hogan said he understood the extreme behaviors of guys like Charls Manson and OJ simpson, but he doesn’t condone what they’ve done. Bubba would like to know how many coppie will this magazine sell, Bubba doesn’t like who they have on the front cover. Bubba said he tried going to a website, he didn’t like it for two reasons – way too many pop-up ads, and the guy was talking smack about Hogan. Bubba played audio of Kevin Nash on Scott Ferrall’s show last night. Kevin called Linda a loud mouth bitch, Kevin said hogan isn’t doingg shit to anyone, Bubba wonders why Rolling Stone didn’t use that quote. Hogan said that the guy from Universal called him and said that Linda was kicking Brroke in the ass. Kevin thinks Linda is a cunt, he’dd be pretty steamed if he was ggoing through the same thing Hulk was going through. Hogan thinks for a rib, he should get a used white bronko. Bubba said everyone at T&A asked about Hogan when he was there. Hogan said he’s heard the Goldmans commenting on it. Hogan said he saw Linda with wads of cash. Bubba asked Hogan if he’d pick Kevin Nash in a wrestling match, Hogan said he would, Hogan likes The Big show, Bubba thinks the Big show’s hair is painted on. Bubba let Hogan go, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Seth Joyner Interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba Raw Volume 3″, we then heard “Crazy Bitch” by Buck Cherry as bumper music. Steve from South Carolina said he picked up with a girl from Ashleymadison.com. Steve is 40, the girl is 35, Bubba said he’ll get the guy’s number to call him back. Bubba went to Seth Jointer, Seth said this show is wilder than the FM show. Bubba doesn’t know if he’s listening to Seth Joiner or the guy from Soul Train. Seth said he’s working on a foundation. Seth said he knows Deion Sanders, but he’s never hung out with him. Seth said he’s doing a literacy program, Seth said it’s difficult to get people to join the program, Seth said it’s because of people who are illiterate. Bubba wonders what the kids are like these days, Seth thinks the kids are disrespectful because of lack of disaplin. Seth said when you give kids too much, there were a lot of problems. Seth said he grew up in New york, his first job was stocking shelves in a store.. Seth said he was a led smelter for a summer, he remembers when they worked they worked, but when there wasn’t anything to do, they would be sent out to boring jobs. Brent said kids need that kind of motivation, as it gives them a learning experience. Seth plugged the site for his foundation: JoynerWalkerFoundation.org. Bubba asked Seth if he ever tackled Walker, Seth said that when he came into the league, he was with the Cowboys. Seth remembers he talked smak to Walker for two and a half quarters, Walker didn’t respond. Seth said that he sometimes feels guilty for running Tom Landry out of town. Seth said football is a business, they should treat players and coaches evenly. Bubba asked Seth about working with Favre getting jerked around by Green Bay. Seth said from Favre’s stand point, he was reviving Green Bay, Seth thinks they could’ve handled it better. Seth said that once you’ve announced your retirement, you can’t change your mind. Seth said he can understand both sides. Bubba said he thinks that Ted Thompson disrespected Favre, Bubba thinks both parties are at fault. Seth said that Favre had a great year before he retired. Bubba asked Seth his thoughts on Michael Vick, Seth thinks Vick will go to the Rators, Brent said the head of the NFL is pissed about this whole situation. Seth said he can’t imagine killing dogs, Bubba wonders if Vick will be relivent, Seth doesn’t think so. Seth said that quarterback is the most difficult position in the NFL. Seth said he played almost every defencive position you can think of. Seth told some kids that you need to learn the Defence. Seth said that some of the plays are ridiculously long. Seth said that Vick is a tlanet, he’d never call anyone in the NFL stupid. Bubba said the kicker has the easiest job in football, Seth agrees. Seth said thatt during training camp, the kickers are board while the guys are practicing. Bubba said the roomer about Chris Jackie was that he hooked up with Mike Holgrin’s daughter. Seth said his kicker was Paul McFadden, who would kick with no shoe on. He then said he had john Tellsy who was a punter. Seeth said that he remembers seeing a kicker getting cut an hour before a pre game. Seth thinks they should make Buddy Ryan’s life into a movie. Seth said he loved Buddy, he said Buddy gave him a chance when the rest of the NFL wouldn’t give him one. Seth called Travis Henery an idiot. Seth said he tells people that out of 1800 NFL players, about 1% of them give the organization a black eye. Seth said a lot of the guys in the NFL have come from poverty. Seth is disgusted with players who think they’rre al that. Bubba read that Seth is only one of nine guys to be in the 20 20 club, 20 sacks and 20 interseptions, Seth wishes he could’ve started his own club. Bubba asked Seth about Religion, Seth said that he’s a believer, he doesn’t waver in his trust in God. Bubba said that there’s a part of him that doesn’t believe. Seth thinks Religion has been twisted over the years, Seth said history is his story, it’s a story from someone else’s perspective. Seth thinks that the stories in the bible are metithorical, Brent thinks Jesus never existed, Brent said that a lot of the stories in the New Testiment are coppied from the Bible. Bubba let Brent said that our egos don’t allow us to cope with death. Seth said that he taled to a doctor recently, the doctor said that when you die, your body lightens up, Ned said it’s because you shit your pants. Seth said that when you die, you release energy. Bubba had one more topic for Seth – Octomom, he said she had a plan, Bubba said he din’t want to hear that shit. Bubba thinks she’s using the system, Seth said people will abuse the system, Brent thinks she’s insane, Ned thinks Seth is wacked. Bubba thinks Seth smoked a big fatty before he came on. Seth said that wellfare has screwed us up, Bubba thinks if she didn’t have wellfare, she would’ve given the kids to people who can take care of her, Brent is mad because they made her a celebrity. Seth said if they’d stop talking about her. Bubba thanked Seth for coming on. Brent said that there’s only one person in the 30 30 club, Rodney Harrison. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Ned Classic To Catch Up

coming out of commercials, we heard “ned’s Fantasy” from “N.F.C”, track 1, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 1″, track 23. Since Bubba ran long, this was all we heard.

Segment 5 -

Bubba played “The Beautiful People” as bumper music. Danny called in to say he was on Hell’s kItchen, he’s one of the four remaining chefs on the show, Bubba said Gordon Ramsay is a douchebag, Bubba said he would like to throw a pan of sauce at him, Manson yelled “Your bredcrumbs are over done!” in a British accent, Spice said he looks like a stoner, the guys found his bio. Danny said that it’s like a boot camp, Brent said at boot camp they punch you in the face, Ned calls him a pussy. Bubba asked Danny if he’s fucked Pala, Danny said he couldn’t say. Bubba thinks Danny is fucking Pala. Danny said it’s really hard to get any ass. Spice asked Danny if he’s got any pot recipies, Danny said he’s opening up a restaurant, Danny said you want to render your herbs in a butter and cook at on a super low heat, Brent said the guy is dead on. Ddanny said you can put herb butter on your steak if you make it right. Danny said you use a pound of butter, the pot amount is up to you. Danny said he uses about an eighth of an ounce, Spice asked if Danny used a condom when he fucked Pala, the guys think differently. Bubba thanked Danny for coming on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ashleymadison.com couple from the Carolinas

Bubba played “3 AM” by Matchbox 20 as bumper music, Bubba thinks Rob thomas has moxie. Bubba asked how long he could last, Steve said he lasted for a good while, he dropped a load in her. Spice asked the guy how long it takes for him to get ready, he said a few minutes. Bubba asked if they were both on AshleyMadison.com, the guy said yes, they’re both married with two kids, the guy makes his own schedule, it was the girl’s personal day. Spice asked if she had a picture posted, the guy said she didn’t, he sent her his picture. The guy seeked out the girl, the guy said the girl called him, they met next Wednesday, he picked her up a few days later, they fucked without rubbers, he’s fixed, the woman’s husband has already eaten her snatch, after the guy has shot his load in her. Bubba asked Brent what would happen if he had that situation, Brent said to quote Scotty the body, “Homaside brother.” The girl said that she didn’t clean her snatch out, as that’s what he wanted, she thinks it’s the same feeling. Bubba asked the guy if he still fucks his wife, he said not that often, but he likes to fuck this other girl. Ned is bumed out the vibrater is supposed to go in the girl’s ass, Ned thinks he got a better nut. Bubba said the guy is gonna caught one of these days. Bubba asked the girl if she’s into really freaky stuff, she said no, but would like to bringg a girl into the relationship. The guy likes the idea to have another girl, Ned is over it. Bubba asked the guy if he’ll fuck next Friday, the guy said probably not. they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Another Ashleymadison.com caller

Bubba played some Three Oh three as bumper music. Bubba read an email from a representative of the Wheelin representative. Bubba asked Ned to stop calling his guy over there to get lights for his car. Dave from Texas on protection really likes Ashleymadison.com. Spice said he didn’t get any pussy off of Ashleymadison.com, Bubba wonders who they could get from the show to go on Ashleymadison.com, the guys suggest Criag the Bulldog. Bubba wonders if girls are really that horney, Manson thinks the girls on Ashleymadison.com are horney, Brent said that some girls are wired like that. David said he doesn’t wear condoms, he said that he could only imagine the shit storm if his wife found a condom wrapper in the house. Bubba wonders how they’re albe to have sex, David said that they have sex at Noon or in a hotel room, Spice called him an asshole. Spice said it’s too much effort to get some pussy on the side. David thinks that the biggest mistake he ever made was getting a computer, and also getting married. Bubba doesn’t think girls are just throwing it out. Brent said that Bengie from the Stern show has sex with a lot of girls. Bubba thinks horney girls are like the bible. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8

Bubba had some porno music going, he flipped out on the computer, he said he wanted to smash it. Dave said he had to reset the system, Bubba said Dave smelled good. Bubba got David and his girl from Ashleymadison.com on. Bubba asked DDede if she really wanted to fuck, she said that’s how she met him, she said that’s how it went down, the guys heard a beep in the background, she’s at the grocery store, Spice said she was fucking some dudes and was keeping score. She wondered where he got the two fingered coldasack, Bubba is distracted by the computer talking in the background, she said she fucked four guys in the past, Dede said her husband doesn’t want to fuck her. They then ended the hsow a few seconds later.

One Response

  1. Heather

    The first Ashley Madison guy had potential and you wasted time talking to him and they were horrible. The second guy was boring.

    You said Jeff Jarrett would be on at 1:10- So I take lunch so I won’t miss it at 12-1

    Then I am forced to listen to another idiot who was boring and his girl friend at the grocery store.

    Wanted to hear Jeff Jarrett!!

    Normally you are brilliant and I can’t wait until Friday because I am in Jersey and don’t get your regular show, but you made me regret renewing for you (which I did for Fridays only)

    Before a pay per view- could have gotten some good stuff.

    But instead, you get a no name and his girlfriend. I am repeating it because i can’t believe what a let down today was. The ashley madison couples SUCKED

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