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April 14th, 2009 by admin

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap
Tuesday April 14, 2009

Segment 1 – Rays Discussions, what life was like back in the day, and
Bubba Raw Volume 3 Drops Today

Bubba started off with Thin Lizzy as bumper musicc. We then heard a news
clip discussing the Rays, Bubba said Big Dick could’ve edited it. The guys
then discussed the game, Bubba turned it off around the seventh enning.
Manson cut a promo on his kids for texting too much. The guys reflect on
what it was like nine years ago vs. what it’s like now. Bubba read an
article about a drunk driver who killed two people. Today is the official
release date for Bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba said that Howard emailed him
about the DVD, Howard said that Bubba and the guys are fucking nuts. The
guys will have a guest DJ in with them a little later on in the show. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 2 – Jerry the Guest DJ Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw volume 3. We
heard some U2 as bumper music. Bubba gave Alease Brown some props, saying
how she does a great job as the show’s publicist. Bubba wondders what
he’ll have to wear for his appearance at Talladega. Bubba said that he
doesn’t know if any of his competitors have been on national television.
Bubba wonders if he should read it. Spice said he should, Bubba then said
he’s not reading it. Brent said he shouldn’t read it. The guys then
brought in the guest DJ, a guy named Jerry. Jerry is 42, married with a
kid. Jerry has been married for 9 years. Spice asked if he regrets getting
married, Jerry said no. Jerry said his first marriage didn’t work out
because he was young. Bubba asked Spice if he would’ve gotten married when
he was 20, Spice said no. Bubba then asked Brent, Brent said he got
married when he was 32. Bubba said all the guys listening should wait
until their thirty when making really
big plans. Jerry is the vice president of a land scaping company. Jerry
said he won this contest at a school, he doesn’t even kinow who Red Tape
Ken is. Jerry said that MJ was there. Bubba said that if MJ was on his
show, MJ would be back at number 1. Bubba had Spice bring in the fart
bucket, he then hit the fart validation bumper. Lerch had to enudre this
one. It had sound, but no smell. Bubba said that Lerch is done. Bubba
said he had a dream about Lerch’s former offencive line coach. Bubba
thinks they should hire Lerch for security. Bubba said that in his dream,
Mike Simmons through Bubba on the field, then got pyled on by the other
team, the guys clown him. jerry wonders who came up with that, Bubba said
that they just thought of it one day. Bubba thinks fart buckets will be
the latest craze for construction workers. Bubba describes the pecking
order for land scapers. Bubba said he hired Mexicans to build his house,
it took approximatley 16 days.
Jerry said the Mexicans are really hard workers, Bubba said Mexicans
could talk smack rright in front of you, but you wouldn’t know it. Jerry
said he’s in sales. Jerry said his wife works as a property manager. The
guys discussed how they started out in radio. Jerry said that he’s not
that great, but he’ll give it a try. Bubba played some Sammy haygar and
introed it. Jerry attempted to intro “Lovin Every Minute Of It”, he
didn’t feel very confident. Bubba introed “Rocky Mountain Way”. The guys
asked Jerry to talk about the droubt, while introing his next song. Jerry
intro the record the best he could, only stopping in the middle to get
clowned by the guys, he knew it was coming. Bubba had Jerry intro “Brown
Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. Manson said this should replace water
boarding. Bubba said that they’re gonna practice this until he gets it.
Jerry really likes the show, he said he was glad he wasn’t subjected to
all the stunts that go down on the show.
Bubba thanked him for coming by, then went to break a few seconds later.
Segment 3 – Dead Body discussions

Bubba took a call from Bob in Dayton. bob explained the process of death,
what goes on when someone dies, etc. Bubba wonders if sex with dead bodies
happens, Bob said yes, Bob said it was called “Abuse of a corpse”. The
guys discussed the death of the voice of NFL films, Bubba had audio of the
guy doing play-by-play for some baseball games. Bubba wonders how much he
made, Bubba said he knows the guy who does production for NFL Films, Bubba
said he’d like to have Steve Sable on the air with them. Christin said she
is a medical examiner, Bubba said he could watch Cold Case Files all day.
Brent asked how can they determine a time of death, Christine said it
depends on temperature. Bubba asked about DNA, Christin said that it’s
expensive, but it works. Bubba wonders how disturbing the stuff is she’s
come across, Christin said she’ seen a lot. Bubba asks about people who
are eaten by gators, Christin said that the gator rarely eats the whole
person. Bubba
said he saw an episode of cops that was filmed the day the Value jet went
down in the Everglades, Christin said that case would be a mess, saying
how it would be hard to find anything. Christin said that when a plane
crashes, there’s a lot of fragmention, Ned thinks she’s a party girl,
Bubba said you could never lie to her. Brent asked about the body farm,
Christin said she knows some people who have gone there, Brent explained
the body farm, Bubba thinks it’s a great name for a workout place for
girls. Christin said that if you’ve got a decomposing body, you’re up in
it. Bubba remembers a guy who would call in and discuss cleaning up after
dead people, mainly suicides. Bubba recaps some sports scores, Bubba
thinks the Yankees aren’t that good, the guys discuss some other baseball
teams. Bubba said he would love the Yankees and Redsocks to not make the
playoffs. Bubba discusses some baseball history. Brent said if you look
at the Yankees roster, there’s
no reason why they can’t make the playoffs. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.
Segment 4 – KC Anthony and Clearchannel discussions

Bubba played “Walk A Thousand Miles” as bumper music, Ned called him a
fag, Manson said he borrowed Berlin’s iPod the other day, this song was on
it, he cranked it up. Spice mocked Bubba, Bubba through off his
headphones, grabbed his black wiffle ball bat, and cracked Spice, Manson
thinks it was deserving. Bubba told everyone to shut up. Bubba said Spice
needs Bubba to mock him. the guys discuss the upcoming rain, Manson said
his house is a dustball. Bubba said he got a tun of emails from people on
their side with the “My Trunk” song. Bubba said the state of Florida
doesn’t feel sorry for KC Anthony. Bubba played audio from Fox regarding
the news that KC has received the death penalty. Bubba said that the
competition looks stupid. Bubba goes off on someone who has shopped around
the song to potential advertizers in an attempt to boycott the show. Chris
from Orlando said it was great to hear the guys again, chris called KC a
crazy bitch, he saidd that one
of his friends his a former boyfirend of her, he knew she was a freak
from the get-go. Bubba wants to get the friend on the air to discuss the
situation. Bubba put Chris on hold so they could swap information. Bubba
would likee to get into something, but is waiting for Jay O Connal to
text him. Bubba likes how Jay listens to the show, Jay gave Bubba the
green light. Bubba said he’s got deposisions tomorrow. Bubba explained
what has been going down. Bubba reseet the Fox audio clip. Bob on
protection commented about Buba’s song being past around, he siad that
Clearchannel people have come in to his place of business and are
planning tactics against Bubba. Bob said he hears Bubba’s name
frequently, Bubba thinks Clearchannel has stooped to a new low. Bubba
said that if Clearchannel focuses more on them selves, they wouldn’t have
any issues. Manson thinks Clearchannel has no confidence in their
programming. Bubba wonders what could be worse than killing a
child and not telling anyone about it. Bubba read some emails. One
emailer said she’s not offended by the parody. Another emailer named
River said the song was offensive to who. Another emailer said she heard
the song and loved it, she thinks the song should be played over and over
again in the cell next to KC. Another emailer asked what sponsors are
boycotting the show. Bubba said Clearchannel has illegally downloaded the
song. Brent said that howard has now federally trademarked his stuff, so
he could keep his property. Bubba said that Clearchannel has taken the
song and given it to sponsors in an effort to boycott the show. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 5 – Girls like Manson’s KC Anthony bit, guys are offended

Bubba plays “Alright Now” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s got audio of
the airplane landing. Bubba read an email from someone saying her
boyfriend was the air traffic controler. Greg asked what the point of the
KC Anthony song is, he thinks the song is disgusting. Bubba asked the guy
if he had any kids, Greg said that’s none of his business, Bubba said he’d
never hang out with a guy like him, Brent said wha. Bubba told the guy the
difference between a tragity and a crime. Greg asked why it’s justifiable
to write a song about a kid dying, Manson said it was pointing out how
crazy she is. Greg thinks he’s not gonna be the only one who thinks the
song is disgusting, Bubba asked him to just change the channel, he thinks
the show isn’t for him. Valery said she enjoys the song, she wonders what
Clearchannel’s motive is, she thinks Clearchannel is losing ad money from
the Bubba show. Bubba described his relationship with Clearchannel like a
breakup, and
Clearchannel just isn’t letting go. Valery said that Clearchannel is
Bubba’s Linda Hogan. Amy from Orlando found KC Anthony disgusting, she
said she almost crashed her car when she heard the parody about Hailey
Cummings’s parents. Bubba said that they make fun of themselves. Manson
likes Amy moxy. Nelson from jacksonville likes the song, but said they’re
bringing back some bad memories. Bubba thinks her family memebers have
made a mockery of the situation. Bubba said he’s got no respect what so
ever for her parents. Bubba thinks it’s a 50-50, he thinks girls like it,
and guys are pussies in this situation. Megan said she’d kill KC Anthony
if she could. Megan said she’s pro choice. Megan said she would’ve loved
a song about KC in the trunk, Bubba said it wouldn’t be factual though.
Bubba said that she wouldn’t like the show if they didn’t tell the truth.
Bubba said you don’t see black people doing what KC Anthony did. Bubba
said they’re equal opertunity
offenders, they’ll piss you off and make you think. they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 6 – Gary Grubs Chats with The Guys

Bubba played a news clip discussing the airplane landing in Marcko Island.
Bubba had Spice play the “Previously on The bubba The Love Sponge Show”
clip that ran earlier today. Bubba had the audio from the air traffic
controler, Bubba thinks the guy sounds like Gary Grubs. Bubba thinks the
guy flying the plane is out cooling the air traffic controler guy. Spice
said he’s glad it was a guy like Gary, not like a nerd kind of guy. Bubba
wonders what Gary is doing these days. Bubba calls Gary, Spice can’t find
a bumper for him. Bubba got Gary on the line, Gary laughs at the phrase
moxy, then asks what it means. Bubba asks Gary if he could land a plane,
Gary said he could. Bubba reset the clip for Gary. Bubba found an intro
for Gary, Gary liked it. Gary said he’s got a new set of bed sheets for
Ned, Gary said Ned hung out with him once, Gary said he woke up one
morning to find Ned floating on a raft while drinking a beer. bubba asked
Gary if he’s still
working at the Sunwest Mines, Gary said he is. Gary said he’s been doing
a lot of traveling these days. Bubba said Gary goes out to the junkyard,
and uses scraps from it to make stuff. Bubba let Gary go a short time
later, Bubba knows why Ned has a man crush on Gary Grubs, Bubba wonders
what the next word is other than moxy. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.
Segment 7 – Bubba interviews Drew Garabo, the voice of the Orlando Magic

Bubba had Drew Garabo on the line. Drew said he was chewed up and spit out
of radio, he said he’s been in orlando for 30 years. Drew said he worked
for Jim Phillips, Bubba likes Jim, but doesn’t like his claim that he’s
the most listened to guy on radio. Drew said the Magic office is right up
the street from Clearchannel. Bubba said that Scott Skiles wasn’t the
biggest guy, but is mean as hell, Drew said he was scrappy. Drew said that
Dwite Howard didn’t play last night. Drew thinks he’d much rather play
Philidelphia rather than Chicago. Bubba said Allan Iverson is a big
problem. Bubba said that Labron James is the only bright spot in
Cleavlend. Drew said Labron is very approachable. Bubba wondered what the
biggest contract is currently, Drew said it’s around
$11,000,000-$12,000,000. Brent said that every team in the MLB has less
pay this year, Drew said the Yankees have ridiculous pay, Drew refered to
Larry Byrd as his hero. Bubba said that larry Byrd
really loves Ned, Drew laughed. Drew said Orlando has home court
advantage this weekend. Drew went ovver the Magic’s potential schedule.
Bubba wondered if Dwite Howard ever palyed College ball, Drew said no.
Drew said Dwite was the number one overall draft pick. Drew said without
Dwite, they’re nowhere near the team they are. bubba thinks they should
call Drew more often, Drew said he knows a lot about basketball, a little
baseball, not much Hockey. Drew said the draft is non existent for them,
Drew said the NBA has only two draft rounds, Drew wonders why he was born
so slow and white. Bubba thinks Drew is touching himself during this
interview. Bubba asked Drew about Anthony Hardaway, Drew said that he’s
like a Scotty Pippen. Drew said Anthony isn’t apart of the league
anymore. Buba wonders about Shaque, bubba asked if Shaque is a curse word
in the Magic locker room, Drew said that Shaque is hillarious. Drew said
that the headd to head went well. Brent
said that Dwite Howard is unbelieveable. Bubba wonders about the Indiana,
Drew siad Troy Murphy has potential. bubba asks about Tracey Mcgrady,
Drew said he was around for almost ten years, he gave up on the team.
Drew said they didn’t renew Tracey, Bubba thinks the Magic GM was quite
the visionary for getting rid of him. Drew thinks the guy who is the
cancer in the NBA is Iverson. Drew said you can get tickets for some of
the games. You can get tickets by going to href="http://www.nba.com/magic/">The NBA’s Official Orlando Magic
Page. Drew said it was an honor to have Tyler in the stands, bubba
said that Tyler doesn’t like to look at girls. Bubba thanked Drew for
coming on, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.
Segment 8 – The Guys Discuss the Big News Stories of the day

Bubba played CCR as bumper music. Bubba said that maryland Chambers died.
Bubba said that when he was 18, he used to watch her videos. Spice
remembers “Debbie does Dallas”, even though it was before his time. Bubba
said the end all be all porno movie is “Deep Throat”, Brent said the
reason why people got in trouble for it was because of the Nixon case, Ned
said Harry Reems has a great prono mustash, Spice said she died in a
trailor, Spice said nobody loves you when you’re 56 and you’ve done porno.
The guys talk about Cuba. Bubba said that Bush didn’t ban people from
visiting Cuba. Manson said that Castro is going to get rich no matter what
they do, Bubba thinks they should send someone from the BRN to Cuba, Bubba
thinks they could dress the Farret up like a Cuban. Brent said the US
Officials should legalize Marijuana. Bubba, Spice and Manson aren’t
interested in going to Cuba, Spice said that Big Dick and Miller would
like to go. Bubba doesn’t think
Vincent Lecavalier will be traded. Bubba read that Mark the bird died
yesterday, only 54 years old. Bubba said that Mark was rookey of the year
in 1976. Bubba lists the people who are running for Mayor of St. Pete,
Bubba is a little worried about one of the candidates, as he’s a former
lobbiest, Brent said he likes Bill Foster. Bubba said he doesn’t care if
the guy is white, black or green, he doesn’t want a lobbiest. Brent said
we need someone who will fight for St. Pete. Alex said he went to Cuba,
he said you can get hookers for $5.00, bubba doesn’t want that, he wants
a $50.00 chick. The guys discuss Mel Gibson’s divorce, the guys then
discuss Phil Spector getting convicted. Bubba said that when you hear the
words “We the jury…” everything freezes up. Brent said that he heard on
Howard’s show from Artie that, he knows some people who have hung out
with Phil, he said that there never was a time that Phil didn’t flip out.
Bubba really likes Tampa
mayor Pam Iorio, Bubba played the audio from channel 13. Bubba plugged
tomorrow’s show – top five countdown, and Tucker carlson, Bubba said Jay
is a big Tucker fan. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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