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Monday April 13, 2009

Segment 1 – Ned’s New Bike, Dog Sledding Discussions, and Weekend Recaps

Bubba played The Who as bumper music. Bubba thinks his mic is way hot, Ned thinks Guido was intoxicated. Dave said Bubba doesn’t soundd different.. Bubba thinks his iPod isn’t compatible with the stuff in the studio. Bubba thanked everyone, less Spice for coming out to his appearance this past Saturday, Bubba heard that Ned bought a new bike, Garnet slept on the portch she was so mad. Bubba heard that Ned sprained his ankle over the weekend, Ned said it was his shoe, Ned thinks he should have training wheels, Ned said it comes full circle as an old man – training wheels and diapers. Ned thinks it’s cool to say trike, manson is shocked they put training wheels on bikes. Bubba got sidetracked by a story regarding a bare mauling someone. Bubba said he was watching “Dirtiest Jobs” over the weekend, he wonders if dog sledding is cruel, Spice, Brent and Manson think it’s cruel. Manson said that some dogs have died during dog sledding. Bubba recapped some sports scores over the weekend. Bubba said he couldn’t sleep last night, he thinks he went to sleep at around 1 in the morning. Bubba thinks he’s hot temperature wise. Bubba asked Brent what he did over the weekend, Brent said he had dinner at his parents, but the word Easter wasn’t even mentioned. Manson said he and the in-laws just sat around saying just how stupid religion is, Spice said his Easter wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be. Bubba then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Teenage Girls Acting Gay, Bubba Reads Your emails, Pirate Discussions, and Porno On A Kid’s PSP

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba’s Bikes For Badges”. We then heard Bockmen Turner Over Drive as bumper music. Bubba asked Manson if he went to a McCafe this weekend, manson said yes. Bubba said it’s good for Mcdonalds, he described it as a facelift. Bubba likes the chairs they have there. Bubba doesn’t think acting gay is cool. Ned wanted to side with Bubba by saying words like asspect and fullfill, Bubba asked him to stop. Bubba and Manson duscuss the situation, Bubba asks Brent for his spin, Brent said he’s out of the loop on this situation. Spice said they’ve a lot of girls in who have messed around with girls when they were younger. Bubba said he has no problems with homosexuality. Bubba thinks it’s cool when girls admit to homosexuality, but if a guy tells a girl about his homosexuality, she might run away. Bubba wanted to know what was going down on the Courtney Cambel. Bubba said he was driving near there yesterday, hee said that it was 100% gridlocked. Bubba said Hogan called him and asked about the bridge, Bubba explained to Hogan what was going down. Bubba thinks they were doing a DUI checkpoint. Bubba already has some issues with his new car. Spice brings up a mortocycle crash. Bubba and the guys discuss the extention of 275. Cory from Tampa called into discuss the girls acting gay, he got Eviled a few seconds later. Spice said that some girls have different colored bracelets on, each color means something, Bubba whishes adults were like that. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about Bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba read some emails. heather said she was happy to hear the guys were coming to Pittsbourgh. Anoter emailer asked when they’ll be in Ft. Meyers. Spice said he thinks he has to fart, Bubba hit the fart validation bumper. Casper had to endure this one. Casper said that he flintched, Ned called him a pussy. Spice suggests they have Casper hang out in the bucket. Another emailer asked about the ratings, Bubba said that Ft. Meyers is rated only twice a year. Another emialer asked if Bubba will be in San Antonyo someetime. Another emailer asked about something with Naughty Alysha, Bubba had to walk on egghsells with this topic, he wasn’t sure if he could even talk about it, so he had to carney it up. Another emailer liked the Nutra system.. Bubba said he’s lost 26 pounds. Another emailer said he liked the new FTE shirt. Another emailer asked where he can write out a check for the charity, Bubba said all you have to do is write it out to the BTLS Foundation. Another emailer said they saw Houstan Alexander, who said that he would do anything for bubba’s event. Another emailer said that Paul Crooger could be Bubba’s double. Another emailer asked why he can pick up The Bone in Pensycola. Bubba asked Dave how it was possible. Another emailer said that Mcdonalds has an extremely expensive water separation machine, which explains why their soda is so good. Another emailer in Australia really liked the show. Another emailer said Bubba Raw Volume 3 kicks ass. The last email of the day said that there’s a horse named Papa Clem. Bubba discusses the pirate situation. Bubba played audio in regards to the situation. Bubba said Obama is very Ronald Ragon-ish. Bubba said the ship was full of food to Kenya. Brent said that 50 cals are more powerful than AK47s. Bubba thinks they were the ones to shut Mark Lunsford up. Bubba played audio of Mark saying his son is a gift from God. Bubba played a story of a woman who bought a PSP for the kid, the kid found porno on the device. Bubba thinks the woman is trying to be a victim. Bubba doesn’t like how the reporter put a TMZ spin on the story. Bubba said he could never be a manager. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Phrase By Phrase breakdown of “My Trunk” and quick Clearchannel discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard a news story about Caylee Anthony dolls and Michael Vick chew toys. We then heard “My Trunk”, Bubba stopped it to make sure the other stations could get a clean copy of it. Bubba said people don’t want the truth. They then restarted the bit, only to sstop and start it to explain each line. Bubba asked what the problem is, Bubba said this is clean heat. Bubba asked for women to call in with their thoughts on this element. Bubba thinks the compition is obsessed with them. Nancy is offened by the actions of KC Anthony. Linda said she’s a Mother who loved the bit, she said they should play it over and over again. Bubba said he can’t wait until all these lawsuits are done. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Few Minutes with B-Fudd, MJ encounter, and Acenburg discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba Raw Volume 3. Bubba said B-Fudd has been on for a long time. Bubba played his bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd said he was watching McGaiver, he said he stayed home. Spice asked B-Fudd if he still believes in the Easter bunny, B-Fudd said no. Bubba asked him when he found out when Snata and the Easter Bunny were fake when he was around 13. B-Fudd said he want more presents. B-Fudd thinks God is real. B-Fudd said that in Maddison county, it’s open season. Sean from Sarasoda said he saw MJ this past Friday. Sean said that he and his group started yelling “Bubba Army, 933 Power Pig Hello”, the guy said that MJ’s wife flipped them off. Aneda caled into say that anyone who doesn’t like it have no sense of humor. Lisa wanted to know where she could find the Tasteless trio of songs. Bubba had Joe the Supeermark on hold. Bubba played his bumper and brought it on. Joe said that FYE started selling the DVDS last week, he said he doesn’t care if they get out, just as long as they’re in the stores. Bubba played audio of the anthony family getting deposed. bubba wonders why Octomom is getting a reality show, he wonders when did people all of a sudden start becoming celebrities, Manson said it’s because people are marks and are stupid. Bubba said there is far more interesting stuff in the news. Bubba wonders why the news is full of irresponsible people who kill their kids. Bubba has audio of the Sabrina Acenburg case, Bubba’s theory is that the parent’s did it. Bubba is disgusted by the Good Old Boy network. Bubba doesn’t understand how the Acenburg’s video is supposed to make things better. We then heard Ned’s “Sabrina Acenburg Crab Trap song” from Bubba’s New & Misc Hits Vol. 5, track 8. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Cuba and Iraq Discussions, Acenburg transcripts, Test’s autopsy results, and Obama Fried Chicken

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Sabrina Acenburg Song”, parody of “Loser” by Beck. We then heard “don’t Look Back ” by Boston as bumper music. Lisa from Miami called to say she realy loved the show. The guys discussed Cuba and Iraq, Bubba thinks we should get out of Iraq, Manson thinks we’re gonna be there forever. Bubba proposes an embisy hotline. Bubba read some of the transcript from the Acenburg’s house. Bubba has Spice give a timbel to the guy who authorized a bug to be placed in the Acenburg home. Brent said the tapes were thrown out because the audio was inaudible. Bubba messes up the phrase crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, he got it backwards. Bubba played audio of a news story about a female Sunday school teacher who killed an 8 year-old girl. Bubba wonders when did all these kids end up missing. Bubba said white trash is just bad breeding. Bubba said he was going through his phone and found Test’s info. Bubba has audio of a news clip about a fan of Test talking about his death. Bubba said this would be like Joe the Supermark talking about Bubba if he died. Bubba said the only autographs they’ve ever gotten from Howard are some of his books he donated for the Bikes for badges. Spice said it’s interesting how people come sniffing around in death. Bubba played a news clip about a guy who named his resteraunt “Obama Fried Chicken”, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Spice Attempts To Land A Plane, PT. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For Badges. Bubba read an article about a passenger landing a plane after the pilot died. Bubba wondered what if no one on the flight was a pilot, Spice said someone would have to talk him down. Bubba explained to Spice what a yolk is, Manson said he’d just land it down. The guys recreated what it would sound like if Bubba was landing a plane. Bubba chides Spice for saying “Hey”. Bubba wanted an air traffic controller to call in and help him out. Ned jumps into the air traffic controller configuration, Bubba patched Brent in. Bubba said that when he calls the bubba Army, it takes a minute or so for them to get the message. Bubba put all the guys on protection, Ned said they should’ve taken the dead pilot and stuffed him out the window. Bubba had an air traffic controller on, Bubba changed his name every instents. Bubba had the guy count, then had him turn his radio up so he could hear his altered voice. Bubba said everyone at Cox had a button. Spice acted as the pilot, while the Air traffic controler talked him through it. Spice doesn’t understand the lingo the guy uses. Fred said that once an emergency aircraft is in the air, everyone else backs off. Spice wondered what help this is. Bubba asked if they can patch a pilot in, Fred said yes, Spice wondered can they patch in Tom Bean. Bubba had Jim, Tom Bean’s pilot on. Jim said he took Tom to the Masters yesterday. Jim said he’s not busy at all, he’s taking the kids to school. Bubba recapped the story for Jim, he didn’t hear about it. Bubba asked Jim if he could be an instructor, Jim said he is. Bubba wants to do a re creation in about thirty minutes. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hogan calls in, Organ Donation, Mother wants to harvest her dead son’s sperm, Octomom reality tv show

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s latest offering, “Eminem Explains Easter”. Bubba played some Matalica as bumper music. Bubba said that his connection at DWT Tires asked if he should avoid Ned. Bubba listed all the stuff DWT handles. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan asked if Bubba ever flew Hogan’s hawker, Bubba said no. Hogan said Bubba freaked him out when Bubba was messing with the wheel. Bubba is still wondering what happened at the courtney Cambel. Hogan likes Bubba’s new car. Bubba asked Hogan how nice it is that his girlfriend is normal. Bubba played some audio regarding Ed Groziono. Spice did an Italian accent asking for a West Sure Pizza card. Hogan said that charlie’s former employer said she never needed to drug test him, as he would brag about him partying with Linda. Hogan said that he saw Tim stacey on the road, Hogan said that they talked, tim said that Brian, Charlie’s best friend is the coke head. Hogan wishes Linda would move to California. Hogan said he’ll come by the clem Gym. Manson says he’s done with the Clem Gym. Bubba had audio of a woman selling her dead son’s sperm, Ned doesn’t see the issue with it. Bubba wonders how you harvest sperm after you die. Bubba said he doesn’t want anyone to probe around him once he dies. Bubba thinks he is an organ doaner, the guys wonder why would anyone want Ned’s organs. Brett said he was on the courtney Cambel, he said there were about 2,000 cars out there, he said it was Chunky Sunday. Bubba played audio of a guy who was in a battle over the city of Clearwater with his fish store, the guy won. Evoni said she was gonna be an organ doaner, she said that if you are one, they just wait for you to die. Bubba played audio of the Octomom getting her reality tv show. Bubba hopes she ends up with an Ike Turner kind of guy. Bubba thinks they should boyccott the advertisers for the Octomom’s reality show. Bubba asked Brent if he could legally kill her, he said he would.

Segment 8 – Spice Attempts To Land A Plane, PT. 2, live car chase

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses as bumper music. Bubba brought Jim on to talk Spice down to land a plane. Bubba said the pilot had a fatal seizer. Bubba gave the passenger props for knowing his stuff. Jim said that almost all planes are alike. Jim saidd it all depends on the weather. Bubba wants to do a reinactment, Jim said it would make more sense if Spice was in a plane. Bubba put Spice and Jim through the CB effect. Spice did his Dominic Barbara impersonation of saying “May day”. Jim talked Spice through landing a plane. Someone rang the bell, Bubba said Jim was a genius at this stuff. Bubba thinks Spice would’ve put it in the drink by this point. Bubba thinks they should go ahead and get Spice in one of Tom’s planes to give it a shot, Spice suggests they buy a Microsoft Windows game where he could practice. Bubba siad they should’ve called Jim when they were landing the plane, Jim was at the Masters. Bubba thanked Jim for coming on, Ned would’ve driven the plane right into the ground. Bubba plugged the Aaron’s race a few weekends from now. Bubba said that you can’t go off the script with the “Gentlemen, start your engines!” line, Ned said he’d be escorted off the property within a matter of seconds. Bubba asked what the guys have ready for the show, Manson had no idea the show was ending. Bubba cut in with a live high speed chase. Bubba wondered why are we so i nlove with car chases, Spice wants to see someone die. They then ended the show a few secdonds later.

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  1. Crystal U

    I would like to address the Caylee Anthony parody that you were talking about just a little while ago. As a parent myself I feel that this parody is not offensive. What is offensive is the people that kill their children & get away scott free or get a slap on their hand if there is any action taken. Thats crap!! I must say the people that have a problem with this parody obviously either do not have children or they believe that killing little innocent children is ok or they are just morons . That psycho should get the death penalty for what she has done. Screw giving that psycho any pity for something so F***ed up. She should be given the same death as her child. My personal opinion. No child deserves that. If you can’t take care of your children give them to someone that will. Don’t go out & slaughter them & then boo hoo on TV wanting the freakin spotlight that something tragic has happened in your life. Be a F***ing adult about it & take responsibility for your actions. I’m sorry about such strong words but for you to get shit on for a parody that is just as blunt as can be about a situation is crap. They need to get over them selves & find something worth bitching about.

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