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March 25th, 2009 by admin

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Wednesday March 25, 2009

Segment 1

Bubba started off by saying Cox should use his Spanish bumpers in Miami, he played one for an example, he thought his first choice was a little wordy, his second choice had the same results, he likes the one that said he could have a heart attack on the air. Seth from Miami called in to ask about a judge, but he got Eviled. Brent read the story about what went down. A guy was in court for domestic violence, the defendent attacked the woman he was on trial for, the judge tackled him to the ground. Bubba then went over some scores, he wonders what a Bluejacket is. Bubba plugged Lisa Lampanelli and Royce Gracey for later today. Spice said the bluejacket was a name for an Indian, Ned said all Indians want to get drunk and lay in the gutter.. Bubba said he’s happy about today, as McDonalds has $0.49 hamburgers and $0.69 cheese burgers. Bubba said they’ve gotten more e-mails about how great the site is. Bubba said he’s already told the family that one day he’s gonna have a me day. Brent said he’s going to an orlando Magic game, then to an Iron Maden concert in South Florida. Manson thinks he’s gonna go fishing with the kids, Bubba advised Manson to fish at a reasonable distants from land. Spice will be moving, but might go to Orlando if he can fit it into his schedule. They then went to words a few seconds later.

Segment 2

Coming out of commercials, we heard a commercial for the Bubba Army flag, we then heard Ned’s call to the NCAA about Indian mascot names, found on the now out of print Ned Only CD from 2006, track 20. “I’ve seen the design on the helmets, it’s obviously an eagle getting fucked by an Indian.” Bubba said he feels like he was a Tampa bay Storm game with his bumper music of choice, Bubba is bummed out a REO Speed waggon concert is on the weekend.. Debbie said that she worked for the DOT, she said that people have no idea wire mesh elevators are near concreete pillers that support the Sunshine Skyway bridge, Bubba isn’t into it, he said he’d have to close his eyes on the way up, Debbie said that you have to have a special key to get into one of the elevators. Bubba said that what’s scary is when he broadcasts from Sirius, they’re up on the 36th floor. Arron called to say he liked Obama’s speech last night, but wondered about new jobs here in America. Bubba thinks Obama is doomed if he doesn’t do anything. Brent watched the speech, Manson didn’t get to see it, he was getting turned down to buy a coutch, despite his excellent credit score. Bubba thinks Sean from Beeken credit needs a baleout. Bubba wants a copy of the application Manson filled out. Bubba suggests they go on air to look for a sponsor, Manson is against it. Bubba really likes the dodge charger, he went online last night to look for one, he’s looking for a str8 one. Bubba likes how they have 0% financing for 3 years, Bubba likes it, but wonders if it’s a bate and switch. Bubba wantt a car expert to fill him in, Spice said it’s better to pay for a car with cash. Rich called to say he had the same thing happen to him, he bought a washer and dryer for $3200.00, it’s the only thing he evered bought with his Sears card with a $15,000.00, they sent him a letter saying that their lowering his credit limit, Spice said the same thing happened to Tasha. Kevin from Miami called to say he loves the show, he then explained the 0% for 36 months deal, Kevin said they back you interest in 36 months, Bubba is all for stroking down 10% off the car’s price. Todd from Miami said he tried to get a new BMW, his credit score was too low, despite his credit score being in the 800s, however they approved his brother with a score in the 600s. Manson said the credit card companies like deadbeats, Bubba advised him to not let go of his cash. Bubba said he’s done all of his business through Bank Of America, he’s a good customer. Bubba said he went to a small bank in St. Petersburg, they’re a smalltown bank that is more solvent.. Jeff from St. Petersburg called in to say that most people can’t afford the payments on a $40,000.00 car for 36 month. Jeff said the baleout money is providing capital. Jeff said the name of his bank is Florida Bank. Brent said Jeff was describing “Fractional reserve”. Bubba wishes we could go back to smaller banks. Bubba said our government has done a piss poor job at regulating. Bubba had audio from Fox 13 covering Obama’s speech from last night. Manson is very pesamistic over this whole thing. Bubba said we’re desensitized from millions to billions, Bubba thinks it won’t be long before we’re desensitized from trillions to something else. Obama said he’s very upset about the bonuses the people at aig received. Bubba wondered who was for the baleout, Brent said a few are for it. We heard a clip of Obama being asked why he took so long to comment on something, he said he likes to wait a few days to know what he’s talking about. The guys said that they like Obama for saying if anyone had a problem with him, they can say it to him anytime, Manson Clinton said the only thing he liked at a moments notice would be a female intern. Bernanky said that had aig failed, our country would be in a 1930′s depression. We then heard Manson’s “Baelout Money”. They then went to commercials.

Segment 3

Coming back from commercials, we heard an ad for Bubbaraw.com. Bubba had “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors as bumper music. Bubba plugged Lisa Lampanelli, Bubba really loves her. Bubba got a lot of emails from Canadians, thanking the guys for sticking up for the dead Canadians. Bubba read an email saying he was wrong about the Bree Olson situation, Bubba replayed the clip, Bubba said that a bunch of porn blogers have been saying how this is war on Bubba. Bubba recounts the time when Spice beat Manson in a foot race years ago, Spice said he’d beat Manson again. Bubba said he thought Bree’s head would spin around. Bubba wondered why Bree wanted the tape so bad, Manson thinks she has some serious emotional problems. Bubba said you can watch the clip on btls.com. Bubba read an email where a guy said the site was much better, thanking “This Gudio character”. Another emailer said he thinks he’s found some songs for Bubba. Another email asked who would Manson go to dinner with, Octomom or Bernanky, Manson chose Bernanky. Another emailer said that iTunes is lacking in getting bits up on the site. The email went on to say that the guy’s wife is trying to get a job at the Bunny Ranch. Another emailer said that he wore his Bubba Army sweetshirt, he got some shout outs. Another emailer described just how fast the kid in Daytona fell. Bubba said the Bucs scored third in being the smartest team. Bubba had some sample questions from the Wonder Lick test, Bubba says it’s verry easy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4

Bubba praised Lisa Lampanelli for always being on time. Bubba brought Lisa on a few seconds later. Lisa retold her joke she told at the Larry The Cable Guy roast. Spice said when she was on Leno, Lisa said Simon Cowel was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk, Lisa said she was proud of Artie for being sober. Lisa thinks she’ll get a new hbo special, Bubba said they knew Lisa when she was fat and nothing. Lisa said “once you go Arab, you might as well fuck camels, it’s the same smell”. Spice wonders if dinner is a good date for Lisa, she said yes, Lisa said she rubs one out to black porn. Spice asked Lisa what it was like working at Rolling Stone, Lisa said she liked bands like Rush and Yes. Lisa said she interviewed Bruce Dickinson three times, Lisa said she thinks Bruce is a sock stuffer. Lisa is impressed how Bruce flies tthe bands plane. Lisa discussed her hbo special coming out on DVD and CD next week, Lisa thinks beingg black is much worse than being retarded. Bubba wonders if they’ll ever get the name of the ex Chicago Bare player Lisa once had sex with. Lisa said she fired all of her assistants, this got Lisa fired up. Lisa said she paid them $1,000.00 a show. Bubba thinks the comon denominator is her, she said it was. Bubba said no one will out do Lisa. Bubba wonders if Rosan Bar does stand-up. Lisa likes Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin. Lisa said she’d pay to see three female comics, herself included, she said she’d pay more to see her. Lisa plugged her book coming out this September. Spice wondered how Lisa’s hbo show, she said hbo asked her to take ten pages out of it. Lisa said she’d dump Carlose Mencia. The book is called ‘Chocolate Please”. Bubba said Lisa is real slippery, and is hard to get a hold of. Brent said she cdould follow you through a revolving door and come out in front of you. Bubba wondered if any black people liked her book, Lisa said Chris Rock looks like Mr. hankey, the Christmas poo. Lisa is in New York and is going to have lunch with Tim Sabian later today. Bubba wonders how Lisa writes, Lisa said she gets mad at stuff, writes it down, then goes on stage with it. Lisa said that Bababbooey told her how she doesn’t need openers. Brent said he saw Bill Marh, Brent said he didn’t have an opener. Spice wondered how Lisa fired one of her helpers. Lisa said her opening act was late showing up. Spice thinks Lisa’s manager is stiff off stage, Lisa is stiff on stage, Lisa thinks she’d stink at an aids benifit. Lisa said that the pilot forr her hbo show is shot. Bubba thinks that sooner or later, Lisa won’t even call them. Lisa said that she gets a lot of Bubba Army shout outs. Lisa fears that Howard will retire. Bubba said Manson’s song for her “I Love Lampanelli You See” from Bubba’s new & Misc Hits Vol. 6″, track 7 is too dirty to play on regular radio. Lisa doesn’t like Bob and tom. Lisa said she was on, but couldn’t do anything on the show. Lisa likes the Sirius guys and Lex and Terri. Lisa wonders how long she can ride the “I bang black guys” train. Lisa said she’ll be in Tampa one of these days. Lisa said she has to contribute to the NAACP. Manson is the furthest thing from a jew, Manson thinks it’s because he’s got a big noise and is good with money. They went to commercials a few seconds later.

Lisa’s official site is:

< a href="http://insultcomic.com/">InsultComic.com

Segment 5

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Spice had to fart, Bubba hit the bumper. Fatt Casper had to endure this one. Casper said it had some sound to it. Bubba raked Casper over the coals for his video with Bree Olson from Strokers. Casper said he was attempting to make her comfortable, Casper feared he’d be edited out. Bubba is disappointed that casper didn’t get confrentational, Spice thinks Tom the Treeman is laughing at Casper. Bubba played the audio of the clip, Manson wonders if she wears clown makeup. Bubba went over what is on the site. Bubba said Blind Lawrence has taken the recaps to a whole new level, Bubba is thankful for what he does, and says that Jabba is lazy when it comes to the recaps, Bubba and Spice bagged on Jabba’s recapping skills. Bubba said that one doesn’t collect your thoughts while running down a road. Bubba thinks Bree needs a lot of time to herself. The guys said Casper got way too close in the video, saying it was “couple close”. Casper said the office was too small, Casper said it was like a closet, Bubba wondered if Casper is in the closet. Spice pointed out Casper was looking at her breasts, Casper said he was looking at her eyes, Bubba thinks otherwise. Bubba said that Jabberjaw is creaped out by Casper. Bubba gave Casper some pointers as to how he should’ve handled the interview, casper said Big Dick told him not to be confrentational, Bubba and Spice then goofed on Big Dick. Spice pointed out that Casper put his arm around Bree, Brent wondered how Casper was so fat, yet his forearm was so skinny. The guys ask Casper to look at the video, Casper thought this stuff would be cut out, Bubba said that if you tell someone to cut something out, it falls on deaf ears. Brent finds it ironic that Big dick is the one who is telling people to be nice. Lummox said he wants to be back there, he’s disappointed with Casper and says he wants to fight him. Lummox said that he’s an assistant box office manager. Spice recounts the time Lummox got drunk and flipped out. Bubba said he wouldn’t have a problem with Lummox babysitting the BRN kids, Bubba said he wouldn’t want Fat Casper babysitting the kids by any means, Lummox thinks Casper is on the Treeman script, Brent says Tom is just dumb with a catch fish stash. Glen was on with his solution to the Economic situation: give everyone a cereal number, he got Eviled, Brent said it was very close to communism. The guys suggested “Intern by candle light”. Manson said that most conservitives have really dark secrets, Bubba doesn’t think Mike Huckaby is picking up men.

Segment 6

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Clem’s Creek bit dealing with Bubba’s taxes, macho Man, and Brent’s stupidity, found on Manson’s Clem’s Creek and Fah-Q, track 8. Bubba then read an article by Al Rochel from Bay news 9 that was written shortly after the guys were fired. Bubba and crew pointed out the inaccuracies within the article, Bubba wondered why epople still bring up the hog deal. Bubba challenges Al to come down to the studio and chide him face to face, Bubba calls Al a lying nerd. Various callers called in to side with bubba, Bubba said that Jenn Holloway cringed a little when Bubba mentioned al yesterday. They went to commercials a short time later.

Segment 7

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubbaarmy.com and btls..com. We heard some Van Hallen as bumper music, Bubba said royce was in the green room. Bubba had audio of tom Green flipping out over the Fox crew bagging on the dead Canadian soldiers. bubba thinks the Fox Redeye guys are gay. Brent thinks this is from Tom Green’s internet show, Bubba thinks they should’ve done the podcast root, Bubba is discussed that Adam Carolla has over three million downloads. manson says a lot of podcasts sound like crap. Bubba and the guys wripped into the podcast format, mesing with their voices. Mike from Bratington called in to say he said Artie said some great stuff. Tom is very upset at the Redeye show, Bubba wonders what happened to Tom Green. Bubba says there’s nothing good on the internet media wise. Bubba says this is too news worthy for Tom Green, Bubba feels when Tom lost one of his testicals, he lost half of his personality. Tom played the clip, then shouted to “Turn that shit off.” Brent said Tom was way more balistic than this. Bubba then discussed his love to popping pimples. Bubba then played a clip of some errors the DCF made in regards to a baby who was shooken to death. The report said that the boy’s uncle was arrested for prostitution, Dave Rice and Big Dick think he was the prostitue. None of the kid’s injuries were documented by DCF, Bubba and Manson think the kid wouldn’t have had a chance to live, Bubba thinks that being dead is better than going through child abuse. Bubba said that you have to qualify to have a kid, it’s just white trash screwing white trash, which in turn produces white trash. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for a clearance sale at bubbaarmy.com. Bubba had Rob con and Royce Gracey in the studio, Bubbacalled him the Godfather of the MMA. Royce said he was very busy, he said he can hear Bubba without headphones on. royce said his gig with Rob wnt great, Rob said Markis Jones is scared of Royce. Bubba said that Royce can mentally and physically mess with you, Rob said he’s trained with Royce. Brent said the first time Rob met Royce, Royce was mean. Rob said he trained with Royce in 1995, Rob was given his black belt in 2004, Bubba goofed on Royce’s accent giving rob the belt. Spice asks how much you need to get a black belt. Royce siad it’s loyalty and you have tl know what you’re doing. Bubba said that when you tap, it’s sign of respect. Royce said Rob should be tapping on his body, not the floor. Rob said that as a blue belt, royce put him in a body triangle and thought he had a broken lung. Rob said that after awhile, Royce would get tired of doing challenge matches. Royce said he’d take the smallest student. Brent said he saw a video of royce making a student look stupid. Bubba asked Royce who he liked in ufc, Royce likes guys like gsp. Spice asked what it was like for the ufc back in the day. Bubba asked Royce who would win in a fight between him and GSP. Royce said that about two month ago he ran 41 miles, Royce asked who Bubba was calling old. Royce said he could do it, he hasn’t talked to dana White about it. Bubba said he’d call Dana about a fight between royce and GSP. Bubba said he doesn’t think royce is ready to jump into the ring against GSP. Bubba had audio of dana White, saying how Teto Orteez was a good fighter, but it was hell putting up with his crap. Bubba said a woman will screw a man out of anything. Bubba said his Grandfather said that the exspression of “for every successful man there’s a successful woman”, but for every failed man, there’s a bitch. Spice said he got a text from Dana who said it was on. Bubba asked royce what the biggest payday he ever got, Bubba thinks it was Royce’s fight against matt Hues, Royce just smiled. Royce likes Rampage Jackson, Rmapage doesn’t like to train and lets people know it. Spiced goofed on Royce’s accent, saying how he wouldn’t let Royce on his plane. Bubba asks about Brock Lesner, Royce said that Lesner had to learn a lot. Rob describes the last fight between Rock Lesner and Frank Mir. Bubba asked what they use when fighting Brock, Royce said you get tired. Bubba wondered if they’re ever gonna have Fadore on UFC, Dana has said he’s made phone calls, but so far nothing. rob thinks Dana doesn’t want to sign someone to a one fight deal. Royce has never trained with Fadore, Bubba wonders just how powerful he is. Spice asked Royce what it was like training for a fight, Royce said he practiced defence. Bubba thinks that with all the cities they’re in, they should have some MMA/Royce fans. Bubba thinks Lerch is too big for Royce. Bubba wants to know what would qualify as a difficult spot for Royce to be in, Royce said it couldn’t be done. Royce thinks Lerch is stronger.. Spice said that Lerch said that he has no respect for the Gracey family. Spice also said that Lerch called Royce a terrorist. Royce said he’s thinking about going over there to deal iwth Lerch. Jason from West Palm said that Royce’s grandfather fight someone at the age of 70, that was actually his Dad, Rob called him the scariest man ever. Wade from Orlando called in to say the Brizilins are nuts. Bill from J-ville asked when the last time the family got together, Royce said it’s hard to get the family together. Royce said his brother Hickson is doing good. Sean thinks Royce could go back in to the ring, but misprenounced the name several times. Bubba joked that he was Royce’s bitch. Bubba said Lerch knows nothing about MMA. Bubba said he’ll take care of Lerch if he can hurt Royce. Lerch has had some training. Rob had Royce lay down, Lerch was on top, Bubba had Lerch try and squeez Royce’s head like a peanut. Bubba screwed up Royce’s weight by ten pounds, Royce asked Bubba if he was callingg him fat. Rob said Lerch should try the baseball bat choack. Royce got Lerch in a body triangle, Lerch got out, only for Royce to pull him back in. Spice said Royce isn’t even breathing during all this, the fight ended a few seconds later. Royce said Lerch didn’t do much of anything. Lerch said he couldn’t even hold Royce down, Brent said the body triangle is miserable. Bubba said Royce always tries to fight him, Bubba said everyone else softballs him, Royce asked Brent to find out just how crazy Hickson is. Christian asked how much of an advantage wearing the gee vs not wearing it. Christian wanted to know who Royce could fight, Bubba said “me”. Royce said he doesn’t even notice when guys tap. Bubba said that next time they have Dana White on, he’ll ask if Royce can fight anyone. Spice said royce wants a way to legally kill someone. Bubba thanked Royce for coming in, Bubba said he was afraid of him, Bubba is bummed out that Royce is in Tampa on weekdays. Royce said he’ll be at Gracey Miami this Saturday. royce plugged his website, he then said that he was going to go over there and beat Bubba. They ended the show a few seconds later.

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