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February 2nd, 2011 by Staff

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1

The show started off with some T.I, Bubba wondered if that was really
what Spice wanted to play, Spice said he saw the 18-34 ratings, he
said this is the stuff they like. Bubba said that they had a great
show yesterday, he then recapped last night’s Lightning game, he then
recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show for the day, he said
that he’s a little mad at Twitter, as some spam bots get into your
account, he then asked for people to follow them
(, Brent said that Twitter doesn’t do the
verified account anymore. Bubba said that the Lakers are in trouble;
Brent is convinced they won’t win the Championship this year, guessing
that they’ll be out by the first round. Bubba recapped some callers on
hold; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba light

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for users
getting a discount for early enlistment. We then heard some Cheap
Trick, followed by Bubba Light’s positioning statement. Bubba Light
said that he was 33, his birthday is March 3, he said he was married
for six months, but it didn’t work out, the woman he is with now is
41. We then heard the chicken dip update sounder, Bubba recapped where
you can get it. B-Fudd came on saying he hasn’t done early enlistment,
Bubba said that if B-Fudd can do it, anyone can. Bubba light said he’s
early enlisted, Bubba hung up on them a few seconds later, as he was
running behind. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba said
that he has a lot to get to, including Shirley from WBC planning to
attend the funeral of, he then said that some of his cop friends told
him they were ready for Shirley to show up at the funeral, he then
said Ned is working on his new song about Julia Schenecker, Manson
thinks he caught the most flack yesterday for being lame, Bubba thinks
Manson is getting soft, ed said he always brings it. We then heard
Manson’s version of “Shakin’”. Bubba was going to get into emails, but
he got distracted with his paper messing up, he then said he got Lasik
vision, now he’s having some problems, he thinks it’s near sighted.
The first email of the day joked how they won’t be listening anymore,
as the chicken dip has shot his diet to hell, the emailer said they’ll
be listening, Ned said that the dip is good, but it’s not as good as
crack. Another email wondered about the membership, Bubba
said that for $299, you get access to the archives. Another email was
about cheating wives, the emailer mentioned the term “DTF”, Spice
explained that ment “Down to F”, he said it’s a Jersey Shore term,
Brent said that’s probably an urban legend. Another email suggested
Bubba check out “American Association of State Troopers”. Brent pulled
up the 990 form for them, saying how they raised $5,000,000, but only
$425,000 was given back, the guys then complimented Fox 13 for
investigating this issue. Brent said in 2009, they raised $63,000,
they gave back $58,000. Another email thanked Bubba for early
enlistment. Another email said they were in Wittmore’s ride; the
emailer really liked taking a picture with Ned. Another email said
they’re excited for the guys, the emailer hopes that Win Dixie carries
the chicken dip. Bubba said that he can’t mention the woman at Publix,
as she wants to be a private citizen, as she’s being the victim, Spice
said he’s staying out of this one, Bubba wondered if Spice has lost
his balls, he then took a call from a guy who said that the
“Association of State Troopers” called him, he then took a call from a
guy who worked at the association as a kid, the guy referred to them
as a fly by night company. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba said that Manson and Spice saw Linkin Park, he then said that
he’ been working on the Cream machine, he went on to say that jack
Stiefel met him at Clay Ziggler’s shop, as he had never seen it
before, Spice thinks all that exhaust hits Earth in the face, ned told
Spice they all can’t drive a Hybrid, Manson suggested they infuse a
corndog with chicken dip at the fare. We then heard a clip of the
motor being dynode, he then turned Spice’s mic off for being
disrespectful, ed thinks it’ll be badass, Bubba thinks it will be too
much for him, he then took a call from a guy who said he cools off
motors, he then told Ned about his Rent and Roll hookup, he thinks
Twenty-five shouldn’t be driving it. We then heard a news clip about
Camille Grammer, Bubba said she’s getting a lot of mileage out of the
story, he then said that he can’t be mad at her. Jeff in Port
Charlotte suggested Bubba get a chassy. Bubba then read an article
about a guy who beat up a pregnant teen, the guy who did it bosted on
his FaceBook page. Jenn on protection said that she knows the girl who
was involved; Bubba thinks they can score an interview with her. Amber
said she works with the guy who kicked the girl in the stomach, she
wonders why they would let him come back to work. Bubba suggests she
go out on a date with him, and to have Rob Kahn beat him up. Spice
then read from the girl’s FaceBook page, Bubba thinks they deserve
each other. Britney wondered why the guys aren’t being charged for
attempted murder, Brent said the law is that you can’t be charged with
it if it’s a Fetus. Bubba then recapped the latest TSA device, he said
he’d like to run TSA for a day, Spice said everyone profiles every
day, Manson said you don’t need to pat down every old woman with a
fake hip. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba cut the clip off
a few seconds later, he then asked who G Hod Jane was, Brent said she
was the woman who was going to kill the guy who made the Muhammad
Cartoon. We then heard a news clip about her pleading guilty. Spice
said he’s got two calls, the Muhammad Cartoon call, or the Muslim
headscarf call, Ned thinks the Muhammad Cartoon call is stiffer. We
then heard the bit, which is on “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 9,
and “Ned Only”, track 14. In the first call, Ned tells the guy that
it’s not a big deal. In the second call, Ned talks to a guy who he
thinks called him a mother fucker. In the third call, Ned said he’s
still trying to figure out the issue, he had to explain it to the guy,
he thinks it should’ve had some more stuff included. The guy asks Ned
where he’s calling from, he says he’ll hunt Ned down. Ned thinks they
should spice up the 72 virgins, he suggests other stuff, one of which
is a guy in a chicken suit. In the fourth call, Ned pitches a show
called “the Teenage Muslim turtles”. In the fifth call, Ned said he’s
calling to confirm the guy’s order of one million hands that say
“Death to Isreal”. In the last call, Ned sings “Crazy Fucking
Muslims”, which parodies Lenny Cravits’s version of the song “American
Woman”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment,
followed by “All The Small Things” by Blink 182. Tony on protection
said the WBC is going to picket the funeral. Bubba read an email from
one of his cop friends about profiling, saying every situation is
about profiling, he thinks the loser should pay, like in England. We
then heard a news clip about the funeral for Julia Schenecker’s kids,
Bubba thinks this isn’t good for tourism, he thinks the WBC aren’t
coming, Spice said they’re not Santa, they can’t be everywhere. Bubba
thinks your Country is full of people who don’t want to work, people
just want steak on the state, he told people to do something. We then
heard a clip of Shirley Phelps’s call from last Friday, he said he was
done talking with her, he then said that ed has his new offering, ed
said his is far worse than Manson’s, Bubba thinks the older daughter
was putting the moves on Spice. Rebecca in Charleston came on, Bubba
thinks she was the woman who didn’t like the show, Spice said this was
someone else. Bubba got on the bullhorn to talk to her, but she hung
up, she came back on, she said she’s had some weed and liquor, Bubba
is convinced she’s drunk, he said he’s supposed to be there on march
4, the woman thinks they’re not being properly promoted, she ended up
getting the Evil treatment. We then heard a news clip about Julia
Schenecker, Bubba said that Ned just put his bit in his little
drive-thru window, Ned said “Order up”, he said that the working title
is “Crazy Bitch”, Bubba thinks Buck cherry gave Ned the easiest
softball, Ned thinks Doug Clem should’ve used Julia’s template. We
then heard a bit of Ned’s version of “Crazy Bitch”, Bubba thinks it’s
out of Ned’s range; he said there’s no other show that will touch this
topic. We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, he came on saying
he’s been traveling, he said he’s getting ready for the giveaway, he
then said he’d like to buy some tickets, Bubba told him he couldn’t do
that, as he’s part of the contest. Greg in Orlando said his wife was
hooked on pills, he said it costed him his 16 year marriage, he said
she tried to stab him with a wine cork, the kind that let’s air go
through it, he then told ned he has a yot, ned hopes the dude’s yot
sinks. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment,
followed by “All The Small Things” by Blink 182. Bubba thanked Matthew
Potter, the show’s Pd in Charleston, as they’ll be in Charleston on
March 4, he then asked that someone be attached to Ned throughout the
trip, as he doesn’t want him missing when they leave, much like what
happened in New Orleans. (The show attended Radio Row in New Orleans
for Super Bowl 36. Ned never checked into his hotel upon arrival, and
was nowhere to be found when it was time to leave; he had to be paged
in the airport.) Bubba said he’s taking himself out of Ned’s parody
song, which we then heard. The song parodies “Crazy Bitch” by Buck
cherry, and is about what Julia Schenecker did to her kids. After the
song, Bubba explained that there’s some possibility, as the female
listeners voted for it, he thinks they should do another one. Rick in
Holiday said that there was a horrible accident with a school bus; he
said it was so violent, it shook his house, he thinks about 35
ambulances were there. Bubba thinks the song was unneeded, but he’d
like a vote anyway:

1. Sherry – play
2. Valery – play
3. Debbie – don’t play
4. Mary – play
5. Angelia – play
6. Susan – play
7. Nina – play
8. Jessica – play
9. Brandy – don’t play
10. Karen – don’t play
11. Barbie – play
12. Christy – play
13. Rose – don’t play
14. Vanessa – play
15. Lorry – play

Bubba said that Manson’s offering has been pulled, he said they’ll be
doubling up on Ned’s offering, he then told Spice they’ll get to his
announcement, Spice said no. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Spice’s announcement pushed back

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Android
App. Bubba said that earlier today, Spice said he had an announcement,
he doesn’t think they could get to it now, he thinks Spice is mad at
him. Manson thinks Spice feels he’s slighted, Bubba said they’ll do it
tomorrow, Spice said it’s fine to do it tomorrow at 8:20, he told
Brent to write that down, Spice said he’ll end up Twittering it later
on today, he thinks it’s too late already, Manson thinks the wind is
out of Spice’s sails. Bubba said he has nine balls in the air, Spice
being one of them, he’s not sure which one will hit the ground, he
then told Spice he hates him, Spice said if he felt uncomfortable he
wouldn’t do it, Manson said it sounded pretty juicy. Spice told bubba
he didn’t know what it was, Bubba thinks Manson feels his frustration,
Manson said spice loves to mess with his mind, Bubba said Spice has no
idea what it is to be him, he then said if Spice was to Twitter it, he
wouldn’t care, he then re instated that Spice has no idea what it is
to be him, Manson said he’s like the kid in the middle of a couple
fighting. Bubba wondered what he needs to do, Brent thinks they should
do the announcement tomorrow, Spice then said tomorrow would be fine,
he said whenever is good for him, Bubba thinks differently, he then
asked why Spice wouldn’t want to mention it on, Spice said
there are some things. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Early
Enlistment. Bubba came on plugging what they’ve got coming up on the
show for the next couple of days, including Team Justice, they’ll be
taking down Robby, the show’s new intern, he then plugged the Raffle
Sting Ray Chevy is having, he then plugged Manson said
they’re gearing up for Valentine’s day, he didn’t seem to excited
about it, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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