Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th, 2010 by Staff

Friday, December 17, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence:
“To everyone in the Bubba Army, have a safe and happy Holiday season.” Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Toys for Tatas

The show started off with a special produced promo saying the show is
live from 2001. Bubba plugged what they’ve going on their today, Brent
said that besides the chicken dip samples; they have free passes to Spice said the girls have to go get the dollar bills,
Bubba wonders if they have someone who has attended all 11 times,
Brent said it was a great idea, Bubba said it was a good idea, but he
thought of it ten years too late, he said that they’ll be there until
around 11, he thinks you could tell your boss that you’d like an early
lunch. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jimmy Hart

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Christmas in the Army”,
followed by “Valley Road” by Bruce Hornsby. Bubba said he likes the
view, he said he’ll be putting that up on Twitter. Spice took over for
a little, he then said that he looks in the mirror and wonders how
girls have sex with him. Bubba said there’s a Santa at the event, you
can call 813-737-5646, Spice thinks it’s worth it to put him in an
uncomfortable situation, he said the guy is good at what he does,
Bubba said the beard and gut was real, he told the guys to put their
cars in park, he thinks matt from was there, he went
on to say the guy from Red Macea was a dick to him, Spice said he has
Sean from Cutting Edge Catering. Bubba thinks Auggie could help out;
the guys think Auggie should do it for free. The guys noticed Dan, the
winner of the Date a Stripper contest for Bubbapalooza New Orleans,
they seemed impressed with the Go Pro Camera the guy had with him,
Spice thinks it’s radical. Jimmy hart came on, he said he always
brings the Wrestle mania III mega phone, he said he listens every
morning. Bubba said that he and Cowhead had a feud, but they’ve
smoothed things over, he then asked about Hogan’s wedding, Jimmy said
he wasn’t invited. Spice asked if Jimmy saw some bad stuff about
Linda, Jimmy said she was awesome for a time; Bubba got caught off
guard with a guy not paring his car. Jimmy said that the more a monkey
climbs, the more he’ll show his ass, he then said he would’ve liked to
have been the ref for Bubba’s match with Awesome Kong, he then
mentioned the Honky Tonk man, he said that he truly loves Bubba, Bubba
told him not to mention his name, Jimmy apologized for that. Bubba
thanked a guy for donating a bunch of toys; he then told Jimmy he’s
one of the most generous guys ever. Spice asked what happened with
Mean Gene, Jimmy said he talked to him about three weeks ago, Bubba
thinks he should go on the air with them, he then asked about Bobby
the Brain, Jimmy said he’s doing great. Bubba wondered how old Jimmy
is; Jimmy said he’s not going to say, Spice said he’s one of the guys
in the business who didn’t have to take a lot of bumps. Bubba asked
who gave him the biggest spud, Jimmy said Jerry the King Lawler gave
him one, and Hulk Hogan, he said he has some old videos that he’ll
bring by. Spice asked about the drummer in the beginning of his song,
Jimmy said it was an 8 track, he said that he met Elvis twice, he also
got a chance to see him in the coffin, he met him through George
Cline, a DJ in Memphis, he said Elvis had the “it factor”, he said
Elvis looked awesome, Bubba thinks he got fat around 1970. Spice asked
what it looked like with Elvis in the coffin, Jimmy said that he
looked great; he said Elvis had a TBC ring (Taking Care of business).
Bubba noticed the skate Park of Tampa guys, he then said he saw TJ
Lavin on Twitter last night on Twitter, he thinks Jimmy is too much of
a baby face, Jimmy said nobody is all that mad at Bubba, Bubba said
they should bring back him and Awesome Kong for an event. Spice asked
what the gimmick was for Wrestle mania III, Jimmy said he handled
someone that he can’t mention. Bubba thanked Jimmy for coming by, he
asked about seeing Bobby Blish on TV, Spice said he read the comments
from people, he thinks Bubba was right. Bubba thinks Jimmy doesn’t
need tickets for WWE, Jimmy asked that he not be fired again. Bubba
then goofed on Gale for messing up the golf cart set up, Jimmy said
the guys are awesome; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – the guys chat with some 2001 girls

Coming out of commercials we heard “Bubba Neezer Scrooge” from
“N.F.C”, track 23, “bubba’s Holiday classics Vol. 1”, track 9, and
“The holiday CD” disc 1, track 1. The bit is a spoof of Charles
Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”, with Bubba as Scrooge, and Spice and
Brent as his workers. Bubba tells them they can go home to spend
Christmas with their families, under the condition that they don’t get
paid, adding that they drop the English accents. Ned plays all three
ghosts, sniffing blow the whole time. In the past, we learn the family
can’t stand Bubba for fucking the shop vac. In the present, various
BRN members voice there disgust with Bubba. In the future, Twenty-five
Cent is pissing on Bubba’s grave, showing his disgust for being the
token guy to say nigger. Bubba asks Ned if it’s too late to change,
Ned said he has to go take a shit. Bubba wakes up and, after learning
its Christmas day, he hales a taxi to Manson’s Christmas party. He
wishes everyone there a merry Christmas, however the celebratory
atmosphere is short lived. After inviting the party goers to go to the
Dollhouse with him, he gets denied, reverting back to his old ways,
telling everyone to fuck off. He leaves in a huff, only to come back
and say “Fuck tiny Tim Too”, the bit closes with an announcer saying
the bit was brought to you by Levitra, “Help keeping your cock hard
for the holidays”. Spice came on saying Bubba was busy, Bubba said
that if he’s out messing around, the other guys will take over, he
then plugged Ferrall’s on Davis Island, Spice said that’s right near
him. Bubba said that while you’re in line, put dollar bills on the
windshield, he wonders if channel 10 will be covering them, he then
got distracted with some boobs, the girl was heard saying no. Bubba
got on the bullhorn and called for Jimmy, Spice described what Jimmy
did. Bubba wonders why she’s being so mean; the delay was hit during
this. Spice thinks this is someone from last year, he then told Becky
not to curse, Becky said that wasn’t her name, the delay was hit, she
then said that her time must be up, Bubba said she’s too hot to have a
bad attitude, he thinks she likes Spice. Jimmy said that Maryland
wanted to meet the guys, Spice said she’s been walking by the table,
Maryland said she’s looked at all the guys, she said she’s 20, she
said she’d give him a tymbal, she said that she weighs 92 pounds, and
is around five foot one. Spice asked what she likes about Bubba,
Maryland said she likes everything about her. Carmella said she was
with Bubba last week, Bubba asked where the other girls were; Carmella
said that they’re not there today. Spice said he can’ be with her, as
his girlfriend is listening, he said that he can look all he wants.
Bubba asked the girls if they’d like to go to the Christmas party,
Carmella said yes. Spice said they need to go over the list of people
who will be going to the Christmas party at Scene; Bubba thanked Dave
from Fairway Golf arts for the hookup. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Christmas party discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Lill’ Wayne Night Before
Christmas” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 13”, track 13. We then heard
“No Rain” by Blind Melon, Spice came on, he said you’re getting the
maximum value, Brent said Bubba is here, but he’s busy drawing
pictures of his race car. Bubba came on, he thinks he’s learned them
well, he said there’s an iPhone app called The Patriot app, he thinks
it could be either a good thing, or a bad thing. The guys then went
over their guest lists for the Christmas party this Monday. Bubba got
caught off guard with someone farting; he then got on the bullhorn
saying it was Santa, Spice told him to just claim that he did it.
Bubba isn’t sure if they’ve done a 7:30, he said he always losing his
voice with live events, he thinks he has to project a little louder
than usual; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – The Guys from the IHospital

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Apocalypse ned – Christmas in
Vietnam” from “Apocalypse ned Classics” track 5, “ned Only” track 10,
and “The Holiday CD” disc 1, track 9. N the bit, Ned remembers the
time he dropped some Mescaline, then got into a fire fight against the
VC. After coming down from his high, he then hides in a Tiger pit,
only to be surrounded by the VC. He then decorates a tree with human
ears as a Christmas tree, he then wrestles with a VC. After a
standoff, the bells from a nearby town sounded Midnight. They both
celebrate Christmas for the day with a flask of Jim Bean and pictures
they had. The next day, Ned slices the guy’s throat from ear to ear,
then fire bombs his village. We then heard “Welcome to the Jungle” by
Guns N’ Roses. Bubba was heard saying one of the girls might curse
like crazy, he told Jabberjaw to keep an eye on the dump button.
Corena said she’s not going to curse, she said she’ll be chilling at
home, Bubba thinks that’s a stripper for you, Corena had no idea what
one of the guys was saying, she then sang a little bit of “Rudolph The
Red Nosed Reindeer”, the guys think she’s drunk. Bubba thinks that he
accidently deleted some items from his email, Corena thinks Spice is
really hot, she said she’d put bring him to the Spaceship, she was
heard making some kissing sound effects Spice said he’s reminded of
Kelly Rippa. Bubba thinks that Bobby Blish was on TV, he thinks
Bobby’s attorney looked like a toy, Corena was heard complimenting
Spice, Brent thinks she’s on something. Bubba said the attorney looks
like two of him, Spice doesn’t get the guy calling a press conference.
We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba periodically instructed
Jabberjaw to stop the clip so he could comment, he thinks the guy
looks like an idiot, Spice said no one has sympathy for the guy, he
then said that when Bubba was getting married, Blish was asking for
the scoop on where Howard was. Bubba thanked the people at DNA energy
drinks, Spice said that it’s a fantastic product, he then said that
the IHospital guys are in scrubs. Eric, one of the guys who works
there came on saying it’s a great place, he said he went to the Genius
Bar he felt like an idiot going there, he said Apple refers people to
them, he said they’ll do anything Apple related. Spice said he has an
old iPod, Eric said the battery would be about $69. Bubba said his
phone kept saying “no sim card”, Eric said that’s a common thing with
the new iPhone. Bubba said he’d like to fight the Genius Bar guys,
Spice said he doesn’t like having to make an appointment with the
Genius Bar. Ross, the owner of the IHospital, saying that they’re on
Kennedy blvd. Spice said he wonders when you take the computer in for
repair, do they look at your history. Ross said that if they wanted to
franchise it, it would run about $125,000, Spice joked he’d have to
pay rent, as he’d like to live there. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Vicky Vette

Coming out of commercials, we heard “You’re a Mean One Mr. Clem” from
“N.F.C” track 15, and “Ned’s Misc Hits Vol. 1”, track 7. The bit is a
parody of “You’re a mean One Mr. Grinch”, and admonishes Bubba and
says, among other things, that he’s a triple Decker asshole, armpit,
bullshit sandwich, with a side of smegma sauce. We then heard “Ants Go
Marching” by the ave Matthews band. Spice came n saying the whole crew
is down there, he said Tom the Treeman is looking like a jackass,
Tuddle is dressed like an elf, he said a irl was spanking herself
right in front of him, he said that everyone has been generous. Bubba
went over the people he needs to hear from. Spice said they’ve got
icky Vette there, Bubba asked Jabberjaw what the next stop set was,
Spice wondered if Jabberjaw was happy she’s missing it, Jabberjaw said
she’s happy to be where she was. Vicky Vette came on, Spice asked if
she’s done everything, Vicky said you can never do anything, Vicky
said she used to fight the milf label, even though she doesn’t have
kids, she said her husband performs with her on the website, the guys
think they’re walking a razor thin wire, Vicky said her website is . Spice asked how much Vicky makes, Vicky suggested
they go into what Spice makes, Bubba said Spice makes $300. Vicky said
for $24.95 a month, you get seven of the hottest girls in porn. Spice
asked if Vicky is one of those girls who sees other girls, Vicky said
she doesn’t encourage girls to get into the business, she said it’s
much harder than you think, Spice said he tells people that who’d like
to get into radio, Brent said he tells people who are interested in
radio that it’s too late. Bubba thinks Vicky has great muscles, he
noticed her panties advertised her website, he thinks she’s a tease.
Spice said that Vicky said she’ll take care of a bunch of Steelers
fans, Vicky said that Twitter can be really boring, she said they try
to keep it fun. Bubba thinks Wall mart will run out of Steelers
jerseys, he then thanked her for coming by, Vicky suggested Janessa
try the cream, bubba said she’s Alcohol free for the moment, the delay
was hit a couple of times. The guys then talked about Alex from Old
School BBQ, Spice thinks that Alex could be a cook and a bouncer at a
family gathering, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The DNA Girls

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Frosty” from “Ned Story time Vol.
1”, track 14. The bit starts off with Ned listening to some Christmas
music, only for the kids to come in and ask for a Christmas song. Ned
chews them out, saying he’s trying to enjoy his Eggnog. One of the
kids asks why it stinks, Ned tells them it’s because he has Tequila in
it. the kids ask him to do “Rudolph”, Ned thinks one of the reindeer
blew Santa to get on the sleigh team, he then says he can’t remember
all the names, he then tells them Santa doesn’t exist, he then does
“Frosty The Snowman’, making claims that Frosty had a dime for an
asshole, his penis was a dildo stuffed with snow, and among other
things, beat kids with a switch. He then scares the kids off, yelling
about how he’ll beat their butts. The bit ends with one of the kids
wishing Ned was dead. We then heard some Snoop Dogg, Bubba said that
some of the girls from the Tampa Breeze dropped off some toys, he then
thanked R&L metals for dropping off some bikes, he said the Bubba Army
is very generous, he then said he’s not supposed to be saying this, he
said there’s a broker for the dip, he said Wall mart is interested in
getting it, he said that there’s a girl t Publix who doesn’t’ like
him, which is why the dip isn’t sold there. Brent said that Win Dixie
has stepped up the product, Bubba thanked Albertsons for all they’ve
done, he then said that he’ll be touring David G’s jail, he said he’ll
be seeing Dante Morris. The guys think Tom the Treeman looks horrible,
Brent said that Tuddle is getting more air time. Bubba said that he’s
been getting dingged for Beeber tickets, Spice said Tasha’s son wanted
to go to the show, Brent said he wouldn’t take his kid to a Beeber
show, Spice thinks the kid going to the concert won’t make him gay,
Brent said it’s a start. Bubba noticed Jimmy talking to some girls, he
then got on the bullhorn and ribbed him for that. one of the DA girls
came on saying Jimmy said he likes going to gay bars. Bubba asked
another girl, she said that she wouldn’t say no, but won’t say yes,
she can see why he’s a business man. One of the girls asked if Bubba
and Brent would get BFF tattoos, Bubba joked he’ll get one that says
“GAT”, while Brent will get “ors”, he then thanked the DNA girls for
coming by, he then thinks they should do an old school punch bowl at
the party. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – last Segment of 2010

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Springsteen Rags the BRN 2010”.

1. Big dick – vibrating butt plug of marijuana
2. Pantera – hired to screen letters
3. Brent – pooped on the floor
4. Twenty-five – wants color in Christmas
5. Jabberjaw – misses David Rice
6. Miller – a contract for a six dollar bar tab
7. Bubba – Wants to be Santa
8. Chaz and Al-kida – a role in “Two Jabrones and one cup”
9. Spice – questions Santa’s job
10. Sluggo – got nervous and chickened out
11. Ned – said he’d like to fuck Rudolph
12. Manson – considered to be hotter than Jesus, he then tells the
guys the bit is over

We then heard “Dr. Feel Good” by Motley Crue, Spice came on saying it
was a beautiful set, Bubba said it’s getting kind of hot, Spice said
last year it was cold and rainy, Spice thinks they could start a biker
gang with all the bikes they have. Bubba said that they may go off the
air at around 10 or so, but they’ll be there until the last car is
served, he thinks the girl who had a bad attitude is drunk now, Spice
said daylight is not friends for these types of girls, he wonders what
Manson is doing now, Brent thinks he’s high. Jimmy came on saying that
they woke up some of the girls with coffee. Bubba noticed that shark
was there, Shark said he does afternoons on 97 X, Spice thinks hark
wears a lot of hats, he then goofed on Boy saying “that’s right fish”,
Shark wondered why Spice does that, Bubba sad they love those guys, he
said Shark is hard to understand, he then asked about Jake, shark said
he’s not in the building, he then wished the guys a Merry Christmas.
Bubba told shark to work his magic with HTQ, he told Debbie to get a
hold of Shark, Brent said the staff is great. Bubba wondered why they
don’t get invited to “the next Big Thing”, he thinks Spice is the
younger one of the group, which is why he went. Bubba and Shark then
talked about paper tongues, Spice said he saw the show, he said they
were great on stage. Bubba said he’s never been to an event at the
Ampa Theatre, he then thanked shark for helping them out, he thinks
the Jacksonville people are afraid to step up, he then said that he
and Cowhead kissed and made up, Shark said he wishes Cowhead would let
him know when he’s out of town. Bubba thanked Shark for all that he
does, Spice asked who hark finds the hottest, Bubba introduced Janessa
to Shark, Shark welcomed her to our Country. Bubba thinks they should
wrap it up, Brent thanked Jim McVay, the Outback Bowl promoter, he
said it’ll be urban Meyer’s last game. Bubba said this is the last
show of the year, he’s not sure if they’ll be back with Sirius, Spice
said the app is getting approved, he said you’ll be able to get it on Bubba thanked everyone for all that they’ve done, Spice
thanked the listeners. Bubba said they’ll be coming back in January,
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Lisa Masters

    Good Morning! I turned on my radio today to a very nasty man saying your show has been cancelled.
    Is it true? I am writing to you from Erie, Pa.. and know for a fact that there are at least 2 dozen businesses that broadcast your show in their warehouses. (
    Your show brings alot more than smiles to those who listen. You take your venue 1 step farther Bubba, you always take a stand for what is right regardless of popular opinion. That my friend is a fine quality!
    Here’s to listening to you for many more YEARS!!!
    Lisa Masters Erie, Pa.

  2. Dan Abney

    so whats the deal with a sirius contract ?

  3. goose

    we went to toys for tita’s we had dollars all over the truck girls at first station shook us down they cleaned them off about 75.00 worth of ones and girls at second station did not get much had to hit the wallet there were girls taking money and did not even come to the door!typical strippers !! lesson learned for next year and sorry to the second station girls!!all and all thanks for taking care of the kids!!

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