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Top Stories:
Third Disney employee dies in just over month
Man escapes charges for barbecuing pet dog
Woman Charged With Cyberbullying Teen
Fox network to air two-hour Octomom special

Segment 1 – Canadian merch at BubbaArmy.com, sports scores

Bubba started off with audio of the rays winning, then into “Sweet
Child O Mine” as bumper music. Bubba gave Spice a plug for his gig
tonight at the Tilted Kilt, Bubba wonders if he’s saying it right,
which he is. Bubba said there are some new products in the Bubba Army
Store, a href=”http://www.Bubbaarmy.com/Bubba-army-canadian-window-sticker-p-1539.html?osCsid=fuk1q36v3shtd3tg2nr519v9q1”>Bubba
Army Canadian window sticker, and a href=”http://www.Bubbaarmy.com/canadian-Bubba-army-shirt-p-1540.html”>Canadian
Bubba Army shirt; the guys are very appreciative of the fans in
Canada. Bubba recapped some sports scores; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, Brett Favre discussions, possible clear Channel lawsuit

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
said the listeners have a strange way of showing their appreciation.
Donnie asked about Kenny Kenny’s race, we heard the bell, Spice said
Manson almost spit up his coffee, we then heard an anti racing bumper.
The first email of the day was upset that Bubba misused the word
“redact”, Bubba said he could care less about it, he messes up the
English language on a daily basis, he thinks no one can mess up the
English language on television, Bubba thinks a lot of people butcher
the English language, Manson thinks Bubba didn’t educate himself.
Bubba said he didn’t apply himself, Spice as Forest Gump said he knows
a lot about quarter midgets, Bubba told him to shut up. Another email
thinks Bubba is a hero, Bubba said it’s not easy to fool people for
four hours a day. Manson said he used to substitute teach 20 years
ago, he can only imagine the jackass parents today, Bubba thinks the
internet is the problem. Bubba said he really does have to deal with
Jeff Clark on a face to face basis, Bubba goes over the other options
he has. Bubba thinks he wouldn’t be cut out to work as a teacher or at
DCF for what he does; Bubba said he doesn’t wish DCF on anyone. Bubba
said you never read about the couples with good families. Bubba
compares the differences between black and white parenting problems.
Bubba thinks Heather volunteering with Brent’s Mom will be a problem.
Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about Jeff’s public record,
Bubba said they’ll look into it. Jeff out of West Palm said the reason
why Ron and Paul are doing so well is that they’re fan friendly.
Another email asked about getting shots, Bubba thinks if you’re after
two, it shouldn’t be a problem. Another email said he was pissed with
Jeff Clark’s phone call, he thinks the state should stop raising him.
Another email asked about Brett Favre coming back, Bubba said he’s
officially quit Favre, Bubba thinks Favre is full of himself. Bubba
said some people in the Packer organization that, Favre is the most
impossible guy to work with. Brent thinks its Favre’s mentality. Bubba
wonders what the reaction will be when Favre goes into Lambeau field,
Manson thinks he’ll get booed, Bubba thinks Favre’s steakhouse was
fire bombed last night. The guys think they’re old school like Favre,
Bubba said he’ll take his boot of John Hogan’s neck if he gets fired.
Bubba said within three weeks, Dan’s day will be ruined; Bubba said an
eight or nine figure lawsuit is coming. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Brett Favre audio clips, New Ned Hardly shirt, Octomom clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus
Package”, we then heard some messages for the fans, and then into
“Queer for Brett Favre” from “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 12,
and “Bubba show classics Vol. 2”, track 1. Bubba asked Spice to take
that bit out of the system, Bubba asks the guys to make a breakup
song, and Ned said he’ll do it. We then heard a clip about that, Bubba
hopes Favre gets creamed. Bubba thinks they’ll run Ted Thompson out on
a rail, if the Vikings beat the Packers, Bubba thinks Favre is full of
crap by saying he’s not doing it out of revenge. Bubba said he’d have
more respect for Favre if he called Ted Thompson a dick, Spice thinks
they’re all about money and revenge. Bubba said there’s no way you
could get heat with Favre’s daughter, Bubba thinks Favre is like Larry
Byrd in a football uniform, Bubba thinks it’s like a Country time
Lemonade spot. We then heard some clips from various Packers
commenting on the situation.

  • Al Harris said he’s proud for Brett
  • Aaron Kampman thinks it’s a testament to Favre
  • Donald Driver thinks they’re not going back
  • Nick Barnett said he’d like to hit him

Bubba said he has the artwork for the new Ned shirt, Bubba described
it, the guys crack up at the pink snakes, Bubba asks what some of the
symbols on the shirt mean, ned explains it, Bubba thinks they go on
sale today. Bubba said you should wash it in cold water, and then line
dry it. Bobby D was on to talk about racing, we then heard an anti
racing bumper, and Bubba had him repeat what he said and Bobby said
the track is at Exit 161 and I75. Bobby said if you wear any Bubba
Army merch, you get five dollars off. We then heard a clip about
Octomom, Bubba thinks she’s a media whore. Bubba said this thing ruins
his day, Brent asked people to boycott, Bubba suggested people watch
it, but write to the sponsors. Bubba wonders where the Dad is; Bubba
wishes if she could die in a fiery crash, he’d fund the guy’s defense
fund. We then heard manson’s “she’s the Octomom” from “Bubba’s New and
Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 10, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 4, track
4, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – top Five Countdown – Country

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Saynow.com; we then
heard some messages from the fans, then into “Super Freak” as bumper
music. Bubba thinks Spice is leaving messages, Spice says he doesn’t
have time, Ned really likes Rick James, Bubba said he was in ninth
grade when this song came out. We then heard the top five Country
bumper. Bubba thinks Country is the lesser of all evils, Bubba said
he’s been going to The Eagle
these days. Spice said he got caught in traffic for the Jonas Brothers
show last night. Brent thinks the first song sounds like a rock song;
Bubba thinks the song is cheese, Bubba thinks the guy is on Meth.
Bubba said he’s numb, he said he’s going to shark bite himself. We
then heard the next song, “Big Green Tractor”. Spice said the first
Country song he heard was “She Thinks My Tractor is Sexy”, Bubba
thinks the guy is slowing it down, Bubba thinks all they’re doing is
telling stories about being white trash. Bubba wonders if Manson or
Ned could do a Country song about him, Manson said all you have to do
is just madlib. Bubba thanked Steve Hurly for hooking him up with a
new car, the guys think Bubba looks like Night rider in it, and Bubba
said he’s going to do some burnouts with Ned in the car. Bubba said he
pulled up to his house, the dogs were barking, Heather was yelling at
the kids about something, Bubba thinks he’s white trash. Ned thinks
Green Big Tractor is a code word for a joint. The next song is “people
Are Crazy”; Manson thinks it’s a Casio beat. The guys step all over
the song, Manson said he wouldn’t want to have a beer with the guy.
Brent said Kenny Chesney has turned himself into the country Jimmy
Buffett. Bubba wonders how the guy can make a lot of money, Brent said
the more stupid you are, the more money you make. The next song is
from Darius Rucker, the guys mock the song, Spice thinks no black guy
has any Patsy cline, Bubba thinks Manson’s life is like a Country
song, and Manson said Donna gets mad when he brings up all the stuff
they’ve got. Bubba thinks he’s going through a hot flash over the
song. The last song is from Tailor Swift, Bubba wonders if Ned has
covered the song, Ned said he did, Bubba thinks Ned has done three
different songs from Tailor Swift. Bubba thinks it’s a sad state of
affairs that he can sing along with the song, Bubba said he can get
into the song, Spice said she’s hot, and ned thinks she has natural
boobs. Bubba thinks she wears too much makeup, Ned told him to shut
up, Spice was laughing his ass off at that, Bubba thinks she has a big
nose, Ned told Bubba to quit spreading his propaganda. Bubba thinks
Nashville is better for a woman, as opposed to Los Angeles. We then
heard Ned’s “Mr. Wrong is Me”, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan Calls In, Ned’s Newest Brent song

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Grady family; we
then heard some messages from the fans, then into some OAR as bumper
music. Bubba said he’s going to block a particular caller, Spice said
the guys from OAR will be in the studio next week. Brent wonders if
one of the guys in Judas priest still dresses up in leather, Spice
said he does, Bubba had to dump Ned for saying something. We then
heard Hogan’s bumper, Hogan triple dared Bubba to do a burn out in his
new car. Bubba wonders when Hogan will give him something; Bubba said
Hogan never gets him anything for him. Hogan asked Bubba if he’ll be
going to a fight, Hogan said a guy who was at the trial has been
blowing up his phone; Ned wonders if Hogan is touching himself, Hogan
said he’s riding a bike at the gym. Bubba said he got an email from
someone who said he was part of the moving company; he said that Linda
had all the mover guys take down permanent fixtures. Bubba wonders if
he ruined Hogan’s day, Hogan said it’s not, Hogan said this was good
for him. Brent said Big Dick has seven properties he wants help with.
Hogan said Brooke is out in los Angeles looking for work. Hogan thinks
Octomom is in the big game, Hogan thinks around a half a million per
episode. Bubba thinks Fox made a bone-headed decision; he thinks
giving octomom a nickel is too much. Hogan said he’s stirred up; he
wants the name of the mover. Hogan said he went to the guest house to
take a crap, but the toilet seat was gone. Brent told Hogan about a
commercial on Cartoon Network that shows a wrestler who looks like
Hogan. Bubba pulled up the commercial, Bubba thinks its seven figures,
Bubba said it’s identical to him; Brent wants a point for telling him
about it. Brent said he texted Eric about this issue, Hogan said he
was on it, Bubba said they’ll put it on the website. Bubba thinks
Hogan is insane. Bubba said Brent wouldn’t know Hogan if it wasn’t for
him, Bubba thinks he should get half of what Brent gets. We then heard
a Brent Hatley song, done to The Flinstones. Bubba said Ned’s “Brent
Van dike” song didn’t work, as Ned didn’t finalize it. Bubba took a
call from a woman who asked about the tickets, Bubba gave it to her.
We then heard Ned’s latest Brent song; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba and Ned do some burnouts

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Saynow.com. Bubba
talks about eco friendly cars, Bubba said Bob Murray really likes his
new car. Bubba asked Ned who would he pick between bob and jay, Ned
said he’d like to be the turkey in the sandwich, Bubba said the cash
for clunkers program is working out quite nicely, Brent said he’s
gotten a lot of hate emails about how it won’t work, Bubba broke the
program down, explaining each aspect of it. Brent thinks
$3,000,000,000 can bring Americans back to work. Bubba likes the way
Sting Ray Chevy handles things. Bubba still wants to do a burn out;
Bubba thinks Ned is the only guy who can appreciate burning out. Bubba
clowns Ned for his cell phone, Ned was on the line, he was interested
in doing a burn out, the guys clown Bubba for doing this. Spice took
over for a little, Spice thinks this is a dumb idea, he left the
studio to check it out, Brent thinks they’ll be lost as a client, Ned
didn’t know Brent was talking to him. Ned got caught off guard with
Bubba’s car; Ned thinks Bubba is a maniac. Ned thinks Bubba just
freaked out the Mexicans with his driving skills, Ned taunted
Twenty-five for not being able to afford this kind of car, Ned wanted
to drive, Ned wondered if everyone can hear the car, Brent said yes,
Spice thinks they’re idiots. Bubba said he’ll let Ned drive, Spice
thinks people are calling Steve. Bubba said he was going to try and
360 it, which he did a short time later, Ned thought it was awesome.
Ned said he was going to take off as fast as possible, ned gave a
countdown and took off, Bubba yelled for him to stop a few seconds
later, Ned thinks they should go to break, Bubba asked for Steve from
Steps Toeing, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba Calls Steve from Sting ray Chevy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Canadian
merch, then into manson’s “Steve Branzig” bit, then into rush as
bumper music. Bubba chided Ned, Bubba said Ned got sideways after he
did his burnout, he said Ned bottomed out the front; Ned said it was
his bicep that messed him up. Bubba thinks one of Ned’s vehicles looks
like Blind Lawrence bondoed it. Bubba said everything was going fine,
until Ned went off road with it. Bubba thinks they should call him up,
Bubba thinks had Ned kept it straight, everything would’ve been fine,
Ned said he took a bunch of perks, Ned claims it’s all legal. Bubba
called Steve; Bubba wanted Ned to talk to him first. Steve picked up,
Ned said Bubba crashed the car, Bubba told him to shut up, Steve
thought it was funny. Steve said they’re bringing a lot of money,
Bubba said it wasn’t a big deal, Steve said he thought Bubba said he
wouldn’t let Ned drive the car, Ned claimed Bubba crashed the car, ned
thinks Bubba is a fool, ned said he was too high on pills. Eve said at
least ned didn’t run Manson down, Bubba said it’s going to a body
shop. Bubba told Steve to not let Hogan bug him. Bubba thinks he could
hang out with chuck, Bubba thinks Steve isn’t too happy about this
deal, Steve said he’s glad no one was hurt. Bubba wished Steve a good
trip; they hung up a few seconds later. Bubba thinks Steve is on the
phone with the dealership at the moment, probably telling them to pick
up the car now. Bubba chides Ned for blurting out that he crashed the
car, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – email from a gay man, boat capsize survivor audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets To Paradise” as bumper music. Bubba
said they’re trying to get passed the Ned can’t drive situation. Paddy
said she’d like to get her Brother a ticket for his birthday, Bubba
thinks she could do some more heavy breathing. Spice asked if she’s
fat, paddy said no, she thinks she looks like Kady smith. Spice asked
her to breathe a little into the phone, she said it’s not going to
happen, Bubba thinks it’s not too much to ask for, spice thinks she
can’t do it, Bubba Eviled her a few seconds later. Bubba called Kurt
angle, however he got sent to voice mail, Bubba ended up leaving a
message for him. Bubba thinks Dixie has him all gagged up. Bubba said
Kevin Vargas sent them a letter, Bubba feels homosexuals don’t bug
him, just as long as they keep it in the bedroom. Manson said kid
touching and homosexuality are two different things, Manson said he
didn’t know the guy was gay when he did the Ron and Paul bit. Bubba
said if someone from his staff had gotten arrested for child
molestation, he’d talk about it a lot, he’d allow callers to call in
and comment on it, Bubba said he’d testify for the state. Bubba
doesn’t like how clear channel doesn’t allow people to talk about
controversial issues with their employees. Bubba said government is
all bible based, Bubba said you should know common sense. Spice thinks
the bible bangers are out of control, he saw some guys with signs that
say you’re going to hell if you don’t repent at this very moment.
Bubba read an email from a guy who asked Kevin Vargas. The emailer
said he is a gay man, Bubba thinks the guy should leave the Religious
faith. Bubba said you’re either a good or a bad person. The emailer
said he gets the show’s humor, but is offended by Steve Branzig. The
emailer think gay should make positive contributions to society, Bubba
respects the emailer. Manson said many child touchers are heterosexual
men. Bubba thinks if you’re a teen and you turn in a hot older chick,
you’re a nerd, Bubba thinks he probably shouldn’t have said that,
Brent said they can’t make an amendment about older women touching
younger boys, the guys recreate a situation about that, Bubba turned
it over to Brent, he said he agrees with Bubba. Bubba wonders if
congress guys ever fight, Brent said they do, but we don’t see it.
Bubba said they brought the only survivor of the boat flipping over
earlier this year. Bubba said it’s not hard to run out a storm, the
problem is when they took on water and left the boat anchored. Bubba
said if you anker a boat, you put it in the front, not the back of the
boat, Brent thinks a Darwin
is on deck. Spice thinks this was a bad idea. Bubba wonders
what the guys were thinking about before the boat flipped; Manson
thinks Bubba would swim with one arm to keep his watch out of the
water. Bubba and spice recreate what the guys screaming for help
must’ve sounded like, Manson thinks the interviewer is a tool, Bubba
thinks the cold water has messed with this guy still. The guys comment
on the audio, Bubba thinks after a while of being in the water, he’d
ask Brent to let go of the anker. Bubba thinks the guy went through
hell, Spice thinks it’s a sad story, Manson thinks it’s unnecessary,
ned thinks they could’ve used one of the dead guys as a flotation
device. Bubba said he’d only wish that on MJ, the guys recreate what
that would sound like, Spice thinks the interviewer sucks. Spice
pointed out that the three guys started foaming at the mouth; Bubba
thinks it’s your body shutting down. Bubba wonders if he’d survive
longer if in the water for a long period of time, Spice and Brent
impersonated what it would sound like if Bubba was alone in the ocean.
Ned said he would’ve elaborated on the story. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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