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Top Stories:
SPCA under fire over ‘no-kill’ claim
Tampa Bay’s Blind Baseball Announcer
Mints thought to be drugs land man in jail
Police: Man Bites Off Doctor’s Finger
90 percent of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine

Segment 1 – Various discussions

Bubba started off with some messages from the fans, we then heard some
Evil Pop as bumper music, the guys think they did a great job
yesterday, Bubba thinks Spice is turning into him, and Spice thinks
the monthly payments on the studio would drive Spice crazy. Bubba
wonders if “Breathe” is an alternative song, Spice said it isn’t. The
guys discuss Detroit, then into Aubry Huff. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd checks in, forms of discipline

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Saynow.com; we then
heard some messages from the fans, into “Pick Up The Pieces” as bumper
music. Bubba wishes the audience could hear their comments on the
messages, Bubba thinks they’re jobbers. Bubba said he’s looking for
Randy Bernet’s phone number, it somehow wasn’t transferred to his
phone, we then heard his bumper, Bubba thinks Ned has the number, ned
said even he can’t get a hold of him. Bubba went to B-Fudd, he said he
hasn’t gone to bed yet, Bubba thinks it’s because he has no
responsibilities. B-Fudd asked Bubba if he went bowling last week,
Bubba said he couldn’t make it, Manson said he bowled a 200, B-Fudd
said he can bowl a 193 on a video game, the guys joke that they’ve got
all sorts of accomplishments with the video games. B-Fudd talked about
a game where you control the Swine Flu, Bubba mocks B-Fudd’s speech,
B-Fudd hasn’t gotten his back pay yet, and the guys wonder how
Washington handles him. B-Fudd said he smashes the Vikes, Ned wishes
he was retarded; he wants Brent to stick an ice pick in his brain.
B-Fudd said he got his plane ticket to Bubbapalooza, Bubba joked
Hammil has him on a wild ride, he went over his schedule, Bubba thinks
he’s cutting it close by leaving the day of the gig, the guys clown
B-Fudd for his speech pattern, the guys like how B-Fudd talks down to
himself. Brent thinks the Taliban could trick B-Fudd; Bubba wished him
the best of luck. Jim in Florida said he works for Social Security, he
explained how B-Fudd is getting paid, Bubba thinks our system is one
big hand out, Bubba and Brent said they’re sick of parents that
overmedicate their kids, Bubba thinks you should just blast the kid in
the ass. Brent said that anyone who has coached sports, he can’t find
anyone who wants to truly play; they just want to mess around. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said Bubba ruins his day by putting B-Fudd
on, he thinks he’s smarter than Bubba and Brent combined. The guys
remember their forms of punishment growing up; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Jeff Clark writes to the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”, then on to Manson’s bit about Steve Branzig. We then heard
some Pop Evil as bumper music. Bubba read an email from Blind
Lawrence, as he put it, “Garry Coxing the hell out of him”; Bubba said
they’d talk about it in the creative meeting. Gary Coxing someone
means to bug someone relentlessly, named after motivational speaker
Gary Cox, for his demeanor. Another email said she’s trying to sell
Bubba a car for $300.00. Another email said there’s nothing like the
show over in the UK, the guy’s wife thinks the callers are plants,
Bubba said the people who call the show are real. Another email
thanked Bubba for the two-fingered. Another email asked about the
“Energy Pouter”, Bubba said it’s Fein, Bubba thinks Fein should do
what Redbowl did, go to the club level. Another email discussed a
website he runs. Another email thinks the Pop Evil guys did great.
Another email thanked Bubba for Hogan’s latest venture. Another email
really enjoyed the Pop Evil segment. Another email said they can’t
wait until Aubry Huff is in a Tigers uniform. Another email talked
about a Montana news woman who said F*** on the air. Another email
thinks the reason why Bubba hasn’t gotten any ratings in Miami is that
the guy’s haven’t molested any kids. Another email thanked Bubba for
the tickets to Bubbapalooza. Another email really likes the podcast
idea, but wouldn’t want to pay for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba read about some
guys who were laid off, they’ve since gone to a podcast,
DaveAndGeri.com. Bubba wonders what Dave and Geri sound like, Bubba
punched up the site, Bubba called the number to leave them a message,
and Bubba left a message, saying they’re excited about the podcast.
Bubba said he’s looking for a place to download it, Bubba thinks they
used a Radio shack mixing board. Bubba thinks they should be rich,
Bubba stopped and started the clip to step on it, Bubba thinks this is
just a happy fest. Bubba cut the clip off a few seconds later; he then
played the Friday, August 14 show, despite Spice’s protesting. Bubba
thinks radio is pathetic. Adam said he was that guy who filed for SSI,
he realized after a few years that he needed to get out into the work
force, he wonders if Bubba thinks ADHD is a real condition, Bubba
Eviled him a few seconds later. Another email said they were at a race
and saw Bubba’s car. Bubba thinks they should do Bubba Night in
September, where the guys will race each other. Another email that she
loves the show, Bubba thinks Brent should take the email. Another
email asked about the R. Kelly bit Manson did, Spice said it’ on
iTunes (“Manson’s Greatest Bits, track 9). Another email wanted to
hear the Billy Mays for cocaine bit. The last email of the day asked
Manson what his favorite bit is, Manson thinks “Bad Monkey”, Manson
thinks bringing Buckweet back (In the Power Pig days, Manson did a
character like Eddie Murphy’s Buckweet character from Saturday Night
Live). We then heard a news clip about a guy who was shot, Bubba
remembers when some homeless guy was at his door, asking for help,
Bubba said he grabbed his gun and was planning to shoot him. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who attacked his pregnant wife on an
airplane. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she competed against
Dave and Geri, she said the production quality is good, she said her
husband works at Cox. Bubba said he’s not good at keeping secrets, he
compares telling someone not to talk about something on air is like
telling a kid not to touch a hot stove. Bubba said Jeffrey Clark has
threatened him, Bubba told him to bring it on. Bubba said this screams
of someone who blames everyone but himself. Bubba recapped the story,
Bubba said he’s not an advocate for child suicide, and Bubba said he’s
not the end-all be-all. Bubba thinks the daughter was propped up,
Bubba thinks they’re not the show to call if you can’t handle some
ribbing or the truth. Bubba thinks the kid should be taken away, based
on the artwork. Spice thinks the guy has psychotic eyes. Bubba read
the letter Spice gave him. Bubba said you don’t sacrifice your life
for your kid. Bubba thinks the kid is broken because of his bad
parenting. Bubba thinks the guy is Developmentally delayed. Bubba
wonders what the guy is so mad about. Bubba called the guy a jackass;
he egged Jeff on to kill him. Bubba thinks the guy should be tazzed,
Brent said if you threaten someone n an open court, it could happen to
you, Ned thinks Jeff would kick Bubba’s ass. Bubba read a letter Jeff
wrote to obama, Bubba thinks obama has better things to do. Bubba
thinks if Rhonda Storms doesn’t write to him, he has no chance at all.
Spice said Jeff was at the Road kill BBQ (Tuesday February 27, 2001),
where after a guy vomited in a bowl, Jeff ate it. Ned wants Jeff to
kick Bubba’s ass, Bubba said if he dies, ned won’t have a job. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Monkey doll, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, we
then heard “Rocky Mountain Way” as bumper music. Bubba said they’ve
been trying to get a hold of Jeff, but with no luck. We then heard a
news clip about a doll with a monkey, Bubba doesn’t have a problem
with it, Bubba doesn’t like how Costco caved into pressure and pulled
the product. Bubba said he watched “ray” on TV, he felt bad for him.
Kenny in Venis asked about black people protesting “Planet of the
Apes”, Bubba said the movie scared him as a kid. Amanda in Clearwater
said that she’s called her kids monkey ever since they were born, Ned
said he asked the county to take down the monkey bars. Bubba played
Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan came on and did some monkey
noises, Bubba thinks Hogan is a prime example of deriving from
monkeys. Bubba said Brutus got drunk at French Hen and passed out in
the bushes, then did some monkey noises when Linda found him. Hogan
wondered what your rights are before you can defend yourself, if
someone threatens you, Bubba said he can’t really do anything,
provided he make the first move. Bubba said he got a ton of emails
from people asking about Hogan’s latest venture. Hogan said he helped
a guy save $29,000. Bubba thinks Kurt will touch more people by being
on Bubba’s show. Hogan said he’ll be going to Australia for the first
time, Manson as Macho Man said he helped Hogan make the most money,
Hogan thinks Macho should just take a bottle of black dye and dump it
on his head. Hogan said Brian Knobs is opening up a wrestling school,
Hogan said Knobs turns into a whole different person when he’s
training people. Bubba thinks Fabrizi is quite the talker, he helped
Bubba out with something. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Bubba VS. Jeff Clark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com, then some messages from the fans, then into
Manson’s “Billy Mays For Cocaine”. We then heard some Bon Jovey as
bumper music, Bubba said he remembers when the album came out, Brent
said he saw them opening for Rat, people ended up booing them. Bubba
said he might have Jeff Clark on the line, Bubba had Spice check to
make sure it was him, Bubba hopes it’s the real guy, Spice thinks so,
and Bubba put him on a short time later. Bubba asked him if he’s going
to continue to make threats, or are they going to talk it out, Jeff
said nothing, Bubba wanted Spice to call him back. Bubba tried calling
Jeff, he picked up, he thinks he got disconnected, he said he doesn’t
have a problem with going on air. Bubba asked him if he’s man enough,
Jeff said he’s talked to other radio stations, Bubba had to dump him.
Bubba thinks Jeff should look at himself. Bubba said no agency is
going to take his kid without credibility, Bubba thinks Jeff’s
argument t doesn’t hold any water, Jeff said he got a response from
Obama, Bubba thinks he’s idiotic. Bubba said he’s seen the artwork,
talked to his kid etc. Bubba wondered if Jeff knows he had sex with a
woman who is psychotic, Jeff claimed that Bubba tried to rape a woman
back in the 933 days, Jeff said he doesn’t’ listen to Bubba’s program.
Bubba sarcastically said Jeff got him on being a serial rapist, Jeff
said his daughter is disabled and in a special needs class, Bubba
asked him why the State took his kid, and he said it was because she
was peeing her pants at school. Bubba suggested they have Dr. Joe
Sadurly examine Jeff and his Daughter, Jeff said he’s all for it.
Bubba wonders what he means by his daughter disabled, Bubba said he
feels bad for the girl, Jeff said she suffers from shaken child
syndrome. Bubba asked Jeff what he’s been saying, Jeff said he’s a
victim for falling for Bubba lying, Jeff said all Bubba does is
protect state agencies, Bubba said he’s the first to point out his
errors. Jeff said for the most part, he takes care of his kid, Bubba
thinks he’s using her as a pawn. Jeff said she’s been abused by the
school, Bubba thinks Jeff is blaming other people other than him.
Bubba said he’d feel better if the State of Florida was taking care of
Jeff’s kid, the guys want Jeff to get a job. Jeff claims the State of
Florida drugged his kid, Spice thinks Jeff is lazy, and Bubba thinks
he doesn’t deserve having a kid. Bubba asked him how he’s paying for
his bills, Jeff went to put his daughter on, Bubba asked him not to
put her on, Bubba said it’s just between them, Ned thinks Jeff is a
moocher. Bubba said he’d have more respect for him if he admitted his
problems, Bubba said the State is investigating him for a good reason,
Bubba said all Jeff’s daughter needs is a good Dad. Bubba doesn’t
think a real man lays down with a whore and has a kid, Jeff said you
can never read a person like that, Jeff said he met her at the
library, Bubba thinks differently. Spice wondered if the state
provides him with his cell phone, Jeff said it’s none of their
business, Bubba thinks Jeff drew the disturbing artwork. Spice wonders
if people think he’s corrupted, Bubba wonders what he does all day,
Jeff said he has a kid enrolled in school. Bubba thinks she’s
conveniently disabled, Jeff said he put her in summer camp to get her
away from the state. Bubba said he’s going to file the papers on him
today to have a restraining order placed against him. Bubba said he’s
never met Jeff, he wonders where Jeff comes up with the rape
allegation. Jeff thinks he should get a hold of the baby’s mom, Bubba
wonders how he’d get a hold of her. Jeff said he didn’t know where the
“rape” happened, Brent said Bubba weighed about 450 pounds back in the
Power Pig days, Jeff said he was just giving the facts, the guys
called his bluff on the story. Bubba wonders how anyone could be
normal if they lived with Jeff, Jeff hung up a few seconds later, and
Bubba called him “turbo white trash”. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Saynow.com, we then
heard some messages from the fans. Bubba said they’ve gotten a ton of
calls out West, Bubba asked if Beazley heard that. Mike thinks Jeff is
a pussy. Tammy in Dayton said she’s a disabled single parent, she said
the only flaw in the system is that they go back to people like Jeff,
Tammy thinks he’s a narcissistic son of a bitch. Bubba read the people
who will be on Dancing with the Stars for this year, the guys mock
Macey Gray’s vocal style. Joe the Supermark was on the line, he said
Kurt Angle’s hearing was rescheduled, Bubba thinks the gag order is
ridiculous. Brent said the truth doesn’t change in front of jury or on
air. Michelle thinks Jeff is a scumbag. Bubba said Mike is driving him
crazy, Bubba wonders what is so important. Bubba read from the comment
section on the screen, Bubba wonders is it really worth it to disrupt
his show, Mike said his job doesn’t allow him or customers to smoke
E-cigarettes, Brent said the company can make the kind of rules they
want. Bubba thinks Mike should be happy he has a job. Bubba said he
doesn’t allow smoking cigarettes, but he doesn’t mind weed, Brent said
you can’t bring mustard into his establishment, Bubba Eviled him a few
seconds later, Bubba thinks people are idiots. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various clips

Bubba thinks Spice is excited about the Jonas Brothers concert, Manson
thinks they’re music sucks, Bubba said he’ll be in the garage, Spice
had no idea the word play date existed, Bubba said guys don’t do play
dates. Spice wondered if Heather has a curfew, Bubba thinks she has
one she sets herself, Bubba said if she came in at four, her stuff
would be on the lawn with the sprinklers running. We then heard a news
clip about women buying more porno than men, Spice said he can’t buy
porn. Bubba thinks Spice should be embarrassed over his tricycle.
Bubba said he can buy any porno he’d like, Spice thinks porno is too
complicated. Brent wonders how you know if a guy or a girl is looking
at porn over the internet. Spice said there’s nothing worse than
watching porn on HBO, Spice sarcastically thanked the sexologist, and
Spice doesn’t’ get how Dr. Ruth is an expert on sex. Bubba suggests
Ned be Dr. Ned. We then heard a clip about a woman who lit herself on
fire, then walked into a mall. Chris in California said he got caught
having sex with a chimp, the guys called his bluff. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for SayNow.com. We then
heard “small Town” as bumper music, Bubba really likes John Cougar
Melon camp, and Bubba thinks he’s hard to deal with. We then heard a
news clip about Aubry Huff moving to Detroit, the guys think it’s a
great move. We then heard Ned’s “horseshit Town” from “The Clemulus
Package” disc 4, track 18. We then heard a news clip about Brian
Blare, then into a clip about two women who were murdered. Bubba said
if he was President, his slogan would be for the Immigrants to just go
home. Bubba thinks this is light brown trash, Bubba has a hard time
understanding what someone in the clip was saying. Brent said he was
watching something on TV that said America is so stupid, we don’t know
how stupid we are. Bubba got sidetracked with Contessa, Bubba thinks
he’s creepy for lusting after her. Bubba thinks they’ll never find
Hiley Cummings, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks a
kid wouldn’t be able to live for six months. Bubba said he’s had yet
to see a case about a girl that has gone missing, only to have it turn
out okay, Brent said it was the Elizabeth Smart case. Bubba said kid
are abducted for one of several reasons – molestation and murder.
Bubba said you get evaluated in life on everything, Bubba proposes
parenting evaluations, Manson thinks the system would be over whelmed.
Bubba thinks if you weren’t pre-approved to have a kid, you should be
sterilized. Bubba said when stupid people have stupid ,kids, they suck
down the system. Bubba said kids are a like a gun, you need to know
how to handle it. Bubba said he’d make the best political figure, but
he’d probably be put away. Bubba thinks an anti-Christ will save the
world. Bubba hopes Hailey is dead, as she’ll be in a better place. We
then heard “Ronald and Misty Cummings’s Wedding Vows” from “Bubba’s
new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 11, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Kevin

    Better not mess with the bad ass Bubba. He will antagonize you and threaten to kick your ass, or put a bullet in your head then he calls the police and FBI while talking about the “pussification of America” and “be a man”. Now he wants to start crap with Jason Ellis. Better watch out Jason… he will call the police on your butt. What a man, I mean wimpy radio Rambo.

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