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August 13th, 2009 by

The best of bits on today include: Kenny Gallo talks about his new book Break Shot, Bubba tries to call 1(800)Get-Fein, and Fat Casper’s infamous Marijuana T-Shirt interview.

For Sirius/XM listeners we have State of the Bubba Address with Heather Wiz and Balloon Knot, Why does the staff hate Big Dick?, and What other jobs have the guys worked for in the past?

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  1. lynne

    you played a phone call today on the best of show. the call was from Charlene in Tampa telling you about her ex-husband and how he kidnapped the 5 children and complaining about Vicki Reeves. would it be possible to get a copy of that call? I work for the attorney that handled that case and it would be helpful to have that transcript of cd of the phone call in our file.

    any help or assistance would be appreciated
    thanks Lynne

  2. boi

    The Mistress and slave bit on your show was AWESOME! I laughed my ass of. The woman I’m with tramples me all the time, I’d love to send you some pictures. I’m only like a 135 and She body surfs on my back and runs up on my chest or bounces on me. I love it! You guys rock. You’re the first show we found down here when we moved and I listen every morning!

  3. Staff

    you can join Bubbaraw.com this week for $1. If you want to see the pictures

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