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Top Stories:
Oscar-winning composer, 71, raped 11 women using Craigslist to lure victims with promise of film role
Deputies: man lured women on MySpace
Hillary Loses Cool When Asked About Bill
Plane Stuck on Tarmac: A Familiar Tale
Elderly woman bitten by rattlesnake

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Hulk Hogan. The bubba Army wishes you a very
happy birthday, Hogan!

Segment 1 – Hogan’s birthday, sports scores

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard
“Southern Cross” as bumper music. Bubba said he plays this only for
special moments. Bubba
said Twenty-five is picking up some protein bars, Bubba thinks he’s
listening to Wild. Joe the Supermark was on, he said today is Hogan’s
birthday. Joe
really likes saynow.com, Bubba is bummed out that they’re not that
popular on there, Bubba said the problem is the fans can’t find them.
Joe said one of
his friends got killed, he said the guy had $800.00, and he was shot
in the shoulder. Bubba said he sent everyone who called him via SayNow
got texts that
included Heather nude, then Bubba had Joe do a promo for Hogan’s
birthday today; Bubba thinks Joe is better than Hogan. Bubba said he
missed the race at
Watkins Glen, he was glad Tony won; Brent said Jeff Gordon got in a
bad wreck. Bubba recapped some sports scores. They then went to
commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Dayton Ratings, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Biggest Loser
Contest. We then heard some messages from the Saynow.com website. We
then heard “American
Woman” as bumper music. Bubba went over the ratings in Dayton, they
have a point one. Bubba plugged what’s on BubbaRaw.com and BTLS.com,
Bubba said Matt
Morgan will be on. Bubba read some emails. The first email said he has
a bet with a friend – where did bubba do radio first, Chicago or
Tampa, it was Chicago.
The emailer asked about Bubba’s salary, bubba said it’s not that
important. Another email said the Billy Mays cocaine bit was
hilarious. Another email
said the show is the best entertainment one can find. Another email
said the Billy Mays/Christy bit had them laughing so hard, he had to
call someone back.
Another email asked about the website Hogan talked about. Another
email thinks Bubba calling the listeners stupid won’t work out.
Another email asked if
there’s an official way to join the Bubba Army, Bubba said you don’t
have to buy anything. Another email asked about Canada BubbaPalooza
shows, Bubba said
the year has slipped by them. Another email said he was a waiter at
Bubba’s wedding. The email said they need help in regards to a beaten
child. Another
email said he got “the Clemulus Package”; he’s listened to it three
times. He said he missed out on the K5 Anthology, Bubba said they’re
not available
anymore. The K5 Anthology was a 25 disc set of everything the guys
have done. Another email was from someone in bubba’s communications
class in college.
Bubba said the booger towel was just for his boogers. After using it,
he’d wad a towel up after using it. Bubba said he saves his urine now,
he said he
only pees in the jug when he’s in the garage. Bubba thinks he has lard
in his urine, Bubba thinks he should ask Dr. Mark. Another email said
his day would
suck without him; he’s pulled over trucks with Bubba Army gear. The
last email of the day was in regards to a Weather girl the guys talked
about. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various discussions, Bubba’s dog doesn’t like him, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Leather
Biker Vest; it’s now down to $99. We then heard some messages from
some fans. One
message featured a guy singing a parody of “Frosty the Snow Man” about
bubba. We then heard “Beautiful Day” as bumper music. Bubba said he
hates to put
Bono over, but he’s talented. Bubba hopes they never give him a radio
show. Neil in Coco Beach said it’s normal for protein to be in your
urine. Scott
in Fort Lee said alkaline and bases separate. Bubba read that the
writer of “You Light up My Life” has been arrested for rape. Bubba
said his top four
girls are Janessa Brazil, Megan Fox, Contessa Brewer, and Heather.
Bubba read that Megan freaks out when she sees herself. Bubba said
Heather will be at
The Quorum Hotel. Spice wonders if they’ll get a new dog, Bubba thinks
his dog Bella is retarded. Bubba wonders if dogs can talk to each
other. Bubba thinks
the dog was abused, as the dog has growled at him. Bubba said he tells
the dog where it can go. Bubba read a letter from a guy at My Little
pet Project
about protesters. Bubba took a call from a woman who asked if the guys
saw something on talking dogs. Ken in Kansas marked out to Tony
Stewart. Bare in
Sarasota asked why Brent always has to correct him; Bubba said the
whole show corrects him. Pete in Vegas asked if there’s anything they
can do to get
the show on in Vegas. Bubba said they’re victims of executives who
have never done radio. Bubba said for the longest time, he’s had his
eyes on Vegas.
Bubba thinks someone at CBS doesn’t like them, Bubba thinks it’s the
Howard factor. Bubba said he talked to the Beazley guys about getting
on in Vegas.
Bubba thinks the Beazley people aren’t appreciative of them. Bubba
said Beazley asked him to submit a two minute video about the show.
Bubba said Tom Bean
over ruled the idea of a video. Bubba wonders what he’s missing. Spice
thinks they should do a podcast. Jamey in Ft. Meyers says that if
Beazley drops
them, they’ve got nothing. Bubba thinks they should just walk away and
do podcasting, Manson finds “Two and a Half Men” horrible. Lorry said
she’s been
a dog trainer, she asked if he’s ever tried giving her a treat, Bubba
thinks that wouldn’t work. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Rape wring busted, Frank Caruso working at Hess, KC Anthony

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard some messages from the fans. We then heard Manson’s “Billy Mays
for Cocaine”.
We then heard “Cocaine” as bumper music. Bubba thanked Manson for the
bit. Bubba thinks you couldn’t make a song like this in today’s
environment, Manson
said they edit out any drug references. Bubba thinks the program
directors back in the day we’re high on cocaine. BJ in Arizona said he
did an all nighter,
his air conditioner went out. BJ said he talked to Kevin Nash on
Scotty Ferrall’s show about Hogan, he said Kevin said that if Hogan
came back to wrestling,
he could give him the leg drop all he’d like. Bubba played Grady
Judd’s custom timble, Bubba congratulating him for breaking up a rape
wring. Bubba said
he had the garage door to the Clem Gym open, a cop came by and said
he’s the office of the attorney general; all he does is try and track
down sickos.
Spice wonders how they do it; Bubba said the guy explained it. They go
into chat rooms and tell the sickos many times that their twelve.
Bubba remembers
back in the day when child touching was much harder. We then heard a
news clip about that. Bubba asked Manson if they keep tabs on the
kids, Manson said
yes. Manson said Donna has a very low exasperation point. Bubba said
if a guy raped his daughter, he wouldn’t be able to talk to people.
Bubba said it’s
not hard to be a good person. Spice said imagine how easy it’s going
to be within the next couple of years. Bubba thinks if you’re going to
give your kid
a phone, you should have a phone that can keep track of what the other
phone is doing. Bubba said they have applications that tell you where
the cops are.
Bubba wonders if he could get a phone like that, Brent said that kind
of technology has to exist. Bubba said he heard that Frank Caruso got
arrested while
working at a Gas Station, bubba said he was selling cigarettes and
boos without ringing them up. Bret in Ft. Lauderdale said one of his
family members
was arrested for being an online predator. We then heard a news clip
about the KC Anthony case. Bubba thinks the trumped up check charges
are nothing compared
to the murder charges. We then heard “My Trunk” from “bubba’s new and
Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 9, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track
16. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba Brows SayNow.com

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
some messages from the fans. Bubba said that’s from Saynow.com, Bubba
said they’re not
in the search engine. Ned said he’s ready for vacation. Bubba said
people had better enjoy the three days off. Bubba wonders who a lot of
the people on
the site are. Bubba played a clip from a guy; Bubba wonders who the
guy is. Bubba played a call from a girl; the guys think she’s young.
Bubba said if
his eight year-old does something like that, he’s ripping the phone
out. Bubba said he was on Brooke Hogan’s page the other night, he
heard one of the
funniest things ever, he wants to have big dick edit it. Bubba found
the message, he found a different one, and Bubba thinks Big Dick will
have to grab
it now, as it’ll get erased. Bubba stopped and started the clip.
Manson said he’d shoot all parties involved if something like this
happened to his kid.
Bubba wonders what various fans of people sound like; he played a
message for Baby Triggy. Bubba thinks fags have been calling the
Backstreet boys, Bubba
played message, and Bubba thinks the girl in the message sounds like
him. Steve, a FTE asked about rank Caruso, Bubba said he’s out on
bail. Jessica in
Sarasota asked about the Bikes for Badges, bubba explained how he got
it going. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba VS. Code Pink

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. We
then heard a clip about Hilary Clinton flipping out. We then heard
Manson’s “Clinton
on the Plane” bit. Bubba plugged the SayNow page. Bubba thinks they
should have a show phone for each member. Bubba read an article about
an ice-cream
containing Viagra. Bubba said he was listening to Howard, he recorded
a birthday wish for Martha Stewart, Bubba thinks Howard has swagger
for days. Bubba
said they couldn’t play what he recorded, Bubba had to paraphrase it.
Bubba thinks people should learn from Howard, rather than hate on him.
Bubba thinks
radio would be much better if people were like that. CB was on, he
said he used to work with Frank, he said Frank isn’t his real name.
Bubba said heather
sent him the complaint letter. Bubba said they’re the most pro woman
ever. Spice found her picture, he was grossed out. Bubba read the
complaint, which
was the hog situation cut and pasted. Brent said Code Pink harassed
Marines for going to war. Bubba said Dan Atwell said he’s glad people
are coming home.
Dan said when they landed in San Francisco, he and a bunch of other
vets had to hide in a cave from the protesters. Bubba thinks Manson
was right for not
participating in the hog situation. Bubba said his wife has nothing to
do with it; bubba thinks Heather wouldn’t have condoned the bit. Bubba
thinks this
is all a shakedown. Bubba said Clear channel’s latest thing is
attacking a restaurant for supplying them with burritos. Bubba thinks
Clear channel should
stop being focused on them. Spice finds code pink pathetic. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – T & A’s matt Morgan on the Phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. One
guy sang “letters From Home”. We then heard “Give it Away Now” as
bumper music. Bubba
had Matt Morgan on. Matt said it was great to be on, he said he’s
really seven feet. Matt said he played some basketball, he had two NBA
tryouts. Matt
said it’s just you in the ring, you get what you put in. matt thinks
Larry Byrd seemed like an inch taller or so. Matt said he likes the
term jobber, he
said he doesn’t want to be embarrassed on National Television. Bubba
asked him about his training; Matt said he was at OBW when he started
out. Bubba asked
who is taller, matt or big show, Matt said Big Show is bigger than he
is. Matt said he was a part of the largest tag team in 2003. Matt said
Brock Lesnar
was a head of his time. Matt confirmed that Kurt would fight Lesnar
for real. Bubba wonders why matt didn’t go with Vince, Matt said it
was meant to be,
but it never materialized. Matt said they brought him on as a
stuttering character for a time. Spice asked him if he had to cut
promos while stuttering,
Matt said yes, he said he sucked at it. Bubba asked Matt if he was
good friends with Test, matt said yes, Bubba asked him not to do
anything stupid. Matt
said his next fight is against AJ Styles, Bubba hopes matt beats him
up. Matt said Kurt is very professional. Bubba thinks T & A is messing
with his phone.
Matt said he met his wife at his very first class in college, Matt
said he’ll have kids when he’s off the road. Matt said he could dunk a
basketball in
sixth grade. Bubba said he would’ve been Matt’s hype guy. Bubba thinks
he shouldn’t go back stage at T & A. matt said he’s the only show he
likes, aside
from Howard, Bubba said they’re grateful to Howard. Bubba thanked Matt
for coming on. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various clips, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. One
guy sang about how great the Bubba Army is. Pat in Parish really likes
Manson’s parodies.
Brent thinks it was cowardly for Forest Griffin to run out of the
wring. Bubba took a call from a guy who said it’s not only the Bubba
Army; it’s the bubba
Marines, the bubba Air force, the bubba Coastguard. Mikey said the
race yesterday was awesome. John said the guys have a great show, it’s
better to have
a replay. We then heard a clip about Tony’s race yesterday. Bubba
likes how Tony can be himself. We then heard a news clip about a woman
who was groped
while in a Mini Mouse costume. Bubba thinks they should put guys in
mini mouse costumes. Bubba thinks this is a Disney payday. Bubba
brought Hogan on.
Bubba played a clip of Hogan singing happy birthday, he then played
Joe the Supermark’s message for him from earlier. Hogan thinks it was
pretty good.
Hogan said he was at a bar the other night in New York, it’s so far
down, you’re looking up. Hogan said there’s a painting of a white
bangle tiger. Bubba
replayed Joe’s message. The guys wished Hogan a happy Birthday, Bubba
said he was there for Hogan’s 44th. Bubba said he got an email from a
guy who said
he was a mover at Linda’s house, he has some info. Bubba didn’t like
the Good morning America interview; Hogan thinks Linda is playing the
same card again.
Bubba thinks they should be dead to Hogan, Hogan said he’s done with
it, Hogan said he has to clean out the boat. Hogan said he’s glad that
Bubba is getting
stuff done. Bubba read an article about half of Tampa is in a mortgage
situation. Bubba said he’ll be taking the kids to Orlando for a little
Hogan said they called Matt Morgan the beast. BJ called in, he thinks
Hogan will come in and bring wrestling back to what it once was. Bubba
said McDonalds
is recession proof. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Jennifer Chapman

    I heard you say there would be a button on your web site to link up to the Lower Property taxes. I would like to check out that site, and I can’t remember the whole name. I am one of the truck driving wonmen that listen to your show. I make a trip to Atlanta and back with LOT’S of mail! So, if you can please help me with this…Thanks Jenn/ Tampa

  2. Scott Moll

    Just wanted to say I liked hearing Manson’s “Billy Mays
    for Cocaine.” Got a good laugh out of it.

  3. Lisa Cacciola

    To Bubba and Crew,
    Just wanted to thank you for mentioning the pet Adopt-A-Thon going on at the Quorum Hotel in Tampa this Friday & Saturday. I am the volunteer coordinator and the more we can put the word out, the better this event will be. I love listening to you guys, and have been doing so for years! I am looking forward to seeing your wife on Friday and I hope these so called protesters find something else better to do with their time, because they are certainly not going to ruin our event!I hope to see the Bubba Army there in full force! Thanks again!

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