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Top Stories:
Marijuana Grow House Goes Up In Smoke
7 bodies pulled from Hudson after midair collision
Stroke of luck: 90 year old sees again
Man shoots teen in Pasco, then kills self
Cocaine contributed to Billy Mays’ death

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba not on in Orlando?

Bubba started off with audio of The Rays losing. We then heard “Let
the Good times Roll” as bumper music. Bubba said the Rays had a chance
on Friday but
blew it. Bubba thinks Brent messed up with the score for the Rays.
Bubba recapped some sports scores, Brent said he’s been trying to fix
his computer for
a half an hour. Ned said he did a bunch of blow in honor of Billy
Mays. Bubba said his Intel was dead on with the Billy Mays situation,
Spice wonders what
he didn’t have in his system, and Spice joked. John in Deltona
wondered what happened to Bubba’s Orlando affiliate. Bubba had the guy
turn it up, bubba
said he’ll look into it, he thinks they got pulled. Bubba said MJ
couldn’t align himself with Billy Mays. Bubba thinks the SayNow.com
thing is going great.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – The show still not on in Orlando, various clips, B-Fudd checks in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said that he heard someone might’ve overslept in Orlando. Bubba said
he likes the new
McDonalds hamburger. The guys discussed Frank Caruso got arrested for
either not paying for food, or stealing some stuff from a restaurant.
Hogan said
he can’t wait for Debbie to get arrested. We then heard an audio clip
about a camp for people with -Tourettes Syndrome. Spic remembers Jug
head had a mild
form of it (Jug head was the video editor, he quit after a DVD
wouldn’t load properly). We then heard a news clip about a dog that
ate a bag of pot. Bubba
thinks the vet is high weigh robbery. Bubba doesn’t like the reporter
of the story. B-Fudd called in, he asked if the guys watched the game
the other night,
Bubba wonders when B-Fudd did ever like Seattle’s baseball team.
B-Fudd asked about the dog smoking pot, Bubba said a dog can’t
physically pick up a bong
and do that. Bubba told him when he opens up the conversation as a
retard; you’ll be addressed as such. Bubba thinks it would be easy to
explain what Mays
didn’t have in his system. Bubba thinks channel eight as been anti
them for a long time. Bubba said it was really hot outside yesterday,
Bubba thinks Brent
spends very little time outside. Bubba asked if they’re still not on
in Orlando, Dave said they’re not. Bubba wonders how they don’t make a
mark over there.

Segment 3 – bubba back on Orlando, Billy Mays discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo about Michael Grady. We
then heard Manson’s “Clinton on the Plane” bit. Eric in Orlando asked
what’s going on
with the station. Bubba thinks it’s a funny way of telling them
they’re gone. Bubba called up Fleetwood, the GM at WHTQ. Bubba thinks
no one is going to
answer the phone, he got sent to voicemail. Bubba thinks “Stairway to
Heaven” is an improvement over them. Bubba said the Metro PCS people
aren’t going
to be happy. Justin wondered about Billy Mays, Bubba said Mays was
high on almost everything. Bubba said they were the bad guys on that
situation. We then
heard a news clip about a couple arrested for killing a puppy to make
the skin for a belt. Bubba thinks this is a Shannon Burke situation,
Bubba said Burke
used the dog as a silencer. Bubba wonders how Jesus can fix something
like that. Bubba said Jesus can do a lot of stuff, not after. Brent
said McTear is
playing the Jesus card. Ned said he’d wear a belt like that. Bubba
said Heather is working with Little Pet Project. Bubba said Heather
told him not to
say anything about it on air, Bubba told her if he doesn’t’ talk about
it, no one would show up. Bubba said when people write his name, they
need to put
the registered symbol next to the name. Bubba said if he doesn’t put
the registered R next to his name, he could lose it. Bubba said
they’re back in Orlando,
Spice said Fleetwood emailed him; Bubba thinks he threw the number
away. Bubba called Fleetwood, he picked up. Fleetwood said the
scheduling was screw
up, bubba thinks Debbie is going to be pissed off. Bubba thinks they
can throw a billboard up there. Fleetwood said Bubba’s numbers doubled
Ned wonders
why he thinks everything is a joke. Bubba thinks Kevin Vargas would
pull his hair out if they weren’t on. Fleetwood said someone didn’t
show up. Ned said
he’d like to work for Fleetwood. Bubba said Bob Kneel is pissed. Bubba
said he really likes BJ’s. Bubba wondered what a fish taco is, the
guys couldn’t
stop laughing. Brent asked Bubba how CRI went, we then heard an anti
racing bumper, and Bubba said it was great. Bubba said Dan Atwell and
Chuck Green
almost fought. We then heard a news clip about Billy Mays. Bubba said
even he doesn’t call his own show during the best of. Bubba thinks MJ
is beside himself
that they scooped him; Bubba wonders what MJ and Billy talked about,
someone made a long, sniffing sound. Bubba went over the stuff that
was in Mays’s
system. Brent said any cocaine user has Zanex in his system. Bubba
wants big dick to find all the calls that defended Mays. Bubba said
this just shows
how fake people are. Bubba said that before Mays’s death, there was no
controversy about him. Bubba said if you asked hundred women if they’d
rather have
Bubba or Billy Mays babysit their kids, Bubba said he lose that battle
for sure. Bubba said he’s a nerd for not doing drugs. Brent read that
they also
found Alcohol in his system. Bubba said they’re rough around the
edges. Bubba said when Manson did this, a lot of people got pissed
about it, but in the
end it was right. We then heard the bit, Bubba interjected
periodically; Manson said he has another one momentarily. Bubba thinks
MJ doesn’t have a hair
on his ass if he doesn’t play this. Bubba wonders where Mays was
getting his cocaine. Bubba thinks it’s so nice to have been right. Joe
from Coco Beach
said he’d like to apologize, Bubba said he’s truthful. Joe said that
MJ has an appeal with younger kids. Bubba said there have never been a
checks and
balances in Tampa; Bubba thinks he shouldn’t even talk about the guy.
Bubba said he’ll win his court case against MJ. Bubba said MJ tries
too hard. Bubba
said everyone in MJ’s staff hates him. Paul in Tampa said the guy’s
have the greatest show around. He thinks Bubba has a habit of
repeating himself. Bubba
sarcastically thanked the guy for his positive reinforcement. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new bit, snake guy arrested for cocaine

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Mr. Wrong Is Me”. We then
heard “Here with out you”. Bubba really likes Three Doors Down; Bubba
said they’re
normal men. CJ said if she had kids, she’d have Bubba babysit her
kids, she said Mays freaked her out. Manson has a new offering, “Billy
Mays for cocaine”.
In the bit, Billy says cocaine is what makes him excited; he says he
could sell track shoes to quadriplegics. Bubba really likes Manson’s
Billy Mays impersonation.
John wondered why MJ fired an intern for smoking pot, but was friends
with Billy Mays. Bubba said MJ failed to tell people that he didn’t
know Billy that
long. Bubba asked the Satellite people to bear with him. Spice thinks
MJ is a hypocrite, bubba thinks most narcissists are hypocrites. Ned
said if bubba
fired everyone who smoked weed, he would be working alone. Bubba read
an article about people getting arrested because of the facial camera.
Bubba asked
Spice to give Jim coats a timble Mark said he’s still laughing at
Manson’s bit; he thinks the guys should be on Comedy Central Dave said
the snake guy
got arrested for cocaine. Bubba said people can’t handle the truth for
the most part, we then heard Manson’s “Snake Ate Your Baby” then they
went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com. Spice said Hogan was on hold, Bubba wonders
what he’s going on as today, Spice
said he’s Terry-ish. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on.
Hogan asked if he saw Brooke Knows Best, Hogan said he sported his
Bubba Army shirt,
Hogan said it was the first time he ever pulled that off. Bubba asked
Hogan about his meeting in New York, Hogan said it goes down in an
hour. Hogan said
he saw Linda on Good Morning America. Hogan said he’s going to have
someone look at the boat. Hogan said he hasn’t been on the boat for
two years Hogan
said Jennifer found a bag of cocaine between the seats. Bubba said
Frank Graziano was arrested. Bubba read some emails about the tax
adjustment Hogan was
talking about. Bubba thinks he’s Hogan’s agent. Hogan said Jennifer is
upside-down on her town house. Bubba said the average man has made
Hogan rich. Bubba
thinks Linda was the one who was so knee jerk on Hogan’s big
purchases. Bubba said Hogan needs a pair of flip flops and a T-shirt.
Hogan said he’s going
to try and get back on his feet. Hogan said Bubba has a very powerful
thing going on. Bubba said besides helping people, they also screw
with people. Hogan
thanked Bubba for cutting him off, Hogan said tomorrow was his
birthday, bubba said his 44th was the first birthday he did. Bubba
thinks Hogan realizes
how the average person lives. Bubba said Hogan used to light joints
with $100.00 bills. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Linda Hogan on Good Morning America, 911 call, Billy Mays

Coming out of commercials, we heard ZZ Top as bumper music. Bubba said
he’s got a ton of stuff to get to. Bubba said big dick brought the DVD
of Linda Hogan
on Good Morning America. Bubba wonders why they have to have a
reporter read a quote. Bubba thinks it’s funny they called Hogan the
first family of Wrestling.
Bubba interjected to say that Linda is bipolar with a drug problem.
Bubba stopped and started the clip to interject. Bubba thinks they
have her dummied
down. Bubba thinks Linda is answering her own questions. Bubba said
they spun the 911 call as if Hogan is in the house. Bubba said all
Good Morning America
has to do is get Brooke on. Bubba said he’s glad that the dog bit
Linda. Bubba said dogs know. Bubba thinks Hogan should’ve had Hayslett
take care of the
situation, Brent said he couldn’t have. Bubba said he has some news,
but he can’t say what it is. Bubba thinks animals would rather die
than live with
her. Brent thinks Good Morning America did a horrible job at
interviewing. We then heard a news clip about a woman who was pushed
off of a balcony. We
then heard the 911 call about that, the guy said that she jumped off
the balcony; Brent thinks the guy is happy, Bubba thinks the guy is
guilty. Bubba
said when you have a major tragedy; you get pissy with the person on
the line. Manson thinks the guy will get away with it. We then heard a
clip from June
29, where bubba took a call from a guy named Rick, who said he worked
with Billy. Bubba called MJ a modern-day pussy. Bubba said MJ is the
nerd in High
school that everyone makes fun of. We then heard a news clip about
Billy Mays. We then heard Manson’s “Billy Mays For cocaine”. They then
went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Christy from Seminal

Coming out of commercials, we heard a clip from July 1, where Bubba
took a call from a woman who didn’t like the guys airing the Billy
Mays 911 call. The
clip ends with Manson as Billy Mays saying he has to clean the blood
out of Jesus’ robe. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – emails, various clips, Frank Caruso call replay

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Linda Hogan gold Digger”
from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 5”, track 1, and “the Clemulus
Package” disc
4, track 8. Bubba said Frank Caruso was arrested over the weekend,
bubba finds the charges strange. Brent said he pulled Frank’s arrest
record; Frank has
been arrested for obstruction of justice, domestic battery, and false
imprisonment. Bubba invited Frank to cal in and talk about it. We then
heard a news
clip about the woman who was arrested for trying to kill her husband,
she has been released from jail. Bubba read that Mel Hall JR was
arrested for raping
a 12 year-old girl. Brent said he found the statute Caruso was
arrested under. We then heard Manson’s “Telephone tough guys”, Bubba
interjected to replace
the line of “A goon with a really big phone bill” to a big spatula.
Jim in Tampa said it never surprised him with Mel hall, he said he
went to school with
him. Bubba read some emails. The first email said he was the guy in
the video with the woman wanting to kill her husband. Another email
said that the guys
need a billboard. Another email thinks he fits the bill for “the
biggest Loser” contest. Another email said he was at Furgs, he thinks
Tasha might be engaged;
Spice said it wasn’t the case. Another email sent Ned a website about
a small band. Bubba read an email from Blind Lawrence saying he’d like
to come in,
Bubba said they’ll talk about it in the creative meeting. Bubba
wonders where the line is drawn with animals that die; Brent said PETA
runs just one animal
shelter where animals die 78% of the time Bubba suggested you go to
the ASPCA. Another email said he’d like to go to the Pittsburgh show.
Another email
said they give Bubba credit for hitting the Billy Mays thing on the
head, another email was stunned about the ratings. The last email
thinks a caller is
stupid she hates the term Latino, the emailer wanted Bubba to change,
Bubba said no. Bubba said he gives the Spanish people a chance to dig
at him, he
played some Spanish bumpers. Bubba wonders how Chris Brown got away
with what he did, and then read an article about Chris Brown. We then
heard Manson’s
“Chris Brown Song” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 7,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17. We then heard the clip
from May 18, 2009,
where Frank called into the show. From the archives:

Fred called into ask why the charges were dropped, Bubba figured out
that Frank Graziano called in, Bubba proceeded to rip into him, Frank
said no one knows
him. Frank said he never hides; Bubba wants him to come down to the
studio. Frank sent a shout out to charley Hill and the DA. Frank
ripped into Nick Hogan.
Bubba asked him if he was done, Bubba mocked him with a New York
accent. Frank wants to get Hogan on the line; he wants to fight both
of them. Frank said
he’s 6 foot 205 pounds. Frank said Bubba cried to the public. Frank
asked Bubba to take off his costume and face him. Frank said he runs
Clearwater, Brent
said he doesn’t run anything. Bubba asked him where to meet him. Frank
said Bubba is nothing. Frank wondered what happened to Kevin Hayslett.
Bubba told
Frank to pick out where to fight. Bubba and Frank went back and forth;
Frank called Bubba a rat, Frank said Bubba can’t talk to him like a
man. Bubba kept
asking him when and where; Frank accused Bubba of starting this issue.
Frank said bubba should be ready to shoot him. Frank said he’s seen
what Bubba has
done. Frank called Hogan a coward. Bubba asked Frank to stop cursing.
Frank said Bubba knows nothing about him. Frank said do what you got
do. Frank laughed
at Bubba calling him a telephone tough guy. Bubba said he didn’t have
to answer to anyone. Bubba said Frank’s brother was miserable at home,
he began to
hang out with the Hogan’s. Bubba asked Frank to stop disrespecting his
brother. Bubba asked Frank to stop calling himself that. Frank said he
didn’t say
his name was on bays News 9. Bubba asked Frank what Schnitt called
him; Frank said he never called Schnitt. Frank said he’s not gonna let
some steroid
freak disrespect his family, Bubba said John is his half brother.
Frank said Bubba will bow down to him; Bubba said Frank would have to
put a bullet in
his head before he’d bow down to him. Frank said Bubba went to feds
but nothing happened. Frank said when they meet face to face, he
better bring his a
game. Frank said if it was up to him, things would be done
differently. Bubba asked Frank when and where, Frank asked what Bubba
is gonna do. Frank said
people aren’t with Bubba. Bubba said he’s not afraid to put opposing
views on his show. Bubba thinks the guy is the most impossible guy to
talk to, Frank
said when the guys are dead, and he’ll still be around. Frank thanked
Linda for looking like a whore. Brent said they could fight in Gracie
Tampa. Bubba
said he got a text from Gene Lasker. Frank said Bubba isn’t a tough
guy; Frank said no one gives a crap about Bubba. Frank asked why Bubba
said his name.
Bubba asked one of the guys to play the messages. Frank said he never
left any messages. Bubba played one of the messages, Frank asked what
the point was,
and Frank asked what was so bad about that. Bubba played another
message from Frank, Frank thinks Hogan is hiding. Frank said he didn’t
ask Charley to
bang Linda. Bubba wonders what Frank’s real last name, Frank had no
idea. Frank said he’s a marine, he said he’s from a squad call the
Marines. Brent said
you’re not dealing with the faculty of Harvard; you’re dealing with a
basic moron. Brent said he doesn’t have a name to destroy. Brent egged
him on, Bubba
told him to shut up. Frank called Bubba a cracker. Frank wants to see
Bubba walk down the block. Frank said meet him at Greenwood in
Clearwater, Spice
joked would they like to do a meet and greet. Bubba sarcastically
thanked Burney McKay; Bubba hoped that Frank should’ve been in the car
instead of John.
Spice asked if Frank should be concerned with his family. Bubba said
he’d get into Frank’s mother. Frank said he’s met Bubba in the past…
Bubba thinks
he should just hang up on him. Frank said when Bubba sees him in the
streets, to not talk. Brent thinks Frank is delusional, Frank said he
destroyed Bubba
on his own show. Frank said Bubba owes him something; he said he’s not
going away. Frank said he’s taking Bubba’s job, Frank called Howard a
skinny transsexual,
he said Howard got rid of him. Frank said he confronted Bubba, the
guys sarcastically said he won. Frank hung up. They then ended the
show a few seconds

5 Responses

  1. Jon

    That back and fourth banter between bubba and “frank” was the best segment I’ve heard on the show in awhile. I would love to see bubba beat the shit out of this guy in a cage match, or even in the “mean streets” of clearwater. Highly unlikely, but I hope “frank” mans up and accepts the challenge.

  2. chuck

    thought the Billy Mays stuff was the best I have heard from you guys(idiots) I listen to 96 K rock in fort myers but that voice and comments from Billy in heaven was funny as shit Bye good luck with ratings and Hogan is turning into those info mercial pigs that only get people in deeper Its ascam for these attorneys to prey on stupid people who had no right owning their own home so go get them and make them pay $900 to these scammers

  3. jk

    what is the site hogan was talking about. I cannot find it anywhere

  4. lisa p.

    re: Jeff Martin and his daughter, Camry
    Last week I thought I was sending an email to Bubba and the radio show, and it turned up here. I was just ranting and raving about what I had overhead from someone I know casually. I had no idea it would be published. Then I ran into this woman who told me this, and she said that i confused two different stories she told me about two different guys losing custody of their kids. I told her what I said online, and she insisted that I send a written apology to this guy and his daughter. I am truly sorry. I never meant this to be published and thought I was just giving them inside details so they wouldn’t believe him.
    I thought when it said mail (will not be published) it meant my mail to you would not be published. I am now embarassed to have done this horrible thing. I hope his daughter and family and friends and employer didn’t see it. I didn’t mean to lie about him or make him out to be a criminal maniac. Not that he sounds like an angel when I heard it on the radio but I also had no right to put in things I didn’t know were true. Please accept my apology.
    Lisa P.

  5. rob

    check out this funny site . . . if you have not already


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