08-07-09 Friday

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FM Show

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Twelve Boobs of Christmas approved

The show started off with “thunder Struck” as bumper music. Bubba
recapped some sports scores; Brent thinks the Marlins are in a bit of
a slip. Bubba said random hot sounding chicks will get tickets to the
Death Leopard show next Friday. Bubba said its catch up day. Bubba
said he’s got a lot to get into, Bubba said he has some artwork the
Eleven year-old drew, and Bubba thinks it’s a creepy drawing. Bubba
said Jay green lighted the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba thinks
they won’t do the contest over the internet, Bubba thinks a lot of
girls don’t want to have their pictures on the internet, Brent agrees.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails, Bubba’s ext to Jay

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Blue Oyster Cult as bumper
music. Bubba wonders if when people are in hotels, they tend to get
crazier. Bubba read a press release from his publicist about the
ratings in Ft. Meyers. Bubba thinks one page on the iPhone is like War
and Peace. The first email of the day said that Alice Cooper said nice
things about Bubba on his show. Spice wonders if Maryland Manson is a
work, Bubba thinks everything is a work. Bubba chides Spice for being
so cheap, Spice said if anyone wants his motor cycle, email him. Ned
said at least his trike goes the right way. Bubba wants to do side by
side shots of Ned’s and Spice’s bikes. Spice thinks it’s like a used
car lot back there. Bubba said they’re white trash with money. Bubba
thinks Spice couldn’t get eight grand for one on EBay. Spice said that
between Ned and Bubba, they have a lot of cars; Bubba reasoned that
instead of having one good car, he’ll have five mediocre ones. Bubba
said he’s going to get a used car for Heather. Another email said it
was great to hear the guys. Another email from Limo Bob, Bubba’s
friend from 1989 said he was proud of Bubba’s success. Bubba said
Semis are the new kind of limos. Another email said that there’s a
late model race Keith will be in, NorthFloridaSpeedRace.com. Another
email said that Neil Boortz is in the radio hall of fame, Bubba
wonders why Howard Stern isn’t there. Another email asked about the
ratings, he wonders who he has to call to get into the ratings survey.
The last email said they’ve never heard a show like theirs. Bubba said
he was talking to Jay, Jay said Bubba is either a genius, or a few
steps away from being the next Charles Manson. Jay showed Bubba a text
he sent him about him not picking up the phone. In the text, Bubba
sarcastically thanked Jay for picking up the phone; Bubba said he’d
beat the crap out of Jay. Jay showed the text to bob Kneel, Bob
thought it was funny. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – E Cigarettes, gym shooter, biggest loser contest

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Clinton on the Plane”
bit. Bubba said he’s having a tough time with his iPod, he didn’t mean
to play “Sister Christian”. Spice said he remembers this from the
Boogie Nights sound track. Bubba doesn’t know what the term modering
means. Bubba wonders what it would take for an Emerald city reunion;
Manson thinks the fans wouldn’t like that. Bubba thanked White cloud
Cigarettes for giving the guys McDonalds, Bubba thinks they could
survive on just fountain drinks and French fries. Manson said that the
FDA is all over the E cigarette, Spice said this is exactly why
lobbyists are evil. Bubba thinks some of the cigarette companies
should sell some E cigarettes. Manson thinks someone should sue the
FDA. Jim in South Decoda said he got the new album last night, he said
Twenty-five included some stickers. Bubba said he has an idea called
“Bubba wonka”. Bubba said Zwigles will be coming in. Bubba wonders
where Randy Burnet is. Bubba played his bumper. Bubba thinks he’s the
only public servant who has his own bumper. Rob in Orlando said he
coaches little league, he said Mike Grady was a great guy. Bubba
doesn’t get how they’re not doing so great in Orlando. We then heard a
news clip about a shooter who shot some women. Brent said the guy
hated women because they wouldn’t date him. Bubba asked Spice to find
“Psycho Asian Man”. Bubba proposes a contest for the biggest loser, a
guy who can’t get laid on his own. Bubba thinks if you have built up
sexual aggression. Bubba thinks Tom the Treeman might be the biggest
loser. Bubba thinks they could do the Tom the Treeman dating game.
Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about a shooting, a doctor’s
wife. Kim said that she knows guys who are like that. Bubba said the
rules should be that you have to be twenty-five. Spice read that the
guy was trying to pick up younger women, he got rejected. Bubba said
you have to bring in your guns, unloaded. The guys think bringing the
guns is a bad idea. We then heard Ned’s “Psycho Asian Man” from “Ned’s
parody songs vol. 2”, track 15, parody of “Secret Agent Man”. The song
is about Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, creepy artwork

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Mr. Wrong Is Me”. Bubba
played “slide It In” for Manson, Bubba thinks the song is filthy.
Bubba said he had his Jacksonville numbers, he couldn’t find them.
Anna in Tampa thanked the guys for making her laugh, she said that
today was the last day she’d be able to listen to the show. Bubba
thinks all she wants is tickets; Manson thinks she’s really good.
Mindy wondered about the guy who called in the other day, Bubba said a
guy like that is a loud mouth punk. Brown from Get R Done Productions
was on the line, he wondered why Bubba is doing the contest with guns,
and Brown said he’s been really busy; he hasn’t been able to do his
one bit a year. Mike in Naples asked for protection, he wants a
contest for guys who haven’t seen their wife’s feet in ten years.
Bubba thinks he’s scared to talk about it, Mike said he’s confronted
her many times. Bubba thinks they should go to a gym. Bubba thinks
Mike wants to screw around. Bubba said Jeff Clark, a caller from a few
days ago, dropped off some artwork. Bubba recapped the phone calls.
Bubba said they don’t broadcast from Cox, Bubba said he’s glad they
don’t. Bubba said they’re one of the very few guys who has their own
station. Bubba thinks the CBS building is like a puppy mill. Bubba
described the artwork, it says “Remember Gabriel” in purple, then
there are some red and green arrows, then the words “They are killing
our Children”, it shows a kid hanging with a tear in its eye, it then
lists various organizations that they think are responsible. Bubba
said you couldn’t ask for better men. Bubba thinks a kid couldn’t have
drawn this. Bubba wonders if an eye patch makes you rugged. Bubba said
he’d like to apologize to the heat this caused. Bubba said he’s afraid
of what he could do to the kid. Becky was on; she said there are a
couple of guys who go to the gym look at the women there. Bubba asked
her if she wanted tickets, she said maybe, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various clips, Billboards in Miami idea is a no go

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about George Anthony.
We then heard Manson’s “Caylee’s not In the Cradle”. We then heard
some rick James as bumper music. We then heard a news clip about
Ronald Cummings getting arrested. Bubba thinks Haily is long gone.
Bubba wonders how many times he’s been shot down on stuff. Bubba read
that one of the guys from the DCA pled guilty to bank fraud, bubba
thinks he won’t do a day in jail. Bubba said it makes him sick that
they’re labeled as the bad guys. Bubba read an email from a guy saying
his daughter was murdered, the trial is coming up. Brent finds it
shocking that the 911 dispatures aren’t trained. Bubba thinks he’ll
call the guy, he dialed the number a few seconds later, Spice said he
got sent to voicemail. Travis said he hates to keep beating a dead
horse with the crazy Dad; he wants to call the guy and drive him
crazy. Bubba said he can’t do that. Tonya said she’s a new listener,
she said her boyfriend got her hooked on to it. She said she always
listened to MJ, Bubba wonders why. She said she doesn’t know why she
liked MJ. Bubba said people are so stuck on their ways. Bubba said
people are sheep. Bubba aid if you don’t discover them, you won’t know
about them. We then heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba said all he wanted
was Spanish billboards that said he has hurpies. Bubba said one of
these days, Jay will apologize for being an idiot. Bubba thinks the
bumpers would’ve been great coverage. We then heard some more bumpers.
Bubba said Jay looked at him like he was an idiot. Bubba said they
know what they’re doing when it comes to radio. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard “Sweet Home Alabama” as bumper music; Bubba said he played it
for Ned. Bubba doesn’t think pit bulls are a problem. Bubba said your
dog is going to show you the respect you garner. Bubba said jimmy
Kleavis’s dog won’t do anything. We then heard a clip about a guy who
trained his dog to attack a cop. Bubba said pit bulls aren’t bad; it’s
the white trash that raise them. Spice said if he had a kid, he
wouldn’t leave it in a room with a pit-bull. Bubba played Hogan’s
bumper and brought him on. Bubba thinks Hogan’s dog is a dick. Bubba
said Jimmy Kleavis’s pass port expired. Hogan said he’s on his way to
his accountant’s office. Hogan thinks Obama is on the right track with
his plans. The guys talk about banks. Bubba thinks the divorce is good
for him, as he’s getting a look at the real world. Hogan said he was
behind a guy with a bubba Army sticker. Hogan said he got a letter
from someone who liked the white tiger deal. Hogan can’t remember when
he was officially divorced. Bubba said in two weeks, he hasn’t heard
anything about Linda. Hogan said his book isn’t a tell-all book. Bubba
remembers when Hogan was living with him; Bubba had to talk Hogan down
a few times. Bubba remembers when Hogan first stayed over; the kids
figured out that Hogan was there. Hogan said that Tyler would ask
Hogan the same stuff over and over again. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “White Bangled tiger”. We
then heard “You’ve got another Thing coming”. Bubba thinks he can talk
Janessa Brazil into shocking her pussy. Bubba said for the longest
time, Spice has had Jessica Simpson as his screen saver. Bubba wonders
why didn’t Spice make Tasha is screen saver sooner, Bubba said he’s
never had a screen saver, it’s a black screen. Bubba said the guests
sit by spice; Spice said he needs to stop watching porn. Bubba thinks
spice should put her over. Bubba thinks Spice might end up losing her.
Spice said she’s been watching BubbaRaw, Spice said he knows that’s
not good for the relationship. Bubba said he’d have her as his screen
saver if she was his. Bubba thinks Spice should throw her a bone every
now and again. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on, Hogan
thinks Spice has hurpies, and he said Spice knows they’re just messing
around. Hogan said Brooke had a crush on Spice, Spice said he’d never
touch her. Hogan thinks Bubba instigated this stuff. Spice yelled how
Linda left Hogan and she’s with a younger man, Spice is upset that
Hogan is telling Brooke Spice has hurpies. Hogan said Miami is telling
people bubba has hurpies, which is why people aren’t listening. Hogan
thinks Bubba is on the MJ team. Bubba thinks Hogan is more insane than
he is. Ned said he’d like to go to Planet Terry, he said the days are
92 hours long. Bubba thinks Hogan should’ve listened to Andre the
giant. Spice asked Hogan if he’s pro pre nup or not, Hogan said he’s
pro nothing. Hogan said he doesn’t know what Jennifer thinks. Bubba
likes how when Hogan dodges a question, he does a character voice.
Spice asked when she kissed his cheek in court, did he want to hit
her, and Hogan said that kiss could’ve been half a million off of it.
Hogan ended up repeating what bubba said about the stimulus packaging,
Bubba thinks Hogan is losing his mind. Bubba said Hogan doesn’t care
who he makes mad. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Pitch man

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Grady family. We
then heard some Rush as bumper music. Bubba said “the Clemulus
Package” is on sale now. Jerry in Miami said he doesn’t understand how
the ratings are tabulated. Bubba played a Spanish bumper for the guy,
he heard a bit of it. He heard another one, saying that Bubba thinks
go-carts are interesting content. We heard another bumper; he said
it’s the one that says bubba might have a heart attack on the air. We
then heard a clip about Mighty Brand looking for a new pitch man.
Bubba thinks Hogan should indorse a big sponge. Bubba as Hogan said he
needs the money. Spice thinks a pitch man can’t be a hard job. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

Sirius Show

Segment 1 – Various callers, Jesse James

Bubba started off with some Notorious BIG as bumper music. Bubba
wondered what happened, Bubba said he fired up the show like normal,
Bubba wants to fire up the show; Manson thinks if he hears Full
Trucker Effect a second time, his head will explode. Oil Can said he
likes the opening to the show, he thinks they should just get on with
the show. Ken in Atlanta thinks they can do it any way the guys want
to, he thinks they should start it the way it starts. Dicky thinks
they should keep it going. Forest said full Trucker Effect, Chad said
keep it rolling. Chad asked about Bubba’s diet, he said there’s a new
product that is great, it’s only 42 grams of protein, and you can get
it on prosource.net. Bubba wonders how much protein is in Ned’s
ejaculation, Ned said a bunch. Bubba said Lesley West is crazy, he’ll
be in a little later on. Chad said he doesn’t like the yellow
wrapping; Bubba likes the yellow and orange stuff. Bubba went back to
forest, he’d like to get tickets, and Manson as Ferret called him a
cheap motherfer. Forest said he’s on a six pack and a blunt, he
considers it breakfast. He thinks he would’ve smashed the kid over the
head with the phone if she pulled that. Dicky thanked bubba for the
tickets, Spice thinks he sounds like a mass murderer. Ken in Atlanta
wanted to comment on crazy kids, he thinks the Dad was feeding the kid
lines. Ken said his girl had a cold, Bubba asked the kid if she’d like
to sit in the car and not get cold. Ken said it speaks volumes. Oil
Can called Bubba a ball sniffer, the guys cracked up; Bubba hit the go
pack go sounder. Oil can asked about a poster called the dick poster,
bubba said he’s never seen it. Ned is very interested in the poster.
Bubba said he got an email about a country girl, Bubba heard she’s hot
as hell. Bubba pulled up her picture, bubba thinks she’s hot. Bubba
thinks she’s been jobbed out. Bubba potted up audio of her, bubba
thinks she went from an eleven to a seven. Bubba pulled up her video,
Manson said he’s heard the song. Bubba said he could care what she
sounds like; Bubba said he’s done with Contessa. Bubba thinks she’s
very Tasha like. Bubba thinks she has a big nose on her. Bubba thinks
Spice doesn’t have a hair on her ass if she’s not on the show. Bubba
said they’ve got something in common; she’s got the same kind of dog.
Manson as King Bubba ordered for her to be there. Bubba thinks she
isn’t that hot after seeing a behind the scenes clip of her; Bubba
doesn’t like her big nose. Bubba thinks he’s back on Contessa. Bubba
doesn’t think he could play scrabble. Spice told Bubba he could have
her. Bubba thinks Contessa is way too smart for him. Bubba wonders if
they’re just giving her stuff away. Ned doesn’t like the song “My
cowboy”. Jessica in New York wants an over ride on the show, she said
she’s in a holding pattern. Bubba thinks people would love to hear
this woman thumb her asshole. Bubba thinks the people who hate him
will forgive him if she thumbs her asshole. Jessica said her Dad hates
Howard and everything, Bubba wants to talk to the guy. Bubba said
he’ll play the intro no matter what. Bubba thinks the guy is a homo,
Jessica said her Dad hates guys that objectify women. Jessica passed
the phone on to Jim, Bubba said he’s got Lesley West, Jim said he
plays that stuff. Bubba thinks the guy sounds like a man’s man; Jim
thinks you have to do more than one thing. Bubba wants to know about
Jessica, Jim said she’s wild. Bubba said she was going to thumb her
asshole, Jim said it was none of his business, just as long as she
doesn’t do it there. Bubba said he and Jim will work through this.
Jessica was back on; Bubba said they called her bluff. Bubba suggested
that she goes in the car. Bubba said he’s a miracle worker. Bubba said
he’ll take a thumbing of the pussy or the asshole, Ned booed her.
Bubba asked her to say cunt, she said vaginia, and she referred to it
as pussy. Bubba told Ned to shut up, as he’d ruin the deal. Bubba said
he’s been doing this for a long time. Bubba asked her to beat the
phone against her snatch; Spice thinks she has a suction cup down
there. Jessica said she’s 37, she said she’ll never be married.
Jessica said she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she said she answers to
nobody. Spice asked her how many fingers she has in there, she asked
Ned to settle down. Jessica she got fed last September, Bubba
thinks something is going on. Jessica said men are nothing but
trouble. Ned thinks this is a buzz kill. Jessica said she smokes weed,
she also smokes cigarettes. Ned thinks this is his dream woman. Bubba
said he’ll flip it over to Ned. Ned wants her to get on her stomach to
finish. Bubba wishes Jim would come out. Ned ordered her to get on her
stomach and finish. Ned thinks she talks too much. Bubba thinks she’s
faking it. Ned thinks it was a letdown. Ned said they’re not going to
play it, she then got Eviled. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba on SayNow.com, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com. We then heard Manson’s “Clinton on the
Plane” bit. Bubba called for the Ferret to come in. Bubba said he was
slammed with shit. Bubba wonders how Micky Avilon did. Bubba asked
about a link, Russ said it is, Bubba hopes that it’s not the admin
link. Bubba wonders why he has to hit F5. Bubba said he’ll kick Russ’s
ass, Bubba demanded he leave the studio, Bubba thinks Russ doesn’t
know what he’s talking about. Bubba thinks they’ll drive him crazy,
bubba said he doesn’t want his stuff to be found out. Bubba said he
wants to kick Russ’s ass, Brent said his computer is going slow, Bubba
thinks it’s the JFk conspiracy stuff Brent has been looking at. Bubba
said they love and die by seconds in radio. Bubba said there’s a thing
on the site that says “Talk with Bubba”. Bubba said he’s so blown out
he can hardly finish a thought he’s so mad. Bubba said Brooke Hogan
told him about the idea. Bubba said people are already calling him.
Russ said the site is: saynow.com/btls. Bubba said people are calling
him. Bubba said he’s ready to turn the feature off; bubba thanked a
guy from Canada for listening to the show. Spice thinks it’s a cool
thing. Bubba took a call from someone who hung up on him, Bubba said
it sucks. Russ thinks Bubba is going to melt the system. Spice thinks
they’re gonna get kicked off the site. Ned was on the line, he
wondered what kind of guy does that. Ned said his name was Fred, he
said he hates him. Ned complained that Bubba interviewed Tucker
Carlson, but wouldn’t let him talk. Ned yelled that he couldn’t get
the knob back on. Bubba yelled at Gale for coming in. Ned said he’ll
jump off a water tower, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba said he’s gotta
get off the system. Bubba admonished Gale for coming in and
interrupting him. Russ said he knew this was a bad idea; Bubba got a
call from a guy who said he digs the show. Bubba still wandered why
Gale came in, he got sidetracked by a call, he said he turned it off,
Manson thinks this is what you’d hear if you put a tape recorder in
Charles Manson’s jail cell. Bubba found out Gale came into tell him
that Hammil recorded over Bubba’s outgoing message. Bubba played the
message, where hammil said he wanted to talk to Bubba. Bubba thinks
it’s great. Bubba played some messages from the listeners. A guy had
heat with Ned for getting on before him. Bubba thinks he should have
the Evil greeting. Bubba said they need to notify the fans that the
call might be on the air. Bubba left a message welcoming people to the
line. Bubba played back the message. The guys crack up at bubba saying
he doesn’t’ know what to do next. Bubba said the image on the site
looks like Cartman. Bubba thinks Brett Favre is calling him. Spice
thinks his computer is fed. Spice said it’s a good way for
celebrities to stay in contact with their fans. Jim in North Carolina
asked about the West Memphis 3 thing, Brent said they’re fed. Brent
said you can go to wm3.org. Amber in Baltimore, Bubba thinks this
sounds crazy. She said she sent an email to Bubba for Bubbapalooza.
Bubba thinks someone is bamboozling her. Amber said she’s five five
125 pounds. Bubba wonders why she can’t find someone who knows the
show. Bubba asked her if she’d be interested in a threesome, she said
yes. She thinks she wouldn’t be able to hang with Amanda and heather.
Bubba thinks Brent has a bonor, she owns a dog breeding company. Bubba
asked her if she takes loads to the face, Amber said she does, Ned
mocked her for not being excited. Bubba said they’re the load on the
face show. She asked if the guys will ever go to Baltimore, Bubba
asked her if she ever watched the wire. Amber said everyone boos Aubry
when he gets up to bat. Bubba said they’ll try to find someone for
her. Manson thinks he has audio of bubba saying he’d blow Aubry Huff,
Spice said bubba said that off air. Amber said she’s into white guys;
she likes to get high every so often. Bubba said this is stuff people
would like to know. Amber said she got laid a few weeks ago; she just
got out of a five year relationship. Bubba wonders if girls still pick
up guys. Amber said the tattoo on her arm means to accomplish anything
without fear. Bubba wondered where he went wrong. Amber said she’d
like to bareback, but she doesn’t with strange cock. Spice said he’d
break the condom if he fed her. Brent thinks Amanda will be drunk
by intermission. Bubba said Amanda got drunk at Bubbapalooza (Detroit)
and thought Bubba was Brent. Bubba said he misses shows like this.
Bubba said he has to take a call from someone; fing Travis was on
the line. Travis said the show is so ridiculous, it isn’t funny.
Travis said he’s been working so much, he was with some strippers, but
got nothing out of it. Travis said he shows girls his wallet. Travis
ended with his famous line “f”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Lesley West Jams at the BRN

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Mississippi Queen” as bumper
music. Bubba said they’re not getting they’re ques. Bubba had Lesley
West in, Bubba said he’s heard him on Howard many times. Bubba thinks
if Howard is to stay at Sirius, they’d have to bring dump trucks.
Lesley said that the best thing Howard did was hire Bubba. Bubba
thinks Howard not being recognized by the radio hall of fame. Lesley
said Howard learns from people. Lesley said flower power is a god
name, he thinks Hippy fest should’ve been called that. Lesley said
that when you get three dog Night up there, Lesley said they didn’t
write any of their hits. Bubba played “mama Told Me Not to come”;
Lesley thinks it was too early before the connection came by. Bubba
wondered what happened to music like that. Lesley said he feels great
about Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Bubba said look at guys like
Aerosmith. Lesley thinks “99 Problems But A bitch ain’t One” is
sampled from him. Bubba played “Mississippi Queen”, Lesley said he
likes the Ozzy version. Bubba said everyone knew “joy to the world”,
bubba played a bit of it. Lesley said they have a house band for all
the acts. Lesley and Bubba think thinks the song doesn’t have a solo.
Bubba wonders what songs Lesley could play. Bubba played some ZZ Top,
Lesley played some. Bubba thinks they should turn down the music and
have Lesley play over it. Lesley said he played on the album “The
Who’s Next”, Brent said it’s one of the greatest albums ever. Bubba
played “you’ve really got me going” by Van Halen, Lesley played over
it. Bubba said he’s not trying to throw him some curve balls. We then
heard Tom Petty, he then switched it up to thin Lizzy’s “boys are
back”, and Lesley said it’s too high pitched for him. Lesley asked for
some reverb, Lesley said this is better than Scott. Bubba got Lesley
to a comfortable setting. Lesley played a little, he said this was the
opening song they do. Bubba played “Alright Now”. Lesley then played
the song and sang some of it. Lesley said this is a great show to do.
Bubba thinks he could just do sound effects. Bubba played “American
woman”, Lesley jammed along to it. Spice wonders if Lesley ever played
guitar Hero, Lesley asked about the south Park episode, Spice said he
knew what he was talking about. Bubba played a little “Bad Moon
rising”. Bubba played “Black Betty”, Lesley played along with that for
a little. Bubba played some CCR, Lesley played with it. Lesley thinks
classic rock will be here for a long time. Bubba played “Brown Eyed
Girl”, Lesley said f me. Bubba asked Lesley about Clapton, he said
Cream was everything to him. Lesley said when he heard Cream, he
wondered why they don’t sound like that, one of his band mates told
him it was because they sucked. Lesley then played a little Cream and
sang a little. Spice asked about BB King, Lesley said he’s BB King
because he’s BB King. Lesley played Albert King’s one lick. Lesley
said his first manager was BB King’s accountant. Bubba played some
Michael Jackson. Lesley played “Beat it”. Lesley said if he had a
doctor in his room for as much as he did, he said he was shocked.
Bubba said you don’t put censors in the carpet, Lesley wonders why
Michael moon walked with Emanuel Lewis. Bubba played Joe Walsh, Lesley
jammed along with it. Bubba remembers when they had Joe Walsh in, Joe
said he wouldn’t play anything, he played under the condition he could
watch some porn. Lesley said he did a Howard Birthday show with Joe,
Joe complained Lesley was too loud. Lesley said a guy asked for Joe in
the audience, Lesley jokingly said FJoe. Lesley ended up suing
him, he won. Lesley said Howard wanted to have Judge Judy handle the
case. Bubba then played “Life in the Fast Lane”; Lesley said he loves
the song. Spice wonders how many people went to Woodstock; he said he
almost fell out of the helicopter on the way to Woodstock. Lesley said
he’s getting married next Saturday. Bubba played “Mississippi Queen”;
Lesley jammed and sang over it. Bubba turned it off and let Lesley go
solo. Lesley thinks he plays better by himself. Bubba played “more
than A Feeling”, he then cut it off. Lesley said he’s giving bubba a
guitar, he told them to hang it up with the phony ones in the Green
Room, bubba said he’ll put it in his house. Spice said he got a tour
of Dean’s Guitar. Lesley said if he ran a guitar company, he’d give
everyone in a guitar. Lesley said one of his friends was in charge of
Bubbles, Bubba thinks Michael was sucking off the monkey. Spice thinks
his learning curve is over, Lesley said he can’t read music. Lesley
said it’s tough on Guitar Hero. Lesley said you get paid for playing
“House of the rising sun”. Bubba thinks it’s funny that Lesley
switched from a real guitar to a plastic one. Bubba got it set up for
him, Brent explained it to him. Bubba thinks Lesley will get booed off
stage, Lesley said it’ll happen. Lesley played it, Lesley thinks the
guy looks like him, and he ended up getting booed off stage. Spice
took over, Lesley sang along over it. Lesley tried again, he got booed
off stage, and Lesley was disgusted. Bubba said this just shows that
Guitar Hero is shitty. Lesley said that the guy who invented Pong made
it. Lesley thinks Steve Parry has one of the greatest voices ever.
Bubba played a little “Don’t Stop Believing”. Lesley said they get
good royalties off of ringtones and iTunes. Bubba thinks Axle Rose is
the biggest dumbass in rock and roll. Lesley said it was great to meet
him, Bubba said it was great to meet him, bubba asked him to swing by.
Lesley said the owner of Dean’s Guitar bought the house from the
founder of the Home Shopping Network. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Insane in the Clem
Brain”. This was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 5 – bubba plays some messages from fans

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Mississippi Queen” as bumper
music. Bubba thanked Lesley for coming in. Bubba thinks he’ll turn on
the phone periodically. Bubba played some messages from the fans.
Bubba liked a message from Jennifer in West Palm Beach. Bubba replayed
it a few times. Bubba wonders if he wasn’t fat, what the fans would
have on him. Bubba said he’s been laying low. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Twenty-five on some medication

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”. We then heard some CCR as bumper music; Bubba thinks he’s
hitting the wall. Spice said Pantera had a ceasure; he was given some
stuff that numbs your mouth. Spice thinks Twenty-five isn’t happy with
the bit. Spice said they’re going to have Twenty-five do some tongue
twisters after trying this stuff. Bubba cracks up at Twenty-five
showing his teeth, Bubba thinks he looks like the donkey from Shrek.
Bubba told Twenty-five to not short space him on the time. Twenty-five
had it in his mouth, while Bubba counted. Manson said soccer camp
starts next weekend. Bubba wonders how long it was, Spice said it was
2:14, Bubba thinks Twenty-five short spaced him. Bubba thinks
Twenty-five sounds normal. Manson thinks they should give some of this
to Plies. The guys gave Twenty-five a tongue twister, he couldn’t do
it. Manson thinks Twenty-five is on his way to being a rapper. Spice
thinks Twenty-five doesn’t look happy, bubba tried to rub some of it
in Twenty-five’s mouth. Bubba said this is kabuki shit, it’s not
working out, Bubba thinks Pantera was so high he didn’t even notice
it. Bubba asked everyone to get out of his studio. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers, Tim Sabian calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some JZ as bumper music. Bubba
said he just got his Auto Anything catalog. Bubba said when you go to
Autoanything.com, you type in the kind of car you have, and they have
something for it. Bubba thanked Derik from Wheland for hooking them up
with the lights. Brent thinks it casts a weird shadow, bubba said the
walls are too close together. Ned said Libris never admitted he was
gay, Brent said he’s been in the guy’s house. Mike in Maryland asked
what happened to Ned’s Friday rant, Ned chided him. James in Mass
asked about UFC, Bubba didn’t know who the card was; Brent thinks the
main event is going to be great. Bubba thinks Tim Sabian’s arms should
be falling off. Kyle thanked Bubba for getting the tickets; he said he
called in before. Bubba called Tim; he had to leave a message. Bubba
played the Evil drop; he then went to him on the other line. Tim said
he hasn’t brushed his teeth in two days. Tim said the arm workout is
brutal, Tim thinks it’s a great establishment. Bubba thinks he’d love
to train Howard. Tim said the trop is a great place, bubba asked him
to tell everyone they said hello. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. Lee Carter

    would like to know more about the deal Hogan is onto about home mortgages.We need help.Thanks,Lee

  2. Scott


    What Jay-z song was played in segment seven on Friday??


  3. Joe

    Bubba’big fan’,I heard you talking about a company that helps adjust home taxes and note for 900 small on Fridays show.I didn’t catch name so I looked over Fridays show archieves and whole website and don’t see a any mention of company? hook me up Bubba ,with some digits.

  4. Staff

    i believe its called “death to the autotune”

  5. Robert Barry

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  6. mary

    What is the name of the company Hogan was talking about that helped with refinacing? He said it was a company in Fort Myers, the number listed from the other post by Robert Barry doesn’t apperar to be a Fort Myers number. Can someone from the staff answer the question?

  7. Pat

    I was listening to the show on Monday and missed the segment about the mortgage adjustment Hogan made. Heard a lot about it and really interested in some help. Please let me know who I can contact.

  8. DK

    I also am interesting in the mortgage info that Hogan was talking about. Please let me know how to get more info on this. Thanks.

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