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Top Stories:
Gun at courthouse a fake
Gym shooter ‘had a lot of hatred’ for women, society
Postal Worker Hospitalized After Dog Attack
Newlywed Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Hubby
Ronald Cummings arrested

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap goes out to Anthony from California, for supplying the guys
with some Back 9 BBQ for the

Thursday August 6, 2009

Segment 1 – Old people falling, Rays discussions

The show started off with audio of the rays winning. We then heard
“Jump” by Van Halen as bumper music. Spice came on and said that bubba
was in the bathroom pooping. Spice said that Steven Tyler fell off a
stage, the guys then discuss old people falling. Spice said a living
will seems like a good thing to have, he doesn’t have one, neither
does Manson. Brent said he’s talked to Amanda about it, but the
Schiavo case has changed things. Spice said if he’s ever on the tube,
just let him be. Spice said his Mom would be the first one to say pull
the plug on him. Spice said he’s waiting for Ned’s hip to snap, Ned
said it wouldn’t happen. Spice said they’ll go to words. Bubba came
into the studio. Spice said he’s tried to get back to the Ft. Meyers
porn star; she hasn’t gotten back to them. Bubba said his number two
was sticky, Bubba said sometimes it’s as exciting as an orgasm. Bubba
said he sometimes looks at Tyler’s number two; he’s amazed at how big
it is. Spice said he hasn’t eaten red meat in about six years. Bubba
said he got some heat with Heather, Bubba said they open the show with
audio of the Rays. Brent said the Rays have asked Artie to throw out
the first pitch. Brent said Ned’s pitch was better than Gary’s. Bubba
said he feels like a jobber having to ask about the first pitch. Bubba
said they had a guy with cancer who threw the ball, Spice as Bubba
chided the guy with cancer. Bubba said if you can hold Boston to four,
you’re gonna be okay. Spice asked Bubba if he saw Prince Fielder
getting hit by a pitch, he said he missed it. Spice said you can’t hit
a fast ball at a guy’s leg. Bubba wonders what would be so hard about
him saying a ball got away from him. Spice recounted a story when Joe
Kennedy body slammed Joey Kendle, Joe ended up on Oakland, and they
ended up being team mates. Bubba said he feels more comfortable where
he is. Bubba said they got the Ft. Meyers numbers. Bubba said the
Buccaneers will be working with them this year. Bubba said they have a
bigger audience than local sports station. Spice said that Brian
Johnson retired from AC/DC; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Ronald Cummings arrested, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”. We then heard “papa was A Rolling Stone” by The Temptations
as bumper music. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba said Ronald
Cummings was arrested a few hours ago, Bubba said he won’t get credit
for it. Bubba read that he was arrested for armed robbery. Dez out of
Canada was on, Bubba said he tried to sneak in Bubbapalooza Canada,
but it probably won’t materialize by the end of the year. Dez said
he’s got four Bubba Army mud flaps, people give him shout outs. Dez
said that if his kids talked like the guys in the Becky song, he calls
them down. Kevin thinks the reason why the FC doesn’t do anything
about the Becky song is because they don’t have the money. Bubba told
Ned he could name his time for his new offering, Bubba said he’s
gotten emails about the Brent Hatley concerts, people love them, Bubba
said he’ll think about doing a Brent hatley concert album, the guys
joke that ned would have to do roughly four hundred cuts for the album
to fill up 71 minutes (An album like this already exists, “Ned’s
Tribute To Brent Hatley). The first email of the day asked about Fein,
the website is GetFein.com.
Another email discussed the umpires for the Rays games. Another email
said writing the FCC is like a rat. Bubba wonders who Heather Williams
is; Brent said she started crying about nipple gate. Bubba said the
Catholics are praying to keep their churches open. Brent said there’s
a new document coming out about the church. Bubba said they’ve got to
thank the people of Ft. Meyers for making them number 1, Bubba thinks
they should combine the ratings from both Ft. Meyers and Tampa. Bubba
said a few times a week, two girls named Linzy would go to various
intersections in Ft. Meyers to plug the show. Another email said it’s
embarrassing to hear Bubba talk about baseball, Bubba thinks a
Redsocks fan wrote it. Bubba said he knows his way around baseball.
Tim Sabian likes the trop. Bubba said Miller park is a nice stadium.
Another email thinks Spice should suck it up over the Hogan situation.
Bubba wonders why they can’t get a station in Los Vegas. Bubba thinks
they’re either the most lucky or unlucky people in radio. Bubba thinks
the wait and see attitude is horrible. Bubba got sidetracked with a
kid who got hurt on a bus. Bubba said he’ll gladly give away the show
for free. Bubba said someone in Ft. Meyers will pick them up. Bubba
said they went from a 1.6-10.6. Another email loves the Brent hatley
concerts, the guy said he can only imagine how mad Brent gets. Bubba
wants to check his bullhorn. Another email was a professional dog
trainer; he’s trained several Bubba Army dogs. The emailer asked if he
could train the guys’ dogs. Spice said his dog doesn’t even look at
him. Bubba thinks he should get the dog on payroll. Spice said he digs
the Dog Whisperer, Bubba said the guy is a pussy, Bubba said you need
to blast your dog with a newspaper. Another email said it was wrong to
talk to the Eleven year-old like that. Another email said the call
with the Eleven year-old was funny. Another email said BubbaRaw.com
would be a great platform for podcasting. Another emailer thinks it’ll
be interesting to track the Eleven year old. Another emailer said that
they were in North Carolina when the Grady situation went down. The
last email of the day gave props to the Brent concerts; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ft. Meyers Ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo asking people to donate to
Mike Grady’s family. We then heard “Caylee’s Mom” from “Bubba’s new
and Misc Hits Vol. 7”, track 2, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1,
track 11. We then heard Tom petty as bumper music. Bubba thanked the
people of Ft. Meyers for making them number one. The guys discuss
their favorite beers. Bubba said he doesn’t need his Tampa share to
take him to number one. Bubba wonders how far off the two signals are
time wise. Bubba said Twelve plus doesn’t really matter. Bubba thinks
they’re thinking about pulling the plug on Miami and Orlando. Ricky in
Ft. Meyers said the guys are the best thing to happen to Ft. Meyers,
the guy said he was at a club; a guy named Big Mama was there, saying
he was number one. Bubba said he’s got a nine point nine with 25-54.
Bubba said nobody buys twelve plus. Bubba wonders when bob and tom
will pack it in. In 18-49, they’re number one with a 10.2. Bubba
thinks they should get a hold of a bunch of stations and offer a bob
And Tom alternative. Bubba thinks their next ad campaign should be
“don’t be a pussy”. Bubba said Bob and tom are in fourth place in Ft.
Meyers. Bubba said they feed each other. Bubba wonders when the last
time krock was number one as a station. Mike in Ft. Meyers said
there’s no time difference between the bone and K rock. Chris in
Orlando said he drives throughout the state, he thinks they should
just bale out on Miami. Brian in Clearwater said you don’t lump in Ft.
Meyers and Tampa together. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – legal Advice with Kevin Hayslet

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Patients” by Guns and roses as
bumper music. Bubba said they were talented back in the day. Spice
said he knew when David Lee Roth knew how to patch things up. We then
heard Kevin’s bumper. Kevin’s number is: 727-443-1562. Kevin’s website
is href=”http://www.carlson-meissner.com/attorneys/J-Kevin-Hayslett-Esq/”>TheAttorneyToTheStars.com.
Bubba wonders if other lawyers hate Kevin, Kevin said his boss is a
former FBI guy. Bubba read an email asking about the Romeo and
Juliette law; Kevin explained it’s when a guy has sex with his long
term girlfriend. Bubba said they’ve had several cases like this. Bubba
recapped a phone call they got from a guy who got arrested after
having sex with a girl who had a drink bracelet on, she was only
seventeen. Another email said he was in prison, he ended up marrying a
woman he had sex with, and he was jailed for being a sex offender.
Bubba said they need to have a common sense judge. Kevin said the
problem arises when the parents of the younger person get riled up.
Kevin said they can get this guy’s rights restored. Robert in Orlando
was on to ask Kevin something, his phone dropped up. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said he had a rental car a couple of weeks later, but
they didn’t notify him, the company reported it stolen. The car ended
up in an accident, he was charged with grand theft larceny. The guy
said he ran a bar, he’s had several misdemeanors. Kevin said anything
that is stolen over three dollars, its grand theft. Bubba ended up
hanging up on the guy. Joy in Lakeland was on; Bubba thought it was a
guy. Joy said she got a DUI in 79, Bubba asked her how many cigarettes
she smokes, she said about a pack and a half, Spice thinks she inhales
smoke. The guys bag on Joy’s voice sounding like a computer, Kevin
said he missed the question, she ended up hanging up, Spice thinks
she’d be the worst phone sex operator ever. Joe in Ft. Meyers said
he’s had four charges, bubba told the guy he can’t gloss over indecent
exposure. Spice thinks every phone call to Kevin should start out with
“These charges are preposterous”. The guy wonders what crime should be
expunged from his records. Bubba read an email from someone saying
they got a dui. Bubba wonders if lighting is part of the defense,
Kevin said yes. Kevin said all field sobriety tests are different.
Bubba said he couldn’t do the ABC test, Bubba wonders if they ever
make you do it backwards, Kevin said that’s only in Steve martin
movies. Amanda said her boyfriend was charged with battery on her in
2001. Bubba said battery can’t be verbal, he said he’d be in jail for
life. Kevin said it’s not illegal to argue with your spouse, he said
if it was illegal, we’d all be in jail. Kevin said you can’t decide to
drop the charges or not. Josh in Orlando thinks Bubba is the best guy
in radio; he said he had a meth charge when he was twenty. Bubba
thinks one of the dealers got him. Bubba complimented Kevin’s wife,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba VS Brent, No Net Ned

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Ronald and Misty
Cummings Wedding vows” bit from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits vol. 9”,
track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11. Bubba had Spice
give the cops a timble for arresting Ronald. Bubba said Ned has been
spoofing Tailor Swift songs. Bubba played the original “You Belong
with me”, bubba thinks the title “Mr. Wrong Is Me” is too dirty for
regular radio, Ned said he says he’s assuming the role of a young guy
singing it to a young girl. Manson thinks she’s really talented, bubba
thinks she’s got good parents. Bubba asked Brent his thoughts on it,
Brent said this isn’t the kind of music he likes. Bubba chides Brent
for not appreciating Tailor Swift. Brent said he’ll bring his iPod in
tomorrow, he said he’s got more artists on his iPod than bubba does.
James said he thinks Tailor Swift went to High school in Ft. Meyers.
Mark in Orlando wondered if bubba really has a low rating in Orlando,
he said he listens every day. Bubba said he’ll take the fall if he has
crappy ratings. Brent said he knows more about music than bubba does.
Spice wonders what goes on in Brent’s house. Brent said one of the top
songs played at his house is by Bruce Hornsby, Bubba thinks
differently, Brent admonished Bubba for saying he’s lying. Bubba said
his on-air time with Brent is like sand in the hour glass. Brent said
it’s not fair that he can’t stick up for himself. Bubba said he’ll be
the bigger man in this situation. Brent yelled for Dave to pull the
tape, Bubba said Brent isn’t in the position to demand a tape pulling.
Bubba ran Ned through the settings; Ned thinks B-Fudd can find the
reverb setting faster than Bubba can. Bubba ran Ned through some
setting changes, Bubba ended up putting Brent on protection. Ned said
he wasn’t in the mood. Ned said Brent killed the momentum. Brent said
he was saying nothing. Bert in Braington said he was in Huntsville, he
wondered where a track was, someone rang the bell, he said there’s a
new morning show in Huntsville, Ned wanted Bubba to hang up on him.
Bubba fired up the song a few times; Ned told him he wasn’t ready yet.
In the song, Ned explains why he’s better than a clean cut guy. Ned
said he’s so mad at Brent; he’s going to write twelve Brent songs.
Brent said he got dragged into the conversation, Ned claims Brent was
eyeballing him during the song. Bubba said Brent can’t diversify. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Journalists freed from Korea, A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo about the Grady family. We
then heard a news clip about the two journalists getting released from
Korea. We then heard “Clinton you Can’t touch Me” from “president
Clinton Parodies Vol. 2”, track 7. The bit takes place at “the first
Annual Kick the Republicans while they’re down, after hours Whitehouse
party”. It starts off with Ted Kennedy singing an off key version of
Jimmy Buffett’s “why Don’t We Get Drunk”, we then hear Manson as bill
Clinton go on stage and tell some jokes. “anyone here from the gop
tonight? No? Good, because if there was, I was gonna tell you to come
blow me.” We then hear Manson spoof “You Can’t touch Me” by Mc Hammer.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Snakes, manson’s new Bit, Bronco rick calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard We then heard a promo for
BubbaRaw.com. We then heard some Kiss as bumper music. Bubba said he
had to get Brent back on track, Bubba said this was his peace offering
to him. Bubba said Charlie Christe officially called a snake problem.
Bubba thinks they should have an open season for this. Brent said his
problem with the animal rights activists in this case is because
Ecological balance. Bubba said yellow does Contessa well. We then
heard a news clip about the snake problem. Bubba wonders if word has
gotten back to Contessa, Brent said it has, Brent said she was really
nice about it. Bubba said there’d be no way Michael Vick would go on
the Packers. Bubba read that GM is closing various establishments.
Bubba said Stingray Chevy opened when Bill Hurt closed. Bubba said
Bill Hurt was a very shady organization. Bubba and Spice recreated a
situation where Bubba acts as a customer, and Spice plays the part o
the shady car dealer. Bubba read that the Cash for clunkers program
has worked out so far. Manson said he has a new bit, “Clinton on the
Plane”. Bubba thinks he and Bill are like him. Bubba thinks Manson
does the best Clinton impersonation. In the bit, Clinton is on the
plane; he calls Hilary and says he’s still the man. After the girls
come on the plane, Clinton gets on the loud speaker and says that his
penis can be used as a flotation device. Clinton offers the girls
triple vodka and a Redbowl. Clinton ends up playing a sample of “Big
Ten Inch Record”; he then switches it over to “me So Horney”, then
into “Becky”. Clinton says you have to suck his dick. Chris gave props
to the guys, he gave props to Ned, he thinks Brent is a pussy, Brent
thinks the guy has marbles in his mouth. Frank said he loves the show,
he disagrees with the guys on the murder of snakes, Manson thinks he’s
insane. Bubba said you’re sometimes guilty by association. Spice said
there’s no purpose for snakes. Frank thinks Brent said snakes should
die, Brent flipped out, yelling shut up at the guy a few times. Bronco
rick called in, he thinks he sounds like the girl from earlier. Bronco
rick thinks they should turn the snakes into speed bumps; bubba got
sidetracked with a woman who wanted to kill her husband. Bubba thinks
she and Ed Graziano should get together. Rick said he needs someone to
donate a wheelchair to him for a woman he knows. Rick said he’s also
looking for donations for his daughter’s softball team. Bubba chides
Spice for throwing in a Louie Vaton reference. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Spanish bumpers, various news clips, Miami listeners show
they’re support

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Master of Puppets” as bumper
music. Bubba didn’t know the fan who sent in some Back nine BBQ, Spice
said it was a gentleman named Anthony Ross. Bubba asked Ned not to
commandeer the chicken dip. Dave in Boyton Beach was on to comment on
the woman who was charged with attempted murder, he said it happened
really near him. Bubba played the audio about that. David said he’s a
big fan of the show, Bubba said enjoy it while you can. We then heard
a clip about Ed Graziano going on trial. Bubba said they’ve got Jim
Coats on the situation. Spice asked if Bubba thinks if Heather is ever
going to kill him in his sleep, Bubba said no, he said they don’t
sleep together. Marcus in Miami said there’s a station called WPOW
that says they won’t get beat by bubba. Spice read it was the DJ Laz
Morning Pimp show. Bubba thinks the show is kicking his ass. Marcus
asked Bubba not to give up on Miami. Bubba said 93.1 does a great job
with plugging the show. Bubba played a Spanish bumper. Bubba said he
has to take a nap before Jay comes in. Bubba said he fought them tooth
and nail to get the Spanish bumpers has billboards, but it didn’t’
work out. Bubba thinks Telamoondo has it figured out. Bubba played
another bumper. Bubba said they realized the joke was on them. Bubba
said he’d tune into a show that has a billboard that says Bubba might
have a heart attack on air. Bubba played some more Spanish bumpers. We
then heard a news clip about Mctear, Bubba said there isn’t a
punishment that fits the guy; bubba thinks the week flew by. Bubba
thinks the state is just covering their asses. Bubba said he can’t
blame the state of Florida for this. Bubba played Ned’s “Dead Baby” as
the story played. Bubba said he can’t stand white girls who try to
tall black after hanging out with a black girl or guy. Bubba called
her a hood rat bitch. Bubba wonders if she’s white, Bubba said mixed
people don’t sound like that. Ned said he was freaking out. Brooke in
Miami said she loves the show, Bubba wonders what the problem is.
Bubba said they’re worse than when 93 Rock’s all music formats. Brooke
thinks people don’t like the show because he tells the truth, people
can’t handle it. Bubba said Howard dominated Miami, Bubba thinks they
won’t be there much longer. Bubba wonders if he’s an outsider. We then
heard a clip of a guy who was assaulted by some women. Bubba wonders
when women will get over the superglueing the penis to the stomach
routine. Ned said he’d pay top dollar to be punched in the face and
get his penis superglued to his stomach. Bubba said that Paula Abdul
isn’t coming back to American idol, bubba said he never gives American
Idol news unless it’s bad, they’re bringing in Victoria Becom, Manson
thinks she’s the biggest cunt ever. Randy in Miami said it was great
to hear them. Bubba read an article about a Principal asked to not pop
kids’s toes. Bubba said this isn’t the way it’s supposed to go down.
Bubba said the kids hate it when bubba does that, Manson said Trace
would kick him in the face if he tried that. Bubba said he through
tyler in the pool yesterday. Jay in Miami said he’s a big fan, he said
the DJ Laz guy is doing a bikes for badges event. Bubba said he’ll try
to lock in Twelve Boobs Of Christmas today. Bubba said hello to Al
from Skin Industries. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. George

    Journalists freed from Korea, A Manson Classic – I only heard a piece of this yesterday, is it a full bit? where can I hear the whole thing?


  2. Mike

    Can anyone put Mr.wrong is me on youtube or something where I can listen to it, or better yet how about btls.com.

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