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Top Stories:
Ragusa had ‘Abuse’ Ploy
City loses legal battle over mural
Alien sightings reported in North Port
Tenn. senator has affair with intern, resigns

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sabian in town, Batting cages, sports scores, baseball teams, former teacher cuts herself

Bubba started off with audio of The Rays winning. Bubba wishes they could play the Royals every game. Bubba said he read on Heather’s Facebook that Tim Sabian will be in town. Bubba talks about a batting cage he was at yesterday. Bubba still wants to play the song “Becky” by Plia. Bubba had Big Dick into discuss the Jimmy Kleavis diet; Dick has lost six pounds so far. The guys discuss various batting averages. Bubba finds the diet really easy; Dick said he’s getting used to it. Bubba said everything has worked out. Bubba thinks they should have more cutbacks, he then thinks he shouldn’t have said that on air. The guys discuss baseball teams they watched growing up. Bubba wants to make Jailhouse boos. We then heard a news clip about former school teacher Ragoosa cutting herself and making liquor in her jail cell. We then heard Manson’s “Ragoosa’s So Horney” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 3”, track 6, the song parodies “Me So Horney” from Two Live Crew’s “As Nasty as They Wanna Be”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – UFC, Homemade wine recipes, emails

Pat said he was in Palm Meto Florida, he said they make liquor in jail with Orange Juice, the worst thing is that they steal hand sanitizer, add it to the drink and drink it. Bubba said Brent put scope in a drink, he said he got smashed, he ended up vomiting. Pat asked his thoughts on Anderson Silva taking on Forest Griffin. Brent thinks Anderson will end up fighting GSP. Brent thinks the UFC can’t be tied into the Russian mob. Bubba said that yesterday, the indoor football league folded for good. Bubba thinks Kimbo Slice was just a gimmick. Brent said the Russian mob doesn’t joke around, Spice said he was talking to a guy, he said that if you’re in Russia and you win a half a million dollars, you get at least half of that. Jared said they call prison made alcohol “Buck”. Tom said he makes homemade wine almost every week, Bubba wonders if the guy is a free man, Tom said it’s better than store bought. Tom said you get Weltcher’s concentrated juice. You then get a two liter of Mountain due, pour it out, and then pour the juice into the bottle. You then take a package of granule, pour it in, and then pour in a cup of water and high rising yeast. You then take a balloon, put it over the bottle, it’ll expand; let it sit for roughly three weeks. James in winter haven said he read that Fadore was getting signed for thirty million dollars for six fights, he didn’t take the deal. Bubba read an article about Paul Stanley’s relationship behind his wife’s back. Bubba said it’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. BJ said he and his wife make their own beer and wine at home, it’s not illegal if you don’t sell it. BJ said they sell Liquor kits you can use. Bubba said he wants the interns to try it. The first email of the day complained that the guys should let Jackson rest in peace. Bubba said he’s never heard of the website woodenspears.com. Bubba doubts the validness of the site. Brent said you can go to the smoking Gun and read about Jackson’s molestation charges. Another email said he read about Mike Grady, Bubba said a bunch of people have stepped up to help out. Another email said that Janessa Brazil is coming into his tattoo parlor. Bubba thinks Janessa is very Tasha like. Another email wonders about the diet, Bubba said it’s been about fifty pounds in around three months. Bubba said Tara has lost some weight, Bubba said the Cottonmouth Kings guy called her a man (The satellite show from 03-27-09). They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Becky

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus Package”. We then heard “A Horse with No Name” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s not expecting anything good from Ft. Meyers. Rocky said he was watching the O’riley factor, a newspaper was calling him a racist, Bubba said he didn’t see a retraction from the paper. Bubba wonders what the paper said, Bubba wants big dick to bring in the audio. Spice had the song Bubba was looking for; Spice said the thing has roughly forty-six bowwows. Bubba said he read a CBS letter, Bubba thinks it’s a disgruntled employee. Bubba thinks the letter writer is a pussy. Bubba thinks a girl wrote the letter. Bubba said Spice give him the lyrics, Bubba said he had to censor himself. We then heard a clip of the song; the guys had a hard time understanding the opening line. Bubba thinks the lazier and lethargic you talk, the more successful you’ll be. Bubba said he’d be arrested if his kids did that. Bubba wants to kick the guy’s ass. Bubba said he wonders where all the Religious organizations are on this, Brent said they’re putting up posters of Obama with makeup with a sign that reads Socialism. Bubba thinks that had Ned talked like Solga Boy during one of their segments, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Bubba said he lost a lot of sleep, worrying about NALs. Brent wonders how this is a song. Manson said he’d never do a bit that would require that many edits. Bubba thinks the burps sound better. Bubba wonders if Nipple Gate would’ve been a big issue now. Bubba said he’s covering this as a news story. Bubba thinks Becky is a code word for oral sex, he then asked no one dump it. Skyler said a Becky refers to a woman who goes too far. Kyle thinks it’s hypocritical for calling out a radio station, the guy turned out to be a prank call, he said he was going to whoop Bubba’s ass. Drue in Ft. Meyers said it’s embarrassing that this stuff is getting aired. Dave thinks it’s disgusting these people are corrupting society. We then heard Manson’s “Telephone tough guys”; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, O’riley called a racist, Bubba’s stance on Foreign Policy

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Foreigner as bumper music. Nate said he loves his race, he thinks the song is the worst song ever; he thinks it’s bad for his race. Nate said his Mom raised him and five siblings all by herself. Bubba thinks Obama is trying. Bubba said he’s been holding on to a sound bite of Obama at the NAACP. We then heard the clip where obama said that Government programs alone won’t help out kids. Bubba said Obama maybe a fool, but he can deliver a message. Brent said bill cosby has been saying the same thing for years, but has gotten clowned for it. Bubba said he can’t believe the St. Pete Times caved into O’riley. We then heard a clip about that; O’riley accuses the paper of being biost towards left wingers. Bubba thinks this is self gratification. David said he agreed with what obama said. We then heard a clip about Florida coach Urban Meyer. Bubba read that the cash for clunkers is going great. Bubba said this is a stimulus package he could deal with. Bubba read an article about a man who lost his life in Afghanistan. Bubba wonders what we’re doing over there. Manson said he read an article about a group of soldiers who have been sent back to Iraq so many times. Brent asked to imagine being on the edge of your nerves every second of every day for years. Bubba said at this point, he doesn’t care if they find Bin Laden, Bubba asked that his comments not be taken as unpatriotic. Bubba said he wants all troops home. Bubba said this is fast becoming the next Vietnam. Bubba said Vietnam didn’t make us a pussified country, Bubba thinks we were the strongest when Ragon was in power. Bubba wonders when the last time terrorists were in our Country was, Brent said September 11, 2001. Bubba wonders what is really going to happen if we leave Iraq. Bubba wonders where the next terrorist attack will be, Brent said it won’t be on an airplane, as Americans are on to that. Bubba thinks we have bombs that can turn anything into playdo, Brent suggested Daisy Cutters, Bubba shoots the idea down. Bubba said if he was president, he’d start dropping bombs on various Countries until Osama is found. Bubba said he could never be a political figure. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A double shot of Manson bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “bush Titanic” from “manson’s Greatest Hits” and “Best of George W. Bush Bits”, both track 4. The bit puts buss as captain of the Titanic. We then heard Manson’s “Republican Idiot” from “bubba show classics Vol. 3”, track 15, parody of Green Day’s “American Idiot”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Terrorism, Snakes

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard Yes as bumper music. Bubba asked Spice to remind him to call Brooke Hogan, Spice thinks either Brooke or Hulk is lying, Bubba thinks Hogan is over thinking it, he does think he’s over done it. Spice thinks Hogan back peddled. Bubba read about the AFL folding. Bubba said they always had good crowds, he wonders what went wrong. Spice said he misses the NFL. Chris was on, he said the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, Bill Clinton put an arrest warrant; Brent said Bin Laden didn’t do the 93 bombing. Chris wonders when our political figures will stop mandating our military. Brent said the Russians fire bombed mosks. Bubba thinks Bin Laden is a slippery m-fer. Bubba said the problem is we’re over there. Manson said either bin Laden is slippery, or we’re not even trying to catch him. Bubba said we’re missing something, we just don’t know what it is. Brent said when Pan Am flight 103 was bombed, we bombed Omar Kadafi‘s house. Bubba said for some reason, we don’t want Bin Laden, he thinks it’s destroying our Country. Bubba said we’re seen as terrorists when we bomb other countries. Bubba thinks the bombing of Kadafi’s house was illegal. Manson thinks the Democrats didn’t have the balls to stand up to the Republicans. Brent said we’re on our way out of Iraq, but it’s a slow process. Bubba read an article about the organizer of the Tea party who is in trouble for not paying taxes. Bubba thinks they should have a law – if you’re a political figure and you don’t pay taxes, it should be out of your paycheck. Joe the Supermark read that Kurt Angle will be on Dancing with the Stars. Joe said when the news about Jeff Jarrett cane out, Kurt asked what T&A would be if the mafia walked out. Bubba said he likes Dixie, Bubba thinks Vince Russo is a cancer. Joe said he doesn’t enjoy T&A. Joe said he was at Raw last night, he liked the guest host. Bubba read that the owner of the python that killed his daughter, he said he’ll never be able to have a snake again. Bubba said he was in the pool, Jennifer started singing “snake Ate Your Baby”. We then heard a news clip about a snake attacking a guy. Bubba thinks you could have a bounty on pythons. Bubba thinks they should have python hunt. Bubba wonders how a snake can kill you, Brent explained it, we then heard Manson’s “Snake Ate Your baby”, and they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – NASCAR’s David Reudiman calls in

Bubba took a call from a guy who was mad that bubba did nothing about his daughter who has threatened to commit suicide. Bubba said if he was the guy’s kid, he’d commit suicide. Bubba had David Reudiman on the line. Bubba thinks David could’ve been a top twelve car. Bubba asked David how good Toyota power is, David said people seem to like it. Bubba wondered what the strongest suit is for racing; David thinks the mile and a half racetrack is good. Bubba wondered how hard it was to be competitive, David said he’s not sure at this point, he said he couldn’t’ keep up last year. Bubba asked how good Chad Kanouse is, David said there’s no one better. David said guys like him excel. Bubba said Darien Grub has gone on to do great things for Tony Stewart. David said it would be great if they did stuff for Aarons. David thinks Michael Waltrip will be famous. Bubba said he can’t get anyone to cal him back on Rudy’s rookies. Bubba said David had to come up from the grass roots. Bubba said Hoss Racing is valued at almost fifty million dollars. Bubba asked if David and Tony have buried the hatchet, David said it was buried very quickly. Bubba wondered who he’ll be rooting for; David said you have to be loyal to him. Bubba said tony called him recently. Ned said he has an offering for David, the song parodies “Better man” by Pearl Jam. The song takes some digs at David, David thought it was a week; Bubba and Brent accuse Ned of being a buzzy mark. Brent thanked David for his work with wounded warriors. Bubba took a call from a girl who said the guys were disrespectful to her Dad. Bubba thinks the guy is a bad parent. The guys crack up when she asks the guys to shut up. She said he didn’t prop her up to call the show, Bubba thinks the guy is a mark, she thinks he’s perfectly normal, Spice thinks her attitude will get her in trouble. She said the teacher checked her after she picked up some scissors. Bubba thinks she’s resighted it just as her Dad told her to. Bubba thinks the Dad is white trash, she thinks it’s a threat. She called the guys white trash, Bubba said they admit it. The kid ripped into bubba, Bubba said that’s why they’re successful. Bubba asked her who she listens to, she hung up, bubba thinks she would’ve said MJ. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various phone calls, Brooke Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard “in the end” as bumper music. Bubba thinks listeners are talking to the radio. Steven said he loves the guys, but he thinks it’s hard to defend them on this. Brent asked if he lets his kid talk like that. Bubba said if you have kids, you know where he’s coming from. Dan said Bubba hit on the head. Bubba said he didn’t curse towards her. Bubba said if you don’ think kids don’t call each other worse than that, continue to live under your rock. Bubba asked for the pussies to shut up. Chuck said he couldn’t agree with the guys more. Bubba thinks the kid has been brainwashed. Bubba wondered if he has to be an advocate for every little thing that happens, Bubba said there’s nothing in his contract that says he has to be an advocate, and Manson thinks bubba would get fired. Bubba wonders why you have to blame him for a kid committing suicide. Bubba wants to look into the guy’s case. Dan in Tampa thinks Bubba is right, he thinks this is the pussyification of America. Tommy in Miami said she’s from Tampa, she said there was nothing good until they were back on. She thinks the guy is a wackjob. We then heard a news clip featuring Brooke Hogan’s “Fallen”, where Brooke discusses her album. Bubba thinks the quality for it is horrible. Bubba called Brooke, she picked up. Brooke said she was passed out with her ass out when Bubba texted her. Bubba said he had a chance to meet Stacks, Bubba thinks Stacks is nervous. Bubba said he talked with Brooke about Spice, Brooke said Hulk told her not to date him, Spice said he believes Hulk showed his true colors. Bubba said Spice went to Miami looking for some ass. Bubba wonders if Scott Hall wrote her song “Hey Yo”, Bubba thinks her single should’ve been “rough Me Up”. Spice thinks Hogan is spreading rumors and lies. Bubba asked Spice to stop acting so mean. Bubba asked Brooke what she’s got going on, Brooke said not much, she said Hogan texted her. Bubba thinks Brooke’s dancer is hot. Spice thinks redheads are disgusting. Brent said he found her Facebook, Bubba said Hogan told him his hair dresser was hitting on him, Manson joked that Bubba has HIV. Brooke said she’s worked out at a place called David Barton’s. Bubba asked Brooke what she was doing up so late, Brooke said she was hanging out with a friend. Brooke said her house was torn up. Bubba said Jimmy Kleavis met a girl on Friday night; he had a chance to talk with her before they left. Bubba said he had a hot chick from hungry serve him. Bubba said he just wanted to validate that he’s delivering the message. Brooke said that there would be a possibility that she and Spice could work out. Bubba wonders why Spice has to be so mean. Manson thinks Spice blew his chance in the running. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

7 Responses

  1. Chris Shirley

    If my 5 year old starts singing this “Becky” shit, I will raise holy hell with the FCC. What a bunch of hypocritical assholes. Becky. WTF????

  2. lisa p.

    jeffrey clark, the man who called about why everyone didn’t prevent his daughter’s alleged suicide threat, is using the publicity he got on your show to run around and tell people about how he has “won” on the show. he also tells people that he has Pres. Obama’s personal email address because he is so interested in Camry’s “case”. The only case here is how a deranged white-supremicist with two stints in jail and a history of violence could get custody of his daughter. What was that judge thinking? for two years, he refused to do parenting classes. The crackhead, stripper mother even got custody of her for a while: long enough to collect food stamps and social security, etc. now clark has his daughter declared disabled, won’t give her ADD meds because it makes her suicidal, and gets a check to take care of his own daughter while he works under the table. maybe the reason his daughter thought about suicide was not because of the meds DCF gave her: it was because her mother rejected her and was a drug addict,her father let her sit on his lap WITHOUT PANTIES while she drove his truck around hte school parking lot, and teachers and workers suspected sexual abuse since she talked about blow jobs at school (at age 8), gyrated in imitation of sex, uses the “n” word regularly, and showed up regularly with filthy clothes and hair. she consists entirely on junk food(maybe that’s why she has ADD in the first place, even without the crack mom) this man is a white supremicist, hater, and screamer. he has no boundaries, thinks he is the smartest man ever!!! and threatens to take people out. why won’t we be surprised when this is just another murder-suicide. for “laughs”: ask the little girl what she would do if they take her away from her dad again. ask him what he would do… it’s scary.

  3. T.J.

    hey bubba and gang,
    FtE all the way…. will you guys be in illionis again soon or the area? i had to get out of driving because of the economy but still love the show.. shout outs to doug and big dick danny the know who they are. later gang T.J.

  4. Yo Kid

    Goes to show you, if you are a black person you can get away with anything you want. You can have all black collages, NAACP, BET, black journalist association, you name it they can have it. Imagine if there were a NAAWP or an all white collage, we would be called racist. What gives? People wonder where society has went, our morals, its in the entertainment industry. If parents would put a stop to their kids watching or listening to this BS, what a wonderful world it would be. We gave them their rightful freedom, they give us music like this, I will take slavery back any day so I can beat my “Kunta” if he talked like this!

  5. Randy

    Maybe a five year old should not be listening to the show, Nice parenting skill’s. Blame the show, no personal responsiblity.

  6. Ant

    ITS TNA not T&A you idiots. Do ur Job . Guys from Live Audio Wrestling called BUBBA a Dick :( .

  7. reviews

    I admire you on the willingness to share this info with others – good luck!

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