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Top Stories:
Michael Grady Dies a Hero
Mystery of missing Gulf War aviator solved
South Florida parishioners pray to save Catholic churches
Bank Teller Fired for chasing would-be Robber
Man Uses Mountain Dew Soda For Gas

Segment 1 – Sports scores, weekend Recap

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard “Life in the Fast Lane” as bumper music. Bubba said he watched a little bit of the game. Spice said on Friday he went to the Mickey Avilon show, Saturday not much. Bubba said he went to Miami, he wishes he hadn’t. Bubba thinks he should go to a hotel room and commit suicide. Bubba said they need to make The Bone more like 93.1. Bubba said at the guest house he was at, there was a Hispanic woman that would do anything you’d ask for, Bubba thinks he should get one of them. Bubba said the name of the club is changing to Dean’s Gold. Bubba said Jimmy Cleavis got a little upset for having to leave Miami so soon; he met a hot chick while there. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba plugged BubbaRaw.com and BTLS.com. Bubba said he hasn’t heard much from the Ferret lately. Ned said he went fishing and drinking by the creek. Ken in South Carolina was on to talk about royalty fees, Bubba said there’s no way to charge people for listening to regular radio. Bubba thinks Ken isn’t a very smart business man; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, Cigarette John, Fat Casper and Twenty-five cent updates

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Clemulus Package. We then heard Ned’s “The King of Pop Is in a Box tonight”. We then heard “Who Made You” as bumper music. Bubba thinks his first ratings sweep in Ft. Meyers will be horrible. Bubba said he’s a realist, he wonders how do people not know about them. Bubba read an email from a guy who said kyld is stealing Bubba’s stuff. Another email said Cigarette John was in a poker event. Spice read it was a Clear Channel station. Another email said they dig the show. Bubba had cigarette John in, John said you can smoke outside, John said you get a ten minute break every two hours. John said he finished 19 out of 186, John said the seat was a gift from his Dad. John said he got five hundred dollars, John thinks he’s a fairly good poker player. John described his game; Manson asked him if he wears sunglasses while playing, John said he does. Bubba said they wouldn’t hang out with John in the private sector. John said he’s back on the regular cigarettes, around a pack a week. Bubba said these days he just looks at John in disgust. Mike in Ft. Meyers said they get both the Tampa and Ft. Meyers stations. Bubba said if K Rock is smart, they’d combine the ratings for both Ft. Meyers and Tampa. Another email asked about the diet Bubba is on. Bubba said he’s not ready to discuss it, Bubba thinks he had a bad weekend; he thinks he gained three pounds. The guys discuss various gyms. Bubba said it was $60 to park, Ned thinks Bubba is a rube, Bubba thinks it’s ridiculous. Another emailer suggested Bubba check out the weather girl in Orlando. Bubba thinks they didn’t do an after show on Fat Casper. Another email thanked the guys for corrupting her; she is now a part of the squirters club. Bubba had Fat Casper in the studio, Bubba called him stupid. Casper said he tried to snort it out; he didn’t get any energy from it. Bubba wondered what does Casper do on the weekend; Bubba got sidetracked by finding the Weather girl the guy suggested not attractive. Bubba went back to Casper, Casper said he worked at his other job, Blockbuster, Bubba thinks he’s one of “Those Guys”, Casper said it’s his job. Casper said they have a lot of deals for renting. Brent said you can join Netflix. Spice said he hasn’t rented a movie in about a year, Casper said you can choose if you want it for a night or five nights. Bubba said he hates renting movies. Bubba wonders what Red Box is, Casper explained it. Bubba thinks not a lot of hot chicks go into Blockbuster, Casper said they get a lot of families coming in. Bubba said during the creative meeting, they need to do the Fat Casper dating game. Casper said he got laid last week. Casper said he speaks Hebrew. Bubba thinks they should have Fat Casper do the books over the weekend. Spice said Twenty-five got involved with angey Fox, plus Tom the Treeman has been Twittering. Bubba wonders how many people are following him, Spice said it was 117. Joe in Braington said they’ve got a great show, Bubba hung up on him. Twenty-five said he and Angey had sex. He said they went to “fishtail Willies”, bubba thinks it’s a place Ned would offer. Twenty-five said they then went to The Fox, a jazz club. Bubba wondered if Twenty-five was the only black man there, Twenty-five said that wasn’t the case. Twenty-five said he had his afro picked out. Twenty-five recapped what they had at the clubs; Ned thinks angey had a roophy. Spice said this is like pulling teeth. Twenty-five said he used his real name, Bubba asked him what people say when he tells people he works for him, Twenty-five said it’s a generally positive reaction. Bubba said he’s got no game. Spice thinks Twenty-five’s car is a throw away. Twenty-five said they left the club at around 1:30, bubba thinks Twenty-five was passed out saying ghetto stuff on the way to Angey’s house. Twenty-five said they went straight to the bedroom, he said he got totally nude, he said she has a stripper pole and a disco ball in her bedroom. Twenty-five said he put on some NWA. Twenty-five said they kissed a little, then “Got to the business”. Twenty-five said they only did it once, he said the disco ball was making him dizzy. Bubba thinks the disco ball has no effect in the morning. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Michael Jackson, Erin Andrews’s 911 call, Tiger Woods farts, and Bubba locks up

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Michael Jackson as bumper music. Bubba thinks the Michael Jackson coverage out shadows Princess Diana and Anna Nicole smith. Bubba read that an aid had killed Jackson with a drug. Bubba got distracted by smelling what he thought was eggs; Manson said it was a veggie paddy. Bubba said he’s glad Jackson is dead. We then heard Manson’s “goodbye World”. Bubba said they can’t get away from the Michael Jackson stuff. We then heard a clip about a large document about KC Anthony. Bubba said if the Mom and Dad don’t do anything, they’ll be screwed. Bubba thinks they’ve got her dead on. Bubba thinks this is like a south Park episode. Bubba wonders when the trial will be. We then heard a news clip about the two guys having a beer with Obama. Bubba said he’s got the 911 call from Erin Andrews. We then heard the clip. Bubba thinks the operator is doing her nails during the call. Bubba said only white guys are kid touches. Bubba said if he was espn, he’d take it to the next level. Bubba wonders who is behind the whole birth certificate thing; Brent thinks our Country is full of email forwarders. Bubba wondered about tiger Woods farting. We then heard the audio of that. Bubba said this just shows how plastic golf announcers are; Bubba thinks he’d like a Presidential fart. Jason in Miami said Gates has a book out, he said at least three thousand people showed up. Bubba said they were at the Mansion, Bubba saw a really hot chick in white. Jimmy thinks the girl was looking at either him or bubba, she was looking at Bubba. Bubba talked to her a bit, he went back to Jimmy, Jimmy told him to go back and talk to her, bubba wondered what he could say to her. Bubba said he was locked up. Bubba said it was so embarrassing; he doesn’t even want to bring it up. Bubba said he’s had so many witnesses, Jimmy called bubba an idiot. Spice said if he sees a young woman, he finds it hard to find topics to talk about. Bubba thinks it worked out better that it didn’t materialize. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – iTunes, Mike Simmons saves a kid

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Insane in the Clem Brain”. We then heard some Rush as bumper music. Spice said he had Jimmy Cleavis on hold, the line was busy, Bubba called him. Jimmy was on; Bubba had to dump him for cursing. Jimmy said he was out late last night, he thinks he got to bed around Two in the morning. Jimmy said they should go to the beginning at a restaurant, Bubba said Jimmy ended up with a girl on Sunday. Bubba asked how locked up was he; Jimmy thinks she could’ve been a go go dancer. Jimmy recapped what happened. Bubba said he was so vapor locked; he had no idea what to do. Jimmy said he was so focused on Bubba locking up. Bubba thinks he’s turning into Manson. Bubba said they took the pie chart off of the iTouch. Bubba called for big dick to come into the studio. Dick said he got this last week, Bubba asked him not to trump him. Dick had to walk Bubba through it. Manson wonders if you’ve ever bought something on iTunes, only to have to rebuy it. Bubba thinks Tony Soprano is running iTunes. Bubba said Mike Simmons, aka Big Swede saved a kid’s life, and Bubba read the article about that. Bubba likes how Big Swede is married to his high school sweetheart. Bubba said the kids’s Dad died. Bubba wants to get him on the line; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mike Simmons on the Phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Night Moves” as bumper music. Bubba said he got a text from Mike Simmons. Bubba called him, Mike said he was getting ready to do some paperwork, and then go watch the Bucs practice. Mike said the Bucs have been great to him; they’ve always given him an open door policy. Bubba asked how do they know him, Mike said they just know him. Mike said he was drafted 1987-1990; he then went to the chargers. Mike said he injured himself; he left on his own terms. Bubba wondered what the money is like back in the day. Mike said he thinks the average has gone from 60-270 thousand dollars. Mike said all three of his children were born in Florida. Mike said his first job was at Hillsborough High school, he took a job at Jefferson in 1997. Bubba wonders how crazy Levits is, mike said he’s intense. Bubba talked about the article where Mike saved a kid. Mike thanked Bubba for calling, Mike said it’s an amazing story, he said the hero of the story is Mike Grady. Mike said he had the chance to watch Grady’s team practice. Mike recapped what went down. Mike said he was driving near the falls, he thought something didn’t look right. Mike said the kid got caught by a rock, he said the water was up over his eyebrows; Mike said they credited Austin’s bravery to hours of Boy Scout training. Mike said the water is really cold, the rocks are covered with algey; he said if you touch the water, you’ll be on your ass in a few seconds. Mike said that after Austin was freed, Mike Grady was still in the same spot. Bubba asked Manson if he could imagine what the guy was going through, Manson said it’s sad. Mike said Lisa Grady has a big responsibility. Bubba said he’ll put the link to the article on the site. Mike said they’ve got a trust fund set up. Bubba wants to offer the interview, article and the information about the trust fund in a package. Bubba wonders where do the Bulls find their players, Mike said mostly Florida. Bubba asked how good Tim Tebow is, he thinks he’s fantastic to watch. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Donations may be made to the Grady family at P.O. Box 940654, Maitland, FL 32794-0654. Checks can be made to Lisa, Austin or Tyler Grady.

Segment 6 – Charlie Beltcher calls in, contests, Austin Grady

Bubba wonders if Charlie won the contest for filling in on Regis and Kelly. We then heard a news clip about that. Bubba called him, Bubba ran him through the Evil sound board, he fell for it, he then started laughing, and he said it was almost like that when he met Evil. Charlie didn’t win, Bubba wonders what happened, Charlie is bummed out that he didn’t get a parting gift. Charlie said he’s doing Bucs camp this year. Bubba potted up the audio from Fox, the guys wonder who the guy is that’s on Live with Regis and Kelly, some Spanish guy won it. Bubba thinks the guy looks like Christian Troy. Charlie said he would’ve thanked the Bubba Army. Charlie said he doesn’t know what he’s got for tomorrow. Charlie thinks his wife loves bubba more than she loves him. Bubba thinks once you have your gall bladder taken out, you feel better. Bubba said you can see why the other guy won; Manson thinks he’s a pretty boy. Bubba thinks they got the guy processed. Manson thinks the guy is a douche for having his shirt unbuttoned. Spice said these are the kind of guys who get ahead in life because of their looks. The guys think this is fixed. Bubba thinks the cheese factor is a twelve on a scale of ten, Ned thinks the guy is a stud. Bubba said there really is no on air traffic, the guys think nothing is real. Bubba said everything is fixed. Bubba thinks they should write a book about all the stuff they’ve seen about how stuff is fixed. Bubba thinks Charlie should start playing the Asian card a little more. Manson said every contest in the media is fixed. Bubba thinks the Twelve Boobs of Christmas is the last real contest. Justin wondered where Brooke is in the countdown, Bubba said it didn’t work. Bubba thinks his Satellite audience has dropped bubba thinks it’s even if you were to combine both regular and Satellite listeners. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks the guy won the contest because of his possibly homosexuality. Bubba thinks it’s really expensive to live in Miami. Jim in Orlando said he has a night club that can help out the guys with the Mike Simmons situation. Bubba thinks that when he dies, he hopes someone gets retch. Bubba said a lot o people donating money to get the extended stay for the handicapped people. Bubba thinks they need to discuss this in the creative meeting. Bubba said he almost feels like crying. Bubba said had he not gotten severance pay, things would’ve been different. Bubba said they gave him enough money to pay the guys while they were out. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba’s iPod

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then heard “More Than a Feeling” as bumper music. Bubba sarcastically thanked Boston for hanging him out to dry with the slow intro. Bubba said he had to memorize this song growing up. Bubba said he just talked the song. Bubba wonders if Manson could hit a Brad Delp high note, Manson said he could back in the day. Bubba talked along with the song a little. Manson said at his kids’s school, they did Shakespeare with Beatles songs. Bubba played a little bit of “Mother” by Pink Floyd; he then switched over to The Killers, then over to some Simon and Garfunkel. Bubba then switched it over to Head East. Brent said when you pick up the guitar, the first thing you learn is “smoke on the water”, and Spice thinks he’ll start learning the guitar. Bubba said they’ve rolled into bubba’s iPod. Bubba then rolled into Theory of a Dead Man, Spice wasn’t digging. He then went to Link and Park, Spice liked it. We then heard The Fix, Brent likes it. Bubba said the voting will be sound effects only. We then heard “One week” by bare naked Ladies, the guys said no. Bubba said a lot of it is new to his iPod. We then heard “One House”, Ned thinks it’s fag music. We then heard some Zeppelin, the guys like it. Bubba thinks spice doesn’t appreciate the eagles. We then heard some Depesh Mode, then that rolled into “Photograph”, Spice called it a rough one. We then heard Puddle of Mud; bubba thinks he’s hulking up his man card. We then heard some blink 182; Spice said he can’t picture Bubba rocking out to it. We then heard “rock Star”. Bubba wonders how does he plug his iPod, Spice and Brent like the parody better (Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2, track 16, and the Clemulus Package disc 4, track 28). We then heard some Shine, the guys like it. We then heard some OAR. We then heard some Tom Jones. We then heard some more Puddle of Mud, Spice said it’s a good song. We then heard “Smoke on the Water”, Brent likes it. We then heard some “Beastie Boys”. Bubba remembers when he played rock music on the Power Pig. Bubba thinks Jone rivers looks like someone injected her with air pressure. Bubba said Saw Six is coming out soon. We then heard some OAR. Brent thinks bubba’s man card goes into the chipper when he plays “A Thousand Miles”. Bubba said he wishes Contessa would sing this song to him. We then heard “Under the bridge”, the guys like it. We then heard some Rob Thomas, Brent said he’s proud he didn’t know it. We then heard some Hinder, Ned thinks Bubba is missing the boat. Brent wants to see bubba’s top twenty-five; Brent said you have to listen to the whole song in order for it to count. We then heard some John Mayor, Spice likes him. Bubba said that Rush Limbaugh has lost sixty-one pounds; Ned thinks he’s wrapping the toots (cocaine). Bubba said he’s trying to be cool. We then heard “All The small Things”, then into some Lenny Cravits. Spice asked what Heather thinks is cool; Bubba said they’re not talking. We then heard “Bad Girlfriend”; bubba thinks it goes hand in hand with his topic. Bubba said he’s not getting into it. Spice thinks listeners want to hear about Bubba’s marriage. We then heard some Nickelback, and then into “Californication”, Brent likes it. We then heard some Journey; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Clips, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard some Janis Joplin as bumper music. George in Jersey said he saw a Bubba Army sign at a Wrestling match. Bubba said he wants to play an unedited urban song that’s airing on radio, Bubba wonders if iTunes is offering the edited version. We then heard a news clip about a woman who decapitated her newborn, Brent said the problem is Religion, she claimed the Devil made her do it. Bubba wondered why everything is so crappily produced. Bubba said rob Con will be donating $500.00 to the Grady family. We then heard a news clip about a baby who was cut from her Mother’s womb, the Mother has since died. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan said he’s at the big table and eating some bacon strips. Hogan said he got some heat from the guys, Hogan said J-bird Jimmy took a pill. Bubba said Hogan has the meanest dog ever. Hogan said the dog wasn’t like that until they cut the dog’s hip socket out. Bubba said he told Brooke about Spice, Brooke said she really liked Spice, Bubba said she couldn’t fool them. Brooke said Hogan told her that Spice probably has hurpies. Hogan told Spice to do what he has to do protect his family, Hogan thinks Spice has something. Spice said next time the media comes calling for him, he’ll bury Hogan. Bubba said Jimmy got the better room than he did. Hogan thinks Bubba made it up, Hogan pitched a conference call. Bubba called Brooke; Bubba wonders what is her outgoing music. Bubba got sent to voicemail, only to discover the mailbox was full. Hogan thinks Bubba should apologize for saying that, Hogan thinks Spice is against him. Hogan thinks Spice stabbed bubba in the back by working for 98 rock. Hogan said he doesn’t know when he’s coming home. Bubba said he had to get going. Bubba called Brooke again, Ned sang “hurpy Sex” over the song “birthday Sex”. Bubba got sent to voicemail. Harry in Port charlet wanted to ask a legal question. Harry said he’s had attorneys screw him over, Spice thinks the guy isn’t smart. Rob in Jacksonville wondered if the guys will ever make live appearances in Jacksonville, Bubba said they might. Rob said he’s been listening since 2001, he wondered about the Box Set from 2002 (It was a 13 cd set of stuff from the show, spanning 1997-2002, it retailed for $100, with $15.00 for shipping and handling). Bubba said it’s out of print, he suggested the guy go to EBay. Orlando in Braington explained the origin of the rap star Plia. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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