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Top Stories:
New York City shipping homeless to Florida
USF police won’t pursue charges against gunman

Cheerleader Sues School For $100M Over Facebook Message

SC man charged with having sex with horse

Segment 1 – Bubba’s stuff, Fein, Sports, Cars, Bowling night recap

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard “China
Grove” as bumper music. Bubba said he emailed Howard, saying today was
his Friday. Spice said his gig went great, Spice said there’s nothing
like Irish pubs. Spice said no one goes out of an Irish pub sober.
Bubba said he got his fein package, but he opened it wrong, he can’t
seem to open it. Bubba thinks someone has moved his stuff, Bubba said
his stapler is in the same spot every day. Bubba said he doesn’t want
anyone sitting in his seat. Spice said he puts his fein in his water,
it’s great. Bubba said he can’t put fein in his Redbowl, Manson said
he does it down the hatch. Bubba wonders if Ned can mix fein in with
his cocaine, Ned said he does that. Bubba recapped some sports scores.
Bubba said he saw Steve Hurly at Stingray Chevy, Bubba gave the guys
props. Bubba said it’s the anti car buying experience, guys are in
shorts, no one has ties, and they don’t good cop/bad cop you. Manson
said he wasn’t much of a car guy. Bubba said he’s always been n a
Chevy guy. Bubba said he bowled a 153 blast night. Bubba said on the
last game, they got beat by four pins. Bubba said there was a black
girl there who reminded him of Shakira. Bubba said he’s got a big
meeting today, he thinks the show will end right at ten today. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba’s feed, Hogan calls in, various phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
“Crazy Bitch” as bumper music; Bubba said he was a little nervous
about this one. Bubba double-dumped it a few seconds later. Bubba
wondered who gets the feed. Bubba said he’s got a ton of people on the
phone. Bubba had Slader (The Bone’s Midday guy) on; Slader said he
didn’t hear anything. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on.
Hogan did the White bangled Tiger voice; Bubba said it was a crappy
gimmick. Hogan said he found some kids on the beach; they almost got
arrested for having beer cans. Hogan said he needs two motors and a
bag of gold. Bubba said he’s never taken anything from Hogan. Hogan
said Brian Knobs frenchkissed Eric Bishcof. Hogan said Knobs went into
a bar last night, found a New York fan, pulled his pants down and
farted on his arm. Bubba said Hogan can be an intern. Hogan said he
knew Lasker was doomed when Lasker said he made his deal. Bubba went
to Joe; he asked him if he gets hot when Hogan is on, he said he gets
mentally excited. Bubba thinks Joe’s phone is terrible. Joe said Blind
Lawrence is cool, Bubba said don’t disrespect him, Joe said he can’t
name the tracks off the albums like Lawrence can, but he’d like to
have a trivia match with him. BJ said he found a clip of Brooke’s
voicemail, Bubba said they knew about it. B-Fudd was on; he said he
was doing great. He said his doctor gave him some new pills. Bubba got
sidetracked with an event called “the Midget Olympics”. Bubba went
back to B-fudd; he said he has to take two pills every hour. Bubba
thinks Ned should hang out with B-Fudd’s doctor. B-Fudd said he’s on
Relafen, he said he has the paper, Brent thinks he can’ read the
doctor’s writing, B-Fudd said he’ll have the bottle tomorrow. B-Fudd
said he takes four vikes every four hours. Bubba thinks B-Fudd’s pills
will make him sound normal. Bubba asked him if he’ll be going to
Pittsburgh, he said yes, Bubba asked him where it was, B-Fudd tried to
say, Pennsylvania. Bubba got sidetracked with a clip of a four
year-old running out of a car. Bubba asked B-Fudd some Geographical
questions, he didn’t know it. Ned thinks B-Fudd has the life. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Clear Channel, Lex and Terry

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Insane in the Clem
Brain”. We then heard “Don’t do Me Like that”. Bubba plugged the
website, Bubba asked people to vote for the Rocky road browney. Bubba
said he walked into the Court Side Grill with a big browney for Hogan.
Bubba said you can go to bubbaRaw.com and see Janessa Brazil, Spice
says her website doesn’t do her justice. Bubba said she emailed him
and has accepted the title of show whore. Bubba wonders what Akira is
doing these days, Spice said she’s doing porn. Bubba said they need to
follow up on the Janke situation, Brent said they’re moving out of Ft.
Meyers beach, Bubba said they need to get that done ASAP. Bubba said
had Howard not believed in them, they probably wouldn’t be back on.
Bubba thinks they should’ve sued clear Channel. The guys think Scott
was fired wrongly. Bubba it’s sad when big corporations can screw with
people. Bubba said it’s nearly bankrupted him. Bubba wonders if he
should even be talking about it. Bubba said he tried to settle with
clear channel, Brent said they tried to settle with MJ, he denied
them. Bubba thinks clear channel should stop focusing on them. Bubba
said he offered up to five thousand dollars to settle. Bubba said he
had to Price is right something, which he did. (When bubba wants to
discuss something just to the guys in the studio, al the microphones
go off, and the Price is Right music is heard.) Bubba said his agent
told him something, bubba said Clear channel has no idea what’s
coming. Bubba thinks clear channel are idiots. Bubba said that one day
he’ll be able to talk about it. Bubba said the end date may have
already passed. Bubba said the one thing that happened the day after
they got fired, they can’t mention it though. Brent said Clear channel
is going to run out of resources soon. Bubba said Howard is one of the
very few people who are real. Bubba said the people of Jacksonville
really piss him off for supporting Lex and Terry. Bubba said they’re
doing this just to get bubba to talk about them. Bubba said he’s not
afraid to talk about his competition. Bubba read an email from a guy
who said he found himself listening to Lex and Terry. The guy said
Terry said he was the guy who organized the peace agreement. The
emailer said that Terry said he had lunch with Hogan in Dallas. Bubba
called Hogan, Bubba recapped the email for Hogan, Hogan said Terry is
full of crap. Hogan said the only time he ever called Lex and Terry is
when he did their show for Brooke’s first album. Manson sarcastically
said he was on the phone with Brett Favre, bubba said he talked to
Obama the other day. Spice said he talked to LL Cool Jay. Brent said
that Kobey called him the other day. Ned said he was talking to Ron
Jeremy. William in Dallas said he turned on Lex and Terry, he heard
the same thing the guy did. Bubba said he’s called them a bunch of
times, but they never take his call. Bubba does like their phone
number. Spice said Terry was so afraid of confrontation; Terry would
put a sock puppet on his hand and talk with it. We then heard Manson’s
“Answer the Phone”, which is not in the catalog. The song parodies the
sugar Ray song of the same name, with the lyrics bagging on Lex and
Terry’s ratings dropping. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Various calls, Stormy Daniels update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army flag.
We then heard “Fight for Your right” as bumper music. Bubba said Grady
Clothing Company will be in British Columbia wheels show this
Saturday. Jim said he’s not a Lex and Terry listener, he flipped over,
Terry said it’s so easy how they get into people’s heads. Bubba said
it’s just spin. Jim wonders why L&T would want to bury themselves with
a guy like Hogan. Jim thinks Lex and Terry have an idiot fan base.
Bubba said he’s more real than they are. Bubba said he was anti radio.
Spice said he used to listen to the Power Pig as a kid, he loved it
when they bagged on Q 105, he’d call them up and ask them what they
thought about what FLZ said about them, they’d hang up. Bubba thinks
not talking about your competition is the 80’s mentality, you can look
anything up. Adam was on, he said he thinks he saw Stormy Daniels’s
mug shot. Spice said the fight was over unpaid bills and how he folds
the laundry. We then heard a news clip about that. Brent said her
campaign manager’s car was blown up. Bubba read an article about
Stormy attacking her Husband. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Cirque du Solei, Top five countdown – Top 40

Bubba said they’ve got Wayne Root on, Bubba wants to get David
Reudiman on. Someone rang the bell; we then heard an anti racing
bumper. Bubba wonders how many radio shows tell you to tune out.
Latrine in Oklahoma said they were on vacation, they heard about
little Darling, she thanked Bubba for turning them on to a strip club.
The guys crack up at her saying Cirque du Solei. Bubba said its un
describable. Bubba thinks Ned should drop acid and go to the show.
Bubba played the top five countdown, top forty. Bubba doesn’t’ like
the first song. Bubba wonders if they have a bit Manson did about the
infamous Great white concert, Manson said he doesn’t have it on his
mini disc. Brent wonders how this is a song. Bubba wonders how
pathetic our youth is. Bubba said this puts him in such a bad mood.
Bubba said he’d rather hear commercials then hear this stuff. Bubba
thinks they might have a chance with Tailor Swift. Bubba said that at
least you can understand what she’s saying. Bubba thinks they’re
comparing girls, Spice said in the video, she plays both characters.
Bubba said he has no idea what she looks like, Manson said she did a
good job on Saturday Night Live. Bubba thought he liked the next song,
he ended up bagging on it, Spice reminded him they did this song
before (July 15). Bubba said he’s in a different place in his life.
Bubba read an email about the “Give Me the Becky” song. Spice pulled
up the lyrics; he’s surprised they can play it. Spice said he was
watching MTV Cribs, the Solga Boy episode, Bubba told him to stop or
else he’d fight him. Bubba said if you tried talking like him at a job
interview, you’d get fired. Spice thinks if easy E was still alive,
he’d kick the Black Eyed Pees in the ass. Bubba thinks Fergie is
really whore-ish. Bubba thinks they should do chant rap to make some
money. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Grady Jud, Brian Blare

Coming out of commercials, we heard need’s “White bangle tiger”. We
then heard “Sharp Dressed Man” as bumper music. Bubba said Grady Jud
is back in the news. Brent said he gives the Pasco and Pulk county
guys a lot of credit, they’ve added the bubba show to their media
list. We then heard a news clip about Grady’s new venture, trash men
are going to help out the cops. Bubba played Grady’s custom timble.
Jack, a FTE said he was from Anderson Indiana, he said tony Stewart
bought some property there. Someone rang the bell; he then got Eviled
a few seconds later. We then heard a news clip about Brian Blare.
Spice said this went down exactly the way he predicted it (June 22).
Spice said that his Political ideas have killed his career. Bubba
wonders what you do when your kid punches you in the eye, Manson said
you’d fight back, Spice thinks Manson would drop, Bubba thinks Donna
would step in verbally. Bubba thinks it was a bad judgment call on the
cops. Brent said he would’ve arrested the kids. We then heard Manson’s
“Monday Morning Raw”. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Wayne Root Calls In

Bubba thanked Spice for fagging him out with his bumper music
selection. The guys discuss the number of times Whitney would meet
Bobby Browne when he’d get out of prison. Bubba said Tyler has been
doing the Dead baby song, Bubba said he was singing it in Huntsville.
We then heard a news clip about the Mctear’s/Bedwell situation. We
then heard a news clip about a guy who had sex with a horse. Ned
thinks the guy who did it should’ve been transferred to another horse
farm. Bubba wonders if you’d go to prison if you shot a guy who was
having sex with your horse, Brent thinks it’s all up to the jury.
Bubba said they’ve had very bizarre callers. Wayne root was on, he
said he’ll be the Presidential candidate, he thinks he’s like Ross
Perot. Bubba thinks Ross had some great ideas. Manson and Brent said
they voted for him. Wayne said the deficit is bigger than the debt.
Wayne said he’s on to plug a book he’s written. Wayne said Government
is a failure and can’t do anything right. Wayne said the only whore
house that has made money was the Mustang ranch. Wayne said the
Government took over the place, it went bankrupt a year later, he said
that if you can’t run a whore house, you shouldn’t be allowed to be in
Government. Wayne said in Nevada, they get stuff done. They limit
congress. Bubba thinks he should put in tort reform and stopping
lobbyists. Wayne said Obama is a fraud, he said his latest speech was
horrible. Wayne said that Obama has been paid by the bar association.
Wayne said you need a candidate who can break through, Spice thinks
he’s very Mitt Romney. Wayne said Mitch McConnell is ugly. Wayne said
the younger generation laughs at Political figures. Wayne said
everything the Government runs are failures. Bubba asked Wayne about
Neil Boortz, Wayne said he mentions him in the book. Wayne said he’d
go for a flat tax, Brent said he’d take that deal. Wayne said he’s a
small business man with limited resources. Wayne said when you get the
Libertarian party, it’s just him. Wayne said you have to legalize
medicinal marijuana and online gambling. Bubba asked him if he’s been
on Neil’s show, Wayne said no, he did appear on glen Beck’s show,
bubba said he likes Glenn’s delivery. Wayne said it’s none of the
government’s business, he thinks you should just change the channel if
you don’t like something. Wayne said you can see worst stuff on other
channels than the Super bowl. Wayne’s website is href=http://rootforamerica.com/>RootForAmerica.com. Wayne thinks
we should seal the boarder, he thinks you should have money with you
before you come across. Manson said the old give me you’re tired and
poor doesn’t work anymore. Bubba said you can’t bring your gun into
Nevada if you’re from Florida. Wayne doesn’t understand why it’s
Florida, Brent said it’s because of Jeb Bush. Wayne said the first
thing Hitler did was pass a law that said Jews cannot own a gun. Wayne
said a gun is there to protect you from your Government. Bubba told
Wayne said he can come on whenever he likes. Wayne said Ragon was a
failure as an actor and a lounge act, but he did a great job as
president. Wayne said he was a former odds maker. Wayne thinks both
obama and Bush were a nightmare. Spice thinks the media will spin him
as a loon. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The guys hold down the fort, Bubba Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit. We then
heard “We’re Not gonna Take It” as bumper music. Spice came on and
said Bubba took off, he had to go do some stuff. Spice suggested they
take it to Eleven, Manson objected. Spice thinks no one will take a
chance on Vick. Spice said you don’t want to be on Peta’s bad side.
Spice talked about Starbury who has recorded his life. Spice thinks
the NBA has incredibly screwed up players. Bubba called in, he was mad
about being on hold for three minutes. Bubba asked the guys to stop
being a bunch of marks. Bubba thinks Vick will be back. Ned wondered
what kind of phone Bubba is on, Bubba told him it was none of his
business, he then hung up. Brent read the front page of yahoo that
said Vick has had zero messages. Spice took a call from a guy who
agreed with bubba on the Michael Vick situation. The guy said he’d
watch if Vick was on a team. Brent said the NFL is far more violent
with trouble than NBA. Spice said if the NBA tested for weed, there’d
be no NBA. Mike said he’s looking around the NFL teams that might take
Vick. Spice said it’s the off field stuff about Vick that has him on
edge. Brent thinks Dungy will end up with the cowboys. Spice thinks
Dungy is a push over. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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