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Top Stories:
Settlement reached in Hulk Hogan divorce case
TIA: Child Ate Drug-Laced Skittles
Slaughtered horses found in south Florida
FHP: Don’t text and drive

Segment 1 – Derek Jeter, Obama, Sports scores, Hogan’s Gold

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays winning. The guys talk about
Derek Jeter. Bubba doesn’t know who Kate Hudson is. Bubba thinks if
you’re Jeter, you should get a vasectomy. Bubba said for a zillion
dollars, he doesn’t know why Palin resigned. Manson said she’s the
reason why he left the Republican Party. Bubba said he knows someone
who said that a lot of people can’t take the fact that Obama is
President. Brent said the birth certificate thing is idiotic. Brent
said it drives him crazy when people call Obama is a Marxist, Brent
said that Carl Marx wouldn’t have bailed out a bank; he would’ve hung
a banker. Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba plugged what they
got coming up; Spice wants to put Hogan’s gold on. The guys clown
Hogan’s gold, Spice thinks its Cash4gold.com material. Bubba said he
doesn’t want Hogan’s gold anymore. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Palin, marijuana, various callers, Hogan’s divorce, lawsuits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingcompany.com. We then heard a news clip about Palin
resigning. We then heard Manson’s “white Trash Girl” from “bubba’s new
and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 4,
track 22. Bubba said he’s sick and tired of Palin; Brent said that
she’s thinking about a radio job, Bubba thinks Clear Channel would
hire her on the spot. Bubba thinks she insults his intelligence. Bubba
isn’t sure if his show reaches Alaska, Bubba called the people of
Alaska stupid. Bubba thinks Channel 4 in Jacksonville is like an
episode of South Park. Bubba wonders what states have made Medicinal
marijuana legal. Bubba wonders why we make such a big deal over
Marijuana. Bubba wonders if it’s about the timber industry, Brent said
it was. Brent said state law supersedes small communities. Rob wonders
why Palin is a moron, Bubba and Brent explain why. Spice thinks she
isn’t smart enough to be in Government. Bubba said Obama dooped the
entire Country, Brent said obama won the election in a bigger margin
than George W. Bush in both elections combined. Bubba called the guy
the problem with America. Bubba asked the guy if he knew who the mayor
of Chicago was, the guy knew it. Rob thinks Obama didn’t do anything
about street crime. The guy doesn’t think Palin is white trash, Manson
said that when Clinton was in office, they bagged on him. Bubba said
his Mom has never voted for a Democrat that is until McCaine selected
Palin. Bubba thinks Palin destroyed McCaine’s chances. Jeff thinks
Bubba is a racist. Bubba said the old people don’t like Obama. Bubba
wondered what the guy’s point is; Jeff thinks Bubba is trying to stir
up people. Bubba wonders if he’s speaking a different language. Manson
said until people realize that both parties are screwing you over.
Bubba wonders what people are going to do. Bubba said the show isn’t
the gospel; they’re not a credible news source. Justin in Jacksonville
said it’s a bunch of ignorant rednecks who don’t like Obama. Mike said
he’s in the Army, he’s rarely even seen a black guy in Alaska. We then
heard a news clip about Hogan’s divorce. Spice wondered why it took so
long to realize that, bubba thinks she sobered up. Spice thinks it was
the morning when they had Brooke in the studio (June 23, 2009). Bubba
said Hogan wants to work for them. Scott said his parents are like his
Mom. Bubba thinks what really helped out the Presidency was the
Biden/Palin debate. Scott said that his Dad said if McCaine died, he’d
shoot himself rather than having Palin in the white house. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who is in trouble for having a sign on
his property that says “Mexicans keep out”. Bubba thinks they’re
profiling Ned’s house. Bubba attributes this to the Pussyification of
America. Bubba said if they can’t offend anyone, they wouldn’t have a
job. Bubba thinks they should put the signs at the border. Billy said
they should get rid of old people. Bubba said it’s about personal gane
and getting a large chunk of money. Bubba said he’s still on standby
with court. Bubba said the problem is, anyone can sue anyone for
anything, Bubba said that theoretically, Manson could sue Bubba if he
fell on his way to the Bubbagon. Bubba wonders when the ambulance
chasers started popping up. Bubba recounted a story where he
accidently totaled a car, where one of his friends ended up with a big
scar, the guy didn’t sue. Brent said in 1996, some old fart t-boned
him, he spent his time collecting money. Manson said we’re a white
trash country; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Fish guy wins his case, John Travolta, Scientology

Coming out of break, we heard “American Girl” as bumper music. Bubba
read an article about a guy in Clearwater who won a court case in
regards to his tackle and bait shop. The guys wonder if John Travolta
is gay. Spice finds it funny that Scientology isn’t about Science at
all. Spice thinks Travolta is gay. We then heard a clip of a woman
discussing the church; Bubba wonders how many pills she’s on. Bubba
thinks Scientology owns about sixty percent of Clearwater. Bubba
wonders when they are going to break out the E-meter. Brent thinks if
you’re part of the church of Scientology, you’re insane. Bubba wonders
if Dr. Joe Sadurly has ever deprogrammed someone from Scientology.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Dr. Joe Sadurly

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Fly like an Eagle” as bumper
music. Bubba played Dr. Joe’s bumper and brought him in. Joe said the
best way to get a hold of him is via his website, docjoe.info. Joe
said he’s delt with some Scientologists. Joe said he’s never had to
deprogram someone. Doug in Largo said he got custody of his son in
2005; his son doesn’t want to be with his Mother. Joe said the guy
should get a mental health expert. Bubba tried going to Chris, but
didn’t get anything. Jamey said he works with Scientologists; they
don’t want to deal with psychologists. Bubba asked Joe what the deal
is with the E meter, Joe thinks its bologna. Joe said machines can’t
measure things accurately. Joe said he was dragged into court over a
child toucher/pet shop owner. Bubba wonders what the tack in the shoe
trick is for a lie detector test; Joe said the pain factor is what it
is. Bubba said Joe and Jay Flin really slowed them down with the Conny
Bedwell case (May 14, 2009). Joe wants to evaluate the whole family.
Joe said the video on youtube is nine minutes; the whole thing is
twenty-seven minutes. Joe said it doesn’t matter who you talk to
first. Tony said he had a one night stand back in High school, he had
a daughter out of it, he’s never seen her, the woman said that Tony
raped her. Spice said the kid is going to hate his guts. Tony denies
raping her. Tony doesn’t know how the Mom hates him. Joe wonders how
Tony knows the information; he said it’s on her MySpace page. Spice
said you can find out a lot of dirt on someone via a MySpace page. Joe
advised the guy contact a lawyer. Spice can’t believe the guy has
gotten laid. Tony wondered if he can get someone who is pro bono,
Bubba joked that pro bono equals guilty. Bubba wondered how much of a
problem can it be when a kid doesn’t have a Dad. Joe thinks we have a
Mom shaped hole and a Dad shaped hole. Bubba hopes his next comment
isn’t taken the wrong way, he thinks you have to have a Dad like
figure in a kid’s life. Bubba said when two parents fight over a kid,
it’s a problem. Joe said the worst thing that ever happened to some
people he knows is, the divorce of their parents. Jim said he has a
fifteen year-old daughter; her real Dad hasn’t been in contact. He
said she came to him last night with a letter, expressing her distain
with her real Dad. Joe said he doesn’t think highly of the people in
the Mental Health profession. Spice said he couldn’t get to the post
office fast enough. Brent said he would love to write a letter to his
real Dad, but he’s decided not to, Spice pushed for revenge. Brent
said bubba gives incredibly good advice, he just doesn’t take it.
Bubba said he has to be one way as different personalities. Joe’s
number is 727-726-1013. Bubba thanked him for coming in, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan audio

Coming back from break, we heard Hogan’s “White Bangle Tiger” call
from yesterday, we then heard Ned’s song about that. This was all we
heard for this segment.

Segment 6 – Bubba tries a veggie burger, Twenty-five tries Hogan’s
gold, and Hogan calls in, Bubba Trivia

Bubba said Spice will be at O’Brians in Brandon tonight. Manson said
he was kind of digging the bumper music. Brent thinks the guys are
screwing with him, Manson said he swares on his kids eyeballs he’s
not, Brent said it reminds him of the George Carlin bit, where he asks
about swearing on someone’s eyeballs. Bubba said it was Vertical
horizon. Bubba asked Ned if he likes the group, Ned said no. Bubba
said if he played songs for Brent, it wouldn’t be a very big variety,
Brent said he likes Pink Floyd. Bubba said that Mike Olivera has been
getting things done. Bubba said Spice gave him a veggie burger. Bubba
tried it; he said it wasn’t that bad, he complained that it didn’t
have much kechup. Bubba told Brent to not waste his time, Brent said
it’s all he eats, and bubba compared Brent to Squidward from Sponge
Bob. Bubba called for Twenty-five cent to come in, Bubba thinks he’s
out. Brent said people in Ireland are pissed that U Two tore down a
stage. Spice said that Bono has a world hall pass. Steve said he
clicked over to MJ during commercials, he said he was crushing him on
the headband. Bubba played some U Two under the guy. Bubba thinks MJ
shouldn’t be talking about things that are cool and not cool. Spice
remembers when MJ would wear loafers and cackies. Bubba said he’s
going to give the tickets to a woman. Bubba had Twenty-five in; Spice
asked him if he’s a big U Two fan. Bubba played some songs for him; he
missed the first won, but got the second one. Bubba asked Spice not to
help out Twenty-five on this one, he got it, and Bubba thinks someone
is helping him. Bubba said he hasn’t’ heard from Twenty-five’s
girlfriend, Spice did the voice for a few seconds. Bubba wanted
Twenty-five to get some of this gold Hogan had. Bubba went through the
gold; Bubba wonders why Hogan has some bullets within the gold. Spice
thinks if Twenty-five has a Bubba Army biker vest with the gold, he’d
look like Ike Turner. Bubba thinks Hogan will be going to Heaven for
his crosses, Brent said it was the device that killed Jesus. Ned
really likes the gold. Bubba said this is only half of the gold. Bubba
said you don’t ask questions when someone asks you to hold the bag.
Bubba thinks they should send Twenty-five to the mall and see if he
can get a watch for all this gold. Twenty-five thinks you can’t trust
Cigarette John. Bubba thinks they should do the Fat Casper dating
game. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan wonders
why Bubba has his bag of gold; he said he’ll be there Friday. Hogan
thinks Twenty-five is stealing the stuff. Spice wonders about a wring
in there, Hogan said he got it in Japan. Hogan said he’s in the Beach
house. Hogan said he gets to keep his gym stuff. Bubba lightly chides
Hogan for not remembering him getting a piece of gold. Spice wonders
if Hogan will come back as the white bangled tiger. Bubba said he
talked to Kurt Angle yesterday, he knows more about it than Hogan.
Bubba said he’d love to work with Hogan, but he’s out of control.
Bubba thinks Hogan is bringing the show down with his negativity.
Hogan wants to make a diamond crusted toilet seat. Bubba thinks they
could put Twenty-five out in public with this stuff on. Amy wondered
if she could get tickets, Bubba asked her some bubba Army trivia, she
missed the first one, but got the second one. Manson as Springsteen
said she goes home empty handed. Bubba asked her some trivia, she
couldn’t get the first one, and she didn’t know the second one. Monica
said she’d either get the tickets, or give her Husband a mouth hug.
Sandy came on; she thinks it’s totally different than anyone else.
Mike in Bartow said he needs help from the bubba Army, his wife had a
gun in her face, and he wants the Army to catch the guys who did this.
Kim was next up for Bubba trivia, she got the first question, she
didn’t know the second one, and Bubba thinks she’s getting coached.
She didn’t know the third one. Jill finds a mouth hug to be
embarrassing. Shari was on to play bubba Trivia, she couldn’t get the
first one, and she didn’t know the second one. Megan was on for Bubba
Trivia. She didn’t know the first one, nor the second one. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Manson’s new bit, Bubba Trivia

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Van halen as bumper music.
Manson has a new offering, “Insane in the Clem Brain”. Bubba chides
Spice; it was the clip in the song. Bubba doesn’t know what’s real and
what’s not, Bubba thinks the song drives you crazy. Bubba thinks he’d
have to turn off everyone’s mic off so he can figure out what’s taped
and not. Manson thinks this is five hours of ammunition. Bubba thinks
Manson should do this at Bubbapalooza. Kelly was on for bubba trivia.
She wants to bend the rules a little, Bubba had to dump her. Kelly
offered the guys to do what they want with her breasts. Kelly said
that she’s having a baby, Bubba hung up on her. Cody was on to play
trivia, she got the first one wrong, she got the second one, she
didn’t know. Bubba took a call from a woman who didn’t know Manson and
Donnas’ flower shop name. Bubba said he’ll go back to the questions
until people get them. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Joe the Supermark calls in, various clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Bang a Gong” as bumper music.
Bubba said the lines are packed with women who think they know the
show. Bubba likes the Shitkicker boots Gale is sporting. Bubba wants
Dave to redact audio of Brent sounding negative. Brent wonders where
it’s coming from, Bubba said it’s from his attitude. Spice said it
comes off negatively, even if it’s not a negative response. Bubba said
he’s trying not to get into a Brent Hatley concert. Bubba thinks Ned
will like the boots. Britney was on for bubba Trivia, she knew the
flower shop, and Bubba said she’s trying to take control of the show.
She didn’t know the answer. Bubba had the audio of Brent saying he
picked out a pair of boots in size twelve, Brent thinks he knows what
bubba is talking about. Bubba played the clip a few times. Brent said
he was on the phone last night with someone, he can’t say who it is
though. Cindy was on for bubba Trivia. Bubba wants to give her tickets
after Spice called her fat, Spice said she’s thirty-six and single,
she thinks she’s 100 pounds less than bubba. She got the first
question, she missed the second one, she got the third one, and Bubba
gave her the timble. Tracey in Jacksonville said she’d come down to
Tampa. She got the first one, got the second one, bubba gave her a
timble and put her on hold. Bubba wonders if they were easy questions.
Bubba played Joe the Supermark’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba
thinks they should try and stump Joe. Bubba said he doesn’t have a
biker vest. Bubba said their playing for a Bubba Army biker vest, and
a Ned Hardly shirt. Bubba said Joe has mountains of archives, bubba
thinks they should have a trivia contest with blind Lawrence, Manson
thinks Lawrence is an encyclopedia of the show. Joe doesn’t have a
Clem gym shirt. The first question was a favorite item of spice, Bubba
crunch chicken. Bubba’s new trainer is Jimmy Cleavis. Brent asked who
did bubba’s wedding, Frank from Salt rock. Spice brought Aubry Huff to
Bubba’s wedding. Manson’s band was named Emerald city. The first day
bubba met Spice, the first name he knew him by was, he didn’t know.
What team did bubba try out for, Joe guessed bucs, and he got it
wrong. Joe was cool that he didn’t get the shirt. Bubba has two rings
from the Green bay Packers. Joe said he figured out where the white
tiger came from, Bubba tried to call Hogan, it didn’t happen. Bubba
played audio of Hogan yelling how he’s the white tiger. Bubba thinks
you have to be a really big mark to know this stuff. Bubba wonders if
this aired on TV, Joe said it did. In the clip, Hogan is looking for
the Dungeon guys; Spice thinks he’d rather watch Rick Rude videos. Joe
said this never materialized. Bubba wonders where the wrestling is.
Spice thinks this is a horrible video. Bubba pulled up a clkip of rick
Rude. Bubba played a clip about dolphins getting eaten by a shark,
after it was brought back to life. Ned said the reason why the dolphin
washed up on the beach is because he’s week. Blind Lawrence was on, he
knew the band and the dog’s name, he didn’t know the name of the other
team, nor the team Bubba tried out for. Bubba thanked Lawrence for his
work. We then heard a clip about Favre. Spice said he’ll be at
O’Brians tonight. They then ended the show a few seconds later

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