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July 16th, 2009 by

Top Stories:
WFLA target of protests
1.5 million homes in foreclosure
3 hurt as gasoline tanker explodes
CIA assassin program was nearing new phase

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Bubba isn’t a reading guy, Political chat

Bubba started off with AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba got Angus Young
mixed up with Bon Scott. Bubba thinks Ned will go the same way Bon
went. Bubba plugged what they got coming up today. Bubba said he
doesn’t read that much, Spice thinks the last book Bubba read was
“Where the Sidewalk Ends”. Bubba said words run together for him;
Manson suggested every other word in an email to Bubba should be
Pizza. The guys discuss local political figures. Bubba thinks Florida
Governor Charlie Christe will run for President some day. Bubba said
bowling last night sucked, the guys call him OF (Open frame). Bubba
said the reason why they lost was because he and Jay were arguing
about Obama. Bubba said he’s not an Obama mark, he just finds him to
be a breath of fresh air. Bubba thinks Ned can’t vote, Ned said he got
his rights back. Bubba doesn’t like how the lobbyists have controlled
the medicinal industry. Bubba thinks saying no government is a
slippery slope, as you need the government in some aspects. Bubba
thinks it’s the Rockafella effect. Bubba said he saw something on
Sixty Minutes that aid the Credit default swap is a big balloon that
will burst. Bubba thinks special interest groups are a big problem
with our Country. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – The bubba Constitution, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Hypnospice”. We then heard
“Life in the Fast lane” as bumper music. Bubba took a call from a guy
who wanted to talk about health care; he got hung up on a few seconds
later. Bubba thinks people should get a job, be nice, raise a family,
and shut up. The guys think guys like Hitler had that mindset, only
shut up was first, Spice said Hitler’s thing was “shut up and get in
the oven”. Bubba read some emails from some people; several showed
support for the handicapped couple Bubba is helping out. The guys
wonder about their traction in Richmond, Bubba apologizes for the bad
ratings. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Richmond Ratings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard Bob Seger’s “Main Street” as bumper music. Bubba said Portor was
on, Bubba referred to him as “the guy who has nothing good to say
about them”. Portor said he’s wonders who is listening, he said it was
a zygote theory, Bubba said he’s still sticking with his theory of
people killing himself. Bubba thinks he should give Portor a gun.
Bubba took a call from a woman who said she used to listen to
Religious shows before they came along. Persons 18-34, five point
three to a point four. Bubba said he’s stuck on his presets, he said
he listens to Rush and Glen Beck. Bubba wonders how you can go from a
five three to a point four. Bubba wonders why he’s even doing this.
Bubba said a month ago, they had an eight point zero, now they’re at a
negative point six. Bubba said that Sludge is having the same problem.
Bubba wonders if he’ll have to pay back listeners. Manson wonders how
can negative six people listen for an hour an forty-five minutes.
Bubba thinks their days are numbered. Bubba read Elliot’s ratings;
Bubba wonders how could that be possible. Manson thinks Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad is running it. David thinks Bubba should concentrate on
other stations. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked him to smell
his face. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Legal Advice with Kevin hayslet

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Born to Run” as bumper music.
Beth from Pennsylvania wanted tickets to Bubbapalooza, the guys crack
up at her voice. Bubba read an email from a guy who said he got busted
for point six grams of marijuana. Another email was looking to get
their record sealed, Kevin said you’d have to get your record sealed
before you could get it Expunged. William said he got his record
expunged, but it keeps showing up in a background check. Kevin said
that the courts can release your record even if it’s been expunged.
Bubba read an email from someone who said they got arrested for DUI.
The emailer said that he got stopped because of a busted tail light.
The emailer said they weren’t intoxicated. Bubba thought in a public
setting you can record what you’d like, Kevin said you could. Kevin
said it’s a third degree felony without someone’s knowledge. Kevin
said the big missunknomer is that if you’re proscribed a drug, you can
get arrested for a dui. Kevin said the beer is enhanced. Jason on
protection said he’s having a hard time getting a job, he said his
background check said he was arrested for grand larceny, Jason said
he’s never been arrested. Bubba read an email from someone who thinks
he’s getting a raw deal, Bubba joked it was from Twenty-five Cent.
Bubba read an email from someone who got arrested for shop lifting.
Lee in Ft. Meyers said he was charged with dui man slowder, he killed
a crack head walking in the middle of the road. Kevin said they can
restore the guy’s rights, Ned thanked Kevin for helping him out, Kevin
thinks it’s scary that Ned has a gun. Brett on protection said he
didn’t want to use his real name. Brett said when he was eighteen, he
and some friends cashed some bad checks. Brett said he did drugs
during his probation. Kevin said he’ll help the guy out. Keith said he
was calling on his Mom’s behalf. Keith said his Mom had four duis, she
could have her license taken away forever. Kevin went over the
penalties of a dui. Keith said this thing is driving him crazy, he’s
tired of having to drive her everywhere. Kevin said he and the family
went to Costa Rica for a few weeks, Kevin really liked it. Spice
thinks it’s a great place to live. Kevin said he stayed at a place
that was $137 a night. Kevin said weed is illegal in Costa Rica. Bubba
thinks they should go there. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Matt Morgan interview canceled, Rachel the handicapped
lady, callers on Costa Rica

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus
Package”. We then heard “Love Hurts” as bumper music. Bubba
sarcastically thanked T&A for canceling their interview. Bubba said he
was going to talk to Matt Morgan, mainly about Brock Lesner. Spice
wonders what happened, Bubba said he’s guilty of putting the callers
on, bubba said he prides himself on who goes on the air. Bubba thinks
he should play the call from yesterday, Bubba said he took a very pro
T&A approach to the situation. Bubba said his computer won’t let him
play the call from yesterday, Bubba wants Dave to put it on his button
bar. Brent said matt called Twenty-five to let him know that he was
running late. Brent said he got an email from a guy who said Matt is
sick, even though he told Twenty-five he was running a little late.
Brent thinks the office called him to tell him the interview was over.
Twenty-five came in, he said that Ross called Matt and told him the
show had canceled. Twenty-five said that he called Ross, who told him
that Matt called him to say he was sick. Bubba said he hasn’t spoke of
this since. Bubba said if he was Dixie Carter, he would be furious.
Bubba thinks they should’ve emailed the guys and told them not to
discuss the call. Spice said he’s tried the guy on both numbers, but
hasn’t gotten anything. Bubba thinks his voice mail was the funny part
of the clip. Bubba thinks it’s not true at all. Bubba said there would
be no reason for him to ask about this, he was only going to ask him
about his life. Rachel called in, Spice described her as the woman who
is in the wheelchair. Bubba said he’s working on getting temporary
housing. Bubba thinks he’s the only guy to help them out, she said he
is the only one. She said she works three jobs, her husband works full
time. Bubba asked her when the move out date is, she said it hasn’t
been announced yet. Bubba told her not to sweat it. Josh in Orlando
said he heard the guys talking about Costa Rica, he said the exchange
rate in Nicaragua is insane, Bubba hung up on him. Jeff said he has a
house in Costa Rica. Rich said he’s not sounding too cool for school,
he likes it there. Rich said Hooker beach isn’t a big place. Bubba
wondered how do you make contact, rich really likes Beatle Bar. Spice
said he’s looking at the website thebeatlebar.com, it doesn’t look all
that special. Bubba had to interject and tell the guy to settle down.
Pete in Jacksonville was on, he hung up though. Bubba said they didn’t
do anything wrong. Bubba is really irked about them being dishonest.
Bubba thinks they can’t do business anymore. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Replay from yesterday’s show

Coming out of commercials, we heard the call from yesterday. In the
call, James out of Orlando on protection claimed that Carron Angle is
living with Jeff Jarrett. Bubba thinks differently, he calls Kurt to
talk to him about it, he ended up leaving him a message, where he
talks himself out of telling him, he then decides to go for it. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bronco rick checks in, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Window
Graphic. We then heard Manson’s “snake Ate Your Baby”. Bubba said Joe
Scarborough will be on in a few minutes, Bubba said he noticed that
Contessa comes right on after Joe. Bubba thinks it’s a bit of a
problem that he noticed she has gotten a bit of sun. Bubba said this
Ms. Howard TV will be on tomorrow. Bubba thanked Spice for finding
audio of Ron Caps winning. Bubba chides the guys for putting in extra
sound effects. Spice finds the sport to be ridiculous. Bubba said for
the Gator Nationals, he’s making them go. Bronco rick called in, Rick
said a bunch of bank people are marks for the show. Spice said his
friend wants Rick to help him with something. Rick remembers when he
did bubba’s kitchen chairs, rick said bubba is the only guy who has
Louie Vaton. Rick said bubba spent about seven-eight hundred dollars
on material alone. Bubba said back in the day, he drove a S600. Spice
chides Bubba for making fun of him for getting a pair of sunglasses,
Bubba said he was a fool back then. Spice remembers when bubba carried
around a big bag called the Louie. Rick said they put clear plastic on
the stools. Rick said his son is a big Ned mark, he’s got everything
Ned has on his iPod. Rick remembers when Bubba used to tackle his son
and throw tennis balls at him. Rick remembers when bubba sprayed mace
in a Mexican worker’s eye for $25. Bubba wishes he tapped this stuff
back in the day. Rick remembers when Holly busted him. Bubba went to
Joe, but his handler was on, Joe hoped the guy doesn’t handle him.
Bubba wished he could be Joe for a day, Joe thinks he could arrange
bubba’s dream of putting a mic on Contessa. Joe said Contessa is a
real nice lady. Bubba said he became friends with Tucker. Joe asked
Bubba how long he’s been obsessed with Contessa, bubba thinks it was
about two years ago. Bubba thinks Joe is a republican. Joe said he’s
extended his hand to him, and bubba has slapped it away. Bubba wishes
Joe could be real. Bubba said Tucker had some nice things to say about
Joe. Joe thinks Tucker is a runaway beer truck. Bubba thinks Contessa
doesn’t like radio guys, ever since Don Imus. Joe thinks Imus did him
a favor, Bubba thinks Imus’s comment wasn’t all that bad. Joe thinks
that had Imus called two days after the comments, he would still be on
the air. Bubba remembers when Joe said fuck on the air, Brent thought
it was on the air. Joe said he wanted a seven second delay after that
happened. Joe said he knows there in break, the guys couldn’t stop
laughing. Bubba played the drop. Joe said he instantly put on a poker
face when he did that. Bubba didn’t know Joe taught high school, Joe
said he was a football coach. Bubba said he takes back all the bad
stuff he said about Joe. Joe said football coach was one of the
greatest jobs he’s ever had. Bubba said he flunked out of college,
came back to coach football at Warsaw, Bubba thinks you can’t make
much of that. Joe said he coached his kids in baseball, he would often
have parents who went to their church, he thinks it was because of his
divorce, it was because of Joe’s mouth. Joe said he’s all about sec
football. Joe said he’s a big Alabama fan, he was a Florida fan, and
he then realized that Florida fans are obnoxious. Bubba asked Joe his
thoughts on Favre. Joe said he turned against the Packers when they
treated Favre like garbage. Joe said he’s really disappointed hearing
that Favre wasn’t a team player. Joe said Favre didn’t seem like that
guy in New York. Joe thinks Favre got tired, Joe said he played
football in high school, by the time he was seventeen, he was tired
physically. Joe said he’s a big soccer fan, he doesn’t want to offend
people. Bubba said he can’t get into a game with a low scoring sport.
Bubba thinks msnbc is missing the boat. Bubba wanted to talk about
Joe’s book, “The Last Best Hope”. Joe said Republicans have forgotten
who they are. Joe said we have to show restraint. Spice said he agrees
with Joe, he’s bummed out that Ron Paul is dismissed. Joe said that
military families have given more money to Ron Paul than anyone, Brent
said when they told people that, they didn’t believe them. Joe said
we’re stretched too thin. Joe said that had Mitt Romney carried Ron
Paul’s message, he would’ve beaten obama in a land slide. Joe thinks
Obama’s Domestic policy is a bad idea. Joe said he understands there’s
a problem with people who are un insured. Joe said you can’t give hip
replacements to people who have a few years left. Joe said we’re going
to have a debt no matter what. Bubba likes Joe’s way of thinking, just
tell people no. Bubba wonders why the Government has to say no to
everything. Joe said they’re just tailing Americans. Joe said if it
wasn’t that simple, Ragon wouldn’t have been elected. Bubba said he
sometimes looks at his payroll, he wonders why he pays so much. Joe
thinks Bubba should be in the Whitehouse advising obama. Joe said they
don’t understand how taxing Bubba will work out. Bubba said when he
first signed on to Sirius, every other Thursday, he’d have to get a
hold of his account to make sure he could make payroll. Joe said he
loves the people in Obama’s cabinet. Spice said the top people in new
York will have to pay a lot. Joe said if Americans want to see the
future, all they have to do is look at California. Joe said taxing the
rich will not work out. Bubba said he’d love to get Joe on the show in
a few weeks, Joe said he’d love to. Bubba thinks guys on TV, guys are
tied up with stuff. Bubba said he wouldn’t mind having Joe call in
every now and again. Brent said tucker black berried him a few days
ago, he said he was fly fishing. Bubba thinks Barbra Walters is a
yenta, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
“me and bobby McGee” as bumper music. We then heard a news clip saying
that Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide. Bubba wondered who cares?
We then heard a news clip saying a python hunt will be on. Bubba and
Spice as rednecks re created what it would sound like, Spice thinks a
Darwin award is going to happen. Bubba thinks the responsible thing is
to not have a snake. Bubba wonders what the responsible thing to do is
when it gets too big. Bubba said you should humanely kill a snake,
Spice suggested with a shovel. Bubba thinks they should do “euthanize
a Snake day”, Manson said no, Bubba automatically said no. Bubba
wondered how could he be the bad guy if it’s responsibly sponsored. We
then heard a clip about a guy who got in trouble for not writing
enough tickets, Bubba thinks it’s because of his lisp. Ned thinks the
guy should’ve stroked some more people. Ned said as a public service,
he’d go through his area and speed every day. Bubba thinks the guy is
a sore loser. Bubba played “Stroke Me” with Spice voicing the cop, and
Ned getting pulled over. Bubba thinks Ned’s license plate should read
“Stroke Me”. We then heard audio of Barbra Walters commenting on
“Bruno”, she said if you’re a parent, don’t take your kid to see it.
Bubba said he’d have a problem with it, but since it aired on The
View, he’s going to play it as it aired. Bubba thinks she got got.
Bubba thinks it’s a problem with her saying “anal intercourse”, Bubba
said he’s not going to repeat it. Spice thinks she’s missing the point
of the movie. Brent thinks the movie is funnier than Borat. Bubba
wonders what was Ted Damson thinking when he was with Whoopy Goldberg.
Bubba said she’s ugly not for being black, she’s just ugly for being
ugly. Bubba said she doesn’t have clear channel taping her. Bubba
wonders how she’s been able to rape money out of people. Bubba plugged
what they got coming up for tomorrow. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. DUKA

    My husband said to go to neverpayitback.com, what a scam. Government money, bullcrap. Bubba boy, please don’t advertise this crap……We love you, but.. Come on.

  2. Daniel

    It would be so great if Bubba’s days in Richmond were numbered and Sludge was brought back to morning drive along with Abe Kanan who never should have been let go. See ya Bubba.

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    It would be so great if the guy above me died of aids.

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