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Top Stories:
$100,000 Worth Of Disney, Universal Tix Stolen
Tony Romo dumps Jessica Simpson the Night Before Her Birthday
State-ordered upgrade stymies wheelchair-bound couple
Is 25 gay? You decide!

Segment 1 – Bubba at WWE

The show started off with “American Woman” as bumper music. Bubba thanked Brent for getting him up. Bubba thanked the guys at WWE last night. Brent suggested Bubba burn one early. Bubba thinks Ned is a marder with the way he walks. Bubba said that he got a chance to sit next to Bucket head and Russ from The Monsters. Bubba said he felt bad for Bubba from The Monsters. Bubba said he mixed up Bucket head with double-down. Bubba thinks he pays attention about eight percent of the time. Brent said Bucket head give birth to Double-down; Bubba said Bucket head isn’t happy about that. Spice thanked Bubba for finally listening to him about Bucket head. Bubba said his idea with sleeping in the back with the air mattress was a no go; he didn’t like Heather’s driving. Brent is disgusted with Shannon Burke discovering God. Brent said when you’re on probation and you do a crime, it just compounds your troubles. Bubba took a call from a guy in Orlando who said that Russ was on the show saying that he and another radio guy were giving each other the evil eye. Bubba said he had no idea how short Seth Green is. Bubba thinks Brent and Jericho are roughly the same height. Spice thinks Bubba judges things way too early. Bubba said the fans really enjoyed Seth Green. Bubba said Seth had the crowd in his hand. Bubba said when John Cena comes out, it’s deafening. Bubba said he found Robot chicken to be incredibly stupid. Spice thinks Bubba will like it; Bubba said it’s not going to happen. Bubba said Randy Orton saw Tyler with his Cena gear, Randy asked Tyler what his size was, Tyler said small, Randy told him they were out of small. Bubba said Triple H is the nicest guy he’s ever met. Spice thinks Jenna Jamison looked like crap in Vegas, bubba thinks she looks deathly ill. Bubba said that he heard Edge’s injury is bad. Bubba said Batista is jacked up, Heather really likes him. Bubba said he saw Big Show, he said he’s doing fairly good. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Complaint letters, a triple shot of bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus Package”. We then heard “Anyway You Want It” by Journey as bumper music. Bubba thanked Dave Rice for the new iPod. Bubba gave American Express props for waving charges on his card. Matt in Houston said he heard Howard talking about Viagra, he mentioned Bubba. Bubba wasn’t able to get it; Brent had to translate for him. Matt asked if Bubba saw Ron Capps’s victory, Bubba said he didn’t see it, he’ll call him soon. Pork chop out of Ohio said he loves the new album. He thinks some Brent Hatley concerts, Bubba said they’ll do an album of them (an album does exist on iTunes, “Ned’s Tribute to Brent hatley). Bubba said the Homerun derby seemed rather uneventful, the guys think it’s silly to have the EA Sports logo on the bats. Bubba said he read that Lin Bury has a few days to come up with ten million dollars. Bubba read a complaint letter from a guy who didn’t like the show. Bubba thinks the guy is a crappy parent to have a nine year old listening to the show. Spice said if a kid comes up to him at an appearance and says they like the show, that’s a problem. Bubba said they love to bag on public figures. Bubba hypothetically thought of a complaint letter to Bill Marh. Bubba said he and Sludge have bad ratings. Bubba wonders what CCNA means, Spice read it was an ITT guy; he then did his nerd voice. Brent said the guy is a Michael Jackson mark, they don’t want them listening. Bubba thinks they’re the only show that took the approach on Jackson. Bubba read a complaint letter from someone who doesn’t like the show. Brent said if you’re a Michael Jackson mark, you’re an idiot. Another emailer didn’t like the snake bit. Bubba thinks they’re too liberal. Bubba said he’s going into a triple shot – “Goodbye World”, “Billy Mays for Oxy Conton”, and “Snake Ate your baby”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Jessica Simpson, eyebrows, is 25 Cent gay?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for GradyClothingCompany.com. Bubba played Fallout Boy’s version of “Beat It”. Bubba said he’s simply playing it as a rib. Bubba wondered who Fallout boy is, Spice explained it. Brent asked about Van Halen, Bubba turned up the music. Brent thinks they should be horsewhipped for that song. Bubba said he doesn’t know anything about John mayor. Bubba played a bumper about him in a pop-culture trivia contest. Spice said he’s excited that Jessica Simpson is single. Bubba thinks she’s fattened up, Spice said “how dare you”. Bubba accused Spice of being a Jessica Simpson mark. Bubba said he married Heather because she’s hot and other stuff. Bubba asked Spice if he’s with Tasha for the same reasons. Bubba said he’s glad Tasha isn’t part of “the little bitch” scene. Bubba said for all the money in the world, he couldn’t tell you Spice’s ex’s last name. Bubba said in Texas, nothing is as big as the Cowboys. Spice thinks it’s cold blooded to dump a girl one day before her birthday. Bubba said you could be a starting quarterback of any team; the ass factor would be turned up. Bubba wonders what Jessica Simpson has really done. Bubba thinks stupid is cool in the bedroom, other than that, no go. Bubba thinks someone put in a code to make Angelina Joe-Lee’s head. Bubba thinks his dog is used up. Bubba wonders why some women need makeup so much. Bubba said Jimmy Cleavis has big eyebrows; Bubba thinks Jimmy would have Andy Roony type eyebrows if he didn’t trim them. Bubba said he saw a Bubba Army sign at Raw last night. Spice said he’s looking for Bronco Rick to work on something. Spice said Bubba used to hang out at Rick’s shop. Brent said he went to the bikini contest with Jim Florentine and Don Jamison. Bubba wonders why 25 has to disappoint him. Bubba wonders if 25 is a down-low brother. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Twenty-five at Caliente

Coming out of commercials, we heard some ccr as bumper music. Just in Daytona said he really liked the Billy Mays bit with the complaint caller. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. B-Fudd said he’s getting his check soon, Bubba thinks SSD means “Social Security Dumb”. Bubba brought 25 Cent in. Twenty-five denies being a down-low brother. Bubba is disappointed that 25 Cent isn’t going for angey. Twenty-five said he was walking out, Bubba told him to stay put. Spice thinks 25 was looking at men while at Caliente. Bubba said you go to a nudist resort to have sex, Bubba thinks it’s a problem that 25 is going to Caliente, but he doesn’t have sex. Twenty-five asked if he can just be himself. Bubba thinks Twenty-five looks like Andre the Giant next to Seth Green. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he had sex with anyone over the vacation, he said no. Bubba proposes a Twenty-five cent dating game, he didn’t like the idea. Bubba wondered why 25 is having a bad attitude. Bubba thinks Twenty-five is one of the hardest working guys there, less the sexual stories. Bubba said he’s looking for substance. Spice as 25’s girl interjected a little. Twenty-five accused the guys of bringing him down. Bubba threatened him that if he walks out of the studio, he can go to the unemployment line. Adam in Richmond wondered if Brent got any while he was there. Brent said he had to call his wife and tell her he would be home late. Bubba thinks Brent invited himself to judge the bikini contest; bubba said he could play the audio. Brent said he got drunk off of Tequila. The guys clown Brent for being “Drunk radio guy”. Spice and bubba acted like cops talking over a CB. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he got any numbers, he said no, Bubba thinks he’s a down-low brother. Brian on protection said he works at Caliente; he said that if 25 can’t get angey, he’s an idiot. Twenty-five said that after the fourth of July, she went out of town. Brent said he puked while on the lawn. Bubba said he’ll take 25 off the down-low list if he can get pictures of Brent puking. Twenty-five said Brent was incapacitated. Twenty-five joked while Brent was at the contest; he was in the bathroom with a wide stance. Brent said he was out in the sun drinking. Twenty-five joked he was in the bathroom doing lemon shots with a guy with a Prince Albert. Brent said he gets really mad on jack Daniels. Brent said he didn’t even make it out to the car. Bubba and Spice did an imaginary situation, with Spice acting as a drunk Brent, and Bubba as Amanda. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – CM Punk Calls in

The guys chat with CM Punk. Cm will be doing an appearance at Steve Cern’s tonight. CM said he’s straight edge; he’s never done any drugs. CM really likes spice’s Vince McMahon impersonation. Bubba can’t get over how popular Cena is. Cm thinks marriage isn’t for him. Bubba wonders just how extensive is CM Punk’s rider. Cm said he hates Los Angeles. Brent said the people who move to Los Angeles are dicks; he likes people who have lived in Los Angeles all their lives. Bubba asked Cm Punk what his template is for women, CM thinks dark hair like Megan Fox. Bubba thanked CM for coming on. Ned sarcastically said he’d like to hang out with CM; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tom the Tree man Fireworks revisited, Miller the Pizza guy?

Coming out of commercials, we heard U Two’s “Beautiful Day” as bumper music. Bubba said the ladies will be in about twenty minutes or so. Bubba thinks he’ll beat them politically. Bubba said he wants Miller in the studio to look at the Tom the Tree man segment. Bubba thinks this will be embedded in Florentine’s mind. Bubba said the explosion was so violent, they could not have heard anything. Miller said this is on bubbaRaw.com. Bubba played the DVD to start and stop it. Bubba said he’d like to apologize for bossing people around. Bubba thinks Manson is about hurting people. Bubba thinks Florentine looks like Jim Tap. Brent likes how Bubba through his Roman candle at him. The guys crack up at Tom’s line of “Power Pig Hello, I’m Burning”. Bubba wants to get that redacted. Spice said the event Cm will be at is tomorrow night. Bubba thinks Cern was cringing during the interview. Bubba thinks his mini HD is going dead. Bubba said the funniest thing there was when he was the fare, he saw a band. Bubba said he’s never seen barrel racing. Bubba wondered about his lights, bubba thinks it looks like an operating room, Manson thinks it’s like a tanning booth. Bubba thinks they should have eight more. Spice joked they have the budget of a public access show. Bubba thinks Ned is the only guy who appreciates the lights. Bubba wonders if they’ve got anything that is TV. Spice revealed that on the weekend, Miller delivers pizzas. Miller said he’s looking to buy some stuff; he doesn’t want to put them on credit though. Miller said he works for Hungry Howey’s. Bubba finds it a little disturbing in regards to Miller’s side career. Miller said five bucks is a great tip. Manson thinks Miller could deliver him a pizza. Bubba thinks Miller prank calls for fake addresses. Bubba thinks Miller’s girlfriend despises him after Bubbapalooza in Jacksonville (Miller’s girlfriend got into a heated political debate with Brent. Brent asked her to leave; she told him that she has VIP passes, she then told him to fuck off. She then poked Craig the Bulldog in the chest.) They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Pop-Culture Trivia with girls of 2001, the girls do pole tricks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubbaRaw.com. We then heard Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as bumper music. Bubba brought the girls in, we then heard the bumper from earlier. Bubba said he’s a little edgy about this contest. Spice if bubba doesn’t know them, he doesn’t know them. Bubba thinks Brent will have to hand the sound effects over to Brent. Spice said that Gale will be filling in for Bubba stripping if he missed a question. Bubba asked one of them, she said she’d rather see Bubba nude. Brent thinks he doesn’t have the questions. Brent thinks bubba is smarter than him when it comes to pop-culture. Spice asked the first question to the ladies, she got it. Bubba thinks this contest will end before it’s begun. The second question was to bubba, he got it, bubba thinks it was a softball, Brent said he knew that one. The third question was for the ladies, they got it. The fourth question was to bubba, he had no idea, and the ladies took that one. Bubba said he saw Macaulay Culkin at WWE Raw last night. Spice asked a question to Sexy thick, she couldn’t get it, and Bubba told him it wasn’t a question. Spice asked the next question to the ladies, Bubba interjected and got the wrong answer; he got buzzed as well, he asked the girls to get topless. The next question was to bubba, he didn’t know, the strippers interjected and got it. Bubba thinks the contest is rigged. The next question was for the ladies, Bubba wonders who cares about this stuff, they got buzzed, and Bubba had no idea. The next question was for bubba, he got buzzed, the strippers got it, and Gale had to take something off. The next question was for bubba, he missed it, and the strippers got it. The next one was for the strippers, they got it. The next one was for Bubba, he didn’t get it, and the strippers got it. The next question was for the ladies, they got it. Brent called her a twilight mark. The next question was for bubba, he didn’t get it, the ladies got it, and Gale had to take more off. Bubba told spice he’s killing him. Spice asked the ladies who the current UFC champ is, they didn’t get it, Bubba got it, he then instructed them to take off some clothing. The next one was for bubba, he got it. Bubba asked a MSNBC question, she said it was a stupid question. Brent asked her who the current us general is, the room fell silent. Bubba asked who the vice president is, she got it wrong. Bubba is disgusted that strippers are getting Harry Potter questions right. The next question was for the ladies, Bubba thinks he had it, the they got it, bubba got pissed, Bubba thinks spice wants to see Gale nude. The next question was for bubba, he got it. The next question was for the ladies, they got it. The next question was for bubba, he got it. The next question was for the ladies, they didn’t get it. The next question was for Bubba, he didn’t get it, the ladies didn’t get it either. Spice said the game was over, the strippers ended up on top. Bubba asked Gale and Sexy thick to sit next to each other. Bubba thanked them for coming in. bubba thinks Sexy thick gets high and watches TV. The strippers suggest Gale dance on the pole. Bubba was looking for some dance music on the iPod. Bubba ended up playing some Michael Jackson. Bubba egged Gale on, the guys couldn’t stop laughing. The handler could be heard over the music saying this is why male strip clubs don’t work. Bubba chided Gale for not making his booty clap properly. Bubba played another song and had one of the strippers dance on the pole, the guys like her doing tricks on the pole. Bubba wonders what makes poles so attractive. Bubba gave a shout out to the guys at WWE’s merch department. Bubba chides Hammil for not doing a good pre-interview. Spice thinks he couldn’t do any of the pole tricks they do. Bubba had the girls show Gale how to do a trick. Bubba thinks he’d bend the pole if he tried to do a trick. Bubba thinks this is going to wear; he can’t do anything on the pole. Bubba thanked them for coming in, Bubba proposed a five dollar discount if they mention Bubba’s name. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – handicapped woman needs help

Coming out of commercials, we heard Guns N’ roses’s “Paradise city”. Bubba said he was late for on-air, he thinks he did a fairly good show today. Bubba thinks they have a lot of office people listening. Bubba said they like T&A, but they also do good. Bubba said you can’t be a pussy in life. Brent said he was watching a biography on Sacha Barren Cohen, he said the only line he doesn’t cross his funny and not funny. Bubba played a news clip about two people in wheelchairs. The people have been living in a condo for a few years, they haven’t had any problems. The elevator in the building they use will be out of service, they won’t be able to leave for work. Spice said he’s had dealings with property managers are scumbags. Bubba said he’s going to help the woman out. Brent wonders if there’s an American’s with disabilities act. Bubba asked people to email him to help him out with this situation. John in Ft. Meyers said they don’t have to do the work right away, Bubba thinks the state is on the last straw with this situation. Bubba wonders what would take eight weeks to repair an elevator. John said that some elevators haven’t met the fire code. Mike in west Palm said there’s a temporary elevator system called a buck hoist, a lot of construction companies use them. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Timothy

    Glad he dumped Jessica. Who needs a dumb fat chick around? even when she gets skinny again she’ll still be stupid. Spice needs to get over her. He only likes her because she reminds him of Mellony.

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