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Segment 1 – Sports Scores, Michael Jackson’s funeral, Rush Limbaugh
audio, Artie Lange’s dui discussed

Bubba started off with audio of the Rays losing. We then heard AC/DC’s
“Thunder Struck” as bumper music. Bubba apologized for the delay; he
said it takes him a few seconds to get stuff ready. Bubba thinks
someone has messed with his adjustments. Bubba said he came in this
past Saturday and got through some stuff. Bubba said that he’ll be
going to Raw tonight. Bubba said all the cool stuff happens when
they’re on vacation, Spice said Mcnare was a scumbag. Bubba recapped
some sports scores. Bubba said he tried to find the race, but couldn’t
find it, Bubba said he watched UFC instead. Brent said he can’t say
enough good things about Darien Grub. Bubba said he likes the way Kyle
Bush drives; he thinks he’s a pussy though. Manson said he taped the
last five laps of the race where Tony spun Bush out. Bubba said he’s
Michael jackstone out, he saw something on one of the nbc channels
about him; he said it was a burial. Bubba said he was watching Bill
O’riley, he agrees with him on Jackson. We then heard a news clip
about Jackson’s glove. The guys are over-all disgusted with the
Jackson funeral. We then heard a clip of Limbaugh talking about
Jackson, saying how he was big under Ragon, had a fairly good career
under Bush and Clinton, but died under Obama. Bubba compares Limbaugh
to Gean Deckerhoff (Gean is the play-by-play guy for the Bucs). Bubba
wonders when Limbaugh will just stop. Bubba said that a lot of people
do work for charity; he said that the listeners really helped him out
with that. Bubba said Michael Jackson never did write out a check from
his account. Brent said Sam Simon does great work for his
organization, as well as Bill Gates. Bubba said he’ll take Princess
Diana coverage over Jackson coverage. Bubba said at least she did
stuff. We then heard a clip of Gloria Allred ripping into a guy for
defending Jackson. Ned said he’d let Jackson touch him for a farrace
wheel ride. Bubba said Tyler got third in Indiana. Bubba said he got a
lot of heat while there about not going on a tour of Toney’s area.
Bubba said out of respect to Artie, he’s not going to discuss the dui.
Bubba wonders why Artie was cruising around in the car he was driving;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Ted DiBiase Jr calls in, UFC discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Clemulus
Package”. We then heard some Nickelback as bumper music. Bubba said
Ted DiBiase Jr will be on in a few minutes. Brent thinks Bubba thinks
too much. David in Jacksonville happened to tom. Bubba said he didn’t
mean to leave the listeners with a cliffhanger, he thought they had
another commercial break; he forgot that it was the last stop set.
Bubba intended to get everyone together and explain what happened.
Bubba said it worked out nicely being a cliffhanger. Bubba went to Ted
a few seconds later, Spice thinks Ted sounds like his Dad. Ted said he
was married; Bubba wants to have Randy ortin’s leftovers. Bubba likes
Randy’s spray-on tan, Ted said it’s not a spray-on, he thinks Randy
has a tanning bed in his garage. Bubba thinks they should do a behind
the scenes on WWE. Bubba asked Ted what he does before a match, Ted
said he does some push-ups and some squats, he mainly relaxes. Ted
said Seth Green will be guest hosting, Bubba said he wants to beat the
crap out of him, Spice had to calm Bubba down, as bubba didn’t like
the character Seth played. Spice asked him if he’s ever gone to fcw,
Ted said he’s been there. Bubba said Cern is really stiff, he’ll tell
you if you suck. Bubba said the first time Ted appeared on WWE, he won
the strap. Ted said he’ll be appearing in “the Marine 2”, which will
be out on DVD later this year. Brent and Ted discussed life in Clinton
Mississippi. Bubba thinks Ted SR had a great time on the road. Bubba
said he really likes the Joe Morrison character, Ted said he’s a great
guy. Ted listed off some up and coming wrestlers. Spice thinks ECW is
a launching pad for wrestlers these days. Bubba said that Ted married
his high school sweetheart; Bubba thinks she’s disgusted with Ted’s
career choice. Ted said he played football in High school. Bubba
wonders how did Ted get to the movies so quickly, Ted said he
considers himself lucky. Bubba said he heard that Edge is in the
hospital. Ted thinks John Cena is like a work horse. Ted said the
under Taker is a great guy. Bubba recapped his under Taker story,
where Bubba was in a match and was about to get squashed, the Under
Taker stepped in and told the guys not to squash Bubba in his home
town. Bubba thanked ted for coming on. Bubba asked Spice what he did
over the vacation; Spice said he never made it to Orlando. Brent said
he went to his in-laws; he then worked on his book and worked on some
stuff for the show. Bubba said almost everyone watched UFC 100, Bubba
said he watched it with Jimmy Cleavis in his theater upstairs. Brent
hopes he looks as good as Cleavis does when he’s forty. Bubba proposes
the Jimmy Cleavis dating game. Bubba said he’d rather spend his
Saturday nights in a dark garage with the radio on; Bubba lightly
chides Jay O Conole for calling one of the stations “new”, when the
thing has been around for years. Bubba said he’s heading to Huntsville
for nine days, starting this Friday. Mike in Orlando said he went to
UFC 100, he said he had a great time. The guys didn’t like the way the
first fight went. Bubba hopes Dana White is disgusted with Lesner.
Bubba said you shouldn’t mess with Markus Jones. Bubba thinks Markus
will go far in UFC. Bubba thinks Rob Con should get reedit for finding
the guy. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Judge throws out McDonalds case, Homosexuality discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Bringing Fatass Back”
from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 2 and 6”, tracks 2 and 5 respectively.
The bit parodies “Bringing Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake; the bit
mocks Bubba for his love of food. We then heard “Interstate Love Song”
as bumper music. Bubba thinks they should weigh themselves before and
after a vacation. Bubba said he’s proud of the judge who throughout
the Mcdonadls situation. Sally on protection said she worked on the
jurey of the case, she thinks it’s unfair that the parents got money.
Brent said he saw “Bruno”, he said he loved it. Bubba said Bruno raked
in a lot of money. Brent said really likes the Ron Paul scene in the
movie. Bubba said Borat opened to eight hundred theaters, Bruno opened
up to at least two thousand. Brent thinks the Gay alliance groups are
idiots for going against the movie. Bubba wonders why we have to abide
by the bible. Bubba thinks you should worship not being an idiot.
Spice said the gay pride parades really irk him. Bubba said you never
see black people making out in public. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Richmond discussions, Michael Jackson’s kids discussed,
Ron R Test’s Michael Jackson tribute song

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Jasmine Bidwell.
We then heard Ned’s “Dead Baby” bit. Angie in Naples said she’s
grossed out by two guys in assless chaps, she said she almost always
ends up with gay servers at restaurants. Bubba asked her if she’s ever
been with a woman, Angie said yes. Angie said she lives with a man.
Angie said her man was in the mix, Bubba said this just turns up the
hotness factor. Ned thinks Angie is a beast. Angie said she’s five
eight, one hundred thirty pounds, and is thirty-seven. Bubba thinks
the guy has moxie. Bubba wonders why Ned left without telling him.
Bubba said from 6-11, he owns Ned. Ned attempted to make a horse
analogy; Bubba told him it was stupid. Bubba asked Ned where else
could he have a job where he could get high at; Ned said he did that
at every job. Bubba thinks Ned has more money than everyone
collectively. Bubba thinks Ned and Keith are cut from the same cloth.
Joe in Richmond found the Dead Baby song horrible. Bubba thinks that
had the family had been more proactive, the baby wouldn’t have been
born. Joe asked about the Caylee Anthony stuff, Brent thinks the
parents were involved. Bubba said he got the ratings for Richmond,
Bubba apologized for being a failure, and they’re at a negative point
six. Bubba wonders how you can get a negative rating. Brent said he
talked to Jay about that, Brent said Jay told him he’d get back to
him, he hasn’t gotten a response. The guys think some listeners
committed suicide. Jim in Richmond said he’s not listening to the
show, Bubba suggests the guy listen to Elliot. Jim thinks the new
station should bring some power. Bubba thinks the arbitron system is
flawed. Bubba thinks you’re better off dead than living with a bad
parent. Scott said that Elliot bleeds into them. Bubba wonders what
happened to the billboard; Spice said the guy is working on that. Mark
thinks the guys have a great show. We then heard a news clip about
Jackson’s kids getting passed to Diana Ross. Bubba wishes they could
be congressmen, he’d like to make it legal to punch people in the
mouth. Bubba thinks they’re the minority in the Michael Jackson
situation. We then heard Ron R Test’s tribute song to Michael Jackson,
Bubba was a little hesitant at the line “Michael, you my nigga.” Bubba
wonders if Ron R Test really cried when Michael Jackson died. Brent
said Bubba knows someone who cried when they heard Jacckson died. Ned
really likes the song. Bubba wishes Michael Jackson would’ve died
right after the not guilty sentence came down. Bubba thinks they
should organize a CD burning collection of Michael Jackson albums.
Bubba said this is like Bizz Markey bad. Clint in Richmond said he
really loves the show. Mike from Tampa was on, but his phone cut out.
Bubba thinks he should cal Orlando to ask him about Michael Jackson.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Snake discussions, Hulk Hogan calls in, Mad Dog Fires his staff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com. We then heard a news clip about a snake
attack. We then heard Manson’s “Snake Snake snake Ate your Baby” bit.
Bubba said that giant snakes do not love you. Spice said he doesn’t
know any black person with a snake. Bubba said five people came up to
him in Huntsville, and thought the bit was great. Manny said he’s a
new listener. Bubba asked the guy how did he hear about the show, he
said a friend told him about it. Many thinks the guys would do great
in dalais. Bubba wonders why aren’t people beating down their door.
Bubba said the problem is that there are too many pussies. Bubba
thinks mcnare got what he deserved. Spice said only in death to you
find out someone is a douche bag. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and
brought him on. Hogan welcomed the guys back. Hogan said he’s heard
the guys complaining about why they can’t get syndicated. Bubba thinks
Hogan couldn’t commit to coming in five days a week at five in the
morning. Hogan thinks he shouldn’t have called in today. Hogan said he
was in jail last week, he then said he was in mental jail. Hogan
wished the guys to have a good day. Hogan asked about Steve Mcnare,
bubba said it was a murder/suicide. Hogan wondered why does Bubba not
cal him when he says he will. Bubba asked Hogan if he watched UFC,
Hogan said he did, Hogan said Lesner is so bad; he freaked out Hogan’s
dogs. Bubba played a clip from UFC where Lesner says he loves his
victory. Bubba said he feels bad for Rogan, as he doesn’t have much to
work with. Hogan thinks the guys aren’t that smart. Ned said he agrees
with Hogan on this situation. Hogan said he was done, he said Bubba
doesn’t call him back. Bubba read lesner’s statement about that, Hogan
wondered who bubba is talking to. Hogan said he was going to call MJ,
Manson/MJ said he’ll throw softballs at Hogan. James in Canada called
in; he said Mad Dog fired his guys when he got the ratings. Bubba said
Howard gets so mad when he sees stuff about Mad Dog. Bubba thinks will
be edited. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Michael Jackson funeral audio, Rob Con calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus
Package”. We then heard Manson’s “Michael Jackson Song”. We then heard
“Jet Airliner” as bumper music. Bubba said the new Ned Hardly shirt
will be out within a week. Bubba said they had to get the stones from
china. Bubba said they’re only going to make three-four hundred of
them. Spice said he wants to give his to Ned, Bubba denied him, Spice
said he doesn’t’ need one. Bubba played audio of Congressman Peter
King expressing his disgust for Michael Jackson. The guys like how
Jack Nickelson delivered the line of “You can’t handle the Truth”.
Manson, Brent and Spice like Clint Eastwood’s latest movie. Bubba
played audio of Al Sharpton speaking at Michael Jackson’s funeral.
Bubba said his dream was that Michael Jackson died, he got his wish.
Bubba got caught off guard with rob con dropping off the line. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said he had a great time with Jack
Nickelson. We then heard audio of Paris Jackson commenting on her Dad.
Bubba said when you’re exposed to 31 million people, there are some
bad people. Bubba said Rob was back on. Manson as Michael Jackson said
he’s a better Dad. Spice said she has the same voice as Michael. Bubba
got rob con on. Rob said Rogan knows his stuff. Bubba said the last
guy he wants to mess with is robbing. Rob said his phone drops
periodically. Rob said they now have three locations in Tampa. Bubba
asked rob his thoughts on Lesner, Bubba thinks it’s a classless move.
Rob said there’s no reason to act like that. Bubba played audio from
the fight, Bubba said he and Jimmy were saying that he got knocked the
fuck out. Bubba asked about Fador, rob thinks he could get it done.
Bubba asked about the opening fight, Rob said he thinks the judges are
the problem. Bubba wonders if anyone can stop GSP, rob said he’s
powerful. Rob thinks Markus Jones is the only guy who can stand up to
Lesner. Bubba thinks they should have a contest for toughest fighter
out of Tampa. Bubba wonders if Dana pulled Lesner aside after Saturday
night. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
Manson’s “oxy cotton Commercial”.

Segment 8 – O’riley on Michael Jackson, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard some Michael Jackson as bumper music. Bubba said he rarely
agrees with O’riley, but he likes his thoughts on Jackson. We then
heard some audio about that. Bubba said that he doesn’t like how
O’riley isn’t saying this stuff from the heart. Brent said that
Olberman was on vacation during this whole situation. Bubba said obama
color has nothing to do with him. Bubba wonders why didn’t all this
come out before he died. Bubba thinks he likes black people more than
whites. Bubba said he hasn’t heard obama speak once about either Al
Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Bubba wishes they could put their Michael
Jackson elements on TV. Bubba said it’s not wrong to be right wing.
Bubba said he believes in the decriminalization of marijuana. Steve
said he saw a picture of Obama looking at a girl’s butt. Bubba said he
doesn’t care; it’s not that big of an issue if a married man respects
another woman. Bubba said he’ll hold off on the tom the Tree man stuff
until tomorrow. We then heard a news clip about a pregnant woman
getting gunned down in a home invasion. We then heard a news clip
about a doctor trading pills for sex. Bubba thinks the reporters in
Jacksonville hype things up. Bubba likes channel 13 in Tampa. Bubba
wishes he could be4 the GM of the station. Wayne in Braington said he
was the cousin of the girl who got shot. The guys cracked up a little
at the guy on protection, bubba messed with the settings as the guy
told the story. Wayne said he did tar pit work for thirty years, which
is why he sounds the way he does. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. nick

    love your show and really love the parody songs but it is annoying as hell when you interrupt a hilarious bit with your dumb ass talking or that stupid
    “BOW WOW WOW” shit, I mean it really takes the funny out of those great songs, so as much as I love your show and want to keep listening do me and everyone else out in radioland a favor;
    it really ruins your show

    thank you

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