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This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Heather’s birthday, Bubba’s PSP, Bubba’s dog

The guys discuss the Rays; Bubba said he got a lot of emails from Red socks fans. Bubba plugged what they got coming up. Bubba said today is Heather’s birthday; he said he’s taking her out to dinner. Bubba said evidence has his psp. Bubba said that the guys who broke into his car are going away for a long time. Bubba said stupid people give them topics to talk about. Bubba said he’s got a new dog named Bella, Bubba said the dog is the dumbest dog he’s ever had. Bubba said he always thinks of B-Fudd when he sees the dog; he uses his line of “I’m a slow learner.” Bubba told Brent to not be a dog mark. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Fireworks, Myth Busters is wrong, B-Fudd checks in

The guys discuss various fireworks. Bubba thinks Myth Busters didn’t do the cell phone near the gas station stunt properly, as his truck caught on fire a few years ago, Spice said it was busted. Bubba thinks they should get a pig from a supermarket. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on. He said he won his case; he’ll be getting social security for life. The guys wonder what B-fudd’s IQ is; he thinks it ends in a five. Bubba had him to do some simple math. B-Fudd said he gets milk for $2.25. B-Fudd said he’ll send the guys a picture of a milk carton. Bubba asked him how much does he think a new car costs, he thinks forty-five thousand dollars, he said he saw it on ebay.com. Bubba likes how B-Fudd knows if he’s getting screwed with on prices. B-Fudd said he wouldn’t drive a car, as he doesn’t have a driver’s license. B-Fudd thanked obama for baling him out. Bubba wondered how much B-Fudd had to pay his lawyer; B-Fudd said if he lost his case, he wouldn’t have to pay anything. B-Fudd said his lawyer only handles social security. B-Fudd said he’ll get his money next year, with back pay. Bubba laid out B-Fudd’s situation, while B-fudd cracked up, B-Fudd said the guys make him laugh, Bubba said B-Fudd makes them cry. Bubba asked what will he do when his Mom and Dad die, he said he’ll live with his brother and sister. The guys laugh at B-Fudd saying “Learn how to work kid”. Bubba let him go a short time later. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Richard Mctear’s girlfriend suing Florida

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Richard Mctear’s girlfriend taking the dcf to court. Bubba said had only they charged her, this wouldn’t have happened. Bubba thinks they should have a lawyer judge. Bubba said he’s glad the baby was tossed from the car; he said it’s her fault for allowing the baby to live in this atmosphere. Nate from Tampa said he worked with the girl, he said she was problem child back in the day, he’s not surprised. Nate said she’s going to win this lawsuit, as the state caries her case. Fred on protection thinks the same thing; he said that one of his Coe-workers is getting fired. Bubba said no one wants to accept responsibility. Fred thinks she could’ve used a taxi, he told her to “make a phone call, cow.” Fred said he heard Bubba chatting with B-Fudd, he said Bubba has a bigger heart than he lets on. Fred said sometimes he wants to sometimes go into his office, close the door and play Solitar. Bubba said all we need is tort reform, loser pays. Bubba said the trend came out; MJ is under performing the radio station. Bubba said the people of Tampa hate MJ. Bubba said they may try to bankrupt him, but he’s not going anywhere. Bubba said Lex and terry is a failed experiment. Bubba wants to find out who the lawyer is for the case. Bubba said the media is a joke for the most part, they’re not real. Spice found the name of the lawyer, Joel Yanchuck, Bubba said he knows the guy. Bubba said they’re good lawyers. Bubba thinks they should get them on to talk about it. We then heard Ned’s “dead Baby” bit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Billy Mays” bit. We then heard The Beasty Boys as bumper music. We then heard a news clip about Mays’s funeral. Bubba thought it was Manson’s bit in the background; Bubba thinks it wasn’t a very bad impersonation. Bubba said Mj should go to the funeral. Bubba said if he’s not there, he’s a phony. Patrick in Alabama said he missed Bubba, Bubba said he’ll be there this weekend. Patrick said he ordered the box set this morning, the guy thinks he’ll have it by Friday. Bubba said his friend Jim from BP fuel asked him to participate in a calendar. Bubba looked at some of the girls on StrobeMagazine.com. Brent said Tucker is on the line. Tom in largo said he loves the show, hates the little guy. He wonders where the family was. Bubba played Tucker’s bumper and brought him on. Tucker said he just got off the red eye from San Francisco. Spice wonders why they have so many parades. Tucker thinks the interest groups are very annoying. Bubba said you shouldn’t have to learn about homosexuality in school if you are in fact born with it. Bubba thinks you’re not born gay, Brent and Manson thinks he’s ridiculous. Spice sides with Tucker, he thinks some people are born gay, and some decide it. Bubba said we’re going to rely on the parents to teach that kind of stuff at home. Brent thinks they shouldn’t teach abstinent in school. Brent said cap and trade just causes more pollution. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with the school system teaching sex, he doesn’t think they should get into Trans gender studies. Brent wonders why we would want to get certain people help. Tucker wonders why anyone would want to castrate themselves. Bubba said Vanity fare exposed Palin for being a narcissist. Tucker said he’s been in San Francisco for a few days, he said the guy who wrote the article is his neighbor. Bubba played a portion of “white Trash Girl” from “bubba’s new and Misc its Vol. 6”, track 4, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 22. Bubba wonders if they’d be big in Washington. Tucker asked how much trouble is getting new stations; Bubba said it’s a triple edge sword. Bubba said they’re the most fined, Clear channel hates them, and people are very skeptical. Spice said he finally saw “W”, he said it was a funny movie, Tucker said he didn’t see it, he lived it. Brent said he walked away from that movie feeling bad for bush. Tucker thinks Bush has hang-ups with his parents. Bubba thinks he might become a bush fan now, as he thinks they’ve got some stuff in common. Bubba asked Tucker who the greatest President was in his life time, tucker wonders who was better than Ronnie; Tucker said he likes Teddy Roosevelt. Tucker thinks Jimmy Carter was the worst, he thinks Obama will go down as the absolute worst, with bush coming in as a close second. Bubba said it’s a sad state of affairs when Billy Mays and Michael Jackson dying is the big news. Bubba asked Tucker about Mark Sanford, Tucker said he wishes the guy was quiet about that stuff. Bubba played a bit of Manson’s Michael Jackson song. Bubba said it’s a sad state of affairs that they can’t say masturbate in the context of the song. Bubba then played a bit of Ned’s song about Michael; tucker was laughing his ass off. Bubba said wait until the signal gets upgraded, he’ll dominate Elliot even more. Bubba then played a bit of “Bad Monkey” from “Bubba’s New and Misc hits Vol. 9”, track 1, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 7. Tucker said the bit was fantastic. Tucker asked how impossible it is to get into Los Angeles, Bubba said mark and Brian are in 21 places, but they get millions of dollars. Bubba said radio companies are controlled by three or four men who aren’t their friends. Bubba thinks they’ve only got ten years left. Bubba wonders when Ned’s birthday is, Ned said he’ll be 73 in August. Bubba gave Tucker a little info on Ned, Tucker had no idea Ned was in nam. Bubba said Ned loves to talk about killing people over there. Tucker said he’s not going to smoke another cigarette. Tucker said he doesn’t use marijuana, he said he wants to have all the IQ points he has. Bubba said he’s got the hissing cockroach coffin stunt later on today, Tucker thinks it’s the worst thing ever. Tucker said he wouldn’t do the rat coffin. Bubba said they’re getting ready to do the scorpion coffin. Bubba thinks they could be number one on Capitol Hill. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Michael Jackson news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Michael Jackson’s will. We then heard Manson’s song about Michael Jackson. We then heard a clip about Michael Jackson’s kids. We then heard Ned’s song about Jackson. The then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba calls Heather, Bubba rips into Clear Channel

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Coven as bumper music. Bubba said today is heather’s birthday. Bubba said he was showing her the ratings the other night. Bubba said Julia has been helping out, she asked about the school girl outfit, heather said it was Amanda’s. Heather said she won it in a dog contest. Bubba said if Julia ever asks Brent about Bunny going as a cheerleader, just go with it. Spice asked how many of the outfits do they have; Spice said he’s not into that stuff. Dave asked if Bubba wears different outfits during sex, or does he have just bubba shock jock stuff. Manson said he doesn’t do any dress up stuff. Ned said he gets into Civil War outfits. Dave said he doesn’t dress up. Dave wondered if Bubba pays creepy gym coach. Bubba called heather; bubba said the boys are creeping him out. Bubba wished her happy birthday. Ned wonders if the short bus drops Heather off in her school girl outfit. Bubba told her they’ve got dinner and dancing at the Dallas bowl tonight. Bubba said the guys went to Sweet Bay and got a whole hog. Bubba said he’s got a busy day today. Megan from Plant city said she has a school girl outfit. She said she saw an “I love cock” bumper sticker; she had no way to cover it up when she arrived at day care. Bubba said the monthly trend came out, bubba said the big one comes out soon. Bubba thinks MJ saying he’ll retire is just posturing for his case. Bubba wonders if we can all take a step back and throw Bubba a bone. Bubba said he’s told Clear channel many times to stop worrying about them. Bubba said the sooner Clear Channel leaves them alone, they should be able to take two steps forward to continue their programming. Bubba said if they get out of the game, he’ll sound like a blowhard. Bubba said mother-fing him is not a good idea. Bubba said the minute Clear Channel unhitches they’re wagon from MJ, the better off they’ll be. Bubba said they’re not obsessing with MJ; they worked under the same roof with him, but couldn’t say anything about him. Bubba said everyone runs their course. Brent said Ron Bennington has nothing bad to say about them,, Bubba said he just hates the people Ron has attached himself with (Ron works with Fez, who are good friends with Opie and Anthony). Bubba thinks the Billy Mays situation is the final straw for MJ. Bubba said if you’ve talked to someone who passed away, you shouldn’t take a picture of your cell phone and post it on the site. Bubba thinks he’s on a slippery slope of losing his job at flz. Brent said Limbaugh gives Schnitt an audience. Bubba said he’ll go over the ratings. Bubba said he’s Howard’s bitch, and it pays quite well. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubbas f*** with a complaint caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for GradyClothingCompany.com. We then heard “Only God Knows Why”. Bubba said today they’re wrapping up the Lightning round. Bubba wonders why do they need news at eleven, bubba thinks they should do a fox show. Bubba wonders how big the ratings would be for that. Bubba said he’s got the ratings. Veronica said she bought one of the CDs; people in Minnesota love the show. Bubba said he knows people are sick of the ratings, but it’s his show. We then heard a news clip about a woman who had her kids pull off a felony. Bubba cut the story off a few seconds into it. Bubba had audio of Mark Sanford, Bubba feels the more you talk, the guiltier you are. Bubba wondered what happened to the guy who said they’d get a sign in Richmond. Christy said when she aired 911 call about Billy Mays; she messed up and said Willy Mays. Christy thinks it’s painful to air someone’s pain after they die. Bubba asked her if she knew the guy’s name, she didn’t say anything, Spice thinks she phoned a friend. Brent wonders if they should care what she says. Bubba thinks she’s not of sound mind to talk. Brent said when you’re a public figure, it’s not exactly private. Bubba had Manson as Billy Mays on the line. The guys cracked up. Bubba said even in the afterlife, Billy is having a great time. Manson/Billy said he had to go, as he had to get the blood stains out of Jesus’ robe, the guys couldn’t stop laughing at that. Bubba thinks she’ll fall for the Evil treatment, which she did. Bubba thinks Christy’s husband was quite the visionary for tapping out early. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Sweet Child O’ Mind” by Guns N’ roses as bumper music. Bubba said the new album is on sale now. Bubba said they had to suspend the hissing cockroach stunt. Bubba thinks it’s nice to know that this place is better than clear Channel. Manson said he’d get his head phones stolen every couple of months. Bubba said he’s giving away tickets for the ray’s game. Bubba said he’ll blow them out. Harris wonders if that was tucker doing a Billy Mays impersonation. Harris wonders if the guys have time to sit back and relax, Bubba said no. Manson said he loves to slow down, Brent said he needs to. Bubba asked him if he’d like to go to the game, Harris said yes. Bubba went over the ratings for the second phase of spring. In 18-34, MJ is in fourth with eight point eight. Bubba is one with a fourteen point three. Bubba said he feels bad for Michele and the kids for losing a day of vacation. Bubba read that MJ is the lowest rated part of the station. Bubba told clear Channel it’s time to make the move. Bubba thinks they’re the only show that out performs the radio station. The guys crack up when they read that 98 rock’s morning show has a two point eight. Bubba looked at wfla’s ratings. Bubba read the Schnitt show has a three point nine; Limbaugh has a five point nine. For 25-54, they’re number one with a 13.7. Bubba read that MJ is in eighth place 25054. The guys are number one with a ten point four with 35064. Bubba thinks 98 Rock should just play music in the mornings. Bubba said from cradle to grave, they’re number one with a nine point three. Bubba said MJ is number one 12-17. Bubba said they’re in tenth place with kids. Spice thinks MJ is like a rock star when he goes to Chuck E cheese. Nicole said her teenage sons like the show; they’re seventeen and play sports. Bubba gave her tickets; Ned thinks she’s a kiss ass. Bubba thinks he’s done for the day. Bubba plugged what they got coming up tomorrow; Spice has a bad feeling about the stunt. Spice plugged Pyro Junky fireworks. The guys signed off a short time later.

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