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Heard on the Show:
Brian Blair
Glendale Man sang Eminem while Stabbing Family
Brooke Hogan

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.


Segment 1 – Bubba not impressed with yesterday’s show, driver’s death
discussed, Neil Rogers fired?

Bubba started off with some AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba thinks his show yesterday wasn’t that great. Brent thinks the show was a six, Spice said he thought it was a seven. Bubba wonders if Ned is working on something. Bubba said people have been emailing him with sightings. Bubba thanked a detective for returning the stuff. Bubba needs to get a new suction cup for the gps. Spice thinks he has a gig tomorrow night, Brent said Spice has something Saturday night, Brent said he’s got something in North Tampa
Friday night. Bubba thinks he’ll come back on Saturday night, as the flight is so short. Bubba said that within an hour and forty-five
minutes, you can play a game and a half of Madden. Bubba said he didn’t know Scott Collette died by missing the catch fence. Spice read how Scott died. Bubba plugged what is on BubbaRaw.com. Bubba said Hogan will be in today at eight. Bubba really likes Amanda’s jugs. Bubba thinks they should have the girls in Bubba Army pink shirts. Spice said his girlfriend told him he needs to lose weight; Bubba said she’s only 96 pounds. Craig from Orlando called into comment on Scott’s death. Bubba read that Neil Rogers got fired. Bubba thinks they could get Neil on. Bubba wonders if they got a trend from Miami. Bubba thinks if you don’t hear back from a trend, it’s generally not good. Bubba wonders who runs the board in Miami, Brent said it’s so bad, the PD runs the board, Bubba thinks they should call him. Bubba said that in Richmond, they’ll be moving down the dial to 100.9. Bubba said if he gets beat by Bob and Tom in his home state, he’s done. Bubba thinks Neil does his show from Canada. Bubba gets a little mixed up on the guys he’s worked with. Bubba said he’s got blinders on. Bubba went over the people who don’t go over they’re ratings. Bubba thinks he’s getting his ass kicked by bob and tom. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – mark the board op, crazy man kills family, Religion
discussions, and Blind Glen calls in, slavery discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Gradyclothingcompany.com. Bubba played some David Coverdale as bumper music. Bubba wonders if Brooke will sing when she’s in. Spice got mark on the phone. Bubba said he felt bad for Mark, mark said it sucks he has to work on so much, Mark said he works on two shows at once. Mark said they won’t know how they’re doing until August. Bubba wonders who the big guys in Ft. Meyers are, he thinks its Bob and Tom. Mark said they’ve got Big Mama, Bubba called him a hack. Bubba give Spice ccrap for not sticking up for him. Mark said he’s got the espn station. Bubba wonders when they’ll be in Vegas. Mark said he’ll try to get Neil on the show for them. Bubba wonders who does midday’s on his Miami station, Mark said he does that slot. Spice said he had to fart, Bubba hit the fart validation bumper, and Lurch had to endure this one. Spice farted, it made a little noise. Spice said he feels bad for Lurch, Spice thinks Lurch could kill him. Bubba told Lurch he thinks Steve Cern would really like him. Bubba wants tapes of Lurch playing football. Bubba thinks Lurch isn’t all that excited about stuff. Bubba said some interns got to do stuff that Lurch never got a chance to do. Bubba said he really likes Lurch. Bubba thinks Lurch hates it here. Bubba said he feels bad for Pantera and Fat Casper. Bubba said the more you get screwed with, the more popular you are. Spice said if you’re going to hang around with dudes, you’re going to get messed with. Bubba said he’s not sure what else Pantera can do for them. Bubba hopes Lurch can learn something while he’s there. Brent said they have lurch editing audio. Bubba thinks lurch is so big, he’s not that excited about stuff. Lurch said he goes downtown and goes to the bars. Bubba thinks Lurch should go see Rob Con. Bubba thinks Lurch should be 325 pounds. Brent said they’re looking for someone who is quiet outside the wring, but is an animal in the ring. Bubba thinks they should get lurch jacked up on something to make him meaner. Spice thinks Hogan should size Lurch up. The guys clown Lurch for his non excited manner. Lurch thinks he does’ want to be hyped up, only to go nowhere. Bubba thinks Lurch is very Marcos Jones-ish. Bubba said he feels a little uncomfortable for farting on him. Bubba went to Dave and asked who he has. Bubba played the audio of a 911 call about a guy who said he stabbed his family. Bubba said he doesn’t want this to
happen, Brent laid out the legal ramifications for this situation. Spice thinks insanity is a crappy defense. Bubba thinks if someone is
insane, they should be excicuted. Bubba said at age four, kids get it. Bubba thinks the kid is officially broken. Bubba said this story makes him want to cry. Brent said his problem with the story is the Religious aspect of things. Bubba said just because Brent is an
atheist make him a bad person. Bubba thinks Religion is like pro wrestling. Bubba said you have the right to worship. Bubba said you
shouldn’t kill your family and tack it on with Religion. Bubba thinks Iran looks like a Kiss concert. Bubba thinks if the Middle East
decided to be peaceful, things would’ve worked out. Bubba wonders if death is just you in the ground, and nothing happening. Manson thinks Bubba is going to hell for thinking that way. Bubba thinks if they didn’t have a bad place, it would be considered a way to be good. Brent said he can deal with bubba’ viewpoint. Bubba said nothing is fifty fifty. Bubba wonders how many people have died from Religion. Bubba said the bible is guilty of trying to push common since on people. Bubba thinks he should run for President. Don in New York said he loved the Ned Tattoo Barbie call. Ned said he was smoking. Glen in St. Pete said churches take a lot of money, Bubba hung up on him. Bubba thinks we should start taxing churches. The guys like Neil Boorts’s fare tax. Evan said she works in mental health, there’s a very thin line between ultra religious and psychotic. Bubba thinks they could dumby it down to just “be nice”. Nick was curious about various churches. Bubba wonders if there was a god, would he condone the actions of the Vatican. Brent thinks if the bible was real, Jesus wouldn’t like land honors. Tyler thanked Bubba for talking about this stuff, Brent really likes Bill mar’s documentary about Religion. Bubba wonders how it’s written “separation of church and state”. Brent said
it’s there to protect religion from the government. Blind Glen called in, Glen said he’s local. His Mom is in the hospital. Glen said before
his wife passed away, he wanted to know what it’s about. Bubba wonders how rich would someone be if they did that. Bubba said he’s not looking for the afterlife, he’s looking for fun for now. Bubba thinks the afterlife will take care of him. Glen thinks god likes Bubba’s show. Bubba thinks God went to iTunes and got the Ned Tattoo Barbie bit (not on iTunes yet). Glen wonders why Easter bounces around the calendar so much. Brent said they picked out the dates via the sun. Glen said his wife’s name was Carol. Bubba thinks they won’t be on the air on July 6. Spice wonders when will Glen be in town, Glen said he’ll be here until July 12. Bubba wants to know when he’ll be available to take Glen out to dinner. Glen said he likes steak and Five Guys. Glen said he used to live in Los Vegas, the morning show there isn’t all that great. Bubba thinks Glen is a walking encyclopedia. Glen wondered if Bubba ever had to go to Sunday school, bubba said not that much, Glen said he had to go every week. Bubba went over the radio stations they could be on in Vegas. Bubba thinks if you’re blind, you could be an expert at radio, as you can’ exactly watch TV. Glen thinks they should be in Vegas. Bubba wants to listen to one of the shows on line. Bubba wants to call Glen on his cell number, Bubba then put him on hold. Bubba is surprised they can play a Ned bit. Bubba think the senate apologizing to African Americans for slavery is a contributing factor to the pussyification of America. Bubba played audio about that. Manson thinks he, Brent and Dave would be against slavery. The guys discuss who would be for or against slavery. Bubba said he feels bad for the Indians. We then heard Ned’s call to UPN from “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 3, and “Ned’s crank calls ol. 3”, track 25, and “Ned’s Misc hits Vol. 1”, track 15. In the bit, Ned pitches various ideas for shows about Slavery, such as ‘the Slave Boat”, “happy Days”, and “the Slavery Bunch”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – KC Anthony bits

Coming out of commercials, we heard some audio about kC Anthony. We then heard Manson’s “Caylees not in the Cradle”. We then heard Manson’s “My Trunk” from “Bubba’s new and Miscc hits Vol. 9”, track 9. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Brooke and Hulk Hogan stops in

Bubba had Brooke and Hulk in the studio. Bubba asked hulk to quit barking out orders. Bubba asked her what it’s like being the only
Hogan to pull her own way. Bubba said it’s hard to look at Brooke as a woman, even though she is. Hulk complained his headphones didn’t work. Brooke said Bubba has never crossed the line. Bubba said if he came in to fast, there would be a problem. Bubba said he was on a plane with Brooke on time, she got hooked on hitting the button for the flight attendant. Bubba said Linda had a lot of good moments, Bubba said you never knew when Linda would change to her totally different personality. Bubba said Linda is a great person, but he doesn’t know what she’s doing. Bubba said they could go on and on, he then wonders if there’s anything left to say. Spice said you can outgrow people, Bubba thinks you can’t outgrow your kids. Bubba said he was very uncomfortable asking Brooke about her relationship status, Hulk told Bubba to watch it. Brooke said she met Stacks three years ago, it was very on and off. Bubba asked her if she ever slept with him, Hogan told her to not answer that question. Bubba called Hogan crip. Hogan said Stacks was too old for her, he then said he was referring to Linda. Brooke said she doesn’t have the HIV, but she is on the pill. Hogan asked Bubba to not go there. Bubba asked Hogan why he’s in such a bad mood, Hogan said it’s because he got an iPod, no one has showed
him how to use it. The guys check out Brooke’s tattoo, Hogan asked bubba not to go there. Bubba found the song “Dear Mom” from Brooke. Bubba doesn’t think this has been played. Brooke said she was singing, Bubba was hammered. Bubba wishes they had the audio of Brooke singing from way back in the day. Hogan wondered where Yaya’s Chicken is. Brooke said she wrote this song after Linda talked smack about her. Bubba thinks Hogan has turned into Pete and Ruth, Bubba thinks Hogan has turned into a mean old man. Hogan thinks people won’t hear what she’s saying. Bubba played the song with the mics up. Bubba thinks the song starts out stiff. Brooke said the song makes her nervous. Bubba said as he was listening to the song, he made some notes on it. Brooke said Linda hasn’t seen her for six months face to face. Brooke said they were close because she didn’t know any different. Brooke said
life is so fun and nice. Brooke is convinced that Linda has two personalities, but we see more of her dark side. Bubba said Linda was
one hell of a party planner. Brooke thinks it’s a psychological disorder. Brooke thinks Linda didn’t grow up with a normal childhood.
Brooke said she gives Linda credit for teaching her the right way to dress up etc. Brooke said she wears T backs now, Bubba thinks Brooke’s ass is better. Brooke thinks Linda mentioned something about hogan’s sexuality, Brooke thinks Hogan and bubba were married. Brooke said his Mom didn’t help her move and decorate. Spice wonders if Linda will ever see the light and try to patch things up. Brooke said it’s not about the Charlie situation, however she wonders if he’s making it worse. Brooke said when she did the Perez Hilton interview, it was titled “My Mom Does Drugs”, when she never said that, Brooke said Linda just takes the media’s word for stuff. Bubba thinks Brooke was the voice of reason. Hogan said it’s normal for a parent to try and patch stuff up. Brooke thinks she might have a relationship with Linda. Brooke said it’s sad that they’re even talking about this. Brooke said it’s sad that Hogan is walking around with a bunch of surgeries, and all the money is going to lawyers. Bubba said when it’s over, the Hogan family won’t have much. Hogan said that the big motive in court was to get Hogan jailed. Hogan said Linda would often leave
the court room, complaining how it’s a man’s world. Bubba thinks the reason Linda is doing this is because Linda has never been told no. Brooke thinks Linda hasn’t grone up. Spice asked why Nick has kept quiet, Brooke said that nick always says he doesn’t like
confrontation. Hogan finds it strange that Linda got Charlie a surfboard. Bubba wishes Linda would come to her senses and listen to
him. Bubba thinks Hogan is too loyal. Hogan said they’re in the same spot they were when it first started, only with a lot less money.
Hogan said he doesn’t want to be Linda’s enemy. Brooke said Linda doesn’t know anything about her. Bubba said he’s very proud of Brooke. Bubba asked Brooke what is next for her. Brooke said she loves vh1, she’d love to work with them. ‘Brooke said it’s a great deal. Hogan said across the board they did fairly good. Bubba said Hogan once told him to always make two million, as the government always takes one. Brooke said Vince once asked her if she’d like to put on some spandex, Bubba had Spice do his Vince impersonation. Brooke said she’d feel really cheesy leading someone to the wring. Brooke said they’re trying to get Brookehogan.com. Brooke said she was never one of those kids who was sexting. ////Bubba asked her when she lost her virginity, Hoggan said she wouldn’t be answering that one. Spice asked her if she’d like to have kids and get married. Bubba thinks Hogan lost his
vfiriginity at age fourteen. Brooke said she’s not living with anyone. Brooke said her doesn’tt need people controlling her anymore. The guys check out Brooke’s tattoos. Hogan said he asked Linda not to turn this into a bad situation. Manson has a new element, where Manson impersonates Jimmy hart, which takes shots at Brian Blaire’s situation. Mike from largo was on to say he saw macho man the other day, his Dad isn’t doing so good. Mike asked macho man about making up with Hogan, he said he just looked at him. Bubba thanked Brooke for coming by. Bubba played some bumpers where Hogan asks the listeners to vote for Brooke. Brooke said she had no idea Hogan was doing that for her. Bubba said Hogan used to call the satellite show. Bubba shut off all the mics, and let Hogan take over. Hogan said he wants Brooke’s song to come up the charts. Hogan threatened to attack Bubba if they don’t vote for Brooke. Brooke loves when ogan says “Call vh1.com”. Bubba wants to play the “Operator” song Manson did “the Kabuki
project”, track 15, and “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 7”, track 2. The bit rags on Hogan for his constant calling and asking for people to vote. The bit spoofs “Operator” by Jim Croce. Bubba said you’d have to hear the original to understand the bit, Brooke didn’t know theoriginal. Bubba then played Ned’s newest bit about Hogan. Brooke said she’llbe doing a show in Green bay, Bubba played the “go pack go” sounder. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – A Manson Classic

Coming back from break, we heard Manson’s “Stocky”.

Segment 6 – Manson’s new bit

Manson has a new bit about David Caridean killing himself. The guys discuss Chris Brown’s sentence, we then heard Manson’s “Chris Brown song” from “Bubba’s new and misc hits Vol. 9”, track 7. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Manson Classic

Coming back from break, we heard a news clip about KC Anthony. We then heard Manson’s “Caylee’s Mom” from “bubba’s new and misc Hits Vol. 7”, tracks 1 and 2, track 2 is the uncensored version of this bit. The song parodies “Stacey’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne.

Segment 8 – Emails and Jimmy jamz Update

Coming back from break, we heard “Living on the Edge” as bumper music. Bubba said Ned has been quiet all day, Ned came in and said he was fine. Bubba said he heard someone is now calling the porta-potty is now Ned’s new hangout. Mark in California gave props to Ned to the Tattoo Barbie and the Hitler doll bit (Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 4, track 7). Mark then asked if he could put Bubbaraw and btls on his facebook, Ned raked the guy over the coals. Bubba then read some emails. The first email said that he had to get a MRI, he listened to bubba while he got it done. Another emailer asked about a guy who buys watches, Bubba said it’s a guy named Jeff Hess. Another emailer said he could hypnotize someone, the guys are skeptical. Another emailer said that on July 1, Animal planet will be doing a show about that stuff. Bubba asked Brent to hook up his T-vo for him. Brent said going over to Bubba’s house involves work now. Brent said if you go to Bubba’s house, you have to do stuff. Mark said he’s good friends with Jimmy Jamz, he wants his side of the story. Bubba recapped it for him. Bubba said Rich Franklin came in one day, Jimmy came in and said he’s
a fighter. The guys clowned Jimmy for his bologna. Mark said that Jimmy is now not only a dj, he’s a minister. Mark said Jimmy has a
swimmy pool shaped like Florida, but there’s no water in it. Bubba said tomorrow they’ve got tucker, Brent corrected him it was Thursday.

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  1. G.O.T.

    Is there a reason why the Sirius replay ended 22 minutes early? According to this summary, the end of the show was how you reported it, so I was wondering if they took out part of Brooke’s interview.

  2. erik

    awesome job recapping the add infected show keep up the good work


  3. mark from memphis

    spice’s girlfriend was on the strippers and ho’s section of btls.com. which one is she?

  4. Fronk

    Neil Rogers was fires from “Sports Radio 560 WQAM”, while on vacation no less.
    His website reads he will still “consult”, although IS NOT under a no compete clause.
    BUBA, YOU HAVE TO GET HIM ON!! He has been so stifled and it’s a shame nobody sees the revenue this guy can generate.
    You Guys need more promo here in Miami. Mobile Mike is a Power 96 Hack and not the way to go.
    Bubba Army All The Way!
    Frank in Ft. Lauderdale

  5. linda

    i need to find out what i can do about the state of fla sending my grandson back to his father after his father beat him left 17 bruises on him and masturbated in front of him any thing you can do to help me my phone #is (813)418-9133 thank you from linda

  6. Trucker Bob

    Neil was Bought out of his contract, hell he just signed a 5 year extension for like 800k a year, took a payout he was happy with and walked away (i’d love someone to hand me probably a couple million to disappear)..getting Neil on where he could be himself would be great, that bitch Joyce and Joe bell had restricted neil’s show so bad the last two years it sucked!! and yet he STILL had good ratings, man that would be a dream to hear him on your show to expound on his situaton although they do say he has a gag order on the conditions of the settlement, it would be a great interview anyway..love ya Bubba…FTE down here in Lauderdale

  7. Daryl

    Please post the audio of this interview. I didn’t get to hear it all

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