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Heard on the Show:
Bubba’s Drug Test
Super Nationals
Craigslist Killing Suspect Indicted
Brian Blair Arrested

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.


Segment 1 – Sports discussions, Brian Blare arrested

The show started off with some AC/DC as bumper music. Bubba said he was mad, he didn’t get any sleep last night. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show today – John Cena will be on the show, the winner of Dad in Drag will be announced. The guys discuss the errors of baseball teams. The guys discuss Brian Blare getting arrested, we then heard the audio from Fox 13 discussing that. Blare was arrested for child abuse. Bubba questions what family is up at four in the morning, Spice thinks he’s figured out how it went down. Brent said his Dad smashed a lamp over his head, Bubba thinks Manson could do a bit about that. Bubba said he’d like to have heard what Brian said as he was getting arrested. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Shell Island, emails, Iran, Nascar audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba’s White Trash Summer”, we then heard Ned’s “So What, I’m The Hulkster”. We then heard Jimmi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” as bumper music. Bubba said it’s your last chance to vote for Dad in Drag. Bubba plugged the Heather the Vibrator Lady Dating game. Bubba said he’s got something very interesting, he can’t said what it is yet. Bubba wished Happy Father’s day to the guys. Bubba said he and Tyler hung out yesterday. Bubba said the county outlawed Alcohol and pets on Shell Island. Bubba thinks the county people pander to old people. Bubba thinks Shell Island shouldn’t be a place just for birds. Bubba thinks he’ll do his drug test tomorrow. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up for the week. Race in Tampa said he lived a few doors down from Brian Blare, he said the kid is out of control, Bubba thinks the guy told him nothing. Bubba said he was backed up on emails. The first email was a little offended when Bubba said three black guys had taken his guns. Bubba said he’s not racist. Another emailer said it was about time to call out Galiger. Another emailer thinks Bubba has grone up, the emailer congradulated Bubba for making Hussler. Another emailer said Friday’s satellite show was great. Bubba went through some emails that said they loved hearing Sam Simon. Another emailer said he thinks Tara is hot, he wondered about the Tara dating game. Another emailer said they’ve had break ins right near the bowling allie. Another emailer wondered if they can get Bubba in Talahasi. Another emailer said when he turned in hisrental car, he heard Lex and Terry doing Edward 40 hands. Bubba read an email from Blind Lawrence thanking the guys for hooking him up with the Sirius tour. Spice wondered how good his photography is, Bubba said Lawrence has a handler, Brent said Lawrence’s handler is his Dad. Bubba wonders why we care so much about Iran. Brent said that Ron Paul voted with Obama on Iran. Bubba thinks we should stand up for all freedom. Bubba thinks America needs a big case of Adderall. Bubba thinks Blind Glen is in town, Bubba wants Blind Glen to call in, Brent said he’s made contact with him for some possible dates. We then heard some audio about the CraigsList killer. BJ in Arizona said it was awesome to see Smoke win a race. We then heard some audio from yesterday’s race. BJ thinks Linda should just quit her whinning. Bubba wonders if she’s in the top 20, she’s not on it. Bubba thinks Hogan will call up. Bubba said Brooke is 7. BJ said that Ned and Manson are on OoTunes. Bubba said they’re working on an ap for the Iphone. We then heard some audio of yesterday’s race. We then heard Manson’s “You Love Nascar” from ‘Bubba Show classics Vol. 3″, track 11. The bit parodies “Allstar” by Smash Mouth. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Racing talk, caller has a foursome

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Stocky”. Bubba said he was watching a race, held at the same spot where Scott Colleta died a year ago. Bubba describes a crash in the race he really enjoyed. Bubba said he was proud of Tyler for winning first place on Friday, and second place on Saturday. Bubba found the clip of the crash, Manson thought the race was crazy. John in Talahasi thanked Bubba for the concept of a foursome, Bubba hung up on him when he said “fuck”. They then wnet to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Rush Limbaugh audio, Kids accessing the internet

Coming out of commercials, we heard ned’s “Bubba Juicey”. Bubba thinks Rush from Canada is cooler than Rush Limbaugh. Bubba said he’s down 41 pounds. Bubba wants to find the fatest modern pic. Bubba said the lowest he weighed was 248 in Howard’s studio. Bubba said he’s gonna try and get back to his weight by the end of the year. Bubba palyed audio of rushsaying a lot of exercise people are ending up in the hospital. Bubba thinks Rush hates black people. Bubba said Rush used to make sense to him, Bubba thinks rushy is like Spice. Bubba played audio of Pat bucannon saying he doesn’t have a problem with monarchy. Manson said that people are becoming less interested in Religion. Bubba played audio of Bill O’Riley discussing pornography on the internet. Bubba said his son knows how to access the internet, he can only go to a few websites. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Lex Gable on the phone, John Cena calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “No Rain” by blind Mellon as bumper music. Bubba had Lex Gable on the phone. Lex said she worked for Gary Smtih, Linda hogan’s publicist. Lex said that Gary is not a real publicist, he just makes stuff up. Lex said that Gary would just make stuff up on the fly. Bubba thinks Gary is unehtical as far as a publicist is concerned, Bubba said he makes sure to read what his publicist writes for him. Lex said that Linda and Rayfull are thinking about a realli8ty tv show. Bubba asked her what led her to Bubba’s show, Lex described Gary as an incredibly rude person. Lex said Gary made her go to various sites and find out what bubba has been saying about Linda. Lex said she looked at shows online, she realized then that what Linda nad Gary were saying were nothing but lies. Lex said that Gary cut her purse. Lex said the one press release she didn’t edit was the one about banging Stacks. Lex said that Gary would always yell at her if something was out of the press release. Bubba wonders how did Linda find Gary, Lex said she has no idea. Bubba wonders if anyone is interested in getting this situation solved. Lex said that Linda pays Smith every month. Lex thinks it’s all about money for the photo setups. Bubba wasn’t sure what a photo setup is, Lex explained it to him. Lex said a photo setup is where a celebrity hires someone to get pictures of them. Bubba said the problem is Linda thinking she’s a celebrity, Bubba thinks people should just ignore her. Spice thinks Gary Smith and Linda are very close, Lex said that they would hang out all the time. Lex said she only met Linda once. Bubba said if you spend time with Linda, you can see right through her. Lex said she doesn’t know her. Lex said Linda was getting in her face. Bubba said there are a tun of drugs involved. Lex said she’d suspect drug usage. Lex said that she never does drugs, she said that if she found out Gary Smith did blow, she’d quit. Lex said she’s only met charlie Hill one time. Bubba ownders why Linda and charlie need to go to Sundance, they don’t have a film there, Lex said they’re in love. Lex said a week ago Friday, Gary laid a contract on her, it was back dated November of last year. Lex feels that the reason why Gary did that was to use her as a scape goat. Bubba wonders if they’re concerned about this coming back and biting them in the ass. Lex said Gary has nothing else to do but to beat up on her. Bubba said this isn’t in the best interest of getting them split up. Bubba wondered if charlie or Linda have signed a contract with Gary Smith in regards to a tv deal, Lex said Gary does everything on the fly. Spice wondered if Lex nows how often do Linda nd Gary talk, Lex said Linda pays for every phone call she makes to Rayfull. Lex said her job was stressful, she said it took her four hours a day to recover. Lex said she was sorry to Brooke. Bubba said there’s nothing leeft. Bubba said Fibrizi thinks Rayfull is churning. Lex said that Gary wnated her to call various divorce lawyers. Lex said one of Gary’s former employees took her out to lunch and told her to get out of there. Bubba said they’ve gotten calls from various people. Bubba said there’s no tv pilot. Lex said there are offers, she said the public wants to see it. Bubba thinks they’re listening to the show. Lex said Gary has threatend her daughter, who is only four years old. Lex is sure they’ll file a case against her. Bubba said they can’t put her on the stand fast enough. Lex said she doesn’t want that stuff on her mind. Bubba wondered if Gary Smith is in fact his real name, Lex said no, he’s got fifteen other fake names. Bubba asked her if she concocted anything, Lex said she was forced to write that. Lex said Gary told her what to write. Bubba said he’d like to have Lex on more often. Lex’s website is: lexgable.com. Lex said she knows how Gary Smith thinks. Bubba told her to watch out. Bubba said he’s two minutes late for Cena, he thinks he shouldn’t go to break and keep Cena waiting. Danese in Jacksonville said she’s a nurse in school, she said in the very first class you take, you learn a lot of people are smokers. Bubba went to John Cena a few seconds later. John said to come into the studio, he has to take it up with his boss. Bubba said that since John is big time, he doesn’t visit. Bubba said Tyler is the biggest Cena fan, he gets a little confused when he takes on Mistiro. John plugged his DVD “Twelve Rounds” which will be out next Tuesday, Bash at the Beach is this Sunday, John also said that tonight, Raw will be going commercial free for the first time. Bubba said that John’s birthday is the same as his, Bubba said that it was also Shakespears’s birthday, and also the day he died. Bubba said the wring nees the acting. Bubba said if you’re not on TV as a wrestler, you’re done. Bubba thanked John for coming out to the Championship wrestling event in May. John said the Undertaker deserves a lot of respect, Bubba said you’ve got to listen to the Undertaker when he talks. John said that Trump will be taking over Raw, Bubba wonders if he’ll go up to Trump and do his whole “You can’t see me” gimmick. John went over his schedule. Bubba recapped the story of Cena acting lika heal at the Magic/Seltics game. John said he was in the Magic jersey rooting for Boston. John said he’s a straight up rays fan. Bubba asked John about his love life, John said he’s getting married to his high school sweetheart. Bubba wnats to hear Cena and Jerrico go Mic vs mic. Bubba thanked John for coming on. Bubba thanked Tyler for not listening to the show, Bubba said Tyler drvies him crazy with that John Cena stuff. Bubba said the Dean’s guitar people really helped them out during the Bikes for Badges. Bubba thinks he’ll do the drug test next, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard the Manson and Berlin collaboration “My Trunk” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9″, track 9. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba’s Drug test, Dad in Drag results, Fat Casper’s new attitude

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Kung Fu fighting” as bumper music. Bubba said the song was requested by Ned, in honor of the late David Caridean. Bubba said he just peed, he said he’s negative. Spice said Bubba needs his old urine to compare. Ned thinks Fat Casper wants to drink Bubba’s old urine. John said he took his kids to the CFW event. Bubba said they had to pick the Dad in drag winner, Bubba thinks Sam is the one that won. Bubba voted for dustina. Bubba read the votes. Bubba said if you look at it on line, it looks like someone airbrushed Dustina’s face. Bubba wonders if they could sweeten the pot and give the other people tickets. Bubba said the show ccollectively voted for Dustina. Bubba thanked everyone for voting. Bubba called Fat Casper into the studio. We then heard audio about a daycare worker in trouble for getting spanked. Bubba got sidetracked with Contessa. Casper came in, Bubba thinks Casper has been acting foolish, Manson thinks ever since Casper got a black tattoo, he’s been a problem. Bubba through him out of the studio. Bubba asked Spice to gas it up, Manson pointed out how Spice just ate a plate full of broccoli. Bubba asked Spice and Manson to leave the studio during the next segment. Bubba said Brent was the only one who was there for him when they were out of a job. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hooser Tire talk

Coming out of break, we heard Chicago’s “Twenty-five Or six to Four” as bumper music. We then heard an anti-racing bumper. Bubba wondered who was on the warm line, Bubba wondered who Lisa is. Bubba tried to get Spice in, he wasn’t in though. Spice said it was Reggie Roundtree’s ex. Bubba called up Irish, Bubba got him on, describing himself as his favorite radio host, and it’s not Bob and Tom. Bubba asked him when the quarter Midget show is, Irrish said it was going to happen in August. Irrish said he’s worked for Hooser Tires for 30 years. The guys discuss various tires. Irrish said they’re heavily involved in drag racing. Bubba said he heard American Racer is trying to sue them, Irrish said he couldn’t really comment on that. The guys talked for a few minutes, Irrish thinks Tyler has got a great thing going for him. Bubba said he’s got a big meeting today, he wants to put Hogan on tomorrow. Bubba said Joe Scarborrough will be on. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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