Polk Sheriff Grady Judd has no regrets over shootout comments

January 19th, 2015 by Staff

Judd asked friends and family of the suspects to convince them to surrender to avoid a gunfight.

(BizPac Review) HAINES CITY, Fla. – A tough-talking sheriff has no regrets about telling four murder suspects that his officers were ready for a gunfight.

A reporter asked Polk County, Fla., Sheriff Grady Judd if had any regrets about comments he made as his police were hunting the suspects in which he said

“Make no mistake, if they pull guns on us, we will shoot them. A lot.”

“Some of the comments you made last night about shooting the suspects, possibly, and the comments today about ‘ready for a gunfight,’ was that in the heat of the moment?” the reporter asked at a press conference Friday. “Do you have any regret about that?”

Judd didn’t back down.

“I not only have no regret, I’m pretty excited about telling you that. That’s exactly what would’ve happened,” Judd said. “Make no mistake about it. There’s nothing about politically correct in a gun fight. There’s nothing about politically correct when you are keeping people alive and well and safe. And the people of this community and these law enforcement officers come first.”

Saying he meant “every word,” the sheriff had a warning.

“If you surrender peacefully, that’s the way we prefer it,” he said. “You start pointing guns at us, you can not only plan on, but you can guarantee that we are going to shoot you.”

Four men were arrested Thursday on charges that they burglarized a pawn shop at gunpoint, shot at police and killed a mother and daughter in a manner “much too graphic to describe,” Judd said, according to ABC News.

Authorities captured one suspect after a police chase ended with the getaway car crashing. The other three assailants briefly got away.

One man was later apprehended after police surrounded a home in which he was hiding. Police say the man drove a car out of the garage, charging at officers, who shot at him. The car crashed, and police dogs pounced on the suspect, according to ABC News.

The third and fourth suspects were arrested soon after, police announced Friday.

This isn’t the first time the PC police were angry at comments the Sheriff made.

When a reporter asked him in 2006 why his officers shot 110 rounds at a man who was suspected of killing a deputy, hitting him 68 times Judd replied “I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had.”

If you are a criminal it may be a good idea to cross Polk County, Fla. off your list.

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  1. April Moore

    I absolutely love Grady Judd, if more Sheriffs had the tenacity and fortitude of this man, the crime rates would substantially drop. I have a M.A. degree and recently graduated from law school so I have had a lot of professors over the years. To this day he is one of the best professors I have ever had! Polk County is fortunate to have him as their sheriff.

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