Police arrest suspected ‘Stun gun granny’

August 26th, 2009 by

PINELLAS COUNTY (Bay News 9) — Largo Police have arrested a woman they say used a stun gun to rob businesses in Pinellas County.

Rosa Tyrka, 59, is in custody.

Investigators say an older woman was telling clerks she needed money to feed her starving grandchildren.

On Sunday, the woman allegedly tried to rob Loretta Rose, an employee of a Subway store in Pinellas Park.

“She grabbed my hand and put the stun gun to my arm and says, ‘I don’t want to do this. This is so much electricity. I feel bad doing this but I have three starving grandchildren,’” Rose said. “And I ripped my arm away from her and I ran in the back.”

Another employee called 911.
* Dispatcher: “911. What is your emergency?”
* Caller: “Um, we have a lady trying to tase us!”
* Dispatcher: “Why is she doing that?”
* Caller: “Because she said she has starving grandchildren.”

Rose said she armed herself with a butter knife and chased the woman away.

“I followed her out to the car and I pushed her up against the car,” Rose said. “And that’s when my co-worker said, ‘What are you doing?’ and I said, ‘She just tried to rob us and taser me.’”

Rose said the grandmother ran away and left her car in the parking lot.
“I just hope she gets caught,” Rose said. “I feel bad for her grandchildren, but I have two kids of my own. I’m not out robbing people.”

Police said a few hours before the attempted Subway robbery an older woman armed with a stun gun came into a Shell gas station in Largo and zapped a clerk with a stun gun.

The grandmother did not get any cash from the Subway — she didn’t even get the sandwich she had ordered — but did get money from the gas station clerk and shocked him anyway.

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