Pasco Sheriff: Student illegally accessed teacher’s computer, is facing charges

April 13th, 2015 by Staff

Domanik Green, 14, says he clicked on FCAT files by accident.

(WFTS.COM) HOLIDAY, Fla. – A 14-year-old Pasco County student was arrested Wednesday and charged with unauthorized access of a school district networked computer system. 
One of the computers contained cached files from the 2014 FCAT, according to a Pasco sheriff’s arrest affidavit.
The student, Domanik Green, who attends Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, accessed the system via an administrative-level account, “for which he did not have permission.”
“I wasn’t really thinking,” he said. “I was just kind of annoyed at the teacher that day.”
Green clicked on the FCAT files by accident.
“When I logged on and put the picture up, I was trying to annoy my teacher,” he said. “But when logging onto the FCAT, I logged onto the wrong computer. I was trying to talk to my friend through another computer, that way I didn’t get caught with my phone out or anything in class.”
During a news conference, Sheriff Chris Nocco said approximately two years ago one password had been given to teachers, which somehow made it into the hands of a student, which was then passed on.
Nocco said the student had the password and was able to make remote access to the computer and was looking for porn.
According the arrest affidavit, the student was able to take control of a teacher’s computer and “display an image of two men kissing, disrupting classroom activities.”
Linda Cobbe, Pasco County Schools spokeswoman, said the student was not able to access any FCAT data.
When confronted, he admitted to gaining entry into the system. Domanik’s Mom, Eileen Foster, says although her son had been disciplined for doing this back in January, she feels the punishment is too harsh. Foster says “the school was aware of this, I feel like that they dropped the ball. Dominic should be punished for what he did and I accept that, he accepts that, we both realize that he made a mistake.”
He is charged with “offense against computer system, unauthorized access” which is a 3rd Degree Felony. Foster says he is also suspended from school for 10 days and will be reassigned to a new school.
Cobbe said any teacher who shared the password could face disciplinary action. 

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