One Man Band

January 18th, 2011 by Staff

One Man Band Marc Dobson preformed in the studio. You can visit his site at or call 407-399-7673 if you want him to perform for you.
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3 Responses

  1. Duane Norman

    Hey Marc! Awesome dude. Glad things are going well! Take care and best of luck with Americas Got Talent 2011. Will look out for ya.

  2. Marc Dobson

    Thank you Bubba and crew for the opportunity to appear on his show and the hospitality. It was a blast and thus far the highlight of my OneManBand adventure and mission. Would have paid more attention to my appearance if I would have known such a good 2 camera video clip was gonna come from this :)

    Got to note in my performance of Mr. Bo jangles I mumbled my way thru 1st phrase of 2nd verse. Had a laugh at my self as I trucked thru it. Was trying to cut song down to 90 seconds via skipping the 2nd of the 1st 3 verse’s. Original is V1, V2, V3 then chorus 1 and on. I was trying to perform V1, V3, chorus 1 and then go out. When I got to skipping V2, I got verbal diary. I decided to perform all 3 verses to make the mistake less, kinda like adding more of all the other ingredients to a recipe after mistakenly adding to much of one ingredient.

    Hitting a sour note, telling a bad joke or having a bad show is all something we can recover from. IMHO, the only true failure when entertaining is a “dead stop”.

  3. troy conley

    Marc you are a phenomanal musician good luck with americas got talent

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