Mom defends woman charged with killing boyfriend, son on Indian reservation

January 19th, 2015 by Staff

The deaths occurred Friday night on the Barona Indian Reservation.

(ABC 10 NEWS) SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Detectives with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department worked through the night and into Saturday piecing together what happened Friday at a home on the Barona Indian Reservation.

Deputies say Elaina Welch, 32, shot her boyfriend in the wrist and chest. She is also accused of murdering her 3-year-old son, whose body was found in a freezer in the garage, covered under frozen food.

A woman who called 10News identifying herself as Lisa Hernandez, the suspect’s mother, gave a different account. She says she received a text message from Welch’s father, who lives on the reservation.

Hernandez says deputies told him that Friday when they arrived, the boyfriend was outside and heard Welch yell from in the house “he killed my baby.”

She says the boyfriend ran back in the house and then they heard a gunshot. Deputies say they were on scene and did hear that gunshot.

“Shortly after that, the female exited the residence with a shotgun,” said sheriff’s Lt. John Maryon. “At some point, she put the shotgun down and hid in the bushes a couple hundred yards away.”

Welch was later found and taken into custody. 

Hernandez told 10News that “(Welch) would never hurt (her son) Roland. She loved that little boy. She was living for him. I don’t believe she would ever hurt him.”

The Medical Examiner has not released names of any victims but Hernandez says her daughter was dating Rick Monggiotti. On his Facebook page, 10News found cellphone video of a little boy. Whoever is behind the camera calls him Roland. Monggiotti was not his biological father.

Hernandez also says about a month ago, Welch had bruises on her face and a bloody lip but told family she had fallen.

Ever since dating Monggiotti, Hernandez says Welch had been less talkative, did not come around as often and family had to call Monggiotti first to get ahold of her.

Hernandez says Welch is currently pregnant with Monggiotti’s baby. The two were together for three to four months.

Welch is set to answer to the two murder charges next week.

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