Miss USA’s answer to terrorism question leads to social media mockery

January 28th, 2015 by Staff

Miss USA Nina Sanchez responds to a question by boxer Manny Pacquiao.

(MediaIte) NEW YORK – Breaking: Miss Universe contestant answers a complicated question with platitudes and clichés.

During the aforementioned beauty pageant Sunday evening, Miss USA Nia Sanchez was asked by boxer Manny Pacquiao what she would say to “global terrorists” if she were given 30 seconds with one.

“I would say, that, you know, as Miss USA, I can only say I’d spread a message of hope and love and peace,” she replied. “And so I would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world.”

Naturally, viewers took to Twitter to mock Sanchez, because that’s how these things work in 2015. Here’s Fox News contributor and former Miss New York Joanne Nosuchinsky:

Joanne Nosuchinsky
Wow. World peace. As a pageant answer. Not ironic at all. #MissUniverse
10:13 PM – 25 Jan 2015

#MissUniverse #MissUSA just bombed her question about terrorism. lol.
10:14 PM – 25 Jan 2015

miss USA said she would try to spread love and hope to terrorists. yes, if only we would’ve tried offering love and peace to ISIS
10:31 PM – 25 Jan 2015

Hasmeet Kaur
#MissUniverse #MissUSA’s answer was a little too ambitious! “Hope and love and peace”, beautiful words but can they tackle terrorism? No!
3:44 AM – 26 Jan 2015

Andre Louis
Yep. I’m sure ISIS would be soooo interested to hear what Miss USA has to say about their campaign of global terrorism. #MissUniverse
10:26 AM – 26 Jan 2015

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