Michigan man who tased mouse to death could face charges

May 4th, 2015 by Staff

Authorities say the young man's name is David; he lost his job over the video.

(MyFoxDetroit.com) OAK PARK, Michigan – A disturbing video seen around the world could lead to criminal charges in Oakland County.

It shows a young man using a Taser to torture and kill a white mouse in box while he laughs in an Oak Park strip mall parking lot.

“You guys see this,” he says on the video before tasing it repeatedly. “Now the mouse is no more.”

The video was posted to YouTube but was pulled due to the site’s terms of service. It was picked up by LiveLeak which is still hosting the video.

It has been played more than 65,000 times.

The entire video is not being shown by FOX 2. To see the video, CLICK HERE to go to LiveLeak (CAUTION, the video is graphic in nature).

“He had a stun gun device he used to stun the mouse and did it two or three times,” said Steve Cooper, Oak Park public safety director.

The man did this in the shopping center of the Glory Grocery Market at Nine Mile and Coolidge. He was wearing a Glory logo shirt. Then he posted it online. 

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard  watched the video. 

“It’s disgusting,” he said. “It was in a Petco box so he went and bought this mouse.”

FOX 2 went to the grocery store to find the guy. Store management said his name is David and worked as a bagger at the checkout. 

As soon as management became aware of the video, the store says they fired David.  

Oak Park investigators received some emails complaining about the startling video. 

“Apparently it went viral on YouTube,” Cooper said. “We were able to do some investigating and find out who the young man was. We’ve already interviewed him and the case has been forwarded to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Customers do buy pet snakes with a diet of mice and we may set traps for mice and rats around the house and garage. But police say cruelty is evident here and stun guns in some cases may not be legal for all civilians in Michigan. 

Oak Park Public Safety is following this one through. 

“You are looking a probably animal cruelty and possession of a stun gun device,” Cooper said. “We confiscated the stun gun.”

Store management said that David’s brother shot the video and also works at Glory. 

The man’s brother was not fired, but disciplined. Police said it will not charge him.

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