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November 11th, 2009 by

The Crow Family Connection:
The Crow-Qadhafi Connection (
Crow associate charged (
BeloWatch (
The art of the plea (
Smuggler’s blues (

State Farm Insurance Donation:

Seminole Tribe Gambling:
Rubio raises ‘moral issue’ about gambling’s ‘fool’s gold’(

Karl Rove Connection
Rove donated to Rubio (

4 Responses

  1. SAM

    Bubba, You have it dead wrong when you said the insurance companies are gouging us. Don’t you have the choice of where to buy your homeowners insurance, your car insurance? Of course you do. If the Farm raises your premium, go elsewhere. You will get what you pay for when you have to file a claim. Your hero Crist will leave this state in financial danger with the xposure of Citizen Insurance. How quickly you forget how Crist was in AllState and State Farms pocket until he was elected.

  2. Eric

    Charlie Crist is a gay man.

  3. John Bainum

    Thank Brent & Bubba, I’ll look into it & see what I can do, in your support.

    Bubba army,

  4. Jim


    You guys have been very stiff on Rubio for stance on hand gun restrictions/waiting periods and instate tuition for illegal aliens.

    Please cite/post some references to this position (independent/not on Crist site) since I cannot find any reference myself.

    In fact Rubio seems to be very stiff on illegal immigration himself, opposing amnesty, opposing Census count of illegals for purposes of district apportionment, etc.

    Love the show, long time listener, retired Marine,


    Tell Bubba to quit being such a hater on Palin, not so bright, sure!…bad pick for McCain, absolutely, but not a relevant player, don’t give her the radio time.

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