Letter to City Council of New Port Richey

July 27th, 2010 by Staff

Listen to the 911 Audio

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Dear Ms. Miller, Ms. Thomas, and Mr. Langford,

I am writing to express my dismay and outrage at Mayor Scott McPherson’s behavior last night. He made wild baseless accusations about a Pasco County Deputy who was just doing his job responding to a call about domestic violence. The fact that Mayor McPherson is the one that made the complaint makes this more outrageous. The Mayor clearly doesn’t understand his role or his responsibilities to the citizens of New Port Richey.

I am emploring you take the most immediate action you can legally take to rectify this situation. Mr. McPherson has demonstrated he doesn’t have the judgement, responsibility, or fitness to be Mayor of New Port Richey.

Thank you for your time and prompt attention to this very serious matter.


Councilwoman Ginny Miller
(727) 853-1016 ext.2033

Councilwoman Judy DeBella Thomas
(727) 853-1016 ext. 2031

Mr. Bob Langford
No Email or Phone Number
City of New Port Richey
City Hall
5919 Main Street
New Port Richey, Florida 34652

8 Responses

  1. Mel Siegrist

    This is inexcusable behavior by Mayor Scott McPherson and he should be remove from his position immediatly.

  2. Kyle Hauswirth

    This man is completly ridiculous. I’m listening on the show, and he is completley retarted and over reacting. He just needs to shut up.

  3. Kyle Hauswirth

    I sent in the form letter, and am sincerely hoping that he gets removed from office. He was a jerk to the 911 people and to the cops.

  4. joe lisanti

    fire him now

  5. Joe Cynical

    the woman looks equal parts hot and bitchy.

  6. NPR resident

    Potheads tend to be moody when they’re not stoned. Scott & Jack need to put down the bong.

  7. rebecca hodges

    Ok well another pasco example of Jerry Springer. This mayor needs the retirement benefits from hisjob guys. Thats evident, especially for the therapy he and his wife will be going through for the rest of our and thier lifetime. Have some sympathy for the poor victem of domestic violence, alchoholism ,drugs ,sex ect. I’mm sure its there. Keep on giving the great examples New Port Richey seems spills over with. Why ignorance is a choice? Why? Lying is a choice? Wake up people please.

  8. Nick Westfield

    It was very entertaining to listen to Scott McPherson’s rants and accusations on the show. He should be removed from office now.

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