Kansas TV reporter loses it after she’s swarmed by insects

June 12th, 2015 by Staff

Leick, a former basketball player at Kansas State, posted the video on her social media outlets.

(BroBible) FORT RILEY, Kansas – The bad news for Katya Leick is that she had to endure a brutal cicada attack while trying to do a report.

The good news is that now her name is out there in every market.

Now can she be like, what’s that, you need a highlight reel? This insect video should speak for itself.

The other good news? All those cicadas will be dead soon.

A Kansas reporter was covering live-fire drills at a military base when she came under fire herself – by a group of cicadas.
KSNT reporter Katya Leick was interrupted by the flying bugs as she attempted to shoot video while standing in a tank. 

The resulting video shows her flailing at the swarm and using the microphone as a cicada-swatter to keep the bugs away.

Leick — who’s been with KSNT for eight months — said she had to keep giving herself pep talks to get through the 10 minutes that “felt like forever.” She could barely get a word out before the cicadas would interrupt once again.

“Every time I tried to start talking, they’d come. I was like, ‘I need to hold it together, come on, I just have to get this done with’,” she told ABC News today.

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