Joe the Early Enlister

April 21st, 2011 by Staff

Bubba wants to know if Joe the Early Enlister looks better with or without his mustache.

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14 Responses

  1. Bryan

    He looks like a retard either way. At least the key west butt tickler hid some of his hideousness.

  2. Trevor

    He looks creepier without the stache.

  3. Juan C

    Well his wallet looks better.

  4. The Dude

    Bryan wants to tongue punch his fart box !

  5. Cori

    He looks much better without the stache! But still has that “cop” haircut! Good job BTLS makeover crew!

  6. jonesy

    totally get the cop reference…same either way to me..just stightly better with stache…

  7. kenny w

    Pretty creepy either way take away the stash don’t look Like so much of a cereal killer

  8. Phil

    Nevermind the mustache, where’s a picture of his wife’s big rack?

  9. fred

    He looks like a homo with that cop stache.

  10. binky

    He looked like a cop with it, younger without. should have kept it

  11. jeffrey snyder

    bring on the wife’s BIG RACK!!!

  12. joe

    key west butt tickler lol thats true !!!!

  13. Bill

    He kinda had a Harry Reemes look going with the mustache, but he looks better without it.

  14. RED

    He looks a ton better, reminds my of a salty MARINE. If he would just lose the goofy grin, either way I’m an EE and am jealous that he got studio tour.

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