Is Ron Gay? Photo Gallery from Paul and Young Ron’s Website

October 26th, 2010 by Staff

Click here to Listen to Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”:

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Click here to download Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”
This is Manson’s song “Love the Way You Died.” This song came in response to the suicide of former Paul and Young Ron producer Steve Brancik. Click here to Listen to Manson and Berlin’s “Love The Way You Died song:

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Click here to download Manson and Berlin’s “Love The Way You Died”
Click here to Listen to the Manson’s “Name that Really Gay DJ” song:

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Click here to downloadManson’s “Name that Really Gay DJ”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is another volume of information about Young Ron. If you still aren’t reading between the lines with Young Ron, please look at the following pictures. Do you really want to wake up with this, Miami?

62 Responses

  1. Jason Johnson

    I can’t belive the police hasn’t went and checked his computer. This guy is sick. Bubba Army Bubba Army

  2. Luis

    What a FAG!

  3. Dkidbronx

    looks like he send a gerbel in to find his lost beads

  4. Charles

    It’s not too hard to connect the dots here like Bubba said on air. We seriously need these clowns off the air and have Bubba take the top spot! In order to do so though we need to show our strength in numbers…. Bubba definitely needs more word to mouth advertising.

  5. mike

    yes yes

  6. Peter Hunter

    My gaydar is quite accurate being a homo myself. After looking at these pictures with the make-up I went to their web site and the picture of Young Ron in the “players” section confirms it, this guy has “fag” written all over him. I see it in his smile, his eyes and the way he is posing. I can’t really explain it, but I can spot a gay guy a mile away. Its not easy being gay and a lot of these guys marry & have kids in an effort to have the appearance of a normal life and good career. I’ve met at least a hundred guys like this, married with kids, and as soon as the kids are out of the house or they retire, they divorce and find a man. They also have a propensity to seek out other men while they are married. Some do it online, some at gay clubs and sometimes this is the kind of guy you hear about getting busted in the mens room at Sears or in a park. If you were to put Ron in a photo lineup of straight and gay guys, without showing me the ones with makeup, I would have pegged him as gay.

    Love you guys, in a non-faggot way. Ned is the man.

    Peter Hunter

  7. Chris Brady

    This is not the only disturbing member of the show. Paul’s facebook “like” page displays a picture of him in a robe that is clearly open. Not too troubling..until u realize that there is another person in the background(which looks like the arm of an adolescent boy) and that there is most likely a person taking the photo. Who sits in a bedroom or hotel room and has his picture taken in an open robe with several people in the room. It looks like a picture which is on its face prevocative, but is also deeply disturbing considering it was taken among others, not in a private setting. Mambla meeting perhaps.

  8. Chris Brady

    Upon further inspection, I think this gay picture of Ron was taken at the same time in the same room as paul’s disturbing picture from his profile, because it looks like that is Paul’s blue UF robe in the background of this picture. Also the backgrounds of the rooms are nearly identical. If so there must have been a circumstance where paul and ron deemed it apropriate to have a photo shoot where Paul would be the manly guy with a cigar and an open robe and ron would take his usual girly ass role in the bed topless with make-up . Really suspect!

  9. strick9

    Apparently Ron eats dinner nude and the dinner table with his wife and kids… The guy is a major alcoholic also!

  10. Nate

    All i have to say to this is.
    (That, that) Dude looks like a lady
    (That, that) Dude looks like a lady

  11. It's a joke

    It’s a joke. It’s morning radio…

  12. binky

    Even without the makeup, check out his bio pick. He is a creepy looking faggy retard looking freak. If he’s not gay there is definitely something wrong with this guy.

  13. BIG BRO

    Fagboy looks like a stool pusher for sure, I’ll bet he brushess his teeth with cock.

  14. Weedo


  15. Capt.Greg

    I am a member of the military and a Captain in the South Florida area. Let this be known: I am turning in my PR1 status and joining the Bubba Army!!!!

  16. Dale

    Check itunes for some free Paul and Young Ron audio…
    2 tracks of interest:
    “Ron’s Gay Dream”
    Young Ron had a gay dream (shocker) and the boys parody it in song
    “The Predator Game”
    a commercial for a Pedo-themed board game where Chris Hansen my pop by!
    (Pre Brancik arrest)
    I emailed Manson and Show@ bubba the mp3s just in case.

  17. Remi

    Peter Hunter has it right on this dude is a fag from way back, full gerbel rancher effect!!!

  18. rink

    this guy is a fruit , with capitals FRUIT…………………

  19. shawn

    what the hell is wrong with people…this guy is economy size douche!! GO NED!!…..BUBBA ARMY!!!

  20. WorldPokerTourn

    This was from the photoshoot for their cd cover you morons…

    WBGG Big 105.9 Miami’s Classic Rock Boxset

  21. WorldPokerTourn

    Here is the photo here:

  22. Fridge

    This is just a silly ad (all be it in bad taste) Paul and Ron are legends in south florida and provide a fantastic morning show. This is just fat ass Bubba trying to gain some ground. He has nothin to talk about but some stupid contract with a prostitute for some tiger woods shit and a prosecuter in Tampa. Get something fun to talk about, make us laugh a little, thats what it’s all about. If I wanted politics, legal bs, and news in the morning i would tune into CNN.

  23. Chad


  24. Beaver85

    This guy is a total fag n needs to be taken off of Miami radio! Bubba ARMY ALL THE F@CKN WAY!

  25. nobudy

    WTF !! he’s a nasty freaky thing !! bubba army !

  26. Aaron

    Please look at there wiki page and the last couple of sentences in the internet section.

  27. Josh FTE

    What a freakin homo. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he was in on the kid touching with his producer based on everything I’ve heard on the show the last week or so.

  28. Fritz

    THEY all “wanna be” the next Neil Rogers.

  29. South Florida's Last Rugged Men


  30. tony

    Brent’s pick of Jerry ”moon beam” Brown for Governor of California tells me what a moron he is.With the new Congress coming in California won’t be getting any bailouts.Yea he has experience at ruining the economy.You guys are so UNINFORMED with politics.

  31. Aswhole

    Why the **** would he even do the photo shoot for? I thought it was a few pics that he might look gay…but thats full on homo

  32. chambo

    Your comments and thoughts have reached as far as australia,i live in country New South Wales Australia and listen your show every day and there is NO doubt that Young Ron is as GAY AS AIDS.
    Keep on rocking fellas and keep the dream alive.

  33. MikeB

    I bet these came from Paul’s personal collection

  34. Adam Wilson

    Absolutely disgusting. Imagine this is your father? A rib for comedic effect is one thing, but putting on makeup and saying you like to “remove beads” from your most intimate of areas, Shameful and grotesque. It’s just not even funny. It’s all over but the crying anyway. And I say they can’t be off the air fast enough. Good ridance Paul & Ron. Too bad you couldn’t keep it real, man up and distance yourselves from your kid touching producer like any real men would have. It’s obviously time to step aside and make way for the most real and HONEST show. Bubba Army Bitches, Adam Out.

  35. Juddy

    so what are the chances of a Ned and Young Ron sex video hitting the black market soon?

  36. Jack

    ****!!! I will be so damn glad when friday gets here, I am so ******* sick of hearing about Miami’s two Fags!!! Enough already!!!

  37. Larry

    Man, that’s a scary guy. He looks like a serial killer!

  38. Fred B.

    Fridge. Your a MOE! Keep listening to Paul and Young Ron. Seems they are your type of humor. Fake, Why don’t you accept the facts that Paul & Ron are hacks. They are only popular in Miami because Miami and South Florida is a magnet for MOES such as yourself. Guess that’s why they are so popular with pussy’s like you. Awww, Did I hurt your feelings? Stop tucking your penis and grow a sack!!!


  39. LA Black Dude

    This guy just might like ******* ****. Just maybe.

  40. dupes

    Once again Bubba and his army have exposed another child predator, I only listen to Bubba because I only listen to the truth. I have 4 children, I work hard, I protect my family, good job and keep exposing the law breakers. My daughter is the same age as Berlin and if she had the pipes she would be belting out the tunes as well, teach them right from wrong at a young age.

  41. Gary

    Bubba needs to take out a full page ad in the Miami Herald with a picture of this jobber looking like this and it says, does Miami really like cross dressing homos that support Kid touchers? If not, turn on Bubba the Love Sponge!

  42. Chuck Dillon

    I know Paul mash’s Ron’s dinner at night. San Diego, CA

  43. Chuck Dillon


  44. John Frat (FTE)

    Are you kidding me. What a stooge!! “Really”, this has to be a Rib.. He can’t be what the people in South Florida are listening to. What the hell is going on down here in Miami.. When did it become a good time to listen to a fat gay untalented child touching piece of crap. just looking at this freak is making me angry.. The world would be a better place if he fell into a wood chipper…

  45. jack master

    Well, as Bubba keeps cryin over this stuff for 5 f’n days, i keep goin to his house and banging the shizzz out of heather….boy she likes it like maxwell house…good to the last drop!!!!!

  46. PJ

    i think jack master has the wrong “bubba’s” house… see in the pen the only “heather you banging the shizzzz out of is “heath” the ever so willing mail room boy! fin twat! get a life and let bubba do what he does best… expose faggots child touchers like these two dildo’s and probably yourself… BTW notice you’re the only on on this entire post with a negative comment asshole!

  47. Johnny G.

    I think it’s time that your producers start doing some work and come up with some orginal material! This is getting old!! Paul and Young Ron “RULE”!! BUBBA SUCKS!! How long have you guys been doing radio that you can’t tell the difference between a radio bit and what is real? Are you kidding me?! Sounds to me like you guys are a bunch of douchbags with nothing better to do than try to drag everyone down with you!!! As far at steve branzig goes… let it go!! MOVE ON!!! Paul and Young Ron have been in Miami for 20 years and they are here to stay! You will have very little impack on them no matter what you say or do! You and the “GAY BUBBA ARMY” have nothing on Paul and Ron! Why don’t you pack it up and get the HELL out of Miami… No one wants you rednecks here!!

  48. MadCanuck

    Looks like Liberace’s queer brother! Go Bubba Army (Canadian Contingent)

  49. Menace

    What an ugly drag queen! Young Ron?!? Young at what? Coming out of the closet?!? Screw him and his gay ass show! BUBBA ARMY 4 LIFE!!!!

  50. Eclektq

    I hear Rambo gerbil went up his ass and brought out three of his buddies………..

  51. O.G.

    the ignorant rednecks wont listen…leave them to their miserable, short sighted, and angry lives Bubba Ignorant Redneck Army.

  52. yo mamma

    young ron uses rabbit’s and wood chucks instead of hamsters and gerbils.

  53. Chris Lunceford

    He/She/It looks way to happy in the pics. GAY

  54. kenny

    bubba is such a DOUCHE!! because his ratings in s.fl suck he has to find someone who does a better job than him to trash just to try and be popular…who has been on the air 20 years, bubba, without being taken off for any reason…face it, the majority of south florida hate you, so it’s no wonder 93 rock is letting your show go in february…thank God…now he can go back to spewing his crap to the hicks in tampa and whatever other podunk towns he preaches to

  55. kenny

    AND the rejects who listen are just about as stupid as bubba…Neither Paul nor Ron did anything with a child…dumbasses…get the story straight instead of listening to the head jackass and believing his every word…you people would be the ones to *** if he said it would cure global warming by doing so….

  56. BIG PAIN


  57. Joel

    Why would you, i mean what the , ahhhh GET THE ROPE!

  58. Lou

    What a fudge packer, are you kidding me?? Is this Miami’s best? Good thing I live in Naples! 96 K-Rock baby….Power Pig…Hello….LOL :-0

  59. bryon

    Bubba is only showing this guys true colors. and for him to stick up for a kid toucher is wrong. My child was put in a situation that made her fell weird by a family member that she looked up to. And if I could I would SLIT his Troughty and leave Him DEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the woods

  60. matt

    IS THAT Gorgeous George?

  61. roy

    i guarantee he is a fag and a pedo..creepy

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