November 5th, 2010 by Staff

open source video, online video platform, video streaming, video solutions – Wrestling legend HULK HOGAN has provided uncensored video exclusively to the Bubba the Love Sponge® radio show and its website to dispel news items that he “flashed” his genitals while being videotaped playing Def Jam Rapstar with his daughter, singer Brooke Hogan. A “censored” video was previously posted online that appears to show Hogan (real name: Terry Bollea) adjusting his shorts to reveal his genitals.

Hogan provided the real story and video today to prove that he did not “flash” as indicated to Bubba the Love Sponge®, his best friend. He also confirmed to the radio host this morning that he is completing the pre-nup agreement today in order to marry his fiancee, Jenifer McDaniel, as quickly as possible.

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  1. Will


  2. Abell

    Fin hootie….

  3. Nate

    I got on and watched this, Brent. So it is working… Bubba Army!

  4. Bry

    still creepy

  5. Chris Lunceford

    This is sad. This is nothing.

  6. Chris K


  7. Bullfighter

    Bubba Army….. Hulkmania rulez!

  8. dan

    what hootie

  9. steve

    okay so he’s not flashing his “actual” stuff, but what is he doing?? Is he not “flashing” himself? or am I completely off base here? You guys keep covering his ass by saying there is no dong in the shot, but your not commenting on why he would lift his shorts up like that. What say you?

  10. dustin


  11. eric

    who cares oh bubba does , maybe its a bubbawork to give him and hogan a pop. but considering bubbas status at sirius , he just is not smart enough ,ferrell is playing the game like howard , bubbas just not in on it ,they are coming back bubbas not.
    your kids closest competitor spent $15.000 to your $1.000.000 as you bragged of my own money. plus your sponsers? your buying success i guess i hope it works out for you the tv show was a distraction to make you think you really had something going on see you on the internet

  12. Joe

    Ain’t it always that way ,,, TMZ & Others like em ,,, as well as the main stream news ,,, bet the real video don’t get the same coverage

  13. Tony Soprano

    Hootie’s the fin man.

  14. ray

    We’ll “if” he did hes got a black c

  15. daytona corey

    Hogan knows best

  16. Brian

    Probably still should not have done it. You should post the censored version, that puts Hogan in a bad light

  17. Bobby Burge

    You guys rock.. Hogan is the man..

  18. Joe

    not as sad as having to be reminded everytime that Hogan is bubba’s best friend and vice versa.

  19. Tom Sr.

    Terry (Hulk) and I met years ago. I grew up knowing this Icon, and genuinely Great man! No way did I ever believe that He would ever do something this stupid! Hulk, You Are Owed A HUGE Apology and thank you Bubba, My Friend…You proved the media asses wrong again! Congrats on you upcoming wedding Terry, My girl Daisy and I are getting married in St. Thomas USVI this Monday!!! Huge fans, long time listeners of not only Bubba’s show, but the Hulk Hogan’s career as well. LSI and I are friends too! God Bless Bubba Army !

  20. Mike

    Wow. What a non-issue. People got upset over this?

  21. MW

    HulkAmania 4 LifE! BUBBA ARMY

  22. Armando

    Hooty has already been crucified in the media and the internet. I believe the media wont retract what they did, but ammend their story by spinning it by overanalizing his gesture of pulling his shorts to the side. Its a shame Hootie’s name is getting drug through the mud like that. I hope thie gets nipped in the bud quickly. This media monster is going to be hard to kill.

  23. Chuck

    MUST be a slow news day
    It barely qualifies for Funniest Home Videos

  24. wheelbarrel

    This nothing to wrong. It really looks as if it was in private. So who ever put this out there needs there ads beaten

  25. Todd

    OMG he was flashing the person who had the camera you boneheads, not his daughter. He was mocking the rap video game. This is the problem with this effing country. Sensationalize someones innocent frickin’home movie at the expense of others. Don’t muther effers realize that these are PEOPLE! Yes you are under a certain amount of scrutiny when you are a star or celebrity, but for Gawd’s sake LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!! lol hahahaha…

  26. Armando

    How hard is it to put out a napalm fire?

  27. Randy Poffo

    First why did he flash his daughter in the first place , second why did he rub lotion on her ass a few years ago , why is he running around with a brookie clone ? the answers to all these is he love with his daughter brother and not in the traditional way. let me tell you someting , he is a giant perv. ooh yeah , he wants to snap into brookie with his slim jim. hulkamaina wants to run wild with her , brother.

  28. George

    Steve Bubba did comment about it and you should listen to his show before commenting on here.

  29. LeAnn

    What is wrong with the media these days? He is obvliously in a futile battle to stay young and hip. The Media picks this 12 second video and tried to turn the man into a pervert. They say,”Any publicity is good publicity”. Maybe this was what he was looking for….but not from such a distorted angle!

  30. Anti-Bubba

    So Bubba got the exclusive video, really? What the F does that matter.

  31. jack master

    what kind of jackass gets married so soon after the hell he just went through>>>>Bubba and Hogan=Dumb and Dummer!!!

  32. jared

    mark out ned rules

  33. Charles L

    To all the haters who commented on this video…. You are all idiots!!!! Hulk did not flash his daughter, he did not even flash period…And Eric, if Bubba isnt that bright then why do you even listen to him at all? Sounds to me that there is some jealousy going on!!Randy, whats wrong with “running around ” with a good looking woman? Last time I checked there were millions of blonde haired women in this world, how does that make Jennifer a clone? And Steve, You are way off!!!! Why is it such a big deal that Hulk actually has a sense of humor and doesnt act boring? I’ll tell you this, for a guy that has had some serious shiz dropped on his lap, he is in higher spirits than I would be. Bubba and crew ROCKS!!!!!!

  34. Armando

    Just Google “hulk hogan flashes” and look at all the news articles jumping on this. Hogan has been demonized…

  35. Jason

    Are you kidding??? People are making a big deal over this video??? Its NOTHING! Blank Blank TMZ!!!

  36. Danny

    Brooke <3


    i heard hulkster has baby cock from the iron shiek so why would he want to show that off?

  38. Pappa Tony

    Hulk is getting paid booooooooooy Rent A Center Ads on TV Radio Ads here Sac Town WOW!

  39. Pappa Tony

    Brook is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

  40. Ree Griffith


  41. Benny

    Creepy bald prick, his career was dead after Gladiators…Oh and those killer ads with Troy FAikmen…Who cares!

  42. tim conant

    wtf all i c is brook, damn hootie u know how to grow em kid

  43. Matt in OC

    Yeah, still kinda weird!!!

  44. Dave

    Love to see Brookie’s stuff!

  45. jdon285

    Certainly a Perv alert at the very minimum, not just this incident but the last as well. Grow up man! Hey did anyone know Bubba and Hulk are best friends? :o)

  46. Steve

    Really thats it give it rest people! Ned rules

  47. Donald

    Oh come on people. What is wrong with you guys? It is plan to see nothing was shown and he (hogan) was just goofing off for the camera. Bubba may be friends with hogan but, that’s beside the point. Go to You tube I bet you’ll see a lot worse than this. KEEP THE BUBBA ARMY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Jayster

    The PUSSOFCATION of America.He didnt do anything wrong in this vedio.Everyone just wants to be offended by anything and everything so they can get their two cents of fame and hopefully make something outta nothing.. Bubba Army

  49. tomthetrashman

    ok once again we see how tv news screws up and doesnt give the real story thats why i dont watch cnn fox tmz to bubba and crew dont sweat it as soon as the get howards deal done ur next we the bubba army need u guys to make r day

  50. Randy (goodyear, az)

    Wow, the media is a bunch of cryin little bitches. Why must everyone be offended by something? The pussification of America. Wa, Wa I’m a victim. This country hates to see people doing good and having a good time. This is a video of Hootie and his daughter watching a rap video and someone filming it. He is not flashing his daughter. He is flashing (very tastefully) whoever is filming. He’s having FUN people. Get over it. Bubba, you and the guys are great!!! We Love ya in Arizona!! Say it like it is!

    Randy out!!

  51. Mike

    After watching this and realizing that he is “paying hommage” to Biggie.. The end of the video seems alot like the scene in the movie ‘Notorious’ when Biggie’s Ex “LIL Kim” i believe, pulls her shorts to the side to get back at Biggie for leaving her for Faith Hill. Just a thought.

  52. don

    why did he pretend to show his junk? how old is he? and he reads what book on religion? i dont get it.

  53. Colleen

    Really, who gives a shit about Hulk Hogan?? He uses Bubba to stay somewhat relevant in his own pathetic way & his daughter has no real talent past Daddy & her looks, or she would be doing better for herself by now. What a joke.

  54. Antonio Inoki

    Am I the only one that wishes he was flashing his meat?

  55. Alan - Ft Lauderdale

    Not so much the flashing, but just the video that makes him look like a dork. Should know better, as a pseudo-celeb, to be filmed doing gay stuff.

  56. Sarah

    Dave Scherer is a pervert.

  57. Cory

    people are so f***ed these days, they have to try and destroy other peoples lives for no reason, why would someone take such an inoccent video and twist it like this, and why would the media air it without first verifying for sure what was acually showing and not showing,Hootie should get after these idiots, make them look like asses. BUBBA ARMY RULES

  58. Cory

    Oh my god if people need to hate over something this stupid do us all a favor and shoot your self now! What is wrong with Bubba and Hulk being best friends are you just pissed off at the world because you have no friends. This country is becoming a bunch of whinny bitches take your lips off your moms tit and grow and be a man. Hulk was not being a perv but the way you were thinking about Randy it sounds like you are one. I hope you don’t have a daughter for her sake.

  59. nick

    f all u haters sponge is the best there is and the best there ever will be oh and that eric is retard

  60. Joel

    Whatever! Brooke looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

  61. Brandon

    He was clearly flashing the camera,leave the dude alone
    FTE Akron Oh

  62. Birch

    who cares oh bubba does , maybe its a bubbawork to give him and hogan a pop. but considering bubbas status at sirius , he just is not smart enough ,ferrell is playing the game like howard , bubbas just not in on it ,they are coming back bubbas not.
    your kids closest competitor spent $15.000 to your $1.000.000 as you bragged of my own money. plus your sponsers? your buying success i guess i hope it works out for you the tv show was a distraction to make you think you really had something going on see you on the internet

    Proud Papa “buys” a trophey for the kid, thats the kind of good parenting I am talking about!

  63. BIGDOGG001


  64. Rick

    Eric….you are SO f——-ed//// there is NOBODY coming back as you put it. Get your facts before you open your big fat food eater….

  65. JustAnotherSally

    If it were a home video it would be hysterical but not for a music video. IT’S NOTHING, yet still kinda creepy!

  66. frank

    no way! pervert moment. daughter in the room. miller lite. sux in front of the public. grow up now, or it may be to late.

  67. Sal the Stock Broker

    How can this person who is considered a celebrity constantly pretend to be relevant even at this point in time? There was never an ounce of talent, intelligence or common sense any any point of time in this dummy’s life. I say Brooke Hogan should GIVE IT UP!!!! Oh…Hulk Rules!!!

  68. tommy

    Bubba has the best show ever on radio, and once he is pod cast willy he will make more money then he ever could on sirius….So to all of the haters…..STOP THE HATING….Howard is great but in a different way. Bubba has everything Howard has/had plus the balls to do more…..just admit it will never stop listening to the Bubba show, it kicks ass…………..TOM FROM BALTIMORE…WHATS UP 25!

  69. China

    嘎嘎 为什么要穿内裤

  70. Noel

    Hulk was just having fun with his daughter. There is nothing but clothing there. What is wrong with the media besides Bubba.

  71. Steve

    Hogans the man,thats still a little weird but not what the media portrayed it to be.

  72. Carter

    Hogan pretty much stays wasted 24/7.

  73. Doug

    This is BS i mean really we have seen more of Hooties Junk in the ring over the years than we do here, this is nothing like the Farve Gimmick

  74. pappa

    Ned is Manson / Manson is Ned

  75. Spice Man

    haha! Who released the first video in the first place?

  76. A. H.

    Hey bubba army. been listening to bubba since early 90′s So been a big fan of his. Need answer from bubby army Please. Here’s my story. I lived in tampa area for years and always listened to Bubba Well becuase of family emergency I had to go back home out of state. Well I was wondering if anyone can Please give me an update of how “hulk.s” Terry’s Mom is? You see Ive been friends with her and Pete too for many years. Friends since mid 80′s. But lost contact with her when I had to move back home. And I got sirius and listen to bubba’show. But about 1 month ago having problems with it. So I couldnt hear my favorite radio host. And at same time couldnt hear how my friend Ruth has been doing.
    So bubba army its like if your friends with someone for 25 yrs and and then lost contact with them. Then through another means {sirius } you get updates on your friend. But then updates about your friend stop{sirus problems}.Last you heard, Friend is sick. And you havent heard anything more about your good friend . And you worried very much about your friend So from 1 person of Bubba Army to another Can anyone Please let me know any update how Terry’s{Hootie’s}mom is? Good news :} or bad :{ Please post update on here if you know/heard anything. As Terry has/done updates on Ruth on bubba show. Thank you very much This means a lot to me personally.- Member of Bubba army

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  78. Krazy K

    Ive always heard Ned is Mansons Dad who cares ? Hulk is washed up, Just like Fat Boy Bubba. Id say Tyler must get his driving skills from his mom. Bkuz we all know his daddy cant drive.

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  80. guttermouth

    hey yo! hey yo! scott hallcholic is getting out of rehab soon and returning to TnA TnA TnA!!!

    oh hell yeah NeD RuLeS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  82. Mike Rizzo

    What’s creepy Jimmy Heart doing jerking off behind Brooke? In the words of the great Ned, “OH GOD”

  83. brecskel

    WOW That is shocking a famous dude spending time with his kid holy crap!!! Plus if you have taken as many chair shots to the head as Hootie, I think you should be allowed to let a ball hang out every now and then.

  84. Eclektq

    Which lie is worse? The networks hanging Hulk out to dry, Or they refer to Brooke as a “Singer”……………

  85. doug portland

    stupid they made a big deal about this and tryed to make hogan look bad he also shouldn’t have done that hogan should know by now that anytime the news can make him look bad there going to but anyway thats what i think bubba army all the way. oh how do i get stickers and stuff sent to me im gonna make my army known in portland

  86. BlackNigga

    i wanna see hooties balls

  87. fjyd

    Even If he did flash his cock there is no way she could have seen anything at all from where she was standing unless the camera had a big mirror on it.
    Bubba is a useless parasite who has never done anything of note and never will do anything of note because he is a greasy no talent no class waste of human life.
    He is like a 3rd rate howard stern which is pretty bad as howard stern is a 3rd rate human being.
    If anybody can think up a positive about this man or anything in his life other than the fact he is that he’s hulks mate I would really like to hear it.

  88. Clint Seeley @ Scuba Sarasota

    glad to know it wasn’t real

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  90. 九把刀


  91. Law ma

    All ppl want is money hooties a great guy an it’s all bs he should take action back!!!!!

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