Hulk Hogan called from his hospital bed

October 7th, 2010 by Staff

Listen to exclusive audio of Hulk Hogan fresh off his recent back surgery direct from his hospital room.

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38 Responses

  1. David

    Get well soon Hulk!

  2. Lee

    Hang in there Hogan! Get well soon!

  3. dave bailey

    praying for you terry, sounds like a rough one

  4. Roger Allen

    Hello Hulk, I wish you well, I pray that you get out of the hospital soon. I have back problems too. My problem is from my cancer, my cancer is in remission but it left me with many problems. you hurry up and get well.


  5. Bill

    Get well soon brother…

  6. Robert Lucarelli

    Hogan is paying the price for hard core wrestling, hard core work outs and hard core drugs. Here’s a guy who tore his Lat’s Body Slamming Andra ”The Giant” and now he can’t lift a sea shell from the beach without ending up in the hospital with back surgery.Hogan has got to agree with Jesse Ventura’s idea of a union for wrestlers at this point in his life. He is fortunate to be in the position of being able to afford medical attention because many other hard core fighters and wrestlers who do not have the notoriety and money to afford medical help end up dead from pain killers or suicide because they can’t deal with the pain. I fought in UFC #2 and I wrestled on the independent pro circuit and did some No Holds Barred/NHB contests and Submission wrestling tournaments NAGA, IGC and the Pan American BJJ Games and in the end I ended up in a electric wheel chair unable to walk and in tremendous pain. It took me me four years to place my self in a position where I could find a group insurance plan because I could not afford an independent policy due to pre-existing issues in-order to help pay for my right total hip replacement and back fusion of L5-S1.Even after two surgeries, I still suffer from cervical and lumbar Degenerative Joint Disease and I have multiple herniation trough out my spine along with a blood tumor in my back. My Cobra Insurance policy has run out and I have no way to get any help from the medical community, so I’m stuck dealing with chronic debilitating pain. My prayers go out to you and your family Mr. Hulk Hogan but feel fortunate and thank God that you are in the position to afford health care. Unfortunately for you it may be to late for anything to help alleviate pain completely but I pray to God that you find relief in your struggle to over come this painful adversity in your life.

  7. CoreyK

    positive energy brother.

  8. Cathy

    Feel better Hulk! We love you!

  9. Greg

    Be easy brother, much love!!!

  10. Jennifer ONeil

    Get better soon Hulk, you’re a living legend! My 10yr old son is a huge fan and can’t wait for TNA to come to Chicago on OCT17th it’s his first live event!

  11. Philip Smith

    Get well soon. Also do the right thing and write that check to Brent for the 10% you said you would pay him. Be a person of your word the Hulk -Man :-)

  12. Mike

    Hang in there bro

  13. David S

    It is tough to see one of my heroes from when I was a boy in this bad shape. I know you sacrificed your health for our entertainment and I hope you can enjoy yourself again once you recover. Get well soon.

  14. Phil

    Get well soon Hogan. My prayers are with you.

  15. chris

    get well hulk we love you in a non faggot way

  16. Teresa

    I love you Hogan….I hope you all the best…..Get better soon!!!!

  17. Teresa

    I love you Hogan….I hope the best for you and hope you get better soon!!!!

  18. Tom Addison

    Hay guys
    I’ve listend to you guys since you went on 96.5 in olando.
    I wanted to tell Hogan that we saw him at the Eddy Graham Sports staidium then the orlando sports statium in Orlando.
    Hogan you will always be great,the hole nation thinks the same thing. I’m glad your out of the hospital all my hopes
    and please feel better. I’m serviving lung cancer 2 years now and think before we contribute we should ask how much goes to the cause.

    Tom Addison

  19. DWood138

    So sorry about this Terry, hope you get well soon.

  20. Todd

    Get well Hogan you have been the man for so long.I know Bubba and the gang will take care of you.Dont forget to take care of Brent.

  21. greg

    get well soon hootie we are all prayin for ya brother

  22. jamie

    karma is a bitch LOL

  23. Steven

    Hogan is finally paying the price of years of steroid abuse. You reap what you sowe in this world and it is finally catching up to Hogan. Also, Karma sucks don’t it?

  24. Chas

    Get well soon Hogan.F all the haters. Chas in the uk

  25. mason

    Get better soon hizzootie!!

  26. Fred B.

    Get well Hootie… How’s your mom doing? I hope she is back to eating and drinking.

  27. tim conant

    get well soon brother, j birds a keeper get well for her, as well as ur fans

  28. mike rubin

    I don’t like your politics and feel you were over rated, however i wish you get well hulk i have back problems too.

  29. Rod

    I know how bad back procedures can be. You’ve been an inspiration my entire life, and were always my hero. You continue to be a role model and a person of strength and power. Thanks for always giving so much of yourself to everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  30. n sherry

    Get well soon. I met you a few years ago in BOYNTON BEACH-LA FITNESS. I was the blonde guy chatting with you both out on the work out floor and the mens locker room. You are an ICON!!! You were extremely personable!! Good luck with your injury. You are the greatest wrestling personality of all time!!!! NEIL

  31. jp

    A long hard rough life on the body….so was the military…but even after a plane crash my friend the nature boy is goin strong…hope the hulkster gets back soon

  32. crash

    get well soon.

  33. matty

    I hope that this takes away your pain or at least helps relieve a great portion of it. I got crushed by a drunk driver 12 hrs after my son was born in june of 1999. It left me with broken c-6,c-7, and the herniation of L3-S1. i chew about 140 perc 10s a month because my insurance dosent want to pay for the treatment i need.they will pay for the device that u have had inserted. I live in connecticut and met you at Ocean Beach Park in New London in the early 80′s, I listen to bubba on sirius so i will be pulling for you.
    Thank you for all the years of entertainment and get well soon.

  34. Tia

    Get well soon!!!

  35. Jim

    Get well soon, hope the spinal cord stimulator works for you. I need one to, after having surgery at the same place you originally did Laser Spine Institute in Tampa.

  36. David Ostberg

    Get Well Hogan! The battery on the stimulator for your back sounds like it will last a long time!

  37. Jeff

    Get well soon Hulk, long time fan!

  38. Ben Phillips


    Hang in there man! Get well soon!

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