How bad were Tom’s injuries?

July 1st, 2010 by Staff

After being wrapped head to toe with firecrackers like a modern day mummy, Tom the Treeman was shot with Roman Candles. The firecrackers ignited, blowing Tom the Treeman to smithereens. Tom was taken off the torture rack, doused with fire extinguishers, and stripped of his fire suit. Tom’s injuries were severe:

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  1. Steven

    If anything that dude deserves a raise

  2. daunte morris is a piece of trash

    man that looks like it hurts but not as bad as a gun shot to dounte morris head !!!

  3. none

    Bubs if people get hurt during your stunts its not cool. This man looks badly hurt. why dont you start hosting suicides on your show? It does not make a difference if Tom or anyone else voluntarily do these things, you should not involve yourself in things that get people seriously hurt.

  4. Dan

    Come on guys this wasnt even real!! The top picture of you guys shooting Tom shows you guys all in different shirts and Spice without a hat compared to the video. Completely different. This was filmed on a differnet day no doubt!! Sad

  5. mute8

    that looks rough!

  6. Matty Diss

    Holy shiz with a Z.

  7. BTLS fan

    It doesn’t look that bad. Maybe next year you can try something new. The firework suit thing is an old bit. Take some pictures after the fire extinguisher powder and makeup runs off.

  8. brett


  9. Trucker Jim

    all you hatters out there cant you guys just listen and enjoy the show god dam you guys call you’re self fans what a bunch of Dicks!!!!! Bubba puts on the best show on radio and that the bottom line

  10. Larry

    Tommy the treeman , is a realman

  11. Mike

    He worked way to hard for a hundred bucks just to give it away

  12. Matt

    #4 Dan… The video is from last years Tree Man challenge you dumb ass, if you knew anything about the show you would realize that you ******* retard.

  13. Scorch

    Dan, pay attention dude. You are correct the video and pictures are not the same but that’s because one was last year and one was this years. What a dumb ass! pay attention before you open your mouth and insert your ____!

  14. Eric

    Dan, the video on the front page was from last year’s stunt. Not this years.

  15. Dangerous

    I’m not a big fan of the Jackass type stunts but I love the show.

  16. btlsfte

    Hey dan the video was from last year. dildo

  17. Brian

    Dan……you’re right. Different shirts in the video vs the pics. It’s a WORK. Oh well, I still love the show.

  18. matt

    that video was from last year you dumb ass……………but was truly awesome

  19. gary of cali

    dam man , just pour gasoline on him and throw a match

  20. ebuc

    Dan, Tust me this **** is real …I drove by the studio and seen it

  21. heywyre

    Dan, ur obviously not a fan of the show. the video is last years, it was featured on bubba raw 4. this would be year 2 ya jackass

  22. JJFromPa

    He’s awesome….

  23. MM

    # Dan
    July 1st, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Come on guys this wasnt even real!! The top picture of you guys shooting Tom shows you guys all in different shirts and Spice without a hat compared to the video. Completely different. This was filmed on a differnet day no doubt!! Sad

    Man ur a smart cookie aren’t you?? Can’t even tell the vid is from last yr and the pics were today??

    Hope ur not in a job that requires thinking!!

  24. disgusted_firefighter

    You have got to be kidding me, I sent an email last year. This stupid “challenge” is an insult to firefighters everywhere. I am personally offended, knowing way to much about debreeing.

    The idea that someone is being set on fire, on purpose boggles my mind, Bubba, SMARTEN UP!

  25. Richard

    Get him some fire gel and light him up Love it

  26. Johnny Svedka

    Tom, you’re an *******.

  27. shane francis

    only one thing to say. power pig im burning!!!!!!!!

  28. Dan is an IDIOT

    Video on home page from last year.

  29. Dawn

    I agree that Tom needs a raise after that one! Just seems like $100 just isn’t enough lol! But a great stunt keep up the great radio Bubba and crew! Happy 4th of July!

  30. Dan Riddell

    ******* hilarious

  31. Dan Riddell

    who ever wrote comment # 3 is a ******* pussy and needs to tuck their penis and quit listening to the show.

  32. Chris

    Hey dumbass Dan…the video is from last year dildo. Quit drinking the hateraide!

  33. dean catalano

    now im a idiot the last comment was for dan you ******* **** idiot

  34. bubba justice

    you guys are horible fans. i loved it!! the video was from last year. quit bitching.

  35. Okie

    Dan you a idiot that video was last years keep up and shut up
    didnt come across the radio that good ill bet the new video will be awesome
    keep on going bubba i love your show

  36. Tony No Bologna

    Dan your an idiot the video you watched was last year the video from today is not up yet

  37. Don Thomas

    Yes, in the video, spike has a bubba army hoody, no hat, in pics, no hat, tshirt. The show has really sucked lately, lame as hell, way to many commercials, on this stunt falls in the very lame category.

  38. Don Thomas

    Excuse me, spice has a hat in the pics, my bad.

  39. Ryan

    @Dan the video on the home page was from 2009 jackass

  40. John Avila

    Hey #4 Dan cool guy. I’m not a smart man but the video you watched looked like the past Tom the Treeman Firework Willy. So yes you are probably right..They are different shirts cool guy. Bubba I feel your pain! WTF!

  41. J

    To Dan: Hey Jackass the video footage was from last year. Quit being a hater pussy. You f’n mark.

  42. Jaimie

    The video was last years video… if you were a real fan you would recognize that fact…they never have the video posted the same day, I think you were blinded because someone stole you cock flavored lolly pops, ass munching dildo! DAN!~

  43. kimo

    Dan u pussy look what you did, you got all the marks pissed off! If you don’t like the show turn the channle.I bet you feel like a dumbass….dumbass!

  44. Anthony

    Next year stick a m-750 up his azz

  45. Jim

    hey dan the video is from last year the pictures are from this year there is not 1 thing fake about this sometimes people talk before they think you know what i mean dan?

  46. Easyfabreezy

    Just caught the replay of the firework inferno. Bubba how about having the fire dept on site next year instead of having the stoner Pantera attempt in putting the fire out on Toms ass. Love the show screw all the haters.

  47. goofball

    I have a sense of loneliness all these years but then I saw ned’s hands and realized he is my dad……can’t wait to see his handshake

  48. jerry

    Dan they have to broadcast those commercials they don’t want to, I am sure. You people amaze me they are doing the best they can with the media they have. Now everybody pray to your fake gods and for us realists lets just hope serious comes to there senses and brings Bubba back where he belongs and that’s on serious….love you guys your the best

  49. Planet X Adult Supercenter

    Tuddle looks like a mark! You nerd!

  50. Bryan

    Disgusted_FIrefighter, go pull a cat out of a tree or something. Bubba has nothing better to do than sit on the show and waste his time explaining himself to all you friggen crybabies that have nothing better to do than bitch about his show. It’s Bubba’s show and he can do what he wants with it. If you don’t like it, go wash your ***** and change the channel, ya mark.

  51. Frank Rizzo

    The Tree Man is awesome.. But those are Herpes Sores not from the fireworks. HaHa.. Long Live the Tree Man!!

  52. Critter

    Hey Guys. This was boring. Next year maybe you could try nitro or maybe a little C4. Why not just Nuke him?

  53. FCTE

    Tom is real class act for donating the $100 to the fallen officers. That was a very cool move.

  54. Mark

    Power Pig Hello Im burring!!! OH GOD!!!

  55. mike

    The video on is from last year geniuses. Jim Florentine is in the background and he wasn’t there this year, dumb ass.

  56. coalcracker

    It is amazing how many people are unable to tell that the video is from last year. It was up during the stunt. For how much they want to bash, they must actually be impressed because that would mean somehow they filmed, edited, and posted the video before the stunt was even done or pictures posted. Idiots!!!!! And you pussies who are saying they should not do things that get people hurt….. This isn’t the I’m a big pussy lets play with stuffed animals show, these guys are prepared for what they go through.

  57. k3vo80

    looks like everyone hates dan ….dan dan everyone hates this man

  58. Big Scott

    Some of you people are so ******* retarded. If you’ve seen a Bubba RAW DVD, you know the stuns they do aren’t a work. Christ, if you’re a true fan of the show, you’ll be able to tell what’s a work & what’s a shoot. In fact, the real fans…will usually appreciate and pick up on the “works” before anyone else…and laugh at the clownshoes who get themselves all worked up. The guys on the show lay it out right in front of you every show they do, work or shoot…and if you can’t pick up on what’s what…change the damn channel…Sirius or Terrestrial.

  59. Tony Muth

    Hey Bubba;
    You do so many GREAT things for the community,but then you go and blow-up Tom the Treeman. When I went through O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) They taught us to Never tell anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. In your case NEVER ASK someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself!

  60. none

    Suuicide live would be a great idea!!!!

  61. skully

    #48 jerry, wow you dumbf, your pushing for bubba to be resigned by serious, you must not have it because its spelled sirius. and #4 dan is another fing idiot. can’t we get people with brains to post here?

  62. Eric

    blow the guy up set him on fire it dont matter hes an idiot but he probobly needs like a ten or twenty cent raise

  63. Sean

    I know man-baby i think you should cover him in honey and break a bee-hive at his feet that would be so funny to see

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