Heather’s Look Swimwear Photo Shoot Montage!!

June 27th, 2010 by Staff

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  1. Tim from mi

    bubba, lets get jabber away from thr trlr park trash family,she needs a break and i’m the guy to give it to her.i’m a fte out of mi,with lots of family in st.pete,i’ll be in tpa on mon night,have jabs send me a note if interested..thnx tim

  2. Yari Nielsen

    Well done! Lucky man, Bubba! See you in Calgary!

  3. John C

    LOVE the shots. Heather is so gorgeous, you are a lucky man Bubba!

  4. that guy

    well,all i got to say is this is the 3rd time ive beat it to this so thanks that guy from dayton

  5. dave

    nice bubba’s happy

  6. taz

    very very nice.and lay off her hair it looks great.

  7. D1GG DUG--MN

    Bubba— WOW! why would you pass that up?
    Nice Job Heather…your hard work in the Gym has given me a STIFFIE!
    NICE….OH GAWD!!!

  8. steve weis

    wow bubba well done u have a beautiful wife and great kids good job love the show hope to c you in toronto

  9. Dick Bruiser

    That’s not your granny’s cooking !!!!!

  10. Kevin

    Nice photo shop but I know that is not Heather Clem she has a much nicer bod and bigger better tit’s. Can’t fool a real perv. LOL

  11. jeff taylor

    as a respectful fte i’ll keep my fantasies to me bubba i will purchase this calendar as charity is much needed these days,tyvm heather for the work you put into looking so great.i had a hottie once butt pissed her away to alcohol and it’s affects.love ya bubba in a non faggot way.

  12. John Glover

    Bubba,Your wife is easy on the eyes,She made my day.Thanks John

  13. Scott B

    I aggree with Kevin!! No way thats Heather unless she has had a breast reduction! We’ll see in Calagry!!

  14. Howiefelter

    Bubba, Heathers ass looks gorgeous but I think her tits are getting smaller.

  15. el dude

    two words fellas


  16. Patrick

    Bubba I hope she does’nt get fire overr thesepictures. She looks great!!!

  17. roger ashe

    that woman actually ***** your ugly, fat-ass??? you must be making some bank.

  18. sysco kid

    Gotta say Bubba shes got a nice pooper on her..awesome show thanks for the great content and sometimes bellybustin laughter keep up the good work…

  19. Colleen

    I agree with Kevin, her breasts are smaller in these photos & also there are some shots where her face looks too white compared to the body-especially in the last shot where she is kneeling on the beach. Nice try, guys.

  20. Jeremy

    How the hell can you pick a Double BK Stacker over that?????

  21. cueball


  22. Tricky Dick

    Bubba, What happened to Heather’s double D’s? they look more like Killer B’s

  23. richard b


  24. bubba justice

    heather is so f-ing hot. WOW!! i think she did make her jugs smaller, not that matters. WOW!!

  25. Eric

    Dude, I need a cigarette after that video. Nice! Lucky man.

  26. mike

    bubba,here we are making less money than howard and we have prettier wives. good job.

  27. Anthony

    Your wife has an amazing body, you better give her a black card so she don’t leave your azz for Ned!

  28. Bryan

    Another work, what is real on this show? I still enjoy listening to the show.

  29. Drewski

    Yeah? whats up with the ****”o”doom? they look much smaller?

  30. FCTE


  31. jamie

    Now that’s one horsefaced, no boob, gold diggin ho!
    Wait til she kicks lardass out after he falls on his face next contract go around.
    Podcast willie aint gonna produce enough scratch to keep that ho on the payroll!!!

  32. Larry

    I was going to mention what happened to Heather’s breasts??? I see someone did mention it but Bubba come clean, i can’t believe you let her get a reduction! Maybe it was mentioned on the show but i really don’t listen to the AM show, to me Bubba is a Satellite show guy but it was neat to hear the old lasker bit today on 101!

  33. Canuck

    Nice pics. How does your wife stay so fit though your still a fat ass. Do you eat from the same table or what. How will pod cast really work. If its not pre recorded won`t i be paying my cellphone company outrageous rates to listen in my car live. Could you not figure out how to do a show for sirus live 5days as well as sell your podcast to the people that feel like paying out there ass for a cell phone bill. You may want to take what you can get from sirius and make up your pennies somewhere else my opinion. By the way most of the country lives in ontario dumb ass why are you going to calgary. The ACC would have been a good show homo.

  34. Dangerous

    Wow! Just wow…

  35. Joe Starfinder

    Lovely…just lovely..see you all in Calgary!!

  36. Danny

    Bubba you were not lying about how hot your wife is. you are the man

  37. greg


  38. Kelton

    It’s not hard to belive Heather likes decent looking fat guys, I know we dated for a bit in college, but Bubba isn’t decent looking at all, in fact he is one fugly mofo. Not to mention his personality isn’t winning anyone over. Glad to see your finally getting paid for being a nice person Heather, hopefully when your done with Bubba you’ll come back to Arizona and we can spend his money.

  39. big al

    she a whore used to be a stripper and used to f for money and still does

  40. little al

    You used to watch her strip down in Sarasota too eh? Yeah, she got used up early. Fatass Bubba got sloppy 50ths.

  41. iwanttohelp

    Leave Heather alone! SHe’s just doing whats best for her daughter Julia. although I do think Julia deserves a better stepdad than bubba…maybe one that would not eat a pig’s testicles. Somebody that does not do that. That would be a great start. You know, you can still find a guy that will support your shopping habit, and drive a fast car, buy your daughter a horse…you need to be picky Heather. You need to be selective. You can do it. Do it for Julia, Heather. Show Julia her mommy is picky and selective about men…you will get a lot more respect, Heather.

  42. Bubba the love sponge wife pictures

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