Kevin Harvick Salutes The Bubba Army!

June 15th, 2010 by Staff

Thanks to Kevin Harvick for putting a Bubba Army sticker on the KHI #33 Camping World Truck Series.

If you want to help out The Kevin Harvick Foundation go to the online store at and buy the “I Wear the Fire Suit In The Family” t-shirt. All proceeds go to charity.

Kevin Harvick Interview Audio: Click here to listen.

9 Responses

  1. yermumskunt

    way2go KHI….

    oh wait, f u khi

    I root for Toyota

  2. Robin Stallings

    Way too go Kevin for supporting the Bubba Army

  3. travis

    way to sack up kevin or whom ever wears the firesuit its just great to see a driver willing to stick his finger out and give corp. dollars the big **** you (although it was a small sticker,, *****!!!!)

  4. Trucker Jim

    That there shows what a great guy Kevin is and he does what he said he would do hes the man he is on my good list of drivers for ever……. Bubba Army Bubba Army

  5. Bubba Mark

    Way to represent, Kevin (or DeLana)!
    Now, what about Smoke?

  6. FTE from Alberta

    Why doesn’t Smoke have a Bubba Army sticker on his car? Does he need permission from the owner of Stewart Haas Racing?

  7. kenny

    I heard Kevin on the show and he seemed like a down to earth guy,but I never thought he would actually put the Bubba Army sticker on his car. My hats off to you Kevin, you are definitely one of my favorite drivers now.

  8. Last Child

    Harvick came in 3rd at Sonoma on Sunday. Almost beat out Robby Gordon in the Monster car which has a nice paint scheme.
    It was one of the most exciting races this season. Jimmie Johnson got a gift at the end when the leader tried to save gas and shut down his engine.

  9. corey landis

    Tony kinda jobs Bubba out to be honest, there’s no reason why he can’t put a Bubba Army sticker on every single week. He’s got a lot of free space on that car. He used to say it was Gibbs, but now he has 50% ownership, so what’s up with that shit? I don’t really like Stewart anyway, he’s a stupid nerd in my opinion that somehow achieved a “tough guy” label because Nascar is full of little 5 ft pussy homos like Matt Kenseth, McMurray, Kain… EVERYONE is a tough guy next to those queers.

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