Glenn Beck rips Family Guy, Saturday Night Live cast

December 10th, 2014 by Staff

Beck was not happy with recent episodes of Family Guy and SNL.

(MediaIte) NEW YORK – Glenn Beck is really angry with Family Guy for its latest episode, “The 2000-Year-Old Virgin,” in which Peter Griffin tries to help Jesus get laid for his birthday.

Beck said that’s not courageous satire because “it is not brave to do the things that the elite and the powerful agree with.”

He was absolutely offended at how Family Guy (a show known for pushing every single boundary possible regardless of taste) “made Jesus a joke.” And Beck actually went so far as to say this might be on par with taking Jesus and re-crucifying him before the eyes of a gawking public:

“Why not just put him up on the pillar again? Why not just whip him and beat him? Why not just publicly humiliate him? Why not just tear his clothing from him, spit on him, and when he asks for water we give him vinegar?”

At one point, Beck took a detour to also rip into the cast of Saturday Night Live for being “the biggest group of pussies on the planet.” He said they don’t try anything brave with their political satire to stick it to people in power.

In fairness to SNL, they did have a cold open several weeks ago targeting President Obama‘s executive actions, which was well-received by some conservatives.

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