Gene Lasker Arrest Mugshot

June 22nd, 2010 by Hammil

Listen To Gene call from Fridays Show.

Gene Laskers Arrest Mugshot

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  1. Dangerous

    It appears the SD has blocked your link…

  2. dave

    where’S that salvia??

  3. Aj

    How bout dat? Hwhahhahahahhahahah poor Gene

  4. Jason Rogers

    LMAO!!! Gene looks like a fat Chucky doll.

  5. rb

    he looks like he has been used and abused lmao

  6. FTE Doughboy

    OMG……….Gene looks lik Brutus after an all nite bender!! lmao

  7. frank

    hey…whats with the when you click on for the sheriffs report…it says their going to monitor and check your comp…do they dislike bubba and his fans that much?

  8. Fritz

    Cannot access the web siteto see the report….. How bout that

  9. buckjuice

    Wtf are you looking at. How bout dat.

  10. Neds Herps

    AHHH, watch the mullet extensions there sambo. I paid top dollar for those, boy.

  11. scott bane

    Looks like his wife was giving him hell about wrecking his second sprint car in the past month


    The moral of the story… Don’t hit your wife (or other relative). It is frowned upon ;-)

  13. Jake

    the site has him listed at 5’9″ 200 lbs he is WAY more the 200 lbs

  14. Dudd67

    uuuuhhh, how bout dat!?!?!?

  15. Cupcake

    How bout dat tubby.

  16. Trucker Jim

    uuuuuuhh hey Bubba think you could help me outta here Ill do some powder coatin for ya for free

  17. Sport

    Wow…his wife should be beat for being married to something that looks like that, talks like that, and drives a sprint car like that!

  18. Dick Bukaki

    he looks like a deep fried turd put through a blender.

  19. what what

    looks like gene gonna need some lube!

  20. karl b

    if i get down there in time we’ll get u your race car stuff so u can race this weekend

  21. bubba_army153

    There is no reason why he should not use this in his online dating site…i assume he is single…****ing clizzzzown

  22. Dangerous

    Frank wrote: hey…whats with the when you click on for the sheriffs report…it says their going to monitor and check your comp…

    The same thing happened when I clicked on the link…WTF?

  23. REPO MAN

    Somebody call the trailer park in and let them know the trash got lose again. This joker should just move to Gibsonton. He would at least blend in a little better. How bout dat tubby.

  24. 02

    nice,what a good friend you are fat boy

  25. SixFootUnda

    Gene ****in Lasker…. DOH!!!

  26. AZ Senior

    I sympathise with Gene, who I’ve always liked. I’ve lost three children over the past 40 years (at ages 1 and a half, 18 and 25). One to a birth defect, one to a car accident and one to a murder. Seriously, Gene is going through a time that most people can’t fully grasp, even if they wanted to.
    Bubba really sounds like he gets it, and is a real friend, even though the past hasn’t been smooth between them. I sympathize with Gene, and grieve with him, and I admire Bubba for his strength. I had the pleasure of talking with Bubba in Phoenix a few years ago and was so impressed with his intelligence.
    I wish the very best for Gene and his wife!

  27. Dewith

    if your go to and type in gene’s last name, it will pull up his info … get’r done

  28. Doc

    Try going right to the Sheriffs’ website and look up the prisoners that way. If you put it in there as Lasker,Eugene you will find it. The link from here is blocked by the Sheriff for whatever reason, but going direct will work.

  29. k3vo80

    looks like a homeless willy wonka what a weirdo


    Maybe he had a Salvia flashback and freaked out. I love the mug shot. Priceless(^_^)

  31. hcamp

    gene,i laugh with you and at you,i also cry with you,know your loved and cared about and my prayers go out to you.never feel alone.ive lost people i cared about too,its not easy but we move forward.keep strong

  32. JD

    Man this ****** Lasker looser sucks ****. This guy brings the show down ‘raciest’ boring radio. Bubba acts stupid when he is around. The show has never been better until Bubba brings this stupid **** up again.

  33. JadeGreen

    JD leave him alone!!! His wife is the ***** LOSER! SHE LIED, Stupid *****! Christine Lasker needs mental HELP, yeah I said it!

  34. Come on Gene

    I wonder if Gene told the arresting officer that he is a member of the OutLaws Motorcycle Gang?

  35. Bullfighter


  36. Dixie chick # 88

    You all need to be gentle with Gene,he came from behide the 8 ball with very little backing, with others having everything handed to them, he did OK. Gene has always been nice to me, If I would have listened to him 8 years ago things would have turned out much differant for many people.
    As far as Bubba, stop using all your friends….Or so called friends. And sport, I’m sure you beat your girlfriends,and abuse your mother.
    Rock on Gene…..Cindy

  37. kate

    I know the woman lied for a fact…i’ve watched her beat the hell out of herself, throw herself down on a concrete step, call the police and claim Gene did it to her. I know what this man’s soul is made of and f*** all of you pricks for passing judgement on someone you know nothing about.

  38. Dixie chick # 88

    You all may think you have personal reasons to attack this mans actions…. If you ve never been there, and done that, you have no opinion. It’s like a preist being a marriage conseler….clueless. Rock on Gene, Cindy

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