Fallen officers honored by Bubba the Love Sponge®

July 15th, 2010 by Staff

Bubba presented a check for $15,000 to Holly Reed, widow of 33-year-old Dixie County Sheriff’s office Captain Chad Reed, who was killed during a shootout in January, at the Dixie County Courthouse in Cross City, FL. Also in attendance was Sheriff Dewey Hatcher.

Regina Anderson, widow of Deputy James Anderson, Jr., accepted a $15,000 check from the BTLS Foundation.  Deputy James Anderson was killed in an auto accident involving an intoxicated driver in January.

A $15,000 check was given to widow Roberta Ambroise at the Florida Highway Patrol station in Southwest Miami-Dade. Her husband was killed after a driver struck his patrol car on the Turnpike in May.

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39 Responses

  1. jim pa

    good job man that is a nice think to do man real nice hope u get back to pa for a bubba show

  2. shane francis


  3. buckjuice

    Great job Bubba.

  4. Frank lopez

    Thank you for what you have done here Bubba. I’m sure the money will come in handy for the family.

    P.S. The big checks are fine, I heard your show the other day.

  5. Jason

    That is awesome!

  6. SJ Scott

    Good job Bubba and all who supported, keep up the good work.

  7. Ed Mahoney

    It’s awesome what “The Show” does for the fallen LEO’s. The big checks were cool, but really show off those T-rex arms. NED DRAGONS……………..

  8. Matt Ga

    The big checks work. Keep up the good work bubba the world is a better place because of people like you and the guys at the BTLS show.

  9. Ken

    Thanks for fighting the good fight, your a good man.

  10. Rick

    This is a wonderful thing you’re going Bubba…keep up the great work!

  11. Bullheaded

    I wish i could’ve helped but times are rough on the road. Keep up the good work.

  12. jim

    no one in the hershey/harrisburg pa has done anything like this we need more people like u bubba

  13. Dale WA

    Bubba there are many reasons why your listener love you so much. Your foundation and what it stand for is one of the biggest. Great job.

  14. Brad

    I live in Tampa, but was born and raised in Dixie County. I think what you have done for Chad Reed’s family is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for anyone in Dixie. Thank you for looking after the family of the fallen heroes.

  15. nacho

    You are the man Bubba!! F all the haters. You do a great job and love listening on sirius to you guys daily!!

  16. MIKE

    F the haters. Nobody else backs up their words with actions but you do. Good job guys.

  17. flpdwife

    As a wife of a flpd detective I can relate to the pain these women are dealing with. It’s not the money, it’s the reality that they are being supported and thought of. For us, this is our greatest fear. Our spouses risk their lives every day. Thank u for the respect and support.

  18. amazed

    Leading by example. Making a difference … because you can and did. Others should take note.

  19. john basile

    more people in the world need to be more caring of our public servants thanks bubba

  20. Dave

    hmm after listen to your show this couple of weeks, this happening and Bubba step up for his word, help this families , u have a new Fan here in NYC. Keep doing a great radio show, keep been your self and keep been the good work.

  21. Brian


    I have gone back and forth in my my mind regarding the BIG check. Here is what my pea sized brain came up with. I believe what you are doing is GREAT! I don’t see a line of others behind you holding “BIG” or any sized checks. It is the support, not the amount of check or size of check. If using a “Big” check makes one more person realize that these families are in need you have done your job.

    Thank You,
    Mahoney/New Jersey

  22. Keith Sturg

    THANK YOU Bubba!! for all that you do for these GREAT HEROS in our world. These men and women have a very thankless job day in and day out and helping these widows shows we do care and that these HEROS lives were not lost in vain.

  23. Cory

    As a fellow first responder (Firefighter) I just want to say the world needs more people like you. Love you guys in a non fagget way and a member of the Bubba Army in Montana thanks for what you do.

  24. Phil510

    great job Bubba, all the haters can F-off. This is is a great show of support to these widowed families. Thank you

  25. Eligh

    Check presentations should be limited to lotto winners not widows. Do it quietly Bubba and don’t tell the public. You are making yourself look bad and desperate.

  26. Dangerous

    Makes me proud to be in the Bubba Army!

  27. Jeff in Cincy

    Thanks for everything you do Bubba, you are truly a class act.

  28. Jeff

    Awesome. Love what you and your foundation does for the community! Keep up the great work Bubba!

  29. Lisa Harvey

    Great Job Bubba. Iwas on the poker run with Spice. You are great. Spent lots of money and to see where it went. Thank you

  30. Ren

    Good Job I have become a regular listener, and I have to say all those who think that the “big check” gimmick, was just plain wrong, tacky, distasteful, Whatever. They need to look at the “BIGGER” picture if you get my meaning. You’re not doing it for “The Show” or to “put yourself over”. You’re doing it for those families, and the ones that those Hero LEO’s left behind. They need to get a clue and do some research. I recently looked for other LEO charities for the familys of Fallen Officers, and you know how many I found even on line… 3.. only 3 yours was the top one, along side of NEWFAMNY for New York, and FALLENBlue for San Fran in Cali. That’s it so what’s to hate… I mean seriously people get off Bubba’s back, the man is doing GOOD for the community, not bad so Get over yourself, and get over it, and give the man a break ok. Geeze!

  31. Tamok of Omaha

    I love you Bubba.

  32. Salvatore Devoti

    keep up the great work Bubba

  33. tony jansky

    thanx to all the BTLS crew the way you step up to the plate for our fallen heros is second to none. even though you use it to put your self over about it.

  34. Karl L

    Bubba and crew,

    Seems you guys are always helping out folks who need it, which these days unfortunately seems to be more needed than ever.
    Keep up the good work, you guys are good people. Proud to be a Bubba fan.

  35. Brian

    Make the checks BIGGER!

  36. Mrwiz

    Thanks Bubba. We cops in St Louis have Backstoppers that take care of fallen Police and Firemen families. It’s a comfort to know that people will step up and look after our families if the worse happens to us. Thanks to you and the BTLS guys. Your caring message carries here to St. Louis.

  37. Kenny Figueroa

    Bubba been a listener for years. I am a New Mexico cop and just wanted to thank you for the support of these fallen officers family. It means a lot to know that people actually care, you and the guys are first class.

  38. Kenny

    Bubba, dont ever even think about all the haters out there who are trying to make you look bad for what you do. None of them have done one damn thing for someone else in need. I have been listening to you since you came on Sirius and am a big fan. Keep up the good fight!

  39. greg

    god bless you and everyone who has donated for this great thing you are doing for the widows.you are the greatest!

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